Case Study: Accurate HPHT Measurements at 364 degF Enable Efficient Reservoir Interpretation

Signature quartz gauges’ fast-scanning rate and high-resolution measurements deliver conclusive data set in Tajjal gas field

Challenge: Obtain critical reservoir pressure data in HPHT wells.

Solution: Use Signature quartz gauges to deliver high-resolution measurements throughout the test and deliver a more comprehensive data set.

Result: Acquired conclusive high-resolution results at temperatures up to 364 degF [184 degC].

High-resolution data set with quartz gauge

OMV operates in Southern Pakistan, where high bottomhole temperatures exceeding 350 degF [177 degC] are common. Previously, high-temperature strain gauges were regularly used to take measurements in HPHT wells. For the OMV exploration team, getting precise downhole measurements in a HPHT environment was critical, and they needed conclusive data to fulfill their interpretation requirements. Additionally, OMV wanted data recorded at the fastest possible scanning rate to correctly identify wellbore storage and skin effects.

Reliable quartz gauge performance

To meet OMV’s interpretation requirements, Signature quartz gauges were used to record flow after flow, buildup, and static gradient survey at 1-s scanning rates. The short and compact size of the quartz gauge also made it possible for two gauges to be connected in tandem, deployed via slickline, and set in a completion nipple. In addition, two conventional strain gauges were also run as part of the same string for comparison.

Higher resolution measurements

The Signature quartz gauges delivered a high-resolution data set with clear, precise measurements under tough conditions. Because quartz gauge metrology and ceramic-based electronics were combined, the superior resolution of Signature gauges allowed a more conclusive flow regime match of the pressure derivative than the conventional strain gauges. This provided OMV reservoir engineers with high confidence when interpreting their data set and evaluating the reservoir.

Download: Accurate HPHT measurements at 364 degF enable efficient reservoir interpretation (2.71 MB PDF)

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