Case Study: Highly Accurate Measurements Throughout 15-Day Well Test Enable Appraisal of Offshore HPHT Reservoir

Signature quartz pressure gauges obtain pressure measurements confirming hydrocarbon accumulation

Challenge: Obtain accurate pressure measurements throughout two 15-d HPHT well tests for reservoir appraisal.

Solution: Use Signature quartz gauges to obtain highly accurate pressure measurements at fast sampling rates for the duration of both tests.

Result: Acquired consistent, high-quality down-hole measurements accurate to within 1 psi, proving commercial potential of the reservoir.

Confirm hydrocarbon presence

An operator required highly accurate pressure measurements over the course of two offshore HPHT well tests to confirm the presence of producible hydrocarbons. Because each test would last 15 days, the operator required a gauge with sufficient memory capacity to capture critical downhole events at a high sampling rate for the duration of the tests.

Acquire continuous measurements

Schlumberger used four Signature quartz gauges for both tests. The gauges were downloaded, redressed, and ready to run again a few hours after retrieval. The rugged design of the gauges allowed the customer to test with minimal redundancy. Both reservoir tests were conducted with pressures exceeding 17,000 psi and temperatures above 338 degF. All Signature gauges recorded for the duration of the tests, obtaining a comprehensive pressure dataset.

Prove reservoir potential

With Signature quartz gauges, the customer was able to make critical decisions and refine future appraisal programs for field development. The pressure accuracy and repeatability across the four gauges was outstanding, with readings matching within a 1-psi error band for both tests. By acquiring high-resolution pressure measurements throughout both tests, the operator was able to meet its test objectives and successfully appraise the promising HPHT prospect.

Download: Highly Accurate Measurements Throughout 15-Day Well Test Enable Appraisal of Offshore HPHT Reservoir (1.73 MB PDF)

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High-Resolution Measurements For Entire Test Duration

Four Signature gauges installed in an offshore HPHT
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