Case Study: Robust Gauges Enable Evaluation of Downhole Data After Acid Wash

Signature quartz gauges endure extreme HPHT conditions without sacrificing measurement quality

Challenge: Obtain reliable pressure data from a HPHT producing well, both before and after acid treatment, for reservoir evaluation.

Solution: Deploy high-temperature Signature quartz gauges on slickline to provide high-quality data for pressure transient analysis.

Result: Captured 100% of the pressure data during 14 days with temperatures reaching 387 degF [197 degC], offering the possibility of evaluating the HPHT well response to an acid treatment.

Acquire high-quality pressure data

Extreme reservoir temperatures in a deep gas well in the North Sea did not allow the operator to obtain the consistent and reliable downhole data necessary to monitor performance from its producing zones.

Accurately measure well performance

In a programmed well intervention, the operator had the opportunity to use Signature quartz gauges to monitor the well performance before and after an acid wash. Two Signature gauges were placed downhole using slickline and then were retrieved after 14 days. During this period, the gauges were in contact with a 15% acid solution and subjected to temperatures reaching 387 degF [197 degC].

Obtain reliable, high-resolution dataset

The Signature quartz gauges provided an excellent dataset, exceeding prior objectives and recording at a 2-s scanning rate throughout all stages of the intervention. While other parts of the slickline assembly were damaged by the HPHT environment, the Signature gauges’ rugged material composition endured such extremes without sacrificing measurement quality.

Despite the acid wash, the gauges’ large memory size and enhanced durability allowed the customer to monitor well flowback and buildup without performing additional gauge runs, hence saving valuable intervention time and reducing risk for a HPHT well.

Download: Robust Gauges Enable Evaluation of Downhole Data After Acid Wash (0.26 MB PDF)

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Effects of 15% Acid Solution

The effects of acid on slickline tools contrasted with the relatively unaffected conidition of the Signature quartz gauge.
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