Case Study: Real-Time Testing Support from a Global Support Center

Schlumberger provides a North Sea client real-time data access and interpretation support during ongoing production testing

Challenge: Collect and interpret data quickly enough to plan succeeding steps in ongoing complex testing of a multilayered formation.

Solution: Use the InterACT connectivity, collaboration, and information system for wellsite monitoring and data delivery to the first Schlumberger global operations support center for testing.

Result: Obtained real-time data using the InterACT system, and the testing operations support center provided essential data handling and modeling in a time-pressured complex testing environment.

Real-time data and interpretation were needed to support complex testing

In June 2008, Nexen Petroleum UK Limited invited Schlumberger to conduct key production tests on its Blackbird well in North Sea Block 20/2a. Two Ettrick oil sands were to be perforated using downhole-test and tubing-conveyed perforating strings. The first interval was to be perforated and tested before perforating the second interval and running a production log to confirm that production from both intervals was commingled. Real-time data from the tests would be used for rapid interpretation and modeling.

The client chose the InterACT system and Schlumberger testing operations center support

Using the InterACT connectivity, collaboration, and information system, testing support center engineers evaluated real-time data, including wellhead and surface flow rates, on customized display screens while they controlled the wellsite acquisition computer remotely. Schlumberger North Sea region specialists used proprietary software for data interpretation and modeling.

Formation productivity and the appropriateness of the testing program were quickly determined

After the Blackbird well was opened to flow, well test results were monitored in real time to compare actual production rates with those expected. Nexen and testing support center engineers were able to quickly determine the actual formation productivity and to confirm that the test program was fit for purpose. A similar collaborative approach was applied to analysis and interpretation of data from the second test when production from both intervals was commingled.

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