Case Study: Monitoring Groundwater Resources for Municipalities

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Challenge: In the past the City of Guelph gathered information from wells via manual measurements.

Solution: Field trials were conducted over several months and changes of season. This was a valuable part of the study as it allowed the equipment and the method of deployment to be evaluated for extreme conditions.

Result: Deployment of the Diver dataloggers to the optimum monitoring locations presented some challenges due to the variation in subsurface lithology and proximity to pumping wells.


The City of Guelph is located in south western Ontario, Canada with a growing population of over 110,000. Currently, Guelph relies one hundred percent on groundwater as their source of water supply. In April of 2006, the City of Guelph Waterworks Department was approached to participate in a pilot study developed by Schlumberger Water Services. The study was intended to evaluate the effectiveness of Diver dataloggers and to quantify the benefit of electronic data collection solutions for environmental monitoring.

Download: Monitoring Groundwater Resources for Municipalities in Canada (0.12 MB PDF)

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