Case Study: Aggregate Quarry Hydrogeologic Investigation

Northern California

Challenge: The quarry project will investigate a number of key water issues: water supply, management of excess water, impact on water resources, and reclamation.

Solution: Installing a water level monitoring network in May 2003, the team used this data to generate contour plots of groundwater elevation, and to develop records of the surface water level and electrical conductivity in the creek.

Result: The information gathered will be used to predict future water conditions through groundwater flow simulation.


The Schlumberger Water Services team was contracted to conduct a hydrogeologic investigation at a potential future aggregate quarry site located in the western foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California, approximately 30 miles from a major metropolitan area and not far from existing suburban development. To proceed, the mining operation will require significant quantities of process water which, if not available on location, will have to be trucked in at tremendous expense and significant environmental impact. Dewatering wells also required for mining operations may produce significant quantities of water to offset other production requirements; however, the potential effect of excessive groundwater pumping on local streams is unknown.

Download: Aggregate Quarry Hydrogeologic Investigation (0.09 MB PDF)

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