Case Study: Hydrogeologic Impact Analysis at Acton Quarry

Acton, Ontario

Challenge: In this investigation, evaluating the level of drawdown that would occur during the various extraction scenarios and how it will impact groundwater conditions in the area can be challenging.

Solution: Schlumberger Water Services developed and calibrated a Visual MODFLOW groundwater flow model, which reflected the hydrogeologic conditions at the site.

Result: Schlumberger Water Services successfully calibrated the model to onsite and regional water level observations, quarry dewatering rates, and seepage rates along the Escarpment.


The quarry in this study is located in Acton, Ontario, just 50 km northwest of the metropolitan area of Toronto. Established in 1962, it is considered to be the 6th largest quarry in Canada by production, reaching targets of 340,000 tones of crushed stone per month. Blue Circle Aggregates retained the services of Schlumberger Water Services to develop and apply a groundwater flow model for the evaluation of a variety of aggregate extraction scenarios and the potential impact these could have on the natural groundwater flow system surrounding the existing quarry.

Download: Hydrogeologic Impact Analysis at Acton Quarry (0.13 MB PDF)

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