Case Study - Complete List

Case Studies
Case Study: Utah Operator More than Doubles Production with CAMLift Hydraulic Pumping Unit
Case Study: Engineered ESP System and Lift IQ Service Extend Run Life 300% in Abrasive Well for Salym Petroleum
Case Study: Sand Diverter More Than Doubles Rod Pump Run Time in Sanding Wells for Permian Operator
Case Study: Dual-ESP Completion Accelerates Oil Production in Stacked Reservoir for OMV
Case Study: Dual ESPs Avoid Deferred Production of More than 2 Million Barrels in Offshore Wells
Case Study: ESP Alliance Reduces Operator’s Total Cost of Ownership by 29% and Doubles ESP Run Life
Case Study: Customized ESP Solution Optimizes Operations in the Unconventional Eagle Ford Shale
Caso de Estudio: Una Solución con un Sistema ESP Personalizado Optimiza las Operaciones en los Pozos No Convencionales de la Lutita Eagle Ford
Caso de estudio: La tecnología REDA Maximus incrementa la producción en un 70% para un operador de Rusia
Case Study: First Downhole Water Sink with ESP Improves Oil Recovery and Production Rates for KOC
Case Study: Simultaneously Producing Oil and Injecting Water Saves KOC at Least USD 4 Million
Case Study: Flexible Completion with ESP Improves Recovery and Water Injection Project Cost in Egypt
Case Study: KUDU PCP Manager Unit Extends Pump Life and Increases Gas Production 58%, Colorado
Case Study: Left Helix PCP Manages Sand to Enable 13% Drawdown Increase for Casabe Consortium
Case Study: Lift IQ Service Remote Interventions Deliver 91% ESP Uptime in the Permian Basin
Case Study: Lift IQ Service More Than Quadruples ESP Run Life of Bahar Energy Offshore Well
Case Study: Lift IQ Service Remotely Resolves ESP Gas Locking and Saves USD 313,000 for Alianza Casabe
Case Study: Lift IQ Service Prevents ESP Failure After Pipeline Event, Saving Alianza Casabe USD 307,000
Case Study: Lift IQ Service Enables 4,800 bbl of Oil Production from Unexpectedly Gassy Well
Case Study: Lift IQ Service Sees Early ESP Scaling, Saves USD 540,000 for Khalda Petroleum Company
Case Study: TPS-Line ESP System and Lift IQ Service Increase Production Fourfold for Zhaikmunai
Case Study: Lift IQ Service and Engineered Systems Dramatically Extend ESP Run Life in Mature Field, North Sea
Case Study: Lift IQ Service Improves ESP Uptime by 33.6%, Reducing Deferred Production for NAOC
Case Study: North Sea Operator Optimizes Power Consumption in 12 Wells While Improving ESP Run Life
Case Study: Lift IQ Service Eliminates USD 2 Million Workovers to Replace ESPs After Scale Squeezes
Case Study: Robust ESPs Handle Rapid Production Decline and High Gas Content for Chesapeake Energy
Case Study: Lift IQ Service and ESPs Deliver Production Increment of USD 74,800 Per Year for HydroCarbon Finder E&P
Case Study: Lift IQ Service Improves ESP Efficiency and Reduces Deferred Production in Permian Basin Fields
Case Study: Lift IQ Service Reduces Time to Restart 42 Wells to 2.8 Hours—4 Minutes per Well, Ecuador
Case Study: Real-Time Surveillance Saves One of Apache’s Biggest Producers in the Forties Field from Critical ESP Damage
Case Study: Trinity Successfully Restarts Well with High Risk of ESP Failure
Case Study: Proactive Well Monitoring Enables Trinity to Reestablish Production in Gas Lock Event
Case Study: Maximus System Produces Gas from Methane Hydrates for 24 Days
Case Study: Permanent Magnet Motor Saves Cepsa 21% on Power Requirements for ESP-Lifted Well
Case Study: Remote, Real-Time Surveillance and Control
Case Study: Restore Production Rate
Case Study: Well Life Increased by a Projected Two Years
Case Study: REDA HPS Pump’s Versatile Design Enables 24-Hour Upgrade and Quick Delivery
Caso de Estudio: El Diseño Versátil de las Bombas REDA HPS Permite Actualizaciones en Sólo 24 Horas y Entregas Rápidas
Case Study: REDA Maximus Technology Increases Production by 70% for Russian Operator
Case Study: REDA Continuum Stages Extend Flow Rate Range, Saving Operator USD 185,000 in Unconventional Well
Case Study: Joint Effort Saves Time, Money, and Power Costs in Saltwater Disposal
Case Study: REDA HPS Pump Reduces Maintenance and Operating Costs for Double Eagle Petroleum
Case Study: High-Efficiency REDA ESP Systems Eliminate Workover Costs, Save USD 510,000 for Three Wells
Case Study: Extremely Abrasive Colombia Well Produces for 797 Days with a Rugged Maximus ESP System
Case Study: Maximus ESP System Increases Drawdown Pressure, Boosting Production by 18,000 m3
Case Study: ESPs Restart After 365 Days’ Forced Shutdown Caused by a Typhoon
Case Study: REDA HPS Pumps Provide Years of Reliable Natural Gas Liquid Service for MarkWest Energy Partners
Caso de Estudio: Las Bombas REDA HPS Proporcionan Muchos Años de Servicio Confiable en la Producción de Líquidos del Gas Natural para MarkWest
Case Study: ZEiTECS Shuttle System Reduces Deferred Production Even Before ESP is Commissioned, Offshore Africa
Case Study: ZEiTECS Shuttle System Saves USD 95,000 and 5 Days of Deferred Production to Replace ESP
Case Study: CAMShale Service Enables 99.5% Uptime During Fracturing Operations, Bakken Shale
Case Study: CAMShale Fracturing Fluid Delivery and Flowback Service Reduces Costs More than 30%, Canada
Case Study: Eagle Ford Operator Reduces Hydraulic Fracturing Costs by Approximately USD 2.7 Million per Month
Case Study: CAMShale Service Provides 99% Frac Valve Uptime, Fayetteville Shale
Case Study: FC Fast-Connect HT Wellhead System Saves PetroMiranda USD 1.2 Million in One Year in Heavy Oil Field, Venezuela
Case Study: Flowback and Well Cleanup Services Eliminate NPT While Addressing Salt and Sand Returns, Marcellus Shale
Case Study: Monoline Fracturing Fluid Delivery Technology Reduces Connections by 75%
Case Study: First Deepwater MPD Integrated Solution Enables Drilling 5,302-ft Interval in One Run
Case Study: Well Integrity Management Program Optimizes Equipment and Well Life, Bass Strait
Case Study: Maintenance Strategy Reduces Intervention Time by 83% and Increases Recovery, Congo
Case Study: Modernization Initiative Extends Life of North Sea Platforms
Case Study: Determining a Site’s Potential for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide
Caso de Estudio: Determinación del Potencial de un Sitio para el Almacenamiento Geológico de Dióxido de Carbono
Case Study: Continuous Measurement of Permeability for CO2 Storage Modeling
Case Study: Approaching Risk Mitigation through Real-Time Monitoring of
Injection-Induced Microseismicity at the Illinois Basin – Decatur Project

Case Study: Dynamic Flow Simulation of CO2 Injection at a Geological Sequestration Site
Case Study: Measuring Residual CO2 Saturation Near an Injection Well
Case Study: Customized Multilevel Groundwater Characterization and Monitoring System Installed at Carbon Capture and Storage Project
Caso de Estudio: Singular Sistema de Caracterización y Monitoreo de Agua Subterránea de Múltiples Niveles, Instalado en un Proyecto de Captación y Almacenamiento de Carbono
Case Study: Successful Primary Cementing Saves Chevron USD 12 Million in Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: CEMENTICS Software Saves More Than 15 Hours Per Well in Operational Time During Plug Placement
Case Study: CemFIT Shield System Improves Cement Bond Index by 55% in Horizontal Wells, Permian Basin
Case Study: Lost Circulation Solution Saves Time and USD 3.3 Million for Chevron
Caso de Estudio: La Solución a un Problema de Pérdidas de Circulación Ahorra a Chevron Tiempo y USD 3,3 Millones
Case Study: Successfully Implemented CORRECT Technology Provides Cost Savings in Colombia’s Castilla Field
Caso de Estudio: La implementación exitosa de la tecnología CORRECT permite ahorros en el campo Castilla de Colombia
Case Study: Deepwater Cement Technologies Exceed Shell’s Expectations
Case Study: PetroChina Ensures Long-Term Well Integrity in Underground Gas Storage Wells
Case Study: FlexSTONE HT Cements Achieve Zonal Isolation for North Sea HPHT Wells
Caso de estudio: Un diseño de pozo innovador ofrece un mejor desempeño en su clase
Case Study: Ultralight FlexSTONE Flexible Cement Conserves Hydraulic Isolation
Caso de Estudio: El cemento flexible FlexSTONE ultraliviano conserva el aislamiento hidráulico
Case Study: FlexSTONE Technology Improves Cement Bond to Enable Production for Operator in North Africa
Case Study: Long-Term Zonal Isolation in UGS Wells, Italy
Caso de estudio: Aislamiento zonal a largo plazo en pozos de almacenamiento subterráneo de gas (UGS)
Case Study: Preserving Cement Sheath Integrity for the Life of the Well in Central Alberta Foothills
Case Study: Preserving Cement Sheath Integrity for the Life of the Well
Caso de estudio: Preservación de la integridad de la cementación a lo largo de toda la vida productiva del pozo
Case Study: Avoiding Leaks in Underground Gas Storage
Caso de estudio: Prevención de pérdidas en el almacenamiento subterráneo de gas
Case Study: Effective Zonal Isolation for the Life of a UGS Well
Caso de estudio: Aislamiento zonal efectivo durante toda la vida útil de un pozo de almacenamiento subterráneo de gas (UGS)
Case Study: Advanced Cement Evaluation Saves Operator 15–45+ Hours in Rig Costs
Case Study: Operator Defines Best Completion Plan for Depleted Sand, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Well
Case Study: Invizion Evaluation and Isolation Scanner Services Help Operator Isolate Shallow Aquifer
Case Study: Invizion Evaluation Service Confirms TOC and Identifies Position of Losses in Salt Section, Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: Advanced Multidisciplinary Cement Evaluation Verifies Barriers and Saves 2 Days of Rig Time
Case Study: Invizion Evaluation Service Improves Zonal Isolation 70% in Eagle Ford Shale
Case Study: Achieve Isolation in HPHT, Weak-Formation Well
Case Study: Fiber Technologies Control Fluid Losses While Cementing Riserless Tophole in Deepwater Malaysia
Case Study: Specialized Fiber System Prevents Lost Circulation and Remedial Cementing Operation
Caso de Estudio: Fibras especiales eliminan las pérdidas de circulación y evitan una cementación con fines de remediación
Case Study: Curing Mud Losses of 2,000 bbl in the Costero Field, Mexico
Caso de Estudio: Remediación de pérdidas de 2 000 bbl de lodo en el campo Costero de México
Case Study: Losseal Family of Reinforced Composite Mat Pills Enables Lifting Cement in the Permian Basin
Case Study: Losseal Natural Fracture Treatment Cures Severe Losses
Case Study: Losseal Natural Fracture Treatment Saves Operator USD 267,000 After Total WBM Losses, Pakistan
Case Study: Losseal Natural Fracture Treatment Saves USD 220,000 on Cementing and Mud Recovery, Southern Pakistan
Case Study: Losseal Natural Fracture Treatment Saves Operator USD 260,000 After Total Losses of OBM, Pakistan
Case Study: Losseal Reservoir Fracture Treatment Reduces Losses by More Than 85%, Leaving Formation Damage-Free
Case Study: Successful Plug Placement with PlugAdvisor Software
Caso de estudio: Colocación exitosa de tapones con el software de modelado PlugAdvisor
Case Study: Openhole Water Shutoff Solution Increases Oil Production
Case Study: ACTive Perf with ABRASIJET Jet Perforating Overcomes Severe Drilling Damage in Highly Deviated HPHT K-Gas Well
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio ACTive Perf, Combinado con la Herramienta ABRASIJET, Superan el Daño de Perforación Severo Producido en un Pozo de Gas HPHT Altamente Desviado
Case Study: ACTive Cleanout Provides Downhole Access for Perforating Multiple Zones in South China Sea
Case study: Regaining Production from a Sand-Plugged Reservoir in Deepwater Indonesia
Case Study: Accurately Perforate Two Zones in an Underbalanced Condition
Caso de Estudio: Disparo Preciso de Dos Zonas en Condiciones de Bajo Balance
Case Study: Successful Profile Diagnosis Maintains Producibility and Prevents Expensive Water-Conformance Treatment
Caso de Estudio: El Diagnóstico del Perfil Mantiene la Productividad y Evita un Tratamiento Costoso de Control de Agua
Case Study: ACTive Isolation Service Reduces Water Production by 4,000 bbl/d in an Openhole Horizontal Well
Case Study: ACTive Isolation Service Revives Well Production
Case Study: Successfully Isolate and Stimulate Wet Wells with ACTive Technology
Caso de Estudio: Aislamiento y Estimulación Exitosos de Pozos Húmedos con la Tecnología ACTive
Case Study: Improving Foam Quality in Elks Hills Field
Case Study: ACTive Coiled Tubing Services Enable Real-Time MaxCO3 Acid Stimulation Treatment
Case Study: ACTive Services and Neyrfor TTT Turbodrill Increase ROP by 200% During CT Drilling Operation
Case Study: Operator Prepares Watered-Out Well for P&A Using Downhole Measurements from ACTive Services
Case Study: ConocoPhillips Minimizes Downhole Time by Capturing Two Production Logs in Single Run
Caso de estudio: ConocoPhillips Minimiza el Tiempo en el Fondo del Pozo Mediante la Captación de Dos Registros de Producción en Una Sola Carrera
Case Study: Integrating Production Logging with Coiled Tubing Intervention in Saudi Arabia
Caso de estudio: Registros de producción e intervención con tubería flexible en el campo Manifa de Arabia Saudita
Case Study: Technique Enables Optimized Remedial Water Shutoff Operations in Saudi Arabia
Caso de estudio: Técnica Para Optimizar las Operaciones de Islación del Agua con Fines de Remediación en Arabia Saudita
Case Study: Real-Time Downhole CT Services Clean Out 250-m Sand Fill with 60% Time Savings, Gabon
Case Study: ACTive CT Services and Intervention Tower Save 15 Days on Deepwater Operations for Total
Case Study: ACTive Services and Discovery MLT System Increase Injectivity 17,000 bbl/d in Complex Multilateral
Case Study: ABRASIJET Service Helps Operator Triple Production and Maintain Rate for More Than One Year
Case Study: ACTive OptiFIRE System Perforates Three Intervals, Increases Well Production 18% in Brownfield Well
Caso de Estudio: El Sistema ACTive OptiFIRE Dispara Tres Intervalos e Incrementa un 18% la Producción de un Pozo de un Campo Marginal
Case Study: ACTive OptiFIRE System Saves 36 Hours for ENI by Combining Plug Setting and Perforating
Case Study: Operator in Southern Mexico Doubles Oil Production in Low-Pressure Reservoir Using ACTive Services
Caso de Estudio: Operador en el sur de México Duplica la Producción de Petróleo en un Yacimiento de Baja Presión Usando los Servicios ACTive
Case Study: ACTive OptiFIRE System Reperforates Critical Producing Interval in 11 Hours
Caso de Estudio: El Sistema ACTive OptiFIRE Permite Re-disparar un Intervalo Productivo Crítico en 11 Horas
Case Study: ACTive Profiling Services and Pressure Survey Enhance Reservoir Understanding
Case Study: ACTive PS Service Reduces Rig Operations by 10 Days During Plug Setting and Well Cleanout
Case Study: ACTive PS Service Identifies Water and Hydrocarbon-Bearing Zones During Production Logging
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio ACTive PS Identifica Las Zonas De Agua E Hidrocarburos Durante Los Registros De Producción
Case Study: Operator Saves Additional Run Using ACTive PTC Tool During Mechanical Descaling Operations
Case Study: Combined Technologies Cut Stimulation Time by 50%
Case Study: Real-Time CT Tool Saves 22 Hours of Rig Time During Production Testing Operations, Ecuador
Case Study: ACTive Q Service Key to Improving Injection Rate of Dual-Lateral Power Injector by 600%
Case Study: ACTive Q Service Helps Operator Improve Wells’ Injectivity Index Nearly 300%
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio ACTive Q Ayuda a un Operador a Mejorar el Índice de Productividad de los Pozos en Casi un 300%
Case Study: Kuwait Oil Company Decreases Wellhead Injection Pressure by 1,000 psi with ACTive Q Service
Case Study: ACTive Straddle Inflatable Packer Cleanout Doubles Production in Two Wells
Case Study: ACTive Straddle Inflatable Packer Stimulates Multilateral Well in One Run
Case Study: ACTive TC Tool Enables Retrieval of 45-ft Toolstring Within 36 Hours
Case Study: ACTive TC Tool Enables Shifting of 10 ICDs in Horizontal Wells Within 6 Hours
Case Study: CoilFLATE Isolation Triples Post-Treatment Production in Algeria
Case Study: Protect Fiberglass Lining of Water Disposal Wells
Caso de Estudio: Protección del Revestimiento de Fibra de Vidrio de los Pozos de Eliminación de Agua
Case Study: Eliminating Water Cut with Water Shutoff Treatment
Caso de estudio: Eliminación Del Corte De Agua Con Un Tratamiento De Aislamiento Del Agua
Case Study: CoilFLATE and Water-Shutoff Systems Restore 75 m3/d Oil Production in Wells
Case Study: Coil Tubing Services Retrieve Fish in Three Runs over 14 Hours for Operator
Case Study: CoilTOOLS Tools and Solutions Enable Efficient Reabandonment of Nine Wells in 145 Days
Case Study: Coil Tubing Services Helps Operator Retrieve Difficult-to-Reach Check Valve in 46 Hours, Saving USD 72,000
Case Study: CoilTOOLS Tools and Solutions Enable Gulf of Mexico Operator to Efficiently Reabandon High-Risk Well
Case Study: Next-Generation Coiled Tubing Operations Set New World Records in Gulf of Mexico
Caso de Estudio: Las Operaciones con Tubería Flexible de Próxima Generación Establecen Nuevos Récords Mundiales en el Golfo de México
Case Study: Integrated Operation Reduces Costs for Multilateral Stimulation by 24% for Tatnefteotdacha
Case Study: Intelligent Completion Helps Agip and NPDC Make First-Oil Date
Case Study: Intelligent Completions Increase Production in a Middle East Oil Field by 5% in One Year
Case Study: IntelliZone Compact System Cuts Rig Time, Prevents Water Breakthrough, and Saves Operator USD 400,000 per Well
Case Study: Operator in India Stimulates Multizone Well Selectively Without Intervention
Caso de Estudio: Un Operador de la India Estimula un Pozo que Produce de Múltiples Zonas, sin Intervención con Equipo de Terminación
Case Study: First Deployment of Multizonal Intelligent Completion More Than Doubles Production from Shushufindi Well
Case Study: El Primer Despliegue de una Terminación Inteligente Multizonal Permite Duplicar la Producción de un Pozo del Campo Shushufindi
Case Study: US Department of Energy and ADM Optimizes Carbon Sequestration Using Multizonal Intelligent Completions
Case Study: Intelligent Completion in Multizone Gravel Pack Accesses Marginal Reserves and Saves USD 3.2 Million
Case Study: IntelliZone Compact Multizonal Management System Enables Seplat to Meet Regulations for Back Allocation
Case Study: World’s First In-Lateral Real-Time Well Cleanup in Multilateral Well, Saudi Arabia
Case Study: Proteus System Simplifies Flow Control for Five-Zone Multilateral Well in the Middle East
Case Study: Isolate Formation in High-Pressure, High-Temperature Wells
Case Study: Formation Isolation Valves Reduce Well Intervention Costs
Case Study: FIV Formation Isolation Valve Local Inventory Ensures That Client Achieves Schedule Goals
Case Study: Prevent Fluid Loss in Deepwater Well
Case Study: Reduce Formation Damage in Sand Control Completions
Case Study: FIV Formation Isolation Valves Protect Reservoirs from Fluid Damage
Case Study: Successfully Install Isolation Valves for Deepwater Project
Case Study: Customized FORTRESS Isolation Valve Proves Key to ENL’s Completion Design for Extended-Reach Wells
Case Study: Petroindependencia Reduces Liner Installation Time for Extended-Reach Wells by More Than 85%
Caso de Estudio: Petroindependencia Reduce en Más de un 85% el Tiempo de Instalación de Liners Para los Pozos de Alcance Extendido de Petróleo Pesado
Case Study: Metal-to-Metal Sealing Technology Solves Challenge of Installing 3,604-m Casing in Unstable Wellbore
Case Study: First Thermal COLOSSUS Liner Hanger System Manufactured in Oman for Steam-Assisted EOR
Case Study: 573 Copperhead Drillable Frac Plugs Set and Removed with 99% Success Rate
Caso de Estudio: 573 Tapones de Fracturamiento Perforables Copperhead Colocados y Removidos con un Índice de Éxito del 99%
Case Study: Rex Energy Runs More Than 1,000 Diamondback Plugs in Marcellus and Utica Shale Wells with 100% Success
Case Study: Diamondback Plugs Run In and Mill Out More Than Twice as Fast as Competitor’s Plugs
Case Study: Use of Composite Frac Plugs Cut Project Time and Costs for Endeavor Natural Gas in East Texas
Caso de Estudio: La Utilización de Tapones de Fracturamiento Compuestos Reduce el Tiempo y los Costos de un Proyecto para Endeavor Natural Gas en Texas Este
Case Study: Frac Balls Made with ELEMENTAL Degradable Technology Dissolve in Low-Temperature Wells
Case Study: Operator Quadruples Production and Cuts 5 Days in Rig Time and Associated Costs
Case Study: Infinity System Saves Zavanna 50 Hours by Eliminating Poststimulation Plug Millout
Case Study: Integrated Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Double Efficiency and Increase Production in Tight Sand
Case Study: Cabot Oil & Gas Saves More Than USD 1.4 Million in Eagle Ford Shale
Caso de Estudio: Cabot Oil & Gas Ahorra Más de USD 1,4 Millón en los Pozos de la Lutita Eagle Ford
Case Study: Operator Saves USD 5.4 Million During Plug-and-Perf Operations in Less Than One Year
Case Study: Lukoil Saves USD 6.8 Million Using First Extended-Reach Intelligent TAML 5 Multilateral Well
Case Study: RapidX TAML 5 Multilateral Junction Used with Rod Pump Optimizes Recovery in Low-Production Oil Field
Case Study: Operator Saves More Than USD 1 Billion in Field Development Costs by Using Multilaterals
Case Study: Robust QUANTUM RH Packer Enables Underbalanced Perforating and Saves USD 700,000 for PDO
Case Study: Saltel Xpandable AZIP Packers Pass Tight Spots to Enable Isolation for Efficient Acidizing in Iraq
Case Study: Operator Eliminates Allocation Uncertainties for Three Offshore Oil Wells Sharing Single Pipeline to Platform
Case Study: Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensors Help Extend Well Life and Increase Recovery
Case Study: Monitoring of Openhole Completion Provides Rapid Feedback from Wells in Early Production
Case Study: Optimize Critical Well Testing Operations in Real Time
Case Study: WellWatcher Flux Multizonal Reservoir Monitoring System Permits Subsea Monitoring in Real Time
Case Study: WellWatcher Neon System Meets Strict Pressure Requirements for Italian UGS Wells
Case Study: Production Increased Fivefold By Managing Drawdown
Case Study: WellWatcher PS3 Passive Seismic Sensing System Optimizes Underground Gas Storage Capacity
Case Study: WellWatcher Advisor Software Optimization Helps Increase Oil Production by 15%, Ecuador
Case Study: Intelligent Completion System Boosts Oil Production by 41% in High-GOR Field
Case Study: Monitoring Accurate Fluid Contacts in Fractured Carbonate with Lower Opex and Less HSE Exposure
Case Study: WellWatcher Connect System Saves USD 28,000–36,000 Annually for Well Data Collection
Case Study: Permanent Monitoring System Reveals Dominance of Lower-Zone Fractures Even Before Start of Production
Case Study: BP Optimizes Drainage of More Than 100 Million Barrels of Secondary Oil from Reservoir Offshore Azerbaijan
Case Study: WellWatcher Neon DTS, DAS, and PT Gauge System Determines Behavior of Multilayered Reservoir
Case Study: WellWatcher Neon DTS, DAS, and PT Gauge System Quickly Detects Pressure Leak
Case Study: Saltel Patch Repairs Fracture Port, Leaving Sufficient ID to Drop Largest Fracturing Ball
Case Study: Saltel Patch Enables Cement Repair and Provides Fullbore Access to Continue Drilling
Case Study: Saltel Expandable Steel Patch Protects Derated ECP Valve, Enabling Multistage Fracturing
Case Study: Saltel Expandable Steel Patches Enable High-Rate Fracturing After Casing Damage
Case Study: Achieve Maximum Productivity
Case Study: Integrity Injection Valves Reduce Capital Expenses for Injection Wells
Case Study: TRC-II Safety Valve Ensures Operation in Ultradeepwater Environment
Case Study: TRC-II Safety Valves Eliminate Multiple Deepwater Workovers Costing USD 60 Million Each
Caso de Estudio: Las Válvulas de Seguridad TRC-II Eliminan las Múltiples Operaciones de Remediación de Pozos de Aguas Profundas Cuyo Costo Asciende a USD 60 Millones por Operación
Case Study: TRMAXX Safety Valves Protect Reservoir and Environment
Case Study: Completions Optimized with Integrated Geomechanical Approach
Caso de Estudio: Optimización de las Terminaciones con un Enfoque Integrado
Case Study: Maze Analysis Delivers Consistent SARA Measurements Using Industry-First Microfluidic Technology
Case Study: TerraTek HRA Reduces Required Core Interval, Saving Rig Time and USD 250,000
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio TerraTek HRA Reduce el Intervalo de Extracción de Núcleos Requerido, Ahorra Tiempo de Equipo de Perforación y USD 250 000
Case Study: Efficient Sand Control Leads to Better Production
Case Study: Hydraulic Fracturing in Real Time Increases Efficiency, Saves Costs
Case Study: Precise Geosteering of Complex Wells at High ROPs Taps Bypassed Oil, Adds Reserves in Wandoo Field
Caso de Estudio: La Geonavegación Precisa de Pozos Complejos con Altas ROPs Permite el Acceso al Petróleo Pasado por Alto y Agrega Reservas en el Campo Wandoo
Case Study: Real-Time Drilling Geomechanics Reduces NPT
Caso de estudio: Los servicios de geomecánica provistos en tiempo real reducen el tiempo no productivo
Case Study: Interactive Geosteering Taps High Quality Reservoir Zones in Horizontal Well
Case Study: Exceptional Geosteering Achieves 92.5% Net-to-Gross in Complex North Sea Well Despite Uncertainties
Caso de Estudio: Una Geonavegación Excepcional Alcanza una Relación Entre Espesor Neto y Total del 92,5% en un Pozo Complejo del Mar del Norte a Pesar de las Incertidumbres
Case Study: Geomechanics and Drilling Optimization Workflows Improve Horizontal Well Campaigns in Peru
Caso de Estudio: Flujos de Trabajo para la Geomecánica y Optimización de la Perforación Mejoran las Campañas de Perforación de Pozos Horizontales en Perú
Case Study: Advanced Real-Time Geosteering Technique Enables Maersk Oil to Optimize Complex Well Placement
Caso de Estudio: Una nueva técnica de geonavegación permite a Maersk Oil optimizar el emplazamiento de un pozo complejo
Case Study: Accurate Pore Pressure Prediction in HPHT Well Reduces Risk, Saves Rig Time
Case Study: Real-Time Imaging and Dip Interpretation Improve Drilling Accuracy
Case Study: Real-Time Formation Dip Interpretation Leads to First Oil Production from Sakhalin Gas Field
Case Study: Zonal Isolation Problems Mitigated
Case Study: AGOCO Increases Recovery Factor by 71% After Identifying Bypassed Oil Zones
Case Study: Advanced LWD String Enables Full Characterization of Heterogeneous Coral Reef Reservoir
Case Study: Successful Flow Profiling in High-Temperature North Sea Well Justifies Additional Drilling
Caso de Estudio: Los perfiles de flujo en un pozo de alta temperatura del Mar del Norte justifican la perforación de un pozo adicional
Case Study: Rigless Well Intervention Reduces Water Cut, Increases Oil Production by 843 bbl/d
Case Study: Apache Schlumberger Team Reduces NPT in North Sea Field
Case Study: Intelligent Data Acquisition Techniques Enhance Completions in Unconventional Formation
Caso de Estudio: Las Técnicas de Adquisición de Datos Inteligentes Mejoran las Terminaciones en una Formación no Convencional
Case Study: Innovative Cased Hole Logging Identifies Opportunities
Case Study: Interpretation of Fullbore Microimaging Helps AGOCO Better Characterize Carbonate Heterogeneity
Case Study: Petrotechnical Assessment Delivers In-Depth Evaluation of Eagle Ford Shale in Less Than 1 Month
Caso de Estudio: La Evaluación Petrotécnica Proporciona una Apreciación en Profundidad de la Lutita Eagle Ford en Menos de 1 Mes
Case Study: Multiwell Borehole Image Interpretation Helps Resolve Structural Uncertainties in North Sea Field
Case Study: Hidden Fault Detection in Haynesville Shale Prevents Losses of 33% Gas Production
Caso de Estudio: La Detección de Una Falla Oculta Ayuda a Prevenir Pérdidas de USD 8 millones y el 33% de la Producción de Gas en la Formación Haynesville
Case Study: Petrobras Enhances Reservoir Performance with Geomechanics Evaluation in Water-Injection Operation
Caso de Estudio: Petrobras Mejora el Rendimiento del Yacimiento Mediante la Evaluación Geomecánica de un Área Bajo Inyección de Agua
Case Study: Geomechanics Pinpoint Cause of Sand Production
Case Study: New Geomechanics Approach Solves Wellbore Instability Issues in Unconventional Play
Caso de Estudio: Un Nuevo Enfoque Geomecánico Resuelve los Problemas de Inestabilidad de Pozos en una Extensión Productiva no Convencional
Case Study: Evaluation of Advanced, Multiphase PLT Data Validates Fractured Granite Basement Prospect
Caso de Estudio: La Evaluación de los Modernos Datos PLT de Flujo Multifásico Valida un Área Prospectiva Constituida por un Basamento Fracturado de Granito
Case Study: Most Productive Zones of Niobrara Formation Targeted After Expert Log and Real-Time Data Interpretation
Caso de Estudio: Identificación de las Zonas Más Productivas de la Formación Niobrara Mediante la Interpretación de Registros y Datos en Tiempo Real por Parte de Expertos
Case Study: Screening Study Determines Optimal Heavy-Oil Recovery Technique
Case Study: Optimizing Underground Gas Storage
Case Study: Integrating Petrophysical Analysis with 3D Seismic Data Helps Build Map of Marcellus Sweet Spots
Caso de Estudio: La Integración del Análisis Petrofísico con los Datos Sísmicos 3D Ayuda a Confeccionar un Mapa de los Puntos Dulces de la Lutita Marcellus
Case Study: Rapid Mechanical Earth Model Delivers Critical Reservoir Information Within 48 Hours
Caso de Estudio: Un Rápido Modelo Mecánico del Subsuelo Proporciona Información de Yacimiento Crítica en 48 Horas
Case Study: Performing a 4D Geomechanical Modeling Study to Protect EOR Production Facilities Investment
Case Study: Industry Partnership Defines Fracture Completion Best Practices in North Dakota Bakken Play
Caso de Estudio: Asociación industrial define las mejores prácticas de fracturamiento en la extensión productiva Bakken
Case Study: Wellbore Stability Modeling Services Support Successful Appraisal of Bream Oil Discovery
Caso de estudio: Los Servicios de Modelado de Estabilidad de Pozos Sustentan la Evaluación Exitosa de un Descubrimiento de Petróleo en el Campo Bream
Case Study: Seismic Reservoir Reevaluation Helps Vietgazprom Identify Seven New Prospects Offshore Vietnam
Case Study: Identifying and Restoring Commercial-Quality Reservoirs
Case Study: Three-Phase VSP and Geomechanics Integration for ONGC Deepwater Wildcat Well
Case Study: DONG E&P Steers North Sea Wells 96% in Zone in Challenging Remobilized Sand Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: DONG E&P Direcciona Pozos del Mar del Norte en un 96% Dentro de la Zona de Interés de un Yacimiento Desafiante de Arenas Removilizadas
Case Study: Operator Avoids Faults, Positions Subsea Well 3–7-ft TVD Below Reservoir Top Offshore Australia
Case Study: Operator Maintains 5-ft Drilling Target Window for 6,890-ft Horizontal Well Offshore Australia
Case Study: Operator Accurately Positions Two Wells in Challenging Target Reservoir Sands Offshore Australia
Case Study: Petrobras Accurately Lands Multiple-Target Wells Without Pilot Holes Offshore Brazil
Caso de Estudio: Petrobras Asienta con Precisión Pozos con Múltiples Objetivos sin Pozos Piloto en el Área Marina de Brasil
Case Study: Operator Maps Complex Gas Sands, Avoids Risky Sidetrack Offshore Australia
Caso de Estudio: Un Operador Mapea un Yacimiento Complejo de Arenas Gasíferas y Evita la Perforación de un Pozo de Re-Entrada Riesgoso en un Área Marina de Australia
Case Study: Shell Accurately Steers Horizontal Well Sections in Deepwater Reservoir Offshore Brazil
Caso de Estudio: Shell Direcciona con Precisión Secciones de Pozos Horizontales en un Yacimiento de Aguas Profundas del Área Marina de Brasil
Case Study: Apache Maximizes Reservoir Contact by Landing Four Wells on Target in Australia
Case Study: Shell Maximizes Potential Recovery in North Sea with Optimized Landing
Case Study: Santos Maps Top of Reservoir, Determines Optimal Entry Point Offshore Australia
Case Study: Survey Management Services Reduce Reentry Drilling Risk with Collision Avoidance Data
Case Study: High Build Rate RSS Drills Curve and Lateral of Marcellus Shale Well in One Run and 100% in Zone
Caso de Estudio: El Sistema RSS para Altas Tasas de Construcción de Ángulo Perfora la Sección Curva y el Tramo Lateral de un Pozo de la Lutita Marcellus en una Sola Carrera
Case Study: PowerDrive Archer RSS Achieves High Build Rate in Polish Shale Gas Well
Case Study: High Build Rate RSS Drills Eagle Ford Shale Well to TD in One Run, Saves 4 Days of Drilling Time
Caso de Estudio: Un Sistema RSS para Altas Tasas de Incremento Angular Perfora un Pozo en la Lutita Eagle Ford Hasta la TD en una Sola Carrera y con un Ahorro de 4 Días de Tiempo de Perforación
Case Study: Premier Oil Saves 15.8 Drilling Days, USD 10 Million in Multiwell Campaign Offshore Indonesia
Case Study: OMV Achieves Record Horizontal Appraisal Well Through Collaborative Well Engineering and Operation
Case Study: Premier Oil Saves USD 2.8 Million, 5.6 Days Off AFE with Integrated Drilling Campaign
Case Study: WPX Energy Saves 9 Days While Drilling a Nearly 3-Mile Lateral in North Dakota
Case Study: Cimarex Saves 26 Hours in Permian Basin with PowerDrive Archer Slimhole RSS
Caso de Estudio: Cimarex Ahorra 26 Horas en la Cuenca Pérmica con el Sistema RSS para Pozos de Diámetro Reducido PowerDrive Archer
Case Study: PowerDrive Archer RSS Saves 3 Days and USD 1.5 Million Offshore Malaysia
Case Study: KPO Saves USD 2 Million with High Build Rate RSS
Case Study: 8.5-in Section Drilled in Single Run, Saving CCLS USD 400,000 in South China Sea
Case Study: PowerDrive Archer RSS Delivers Well 5 Days Ahead of Plan for OMV Petrom in Băicoi Sare Field
Case Study: First Run of PowerDrive Archer RSS in Russia Saves Vankorneft 3 Drilling Days
Case Study: PowerDrive Archer RSS Delivers Highly Complex Well Ahead of Plan, West Kazakhstan
Case Study: PEMEX Improves Trajectory and Saves 9 Days with High-Pressure, High-Temperature RSS
Caso de Estudio: PEMEX Mejora la Trayectoria y Ahorra 9 Días con el Sistema RSS Para Temperaturas Ultra Altas
Case Study: PEMEX Outperforms Directional Plan in High- Temperature Reservoir with High Mud Weight
Caso de Estudio: PEMEX Supera el Plan direccional en un Yacimiento con Alta Temperatura y un Elevado Peso del Lodo
Case Study: PDVSA Increases ROP 100 Percent and Saves 8.8 Days in Sandstone Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: PDVSA Incrementa un 100 por ciento la ROP y Ahorra 8,8 Días en un Yacimiento de Areniscas
Case Study: PEMEX Saves 5.6 Days and USD 300,000 While Drilling 78° Curve in 12 1/4-in Section
Caso de Estudio: PEMEX Ahorra 5,6 Días y USD 300 000 Durante la Perforación de la Sección Curva de 78° en un Tramo de 12¼ Pulgadas
Case Study: Statoil Reaches Section TD in One Run in High-Well-Density Statfjord Field
Case Study: Noble Energy Saves 2.9 Days and Increases Average Daily Footage by 65% Drilling in the Marcellus Shale
Case Study: Vankorneft Increases ROP 12%, Completes 1,194-m Sidetrack in Single Run, Eastern Siberia
Case Study: PowerDrive Xcel RSS with Real-Time Gamma Ray Lands S-shaped Extended-Reach Well at 55° Inclination
Case Study: PowerDrive Archer vorteX 675 RSS Achieves Field Footage Record in First Run in Russia
Case Study: PowerDrive Archer RSS in PowerDrive vorteX Configuration Saves 12 Drilling Days, Kazakhstan
Case Study: Zhaikmunai Increases ROP 57%, Saves 5 Days and USD 210,000, Kazakhstan
Case Study: Saka Indonesia Pangkah Improves On-Bottom ROP by 130% While Drilling High-Angle S-Type Well
Case Study: PowerDrive vorteX System Mitigates Shock and Vibration While Increasing ROP 67%
Case Study: PowerDrive X6 RSS Proves Reliability for Record-Setting 668 Cumulative Pumping Hours
Case Study: Vankorneft Moves to a Lightweight Casing Design and Saves 7 Days on Well Construction
Case Study: PowerDrive Xcel Rotary Steerable System Helps Save 5 Days of Drilling Time in Statfjord Field, North Sea
Case Study: Australian Operator Drills 2,400-m Vertical Well with Inclination of 0.75° in Faulted Formation
Case Study: Vertical Drilling System Achieves 0.15° Inclination, Minimizing Departure at 5.45 ft in 13,235-ft Well
Caso de Estudio: Un Sistema de Perforación Vertical Logra una Inclinación de Sólo 0,15° y Minimiza la Desviación a 1,66 m en un Pozo de 4 034 m
Case Study: PowerV System Sets Record for Longest Run in Petronas Exploration Well Offshore Malaysia
Case Study: Customized BHA Saves 12 Rig Days in Northern Kazakhstan
Case Study: Customized Drilling System Saves 5 Days in North Kazakhstan
Case Study: PowerDrive vorteX Max System Reduces Average Total Drilling Cost by 30% per Lateral Foot, Permian Basin
Case Study: Shell Saves USD 8.5 Million During Gulf of Mexico Salt Drilling Project
Case Study: EcoScope Service Delivers Data to Optimize Horizontal Penetration to 1,532 ft MD in Gulf of Suez
Case Study: Horizontal Well Campaign Increases Production 280% and Eliminates Production Decline Rate for CNOOC
Case Study: Optimized Drilling System Saves Afren 8.4 Days, USD 4.2 Million with Shoe-to-Shoe Performance
Case Study: PeriScope Mapper Guides Precise Placement of CACT Extended-Reach Well
Case Study: LWD Imaging Guides Well Placement Through Productive Zones in Faulted Carbonate Reservoir
Case Study: Real-Time, High-Resolution Imaging Improves Geosteering to Place 428-m Drain Hole in Zone
Caso de Estudio: La Generación de Imágenes de Alta Resolución en Tiempo Real Mejora la Geonavegación para Posicionar un Pozo de Drenaje de 428 m en la Zona de Interés
Case Study: LWD Imaging Identifies Cause of Drilling Mud Losses in Heavily Fractured Reservoir
Case Study: High-Resolution LWD Resistivity Images Used for Reservoir Structural Analysis
Case Study: Real-Time, High-Definition LWD Images Guide Placement of 1,279-m Drain Hole in Complex Sand Reservoir for PDO
Case Study: ADMA Uses MicroScope HD 675 Service to Deliver High-Resolution LWD Images in Carbonate Formations
Case Study: LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft Achieves 82% NTG in 2.5-m-Thick Sweet Spot with PeriScope HD Service
Case Study: New Multilayer LWD Service Helps Achieve 100 Percent Net-to-Gross Ratio
Case Study: Precise Placement of Lateral Maximizes Reservoir Exposure and Production Rates
Caso de Estudio: El Posicionamiento Preciso de un Tramo Lateral Maximiza la Exposición del Yacimiento y las Tasas de Producción en Vietnam
Case Study: Horizontal Drilling Campaign Reverses Production Decline, Achieving Average 3,188 bbl/d per Well
Case Study: Record-Breaking Drilling Operation Saves POC More Than USD 30 Million in 23 Wells
Case Study: PeriScope Mapper Guides Well Placement in Mature South China Sea Reservoirs
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio de Mapeo PeriScope Guía el Posicionamiento de los Pozos en los Yacimientos Maduros del Área Marina del sur de China
Case Study: PeriScope HD Service Maximizes Reservoir Contact in Mature Field Onshore Colombia
Case Study: Slimhole MWD Service Powers Complex Suite of LWD Services in ConocoPhillips Bakken Well
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio MWD para Pozos de Diámetro Reducido Provee Energía a un Conjunto de Servicios LWD en un Pozo de ConocoPhillips en la Lutita Bakken
Case Study: Operator Optimizes Drilling Performance, Successfully Reaching Total Depth with SonicScope 825 Service
Case Study: Dual-Reamer BHA Paired With SonicScope Service Saves Pemex Logging and Reaming Runs
Caso de Studio: Un BHA con Rectificadores Duales Combinado con el Servicio SonicScope Ahorra Carreras de Perfilaje y Rectificación para PEMEX
Case Study: SonicScope Multipole LWD Service Demonstrates Consistent Slow Shear Capabilities in Malaysia
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio LWD Multipolar SonicScope Muestra Consistencia Entre los Datos de Lentitud de Ondas de Corte en Malasia
Case Study: NOC Optimizes Packer Placement with Full Petrophysical Evaluation, Saves 2 Rig Days
Caso de Estudio: Una NOC Optimiza El Emplazamiento Del Empacador Con Una Evaluación Petrofísica Completa Y Ahorra 2 Días De Equipo De Perforación
Case Study: Operator Uses Multipole Sonic-While-Drilling Service to Drill Complex, Over-Pressured Shale Diapir
Case Study: SonicScope 675 Service Identifies Gas Reservoir Using Real-Time Compressional and Shear Measurements
Case Study: High-Quality, Real-Time Sonic Data Enables Optimal Well Placement in Chinese Tight Gas Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: Datos Sónicos de Alta Calidad Obtenidos en Tiempo Real, Permiten el Posicionamiento Óptimo de un Pozo en Areniscas Gasíferas Compactas de China
Case Study: SonicScope 900 Service Enables Reliable Acoustic Data Acquisition in Complex Appraisal Well
Case Study: CNOOC Uses SonicScope Service’s Cement Evaluation Capabilities to Complete Complex ERD Gas Well
Case Study: Offshore Operator Avoids Potential Kick, Improves Depth Control with Real-Time Acoustic Data, Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: StethoScope Service Delivers Precise Pressure Profile, Mitigates Sticking Risks in High-Uncertainty ERD Well
Case Study: StethoScope Service Accurately Measures Fluid Gradients, Depletion in Heterogeneous Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio StethoScope Mide con Precisión los Gradientes de Fluidos y el Agotamiento en un Yacimiento Heterogéneo
Case Study: Precise Well Placement for Horizontal Campaign Increases Oil Production 30% in Bohai Bay
Case Study: DynaForce DTX Motor Improves Drilling Performance in Highly-Interbedded and Abrasive Strata, Northern Kuwait
Case Study: GeoSphere 475 Reservoir Mapping Service Enables Geosteering in Complex Carbonate Reservoir, Sicily
Case Study: GeoSphere Service Enhances Coring Operations With Real-Time Look-Ahead Capability
Case Study: Vietgazprom Reduces Severe Mud Loss by 50% in Exploration Well Using OptiWell Service
Case Study: Sinopec Uses PowerDrive Archer RSS with Near-Bit GR Imaging to Steer Drilling 100% in Pay Zone, China
Case Study: Eni Receives Industry-First While-Drilling Analysis of Hydrocarbon Composition, Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: First Use of SpectraSphere Service in Middle East Confirms Movable Hydrocarbons in Tight Carbonates
Case Study: SpectraSphere Fluid Mapping-While-Drilling Service Saves Hess 3 Days Offshore Malaysia
Case Study: Staged Hole Opener BHA Eliminates One Run and Reduces Planned AFE by 2 Days, Offshore Russia
Case Study: Resistivity-at-the-Bit Measurements Guide Geostopping 0.2-m TVD Below Top of Reservoir
Case Study: geoVISION Imaging While Drilling Increases Liaohe Heavy Oil Production
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio de Generación de Imágenes Durante la Perforación geoVISION Incrementa la Producción de Petróleo Pesado del Campo Liaohe
Case Study: Suite of LWD Services Enables Full Characterization of Reservoir in South China Sea
Case Study: LWD Top-of-Cement Evaluation Saves Eni Estimated USD 2.6 Million Offshore Alaska
Case Study: Magnetic Resonance LWD Service Evaluates Carbonates Offshore Brazil
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio LWD de Resonancia Magnética Evalúa Yacimientos Carbonatados en el Área Marina de Brasil
Case Study: Integrated Evaluation Services Obtain Critical Data to Save Deepwater Rig Time
Case Study: Core-Quality LWD Data Identifies Additional Pay Within Carbonate Sequence in Deteriorating Section
Caso de Estudio: Los Datos LWD De Calidad De Los Núcleos Permiten Identificar Una Zona Productiva Adicional De Una Secuencia Carbonatada En Un Pozo En Deterioro
Case Study: LWD Thin-Bed Analysis Identifies 60% More Deepwater Reserves
Caso de Estudio: El Análisis de Capas Delgadas LWD Identifica un 60% Más de Reservas en Aguas Profundas
Case Study: Rhino XC Reamer and AxeBlade Bit Save 48 Hours and USD 240,000 in Tripping-Related Costs
Case Study: Seismic-While-Drilling Service Resolves Depth Uncertainty Offshore Southeast Asia
Case Study: First-Ever Dual Seismic LWD Configuration Optimizes Trajectory of Sidetrack, Saves Operator 24 Hours
Case Study: seismicVISION Seismic-While-Drilling Service Optimizes Casing Points and Lowers Costs, Offshore Malaysia
Case Study: Det Norske Set Multiple Well Construction Records with Integrated Development Plan, Norwegian North Sea
Case Study: Multiple Disciplines Come Together to Save 18 Days of Rig Time for BG Norge AS
Case Study: Ecopetrol Saves USD 472,651 and Overcomes Hole Instability in Chichimene Field, Colombia
Case Study: EcoScope Service Acquires Real-Time Data to Guide Directional, Well Control in Narrow Mud Windows
Case Study: LWD Lithology Determination Improves Pay Evaluation
Case Study: Advanced LWD Technologies Mitigate Uncertainty in Marcellus Shale
Caso de Estudio: Tecnologías LWD de Avanzada Reducen la Incertidumbre en la Lutita Marcellus
Case Study: CACT Saves USD 2.5 Million Drilling Extended-Reach Well
Case Study: TOTAL Nigeria Makes Proactive Deepwater Well Placement Decisions
Case Study: LWD Data Acquisition Saves City Oriente Limited USD 110,000
Case Study: Integrated Planning and Execution Help Deliver Middle East Operator’s First High-Temperature ERD Gas Well
Case Study: GeoPark Saves 6.23 Days off AFE With PowerDrive X6 vorteX RSS in Llanos Basin Drilling Campaign
Case Study: Apache Increases Expected Oil Recovery by 11% with GeoSphere Service Offshore Australia
Case Study: ExxonMobil Maps Complex Injectite Reservoir to Effectively Geosteer into Target Sands, North Sea
Case Study: Petronas Discovers Previously Undetected Channel Sand with Expected Production of 1,700 bbl/d
Case Study: Geostopping Enables CNOOC to Core 100% of Target Zone
Case Study: 在中海油成功应用及时停钻技术确保100%目的层段取心
Case Study: Geosteer Wellbore to Maximize Production
Case Study: Resistivity Images Reveal Well Fracture Details in North Caspian Region
Case Study: Advanced Image Interpretation of geoVISION Service Improves Formation Characterization, Offshore Libya
Case Study: Avoiding Water Zone Saves Well for CACT
Case Study: High-Temperature Malaysian S-Well Hits All Three Targets in One Run
Caso de Estudio: En Malasia, un pozo de alta temperatura en forma de S accede a los tres objetivos en una sola carrera
Case Study: Quality Data Acquired in North Sea Wells with Temperatures Exceeding 160 degC
Caso de Estudio: Adquisición de datos de calidad en pozos del Mar del Norte con temperaturas superiores a 160ºC
Case Study: High-Temperature Exploration Well Drilled Offshore Norway
Caso de estudio: Perforación de un pozo exploratorio de alta temperatura en el área marina de Noruega
Case Study: PowerDrive X6 Runs Achieve 90% Increase in ROP for High Temperature Tuscaloosa Trend Well
Case Study: USD 8 Million Saved on High-Temperature Deepwater Well in West Africa
Caso de Estudio: Ahorro de USD 8 millones en un pozo de aguas profundas de alta temperatura de África Occidental
Case Study: MWD Service Drills Record High-Temperature Well in Italy
Caso de Estudio: El servicio MWD permitió perforar un pozo récord de alta temperatura en Italia
Case Study: High-Temperature Formation Pressure-While-Drilling Service Run in China
Caso de Estudio: Determinación de la presión durante la perforación en una formación de alta temperatura de China
Case Study: Integrated BHA Solution Reduces Drilling Time by 18 Days in Vertical Exploration Well, Onshore Indonesia
Case Study: Integrated Drilling Approach Saves Shell USD 1.1 Million, Achieves Record 275-ft/h ROP Salt Drilling Performance
Case Study: At-Bit Image Gamma Ray with Geosteering Achieves 98% Well Placement Accuracy
Caso de Estudio: Imágenes de Rayos Gamma Generadas Detrás de la Barrena iPZIG Combinadas con Geonavegación Logran 98% de Exactitud en el Posicionamiento del Pozo
Case Study: At-Bit Image Gamma and Inclination Allow Quick Interpretation for Steering Decisions
Caso de Estudio: Registros de Inclinación y de Rayos Gamma Obtenidos Detrás de la Barrena Permiten Interpretaciones Rápidas para Tomar Decisiones del Control Direccional
Case Study: At-Surface Real-Time Isotope Logging Assesses Lateral Heterogeneity in Marcellus Shale
Case Study: LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft Sets Record with Single-Run 4,895-m Horizontal Section, 88.5% Net to Gross
Case Study: Saudi Aramco Drills Record 4,747-ft Section, Achieves Directional Objectives Using Casing-Drilling Service
Case Study: MicroScope Azimutally Focused Resistivity Images Enable PetroChina to Exceed Production Goal
Case Study: MicroScope Resistivity and Imaging Enable Successful Completion in Complex Shale Formation
Case Study: MicroScope Service Guides Placement of Lateral Within Target Formation in Niobrara Shale
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio MicroScope Guía el Posicionamiento de un Tramo Lateral Dentro de la Formación Objetivo en la Lutita Niobrara
Caso de Estudio: La Resistividad y las Imágenes Provistas por el Servicio MicroScope Posibilitan Terminaciones Exitosas en Formaciones Complejas de Lutita
Case Study: High-Resolution LWD Images Help Optimize Completions
Caso de Estudio: Imágenes de Alta Resolución Adquiridas Durante la Perforación Ayudan a Optimizar las Terminaciones
Case Study: MicroScope Images Identify Geosteering Path Between Complex Faults to Reach TD in One Run
Case Study: Borehole Images Help Optimize Well Placement and Completion
Caso de Estudio: Las Imágenes de la Pared del Pozo Ayudan a Optimizar el Posicionamiento y la Terminación del Pozo
Case Study: NeoScope Sourceless LWD Service Delivers High-Quality Formation Evaluation Data for Apache
Case Study: NeoScope Sourceless Service Saves USD 500,000 in Offshore Exploration Well
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio Sin Fuentes NeoScope Genera un Ahorro de USD 500 000 en un Pozo de Exploración Marino
Case Study: NeoScope Sourceless LWD Data Identifies GOC at High ROP to Land Offshore Well for Pearl Oil
Caso de Estudio: Los Datos LWD Sin Fuentes NeoScope Identifican el Contacto Gas/Petróleo con una Alta ROP para Aterrizar un Pozo Marino para Pearl Oil
Case Study: NeoScope Sourceless Neutron-Gamma Density Correlates to Conventional Density Measurement
Caso de Estudio: Las Mediciones de Rayos Gamma, Densidad y Neutrón Sin Fuentes NeoScope se Correlacionan con la Medición de Densidad Convencional
Case Study: Turbodrill Saves 50 Operational Days in Colombia's Barco and Guadalupe Formations
Case Study: Turbomill Scale Removal Enables Ecopetrol to Access Two Formations in Colombia
Caso de Estudio: La Remoción de Depósitos de Incrustaciones con una Turbofresa Permite a Ecopetrol el Acceso a Dos Formaciones de Colombia
Case Study: Drilling System with Neyrfor Turbodrill and Smith Bits Kinetic Bit Set African Drilling Record
Case Study: Drilling Ahead with the Same Assembly on an HPHT Sidetrack, Temperatures in Excess of 205 degC
Case Study: Continuous Operating Capability in High-Pressure
Case Study: Turbodrill BHA Saves Operator Nearly 2 Days and USD 4 Million, Offshore Oman
Case Study: Neyrfor TTT Turbodrill and Jet Blaster Clear 5,860 ft of Production Tubing Averaging 7.8 ft/min
Caso de Estudio: La Turboperforadora Neyrfor TTT y el Sistema Jet Blaster Limpian 1 786 m de Tubería a una Velocidad de 2,4 m/min
Case Study: Neyrfor Turbodrill and Smith Bits Kinetic Bit Save Over USD 1 Million on Horizontal Interval
Case Study: Saving 57 1/2 Rig Days and USD 1.4 Million for Four Natural Gas Wells with Turbodrilling Strategy
Caso de Estudio: Ahorro de 57½ Días de Equipo de Perforación y USD 1,4 MM en Cuatro Pozos de Gas Natural con Turboperforación
Case Study: Neyrfor Turbodrill Sidetracks Off Weak Cement Plug on First Attempt, Offshore Oman
Case Study: ROP Increased by Over 100% in Pre-Khuff Reservoir with Neyrfor Turbodrill and Smith Bits Kinetic Bit
Case Study: Drilling 3,269 ft in a Single Run at 190 degC
Caso de Estudio: Perforación de 996 m en una sola carrera con una temperatura de 190ºC
Case Study: Operator Saves 3.7 Days of Rig Time in Oklahoma’s Tonkawa Field
Caso de Estudio: Un Operador Ahorra 3,7 Días de Equipo de Perforación en el Campo Tonkawa de Oklahoma
Case Study: First 2 1/8-in Neyrfor TTT Turbodrill in U.S. Cleaned Out HPHT Well in 59 Hours, GOM
Caso de Estudio: La Primera Turboperforadora Neyrfor TTT de 2 1/8 Pulgadas de EUA que Limpia un Pozo HPHT en 59 Horas en el Golfo de México
Case Study: Turbodrilling Deviated Interval Saves PEMEX 96 Hours
Caso de Estudio: Un Intervalo Desviado con un Sistema de Turboperforación Genera un Ahorro de 96 Horas para PEMEX
Case Study: Neyrfor Turbodrilling System and Kinetic Drill Bits Double ROP, Save
29 Rig Days in Hard Formation

Case Study: Neyrfor Turbodrill Delivers an ROP 55% Greater Than That of a Conventional High Speed Downhole Motor
Case Study: Neyrfor Delta and Kinetic Bit Save 8 Days and USD 335,000 Drilling Oklahoma’s Granite Wash
Caso de Estudio: Neyrfor Delta y Una Barrena Kinetic Ahorran 8 Días y USD 335 000 al Perforar una Arena Granítica en Oklahoma
Case Study: Total Eliminates Bit Run with OptiDrill Service in 17 1/2-in Section in
North Sea

Case Study: OptiDrill Service Eliminates
18-in Liner, Saves Statoil 10 Rig Days in Deepwater Exploration Well, Angola

Case Study: ADCO Reduces Invisible Lost Time and Saves 2 Days Versus AFE with OptiWell Service, UAE
Case Study: Operator Saves 36 Drilling Days and USD 13.3 Million in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: Det Norske Achieves Drilling Performance Consistency in Multiwell Field Development Project, Offshore Norway
Case Study: Continuous Monitoring Enables Successful Completion in Tight Anti-collision Zone
Case Study: OSC Monitoring Avoids Potential Twist-Off Through Early Washout Detection
Case Study: Support Center Intervention Avoids POOH in China’s Liaohe Field
Case Study: Operator Saves 53 Hours of Survey Time Using xBolt Service Across 8-Well Pad, MidCon Basin
Case Study: xBolt Service Quadruples Data Transmission Rate and Improves Signal Reliability to Eliminate Relogging
Case Study: PowerDrive Archer RSS Increases ROP 56% More Than Field Average in Woodford Shale
Caso de Estudio: El Sistema Rotativo Direccional PowerDrive Marca un Nuevo Récord de Perforación en una Extensión Productiva de Lutita de Cimarex Energy
Case Study: Vertical Drilling BHA Maintained Verticality at Less Than 0.14° in Bonaparte Basin, Australia
Case Study: Three Record Runs Achieve High of 95% Net Pay in Compartmentalized Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: Tres Carreras Récord Permiten el Acceso al 95% de la Zona Productiva en un Yacimiento Compartimentalizado
Case Study: Powered Rotary Steerable System Boosts Deepwater Well ROP 257%
Case Study: Steering Optimization Increases Oil Recovery in Mature South China Sea Field
Case Study: Production Rate More than Doubled in Deepwater Brazil
Caso de Estudio: La producción de petróleo se incrementó a más del doble en un pozo de aguas profundas de Brasil
Case Study: Horizontal Well Placement Maximizes Oil Production
Case Study: Precise Geosteering Results in Oil Production Exceeding Estimate by 240% Offshore Norway
Case Study: High-Build-Rate RSS Saves KPO 7 Days on Four Wells in West Kazakhstan
Case Study: High Build Rate RSS Saved 60 Hours and USD 125,000
Caso de Estudio: El sistema RSS para altas tasas de incremento angular generó un ahorro de 60 horas y USD 125 000
Case Study: High Build Rate RSS Delivers Dogleg Assurance in Challenging Formations
Case Study: SEECO Drills First High Build Rate RSS Wells in Fayetteville Unconventional Gas Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: SEECO perfora los primeros pozos RSS con incremento angular alto en un yacimiento de gas no convencional
Case Study: ERIELL Group Drills 1,308-m Lateral Sidetrack, Saves 4 Days Off Plan in Samburgskoye Field
Case Study: PowerDrive vorteX RSS and Smith Bits Drill Bits Set New Drilling Record in PetroChina’s Tuha Field
Caso de Estudio: Sistema Rotativo Direccional PowerDrive VorteX RSS y Barrenas Smith Bits Marcan Nuevos Récords de Perforación en el Campo Tuha de PetroChina
Case Study: Shell Brazil Achieves High Inclination in Soft Formation
Caso de Estudio: Shell Brasil Logra una Alta Inclinación en una Formación Blanda
Case Study: Improved Drilling Performance Saves Rumaila Operating Organization More Than USD 200,000
Case Study: Shallow Heavy-Oil Reservoir Production Target Achieved in Only 3 Days
Case Study: OMV Petrom Kicks Off Shallow Well Just 6 Meters Below Ground Level
Case Study: Verticality Maintained in Ultradeep, High Temperature Well
Case Study: Vertical Deepwater Drilling Achieves Long Salt Section
Caso de Estudio: Una Perforación Vertical en Aguas Profundas Logra Atravesar una Gran Longitud Dentro de una Sección Salina
Case Study: Vital Trajectory Change Takes Less Than a Day
Caso de Estudio: Un Cambio Vital de la Trayectoria de un Pozo Insume Menos de Un Día
Case Study: First Rhino RHE System Run in Deepwater Brazil Saves Petrobras USD 1.4 Million, Reduces Rig Time 21%
Case Study: Single-Trip, Integrated Rathole Elimination BHA Drills Wells 7.5 Days Ahead of AFE, Offshore Sakhalin
Case Study: Real-Time Seismic Waveforms Guide Key Exploration Drilling Decisions in East Asia
Case Study: Shell Reduces NPT and Drills Best-in-Class Well in Central China with Remote Operations Workflows
Case Study: LWD Sonic Services Obtain Data for Multiple Applications in a Deepwater Exploration Well
Caso de Estudio: Los Servicios Sónicos LWD Permiten Obtener Datos Para Múltiples Aplicaciones en un Pozo de Exploración de Aguas Profundas
Caso de estudio: Los datos de la sonda SonicScope son corroborados por mediciones obtenidas con herramientas operadas con cable
Case Study: sonicVISION LWD Data Enables Successful Sidetrack in Gulf of Mexico Exploration Well
Caso de Estudio: Los Datos LWD Derivados del Servicio sonicVISION Posibilitan la Desviación Exitosa de la Trayectoria de un Pozo de Exploración en el Golfo de México
Case Study: StethoScope Service Maximizes Oil Recovery Offshore Brazil
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio StethoScope Maximiza la Recuperación de Petróleo en la Zona Marina de Brasil
Case Study: Combined StethoScope FPWD and @balance Services MPD Drill Undrillable Well Offshore Malaysia
Case Study: Confidence in Measurement Accuracy Saves Operator More Than USD 1.8 Million
Case Study: TDDirect Casing-While-Drilling Service and Direct XCD Casing Bit Save OMV Petrom 62 h
Case Study: TDDirect CD Service Saves Apache Energy 7 Rig Days in Australia’s North West Shelf
Case Study: TDDirect CD Casing-While-Drilling Service Saves 52 Hours in Lobo Field, South Texas
Case Study: PTTEP Eliminates BHA Trip and Gyro Run, Saving 12 Rig Hours in 204-degC Well Offshore Thailand
Case Study: Operator Completes Milling at 300 degF Using DynaForce TT Motor with Proprietary Elastomer
Case Study: DynaForce TT Motor Helps Complete 12-Hour Milling Job in 325-degF Haynesville Shale Reservoir
Case Study: Pacific Rubiales Saves Deviated Exploration Well With Thru-Tubing Intervention Technology
Caso de Estudio: Pacific Rubiales Recupera un Pozo de Exploración Desviado con la Tecnología de Herramientas de Intervención Operadas a Través de la Tubería de Producción
Case Study: Vietgazprom Reduces Tripping and On-Slip Time with OptiWell Well Construction Performance Service, Vietnam
Case Study: Apache Saves USD 12.3 Million and Increases Expected Oil Recovery by 11% Offshore Australia
Case Study: BHA Optimization with Custom Drill Bit Increases Average ROP from 15 to 34 m/h in Lateral Sections
Case Study: Engineered System Drills East Siberia Complex Well Trajectory 4 Days Ahead of Plan
Case Study: Integrated Solution Saves Shell USD 1.3 Million, or 25 Days, and Doubles Production in Changbei Well
Case Study: Customized Drilling Systems Save ERIELL 15 Days, Setting a Samburgskoe Field Record
Case Study: Drilling System Saves 18.5 Rig Days in Eastern Siberia
Case Study: Optimized Drilling System Delivers ERIELL Group’s Subhorizontal Well 13 Days Ahead of Plan
Case Study: Integrated Drilling System Saves Trip for Noble Energy in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Caso de Estudio: Un Sistema de Perforación Integrado Ahorra a Noble Energy un Viaje en la Región de Aguas Profundas del Golfo de México
Case Study: Operator Saves 12 Hours Using High-Torque, High-Flow Motor While Milling Cement, Saudi Arabia
Case Study: Long-Lateral High-Temperature Well in Permian Basin Completed in 12 Hours
Case Study: Operator Saves 20 Hours of Milling Time and Completes West Texas Job in One Run
Case Study: Erratic Surface Torque and Drillstring Vibrations Eliminated in Underreaming Operations
Case Study: Integrated Services Provide Wellbore Assurance for First ERD Well in Baltic Sea
Case Study: Lukoil Drills Record 8 1/2-in Horizontal Section in North Caspian Sea, Saving 29 Days off AFE
Case Study: High Build Rate RSS Saves 18 Rig Days for PetroChina in Tarim Basin, China
Case Study: Optimized Drilling System Saves 5 Days for Lukoil-Komi in Russia’s Timan-Pechora Region
Case Study: Hydra-Stroke Bumper Sub Enables Continued Drilling Operations Despite Rough Sea Conditions
Caso de Estudio: El Martillo Golpeador Hydra-Stroke Posibilita la Continuidad de las Operaciones de Perforación a Pesar de las Duras Condiciones del Mar
Case Study: Integrated BHA Drills Salamander Energy Sidetrack in One Run Per Section
Case Study: Application-Specific BHA Lands Longest ERD Well and Multilateral Well, Mainland Russia
Case Study: Rathole Elimination System Eliminates Dedicated Cleanout Run, Saves 24 Hours on Deepwater Well
Caso de Estudio: Un Sistema De Eliminación De La Ratonera Elimina Una Carrera De Limpieza Dedicada Y Ahorra 24 Horas En Un Pozo De Aguas Profundas
Case Study: Rathole Elimination System Eliminates Three Trips, Saving 72 Hours in Deepwater Well
Caso de Estudio: Un Sistema De Eliminación De La Ratonera Elimina Tres Viajes Y Ahorra 72 Horas En Un Pozo De Aguas Profundas
Case Study: Engineering Center Optimizes Drilling to Save USD 18 Million in Deepwater GOM Well for Shell
Caso de Estudio: Un Centro de Ingeniería Optimiza la Perforación y Ahorra USD 18 Millones en un Pozo de Aguas Profundas del GOM para Shell
Case Study: Cimarex Energy Co. Saves Six Days of Rig Time in Permian Basin
Case Study: Integrated Rotary Steerable BHA Saves 9 Drilling Days in West Africa
Case Study: PowerDrive Orbit RSS Increases ROP 35 ft/h for Talisman on Marcellus Shale Wells
Case Study: PowerDrive Xcel RSS with Gyro Technology Saves 5 Days off of AFE, Offshore Russia
Case Study: DynaForce TT Motor Mills 34 Plugs in Single Run in a 350 degF Haynesville–Bossier Shale Reservoir
Case Study: Wellhead Retrieval System Saves USD 600,000 in Single-Run Offshore P&A Operation
Case Study: Integrated Well Abandonment System Eliminates Trips, Saves More Than 3 Rig Days, North Sea
Case Study: Integrated P&A BHA Expands Window Length and Milling Speed Capabilities, North Sea
Case Study: Integrated P&A BHA Helps Set Bridge Plug and Mill and Underream 150-ft Window in a Single Run
Case Study: Rhino XC 8000 Reamer Enlarges 9,313-ft Interval of Unstable Shale Formation in Single Run
Case Study: Integrated BHA Enables Drilling 3,146 ft and Underreaming 6,422 ft to Reach TD in One Run
Case Study: Equion Energia Saves 6.1 Rig Days and USD 928,000 Using Customized HEWD BHA in Llanos Foothills
Caso de Estudio: Equion Energía Ahorra 6,1 Días de Equipo de Perforación y USD 928 000 Utilizando un Conjunto de Fondo HEWD Diseñado a Medida en el Piedemonte Llanos
Case Study: Petrobras Saves 3 Drilling Days Using Rhino XC Reamer in Unstable Presalt Formation
Caso de Estudio: Petrobras Ahorra 3 Días de Perforación Utilizando el Rectificador Rhino XC en una Formación Presalina Inestable
Case Study: Engineered Drilling System Successfully Underreams Kazakhstan Well to Save up to Two Runs
Case Study: PEMEX Uses Rhino XS2 10000 Reamer to Underream 1,033-ft Section in Challenging Offshore Formation
Case Study: Operator Underreams Consecutive 12,000-ft Intervals with Rhino XS2 Reamers, Onshore Alaska
Case Study: Rhino XS Reamer and Stabilizer Eliminate Additional Downhole Trip Offshore Brazil
Case Study: Integrating RSS, Reamer, and PDC Bit Saves 6 Days in Shallow Persian Gulf Formation
Case Study: Integrated System Sidetracks and Drills High-Angle Well in Unstable Formation
Case Study: Integrated Drilling System Sets Back-to-Back Single-Run Records for Encana, Horn River Basin
Caso de Estudio: Un Sistema de Perforación Integrado Establece Récords Consecutivos de Ejecución de Una Sola Carrera para Encana
Case Study: Precise Whipstock Setting Enables Drilling of 1,992‑m Sidetrack with Zero NPT in ERD Sakhalin Well
Case Study: Integrated Drilling System Saves Gazprom Dobycha Astrakhan 7 Days in Russian Gas Condensate Field
Case Study: Calibrating Fracture Gradient with Acoustic Radial Profiling Where Leakoff and Minifrac Tests Unavailable
Case Study: Stand-Alone Cased Hole Logging Accurately Distinguishes New Gas Pay from Tight Zones
Case Study: Accurately Tracking the Steam Front and Heavy Oil Saturation in a Freshwater Formation, California
Case Study: Litho Scanner Service in Cased Hole Directly Determines Total Organic Carbon in Unconventional Reservoir
Case Study: Cement Bond Quality Evaluated in 9 5/8-in Casing with Highly Attenuative Heavy Mud, Norway
Case Study: Four Stratified Annular Fill Layers Identified to Optimize Cut-and-Pull Operation, Offshore Norway
Case Study: LLOG Evaluates Cement and Casing Integrity for Multiple Casings in a Single Descent, Deepwater GOM
Case Study: Perforation Placement Optimized by Verifying Centralization in 22-in Casing with Heavy Mud
Case Study: High-Resolution Crosswell Seismic Imaging Increases Reef Production 300%
Case Study: High-Resolution Interwell Survey Optimizes Wyoming Tight-Gas Infill Drilling
Caso de estudio: El servicio de sísmica entre pozos optimiza la perforación de pozos de relleno en areniscas gasíferas compactas
Case Study: DeepLook-CS Crosswell Seismic Imaging Enhances Subsurface Understanding in Mature Oil Field
Case Study: Confirm Water Sweep Dimensions and Extent to Guide Injection, UAE
Case Study: Reservoir-Scale Imaging Survey Maps Interwell Resistivity
Case Study: Interwell Resistivity Images Monitor Cyclic Steam Injection
Case Study: Interwell Fluid Front Monitoring Optimizes Injection, Oman
Case Study: Finding Bypassed Pay in Complex Channel Sands with Interwell Surveys
Case study: Accurate Heavy Oil Volume in Shaly Sands with Variable Water Resistivity
Case study: Dielectric Scanner Service’s Measurements Reveal Additional 150 ft of Pay
Caso de estudio: Mediciones de dispersión de la sonda Dielectric Scanner revelan 46 m [150 pies] adicionales de espesor productivo
Case study: Multifrequency Dielectric Dispersion Service Distinguishes Heavy Oil from Freshwater
Caso de estudio: La sonda de dispersión dieléctrica multifrecuencia diferencia el petróleo pesado del agua dulce
Caso de estudio: Determinación del volumen de petróleo pesado en las arenas arcillosas con resistividad variable del agua
Case study: Dielectric Scanner Service’s Measurements Confirm 95% Residual Hydrocarbon Saturation
Caso de estudio: La herramienta Dielectric Scanner confirma una saturación residual de hidrocarburos del 95%
Case Study: Accurate Residual Oil Saturation from Dielectric Scanner Service’s Measurements
Caso de Estudio: Valores precisos de saturación de petróleo residual derivados de mediciones de la sonda Dielectric Scanner
Case study: Accurate Resistivity and Hydrocarbon Saturation in Washed-Out Zones in a Heavy Oil Reservoir
Caso de estudio: Valores precisos de resistividad y saturación de hidrocarburos en zonas lavadas
Case Study: Dielectric Scanner Service Provides Salinity-Independent Water Saturation for Gas Shale Analysis
Caso de Estudio: Determinación de la Saturación de Agua Independiente de la Salinidad para el Análisis de Lutitas Gasíferas con la Herramienta Dielectric Scanner
Case study: Dielectric Scanner Service Unmasks Light Oil in Low-Resistivity Pay in South America
Caso de estudio: La sonda Dielectric Scanner revela petróleo liviano en una zona de baja resistividad de América del Sur
Case Study: Saturn Probe Enables Diagnosis of Water Influx During Drilling of Slim, High-Temperature Well
Case Study: Dielectric Scanner Service Reliably Identifies Heavy Oil Reservoir in Thin Beds
Caso de Estudio: Nueva Herramienta de Dispersión Dieléctrica Identifica un Yacimiento de Petróleo Pesado en Capas Delgadas
Case Study: Dielectric Scanner Service’s Measurements Correctly Identify Water-Wet Zones for Plugging
Caso de Estudio: Las Mediciones Dielectric Scanner Identifican Zonas Humedecidas con Agua para Proceder al Taponamiento
Case Study: ECS Spectroscopy Sonde’s Petrophysical Analysis Finds Additional 250 ft of Productive Shale
Caso de Estudio: El Análisis Petrofísico ECS Permite Descubrir 76 m [250 pies] Adicionales de Lutitas Productivas
Case Study: Enhanced-Clarity Imaging of High-Resistivity Formation Despite Hypersaline Mud System, Oman
Case Study: High-Quality Imaging of Fractures and Vugs in Carbonates Drilled with Oil-Base Mud, Mexico
Caso de Estudio: Imágenes de Alta Calidad de Fracturas y Vacuolas en Carbonatos Perforados con Lodo a Base de Aceite en México
Case Study: FMI-HD Microimager Identifies Vugs and Fractures in High-Resistivity Carbonate, Permian Basin
Case Study: BG Group Successfully Evaluates Foamed Cement Bond in Heavy Oil-Base Mud Environment, North Sea
Case Study: Microfracture Tests Directly Measure Geomechanical Properties in the Avalon Shale, Delaware Basin
Case Study: Formation Testing While Tripping Conducts Successful High-Permeability Interval Pressure Transient Testing
Case Study: InSitu Density Sensor Measurements Identify Fluid Composition and Contacts
Case Study: Downhole Fluid Analysis Reveals Compositional Grading
Case Study: Accurate Total Porosity for Bakken and Three Forks Formations
Caso de Estudio: Determinación Precisa de la Porosidad Total de las Formaciones Bakken y Three Forks
Case Study: Core Points Optimized Using Mineralogy and Total Organic Carbon from Litho Scanner Service
Case Study: Litho Scanner Spectroscopy Quantifies Oil Volume in Low-Resisitivity Chert
Case Study: Resistivity-Independent Spectroscopy Determines Total Organic Carbon for Accurate Bitumen Volume
Case Study: Accurate Porosity and Kerogen Volume for Shale Gas Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: Determinación Exacta de la Porosidad y del Volumen de Kerógeno Para un Yacimiento de Gas de Lutita
Case Study: Litho Scanner Spectroscopy and CMR-Plus NMR Logging Differentiate Kerogen and Liquid Hydrocarbons
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio de Espectroscopía Litho Scanner y la Herramienta de Perfilaje de RMN CMR-Plus Permiten Diferenciar el Kerógeno de los Hidrocarburos Líquidos
Case Study: Producible Hydrocarbons Identified in Low-Resistivity Reservoir by Combining Litho Scanner Service and NMR
Case Study: sCore Lithofacies Classification Reveals Barnett Shale Reservoir Quality
Caso de Estudio: El Esquema de Clasificación de Litofacies sCore Revela la Calidad de Yacimiento de la Lutita Barnett
Case Study: Litho Scanner Service’s Accurate TOC Determination for Unconventional Reservoirs
Caso de Estudio: Determinación Exacta del TOC con el Servicio Litho Scanner en Yacimientos no Convencionales
Case Study: Modeling MDT Tester Stresses Guides Barnett Shale Fracturing to Prevent Water Production
Case Study: Wireline Imaging and Minifrac Testing Provide Integrated Caprock Stress Analysis, Athabasca Oil Sands
Case Study: Accurate Openhole Fluid Sampling Identifies Zonal Connectivity
Case Study: Imaging and Fluid Sampling Improve Fractured Reservoir Characterization
Case Study: Mini-DST and Sampling Instead of HPHT Well Test, North Sea
Case Study: Cased Hole Fluid Sampling in Deepwater Well Saves USD 2 Million
Case Study: Radial NMR Differentiates Condensate from Light Oil in North Sea Well
Case Study: MR Scanner Service Sorts Out Producible Hydrocarbon from Oil Filtrate
Case Study: Advanced Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Finds Laminated Pay, Eagle Ford Shale
Caso de Estudio: El Análisis Avanzado de Resonancia Magnética Ayuda a Descubrir un Espesor Laminado en la Lutita Eagle Ford
Case Study: Identify Orinoco Heavy Oil Reservoirs and Water-Producing Zones
Case Study: SIMplus Retrievable Bridge Plug Installs Reliable Barrier for Sealing Tubing Leak
Case Study: Combo Logging and Formation Testing Efficiently Identify New Reservoir
Case Study: PressureXpress-HT Service’s Pretesting Provides Pressure Profile at Temperatures Above 320 degF
Case Study: Water-Alternating-Gas Saturation Monitoring in a Single Cased Hole Logging Run, Abu Dhabi
Case Study: High-Quality Seismic Image Beneath Gas Cloud
Caso de Estudio: Imagen Sísmica de Alta Calidad por Debajo de Una Nube de Gas
Case Study: Deepwater GOM Imaging in OBM Reveals Paleotransport Direction of Turbidite Sands
Caso de Estudio: La Generación de Imágenes en Aguas Profundas del Golfo de México (GOM) Revela la Dirección de Paleotransporte de las Arenas Turbidíticas
Case Study: Reservoir Quality Determined from High-Resolution Images in OBM of Channel and Highly Laminated Sands
Case Study: Imaging Core Points and Natural Fractures in Oil-Base Mud Guides Completion Design, Utica Shale
Case Study: Quicksilver Probe Focused fluid Extraction Increases Fluid Sample Purity by >60%
Case Study: Fluid Contacts Defined on Norwegian Continental Shelf for Statoil
Case Study: ConocoPhillips (UK) Ltd Uses Wellsite Analysis To Prevent H2S Damage
Case Study: Downhole Fluid Analysis Confirms North Sea Reservoir Connectivity for Statoil
Caso de Estudio: El Análisis de Fluidos en el Fondo del Pozo Confirma la Conectividad de los Yacimientos en el Mar del Norte
Case Study: Successfully Sampling Viscous Oils in Northwest India
Case Study: Downhole Fluid Analysis Saves USD 24 Million, North Sea
Case Study: Fines Generation Controlled To Extract Low-Contamination Fluid Samples
Case Study: Rt Scanner Triaxial Induction Service Identifies Drilling-Induced Fractures, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio de Inducción Triaxial Rt Scanner Identifica Fracturas Inducidas por la Perforación en la Región de Aguas Profundas del Golfo de México
Case Study: Rt Scanner Service’s Dip Information Used To Follow Turbidite Sand Channels
Case Study: Saturn 3D Radial Probe Delineates Low-Mobility Oil Zone in Carbonates
Caso de Estudio: La Probeta Radial 3D Saturn Delinea una Zona de Petróleo de Baja Movilidad en un Yacimiento Carbonatado
Case Study: Successful Permeability Measurement and Fluid Sampling in
0.1-mD/cP Mobility, Deepwater Angola

Case Study: Saturn 3D Probe Confirms Mobile Oil in Low-Permeability Sakhalin Reservoir at 85% Water Saturation
Case Study: Pressure Measurements and Fluid Sampling Find Low-Permeability Laminated Pay, Offshore Australia
Case Study: Pressure Measurement, Downhole Fluid Analysis, and Sampling in Extremely Tight Deepwater Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: Mediciones de Presión, Análisis de Fluidos de Fondo de Pozo y Muestreo en un Yacimiento de Aguas Profundas Extremadamente Compacto
Case Study: High-Quality Pressure Data, Sample Collection, and Formation Testing in Wide Permeability Range
Case Study: Saturn Probe Delineates Contact in 12 1/4-in Wellbore in Low-Permeability Presalt Carbonate
Caso de Estudio: La Probeta Saturn Delinea un Contacto en un Pozo de 12¼ Pulgadas de Diámetro en un Yacimiento Carbonatado Presalino de Baja Permeabilidad
Case Study: Efficient Saturn 3D Radial Probe Fluid Acquisition in Low-Permeability Dolomite
Case Study: Saturn 3D Radial Probe Samples Fluids from Tight Formations, Gulf of Thailand
Case Study: Downhole Fluid Analysis and Sampling in <1 h from Low-Resistivity, Tight Acacus Sand
Case Study: Saturn 3D Radial Probe Retrieves Uncontaminated 7.5-API Oil from Friable Sandstone
Caso de Estudio: La Probeta Radial 3D Saturn Recupera Petróleo No Contaminado de 7,5º API de Una Arenisca Friable
Case Study: Map Turbidite Sand with High-Resolution BARS Imaging
Caso de Estudio: Mapeo de una Turbidita con Imágenes de Alta Resolución BARS
Case Study: 630-bbl/d Oil After Fracture Evaluation of Eagle Ford Carbonate Section
Caso de Estudio: 630 bbl/d de Petróleo Después de Evaluar las Fracturas de Una Sección Carbonatada de la Formación Eagle Ford
Case Study: Perforating Design Using Sonic Scanner Platform’s Acoustic Data Reduces Skin by >60%, Colombia
Caso de Estudio: El Diseño de un Programa de Operaciones de Disparos que Utiliza los Datos Acústicos de la Plataforma Sonic Scanner Reduce el Factor de Daño en Más de un 60% en Colombia
Case Study: Identifying Bypassed Producible Gas in a Complex Completion: Dual 3 1/2-in Tubing in 8 1/2-in Wellbore
Case Study: Complete Cased Hole Unconventional Formation Evaluation in Niobrara Shale Wells in One Run
Case Study: Pulsar Multifunction Spectroscopy Logging Differentiates Gas and Tight Zones in Cased Well
Case Study: Accurate Wellsite Evaluation of Total Organic Carbon in Oil-Base Mud by Litho Scanner Service
Case Study: Replacing an Entire Openhole Logging Program for Shale Gas Reservoir with One Cased Hole Tool
Case Study: Slim Cased Hole Lithology and Anisotropic Mechanical Properties with One Toolstring, West Texas
Case Study: Statoil Evaluates Cement Placement and Bond in Casing Diameters from 13 3/8 to 20 in
Case Study: SureLOC 12000 Release Reduces Fishing Frequency in HPHT Reservoirs, Gulf of Thailand
Caso de Estudio: El Dispositivo de Liberación SureLOC 12000 Reduce la Frecuencia de las Operaciones de Pesca en los Yacimientos HPHT del Golfo de Tailandia
Case Study: Engineered Completions Improve Eagle Ford Perforation Efficiency 28%
Caso de Estudio: Las Terminaciones Diseñadas Técnicamente Mejoran un 28% la Eficiencia de Disparo en Eagle Ford
Case Study: TuffLINE 18000 Cable Deployment at >10,000-lbf Tension Saves USD 5 Million of Deepwater Rig Time
Caso de Estudio: El Despliegue del Cable TuffLINE 18000 con una Tensión Mayor a 10 000 lbf Genera un Ahorro de USD 5 millones en Tiempo de Equipo de Perforación en Aguas Profundas
Case Study: Geomechanics Assessment of Stability Eliminates Second Casing String to Save USD 200,000
Case Study: 85,987-m Tractor Conveyance Record in Extended-Reach Well
Case Study: Efficient One-Run Perforating on TuffTRAC Tractor from Space-Constrained North Sea Platform
Case Study: TuffTRAC Tractor Reverse Tractors 3,850 ft To Retrieve Perforating String, North Sea
Case Study: TuffTRAC Tractor Conveys ReSOLVE Service’s Setting Tool Across Tubing Gap to Install Plug, Myanmar
Case Study: Perforating Heavy-Wall Pipe in a Horizontal Well, Offshore Norway
Case Study: Logging on UltraTRAC All-Terrain Tractor Saves 1 Day of Rig Time, Onshore UK
Case Study: FMI Microimager Identifies Fracture Attributes and Distribution to Target Lateral Sweet Spots
Case Study: ReSOLVE Service on UltraTRAC Tractor Recovers 71-ft Gun String and Partially Set Plug from 19,328 ft
Case Study: UltraTRAC Tractor Conveys FMI Imager in One-Third of the Time Required for Drillpipe Logging
Case Study: ThruBit Services and UltraTRAC Tractor-Conveyed Imaging Save 24 h and USD 40,000 per Well
Case Study: Illuminating Faults Below Overburden Salt in a Complex German Field
Caso de Estudio: Iluminación de las fallas por debajo de los estratos de sobrecarga salina en un campo complejo de Alemania
Case Study: MaxTRAC Tractor Conveyance of VSP in Highly Deviated Cased Hole Saves USD 650,000
Caso de Estudio: Un levantamiento VSP con el tractor MaxTRAC en un pozo entubado altamente desviado ahorra USD 650 000
Case Study: HPHT Borehole Seismic Survey Below Chalk Greatly Improves Reservoir Imaging
Caso de Estudio: Levantamiento Sísmico de Pozo HPHT por Debajo de la Creta
Case Study: WellSKATE Conveyance Accessories Decrease Probe Seal Failures by 90%, West Africa
Case Study: Anisotropic Stress Modeling Reliably Determines Mud Weight to Improve Stability and Reduce Risk
Case Study: MaxPull System Pulls >29,300 lbf to Free Stuck Tester, Saving USD 3,050,000
Case Study: Saturn 9-in Probe Samples Near-Saturation Hydrocarbon in an Unconsolidated Laminated GOM Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: La Probeta Saturn de 9 Pulgadas Muestrea Hidrocarburos Casi Saturados en un Yacimiento Laminado no Consolidado del Golfo de México
Case Study: One-Run In Situ Stress Testing by Microfracturing Guides Hydraulic Fracturing, Antelope Shale
Case Study: Saturn Radial Probe Collects Fluid and Measures Pressure at 0.05-mD/cP Mobility in 6-in Caspian Sea Well
Case Study: Walkabove VSP Recorded by Using UltraTRAC Tractor Conveyance in Well Deviated 86°, Deepwater Angola
Case Study: XL-Rock Service Retrieves Large-Volume Sidewall Cores for Tight Rock Analysis of Pennsylvania Shale
Caso de Estudio: Testigos Laterales Rotativos de Gran Volumen XL-Rock para el Análisis de Rocas Compactas de una Lutita de Pensilvania
Case Study: Statoil Saves 1.5 Days of Rig Time and USD 200,000 on North Sea Slot Recovery
Case Study: i-MILL TT Mill Powered by Neyrfor TTT Turbodrill Removes 5,707 ft of Cement in One Run in HT Well
Case Study: Intervention Mill and Thru-Tubing Turbodrill Deployed to Restore Interval Access in Pakistan
Case Study: Drilling System Delivers One-Trip Openhole Sidetrack and 75° Curve in Oklahoma’s Colony Wash Formation
Caso de Estudio: Un Sistema de Perforación Posibilita la Desviación de la Trayectoria y la Construcción de una Curva de 75° en un Solo Viaje en la Formación Colony Wash de Oklahoma
Case Study: Unique Single-Trip Cut, Circulate, and Pull Service Saves Two Trips on Deepwater GOM Slot Recovery
Case Study: Fishing Operation Enables Operator to Reenter Sidetracked Well in Germany
Case Study: Deepwater Casing Window and 85-ft Rathole Completed in One Trip for 9,551 ft of Tight-Tolerance Liner
Case Study: First 30-in Casing Exit Enables Slot Recovery in Gulf of Suez for Dana Petroleum
Caso de Estudio: La Primera Ventana de Salida Cortada en una Tubería de Revestimiento de 30 Pulgadas Permite Recuperar una Boca de Perforación en el Golfo de Suez para Dana Petroleum
Case Study: TrackMaster CH Saves USD 200,000 With First, Single-Trip Dual-Casing Exit Offshore India
Caso de Estudio: En la Zona Marina de la India, la Cuña TrackMaster CH Ahorró USD 200 000 con la Apertura de la Primera Ventana a través del Revestimiento Dual en un Solo Viaje
Case Study: TrackMaster CH System Performs First Deepwater Low-Side Casing Exit in Mexico
Caso de Estudio: El Sistema TrackMaster CH Fresa la Primera Ventana de Salida en el Lado Bajo de la Tubería de Revestimiento en el Área de Aguas Profundas de México
Case Study: Cased Hole Whipstock System Performs Total’s First Multilateral Casing Exit Offshore Qatar
Case Study: TrackMaster CH System Delivers Casing Window and Rathole in 2 Hours
Case Study: Hydraulic Coupling Locator Tool Saves Rig Time in Gulf of Mexico Sidetracking Operation
Caso de Estudio: Un Localizador de Acoplamientos Hidráulico Ahorra Tiempo de Taladro en la Desviación de la Trayectoria de un Pozo del Golfo de México
Case Study: TrackMaster OH Whipstock System Sets New GOM Openhole Sidetrack Record at 31,513 ft
Caso de Estudio: La Nueva Cuña Desviadora TrackMaster OH Establece un Nuevo Récord de Profundidad, 9 605 m, para Desviar un Agujero Descubierto en el Golfo de México
Case Study: Deepest Openhole Sidetrack Performed in the Gulf of Mexico at 30,842 ft for McMoRan Exploration
Caso de Estudio: Pozo de Re-entrada Más Profundo del Golfo de México Terminado en Agujero Descubierto a Una Profundidad de 9 400 m para McMoRan Exploration
Case Study: First Openhole Sidetrack with Low-Side Exit through Existing Window Onshore Mexico
Case Study: TrackMaster OH System Completes World’s First 17 1/2-in Openhole Sidetrack
Caso de Estudio: El Sistema TrackMaster OH Ejecuta la Primera Desviación del Mundo en un Agujero Descubierto de 17 1/2 Pulgadas
Case Study: Successful Sidetrack on First Attempt with Additional 500 ft of Original Borehole Saved
Case Study: Openhole Whipstock with One-Trip Mill Isolates Fish in a Single Trip to Re-Enter and Drill Ahead
Caso de Studio: Una Cuña Desviadora de Agujero Descubierto con una Fresa de un Viaje Aísla una Pieza de Pesca en un Solo Viaje para Reingresar y Continuar con la Perforación
Case Study: Openhole Sidetracking
with Whipstock Saves 1.5 Days in Unconventional Play

Caso de Estudio: La Desviación de la Trayectoria en Agujero Descubierto con Cuña Desviadora Genera un Ahorro de 1,5 Días en una Extensión Productiva no Convencional
Case Study: Significant Rig Time Saved for Openhole Sidetracking with Lower Zone Isolation
Case Study: Modular Whipstock Sidetracking System Saves 5 Rig Days on North Sea Slot Recovery Operation
Case Study: TrackMaster Select System Achieves World’s First Single-Run Triple-String Casing Exit
Case Study: TrackMaster TT Thru-Tubing Casing Exits in the North Sea Deliver Low DLS Windows
Case Study: First North Sea One-Trip, Dual-String Exit for Thru-Tubing Sidetrack
Case Study: TrackMaster TT Mills Tubing Exit Offshore Norway Protecting Original Wellbore’s Production Capability
Case Study: KOC Achieves High-Quality Window Through Dual Casing in Complex Sidetracking Job
Case Study: Modular Whipstock Sidetracking System Reduces Well Costs 10%, Oklahoma

Case Study: CLEAR Service Identifies and Mitigates Wellbore Instability
Case Study: Operator Saves 16 Rig Hours and USD 194,000 Using CLEAR Service
Case Study: Integrated Drilling Approach Achieves Single-Run Lateral to Save 2.5 Days and USD 148,000 off AFE
Case Study: Early Identification of Variable Fluid Compositions in Complex, Multilayered Gas Condensate Field
Case Study: FLAIR Fluid Facies Analysis Enhances Geosteering in Horizontal Well
Case Study: FLAIR Service Enables Reduced Development Costs and Increased Production in Highly Depleted Reservoir
Case Study: Integration of FLAIR Service Enables Cost-Effective Reservoir Characterization
Case Study: FLAIR Service Identifies Hydrocarbon Zones for Successful Downhole Fluid Sampling in Tight Reservoir
Case Study: Marcellus Shale Operator Receives At-Surface Formation Evaluation in Near-Real Time
Case Study: GeoFlex Service Identifies Subtle Mineralogical Differences in Clay-Rich Legacy Cuttings for Maersk
Case Study: Lundin Confirms Formation Tops While Drilling with At-Surface Formation Evaluation Offshore Norway
Case Study: Remote Monitoring Enables Critical Drilling Surveillance on Platform with Limited Space
Case Study: SENSU System Logs more than 3,000 Hours of High-Frequency Data on Multirig Operation, Oman
Case Study: MPSV Improves Postdrilling Well Services for ADMA-OPCO
Case Study: Floating Dewatering Facility in the Campos Basin Completed Under Budget for Petrobras
Case Study: Field Studies Guide PEMEX Burgos Basin Natural Gas Drilling Project
Case Study: One Stop Shop: Service Integration Facilitates Multiple Discoveries
Caso de Estudio: Una Sola Compra—La Integración de Servicios Facilita Múltiples Descubrimientos
Case Study: Long-Term Field Development Plan Increases Production 320%
Case Study: Geoengineered, Integrated Well Program Improves Oil Production by 80%–86%
Case Study: Fully Integrated Algerian Exploration Wells Project
Case Study: IPM and Romgaz Optimize Redevelopment for Laslau Mare Mature Gas Field
Case Study: Libyan Desert
Case Study: Drilling and Workover Efficiency Save USD 26 Million for PDVSA
Case Study: Heavy Oil Drilling Solution Highlights Potential in Eastern Europe
Case Study: Schlumberger Integrated Services Manages Wildcat Well Project for Tullow
Caso de Estudio: El Segmento Integrated Services de Schlumberger Maneja un Proyecto de Pozo de Exploración para Tullow
Case Study: Increased Production and Lowered Lifting Costs in Mature Waddell Ranch Fields
Case Study: 518 HV CENTRIFUGE Replaces the Operation of Two Standard 518 CENTRIFUGES
Case Study: ACTIMUL RD Validated as Highly Effective Cold-Weather Emulsifier
Case Study: Offshore Brazil: Compact AUTOMATIC TANK CLEANING LITE System Improves QHSE, Reduces Waste Volumes, Water Consumption and Tank Cleaning Time
Performance Report: AUTOMATIC TANK CLEANING Solves QHSE Concerns and Waste Disposal Concerns in Malaysia
Performance Report: Use of ATC Unit Enables Cleaning to Brine Spec within Short Weather Window in North Sea
Performance Report: ATC Unit Credited with Reducing Volume of Slops and Pit Cleaning Time on North Sea Rig
Performance Report: Tests Validate Pint-Sized CD-250 Centrifuge as High-Performance, Low-Cost Solution for HDD Applications
Case Study: CLEAN SPOT Spotting Fluid Releases Stuck Casing, Avoids Sidetrack
Performance Report: BREAKDOWN with D-SOLVER D Promote Injectivity
Performance Report: BREAKDOWN/D-STROYER Combo Slashes Skin Values, Optimizes Production Rate
Performance Report: BREAKDOWN HD and D-STROYER Combined to Remove the Filter Cake, and Save Rig Time
Case Study: Synergistic Approach, New BREAKDOWN HD Credited With Flawless Filter Cake Removal
Performance Report: Trinidad: MUDSOLV NG Successfully Used as an Open Hole Gravel Pack Carrier Fluid in a Gas Producer
Performance Report: BREAKDOWN Breaker Enhances Production on Southern North Sea Gas Well
Performance Report: BREAKDOWN Raises the Bar in UK Water Injection Project
Performance Report: C-Seal Additive Reduces Non-Productive Time and Drilling Costs in Algeria
Performance Report: Combination of CLEANPERF WB System Proves Effective in South America
Performance Report: CLEANPERF WB System Helps Boost Production Two-Fold in Libya
Performance Report: De-Emulsifier/Emulsion Preventer Permits Successful Completion of Deepwater Wells
Performance Report: DEEPCLEAN Additive Effectively Cleans Deepwater Well Shut-in for 10 Years
Performance Report: DEEPCLEAN Delivers New Solution for Displacements in Malaysia
Performance Report: DEEPCLEAN Spacer Cuts Circulation Time, Costs of Deepwater Displacement
Case Study: DEEPCLEAN Double-Emulsion Clean-Up Pill Proves its Worth in Difficult Displacement
Performance Report: Critical Deepwater Frac-Pack Recovery and Successful Workover Attributed to DIPRO System
Performance Report: DIPRO RDF Applied Successfully to Complete Problematic Well in Gulf of Mexico
Performance Report: Integrated Wellbore Cleanup Enhances Productivity in California
Performance Report: Brazil: First application of the BREAKDOWN system utilizing D-SOLVER EXTRA chelant
Case Study: VERSA-OUT Breaker Delivers Production Rate Beyond Customer’s Best Expectation
Case Study: VERSAPAC Pill Helps Control Lost Circulation While Drilling a Highly Deviated North Sea Well
Case Study: CLEAN-LUBE Lubricant Decreases Torque by 30% in Extended-Reach Offshore Well
Case Study: Reservoir Drill-In and Filtercake Breaker Systems Deliver Trouble-Free Completion, Cornegliano Field
Case Study: FAZEBREAK System Removes Solids Without Losses in Openhole Completion Offshore West Africa
Case Study: MUDSOLV NG Service Dissolves Filtercake to Avoid Coiled Tubing Acid Intervention, UAE
Case Study: Operator Drills Highly Deviated Well to Record Depth with Integrated RDF System, North Slope
Case Study: Operator Achieves 100% Gravel-Pack Completion Efficiency and Improves Productivity Index by 30%
Case Study: PRIMO-SWELL System Enables Advanced Multizone OptiPac Screen Job in Sensitive Reservoir, Colombia
Case Study: VERSAPRO System Maintains Clean, Uniform Filtercake and Minimizes Formation Damage Offshore Gabon
Performance Report: Pakistan: Conqor 404 Prevents Severe Drill Pipe Corrosion in Deep Well
Case Study: CRI Technology Helps Meet Zero Discharge Policy and High Environmental Standards
Performance Report: DURAFLO D500-C Flat-Panel Replacement Screen Shows Superior Life and Performance Efficiency vs. Competitor’s OEM Screens in South Texas
Performance Report: DURAFLO D500-C Flat-Panel Replacement Screen Reduces Screen Replacements 60% vs. Competitor’s OEM in Southwest Oklahoma
Performance Report: Whole Mud System Dewatered with 20 Hours Less Processing Time in Colorado Field Trial
Case Study: DEWATERING Unit Used as the First Part of the Waste Minimization Initiative in Russia
Case Study: POLY-PLUS Liquid Additive Withstands Stress, Cuts Costs in Iron Ore Drilling Program
Case Study: RheGuard System with MicroBar Additive Exceeds KPIs, Enables Drilling to TD Through Narrow Hydraulic Window
Case Study: RheGuard Fluid System Improves ROP in 2,472-m, High-Angle Interval Offshore Norway
Performance Report: Angola: DURAFLO Screens Prove Worth as Viable Replacements for Axiom Screens
Case Study: DURAFLO Screens Help Shed the Pounds Off of the Competitor Shaker
Performance Report: PARATHERM With ECOTROL HT Come Through in Challenging HTHP Well
Case Study: Pennsylvania: Drilling Fluid Costs Dramatically Reduced in Saturated Salt Systems
Performance Report: Hungary: ENVIROTHERM NT Pushes HTHP Limits to New Level
Performance Report: FAZEPRO RDF Turns Problematic Offshore Wells into Producers without Screen Failure
Performance Report: Equatorial Guinea: FAZEPRO Joins WARP for Successful Expandable Screen Completions
Performance Report: West Kuwait: FAZEPRO and FAZEBREAK Systems Increased Well Productivity
Performance Report: Gulf of Mexico: Filtration Maintains Pace With Challenging Deepwater Displacement
Performance Report: FLOPRO NT System Combats Abnormally Low Formation Pressure, High Permeability Conditions
Performance Report: Romania: FloThru Cures Total Losses, Enables Instant Gas Production on Workover
Performance Report: The FLOTHRU Reservoir Drill-In System Shows Excellent Results When Drilling Sidetracks in West Siberia, Russia
Performance Report: FLOTHRU System Provides Safer, More Economical Completions in Western Canada
Performance Report: ENVIROUNIT Gives Offshore Operator Major Reductions in Onshore Disposal of Slop Water
Case Study: Premier Oil Reduces Total Pit-Cleaning Time by 90%, Slop Waste Generation by 56% Offshore UK
Case Study: Proactive Injection Monitoring Mitigates Risks for CRI Project
Case Study: ENVIROUNIT System Saves Total E&P USD 6 Million in Slop Water Processing Offshore Republic of Congo
Case Study: ENVIROUNIT System Helps Save USD 9.8 Million on 16-Well Operation Offshore Mozambique and Tanzania
Case Study: ENVIROUNIT Offshore Water Treatment System Saves More Than USD 1 Million in First 5 Months of Operation
Case Study: FORM-A-BLOK Successfully Isolates Perforations to Reduce Losses, NPT
Case Study: FORM-A-BLOK Stops Losses, Clears Way for Trouble Free Casing Installation
Case Study: FORM-A-SQUEEZE cures on bottom losses in the Shauiba Formation
Case Study: FORM-A-SQUEEZE and FORM-A-SET AK Tandem Step in to Reduce Severe Losses
Case Study: FORM-A-SQUEEZE Seals Problematic Shoe
Case Study: Enhanced Lost Circulation Solutions Provide Well Integrity and Eliminate Losses for Well Control
Case Study: FORM-A-BLOK AS Pill Completely Stops Dynamic Fluid Losses, Mumbai High
Performance Report: G-SEAL-Treated Fluid Reduces Torque Values
Performance Report: G-SEAL PLUS Formation Sealing Stops Severe Losses While Drilling in Holland
Performance Report: GLYDRIL-IDCAP D System Successfully Drills Reservoir, Offshore Vietnam
Performance Report: HDD Mud System Paves Way for World Blind Shaft Drilling Record (Illinois)
Performance Report: HDD, Mining & Waterwell Products Used to Drill Vertical Hole in Australian Subsidence Zone
Performance Report: HDD, Mining & Waterwell Generates Substantial Savings, Problem-Free Drilling in Florida
Performance Report: I-BOSS Technique using Continuous Application of Bridging Particles Aids Drilling, Reduces Costs
Performance Report: I-BOSS Helps Client Drill through Depleted Zones with Overbalances Up to 3,500 psi
Performance Report: IFE Service was a Natural Fit for International Project in Bohai Bay
Performance Report: IFE Drastically Reduces Drilling Time and Costs in Colombia
Performance Report: IFE Cuts Drilling Costs on Critical HTHP Well in the Norwegian North Sea
Performance Report: CLEANCUT ISO-PUMP Units Save Valuable Rig Downtime By Doubling as Temporary Mud Storage
Performance Report: IWA Completes Multi-Phase Workover Off Germany
Caso de Estudio: IWA Logra Terminar Reparación Multifásica en las Afueras de Alemania
Performance Report: KLA-SHIELD System Exhibits Excellent Performance in Alaskan Shale and Clay Formations
Performance Report: KLA-SHIELD System Performs Exceptionally in Elk Hills Bakersfield, CA
Case Study: KLA-SHIELD System Provides Impressive Inhibition Performance Through Deepwater Clay Formations
Performance Report: KLA-SHIELD Performs Well in Difficult Wells in Ecuador
Caso de Estudio: KLA-SHIELD Muestra Buen Desempeño en Pozos Difíciles de Ecuador
Performance Report: Indonesia: KLA-SHIELD System Performs Similarly to an Invert Emulsion Mud Offshore East Kalimantan
Performance Report: KLA-SHIELD System Enhanced with New Sealant Successfully Debuts in Saudi Arabia, Drilling Problem Shales
Performance Report: Saudi Arabia: KLA-SHIELD/POROSEAL Tandem Records Zero NPT in Troublesome Well, Exceeds Operator Objectives
Performance Report: Bolivia: KLA-SHIELD Inhibitive System Enhances Execution of a Well in Villamontes Area
Caso de Estudio: Sistema Inhibidor Kla-Shield Mejora Ejecución de un Pozo en la Región de Villamontes de Bolivia
Performance Report: KLA-STOP System Successfully Introduced in Colombia
Performance Report: KLA-STOP Organic Inhibitor Passes Field Tests in West Siberia
Performance Report: China Well Exceeds Production Rates with LUBE-167
Performance Report: Fast Torque Reduction on Highly Deviated Hole with Horizontal Drain Achieved in Yemen
Case Study: Norway: Cable Clamp Fishing With A 9 5/8” MAGNOSHOE Tool Makes Life Easier
Performance Report: Alaska: The MAGNOSTAR Magnet Tool Demonstrates Its Effectiveness in Removing Milled Solids from the Wellbore, Prior to Sidetracking Operations
Performance Report: High-Capacity MAGNOSTAR Magnet Released into Brazil Market with Immediate Customer Satisfaction
Caso de Estudio: Satisfacción Inmediata con Imán Magnostar de Alta Capacidad Tras su Lanzamiento al Mercado Brasileño
Performance Report: MAGNOSTAR Outshines Conventional Magnet Technology for Metal Debris Recovery
Performance Report: France: After Sterling Debut MAGNOSTAR Clean-up Combo Has Bright Future
Performance Report: A Star Is Born!
Performance Report: MAGNOSTAR Magnets Run in Conjunction with TCP Guns
Performance Report: North Sea Milling/Sidetrack Debris Management: MAGNOSTAR Tools Extract 1200 lb of Debris
Performance Report: MAGNOSTAR, WELL COMMANDER Clean Up in Milling Operation
Performance Report: High-Capacity MAGNOSTAR Clean-UpTool Continues to Shine in Brazil
Performance Report: Egypt: MAGNOSTAR Tools Clear Way for Completion in Offshore Milling Operation
Case Study: MD-2 Dual Deck Shaker Cuts Costs, Reduces NPT and Provides Superior Performance Over Competing Shaker in Western Canada
Case Study: Compact MD-2 Shaker Outperforms Competition in Eagle Ford Shale Test for Cheyenne Petroleum
Performance Report: South Texas: Single MD-2 Effectively Takes Over for Dual Shakers
Performance Report: Brazil: One MD-3 Shaker Outshines 3 in Successful South America Debut
Case Study: Mexico: MD-3 Shaker Technology Helps Reduce Drilling Fluid Losses by Over 75% While Drilling and Nearly 98% While Running Casing Through Wellbore Strengthening Material Recovery Process
Performance Report: MD-3 Triple-Deck Shaker Completes Field Trial in Holland
Performance Report: Efficient Recovery of Loss Prevention Materials by MD-3 Shaker Results in Reduced Treatment Cost
Performance Report: Norway: MD-3 Shakers Enable LCM Recovery to Maintain High Concentrations While Drilling With Solids Control
Performance Report: Oman: Middle East Meets MD-3 Shale Shaker and Puts on an Impressive Performance
Performance Report: MD-3 Shaker Exhibits Superior Performance in South Louisiana
Performance Report: Peru: Mechanical Casing Cleaning Clears Way for Completion and Production
Performance Report: MEERKAT Shaker Demonstrates Effective Solids Removal in California
Case Study: Argentina: MEGADRIL Allows The Operator to Drill Successfully With High MW and Lower Oil-Water Ratio
Performance Report: MEGADRIL Meeting All Objectives in 175-Well Offshore Drilling Campaign
Performance Report: MEGADRIL Drills the Longest Extended-Reach Well in North America
Performance Report: Success of North Sea Well Attributed to Reduced Equivalent Circulating Density with no Barite Sag
Performance Report: Weighting Material Meets Low-Rheology Requirement in North Sea Reservoir
Case Study: Western Canada: Shaker Technology Reduces Airborne Exposure to OBM Contaminants
Case Study: MONGOOSE PRO Dynamic Dual-Motion Shale Shakers Reduce Screen Consumption and Cost by 70%
Performance Report: MONGOOSE PRO Outshines Predecessor Shaker in Direct Field Comparison
Performance Report: Exemplary Performance and Reliability of Shaker Screens Lowers Project Cost in Russia
Case Study: 3-Phase Separator Shines in HPHT Sour Gas Application
Performance Report: 14-Plug Drill-out Validates Ability of 15K AutoChoke to Respond to Pressure, Flow Rate Changes: Texas
Performance Report: The CARBONTRACKER Gas Metering System—A New Way for Real Time Reservoir Characterization While Drilling Underbalanced
Case Study: Precise Bottomhole Pressure Maintained with Automated Mud Rollover
Case Study: Lab Tests Verify LPAC as Viable Choke System for MPD/UBD
Performance Report: LSU Yard Tests Verify Third-Party Communication Capability of LPAC
Performance Report: Texas: LPAC Saves $1 Million in UBD Application
Case Study: Proactive Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) by @balance Services Minimizes Fluid Losses and Avoids Deferred Production in Active Water-flooded Field in Colombia
Case Study: Operator Extends Development of Mature Deepwater GOM Field and Reduces Drilling Cost
Case Study: Automated MPD System: Operator Avoids Hazards While Drilling Narrow Pressure Window in Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: Halcón Resources Drills
20,645-ft Horizontal Well at Record Speed in Bakken Shale

Performance Report: Deepest MPD HPHT Well Drilled in Offshore Malaysia
Performance Report: Solving Cyclical Fatigue Forces Across a Weak Formation in an ERD Well Offshore Malaysia Peninsula
Performance Report: Offshore Malaysia: Total Losses in Subnormal Pressured Wells – Mud Cap Drilling (MCD) with Continuous Annular Injection
Case Study: Operator Eliminates Losses while Drilling with Casing and Cementing in Depleted Onshore Field
Case Study: Operator Eliminates Trouble Time and Increases Drill Rate with MPD in DW Field
Case Study: Operator Increases Drilling Rate and Efficiency In Horizontal Development Project in Gulf of Thailand
Performance Report: Overcoming a Challenging Narrow Operating Window and Successful Implementation of Automated Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) & Managed Pressure Cementing (MPC) Offshore Malaysia
Case Study: Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Real-Time Produced Gas Measurement Using CARBONTRACKER Gas Meter
Case Study: Managed Pressure Drilling Service Cuts Drilling Costs 50% in Challenging Ultrahigh-Temperature Wells
Case Study: Managed Pressure Drilling Techniques and VIRTUAL HYDRAULICS Modeling are Utilized to Control Abnormal Pressures While Drilling Fractured Production Zone
Case Study: Managed-Pressure Drilling Eliminates Circulation Loss and Achieves Zero NPT in Wilrich Formation
Case Study: Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) System by @balance Services Enables Completion of Well with Narrow Operating Window in Woodford Shale, Oklahoma
Case Study: Repsol Ensures Well Integrity with Managed Pressure Cementing in Naturally Fractured Formation
Case Study: @balance Xpress Services Streamline MPD Equipment Installation for Substantial Time and Cost Savings
Case Study: @balance Family of Services Automates Drilling Control, Saves 10 Rig Days and USD 20 Million
Case Study: Operator Drills UltraHPHT Well to TD Without Incident and with Reduced NPT, North Sea
Case Study: MPD Reduces Drilling NPT, Increases Wellbore Stability in Large-Hole Sections of Slanted Well, Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: Managed Pressure Drilling Reduces Mud Losses 83%, Increases Production 60% in Carbonate Formation
Case Study: Repsol Minimizes Drilling-Related Problems and Improves Efficiency by Applying Automated MPD
Case Study: Repsol Maintains Well Integrity Using Managed Pressure Cementing Technique to Cement Casing
Performance Report: Norway: One-Trol HT Delivers Excellent Fluid Loss Control in Challenging Deepwater Well
Performance Report: Western Siberia: OPTIBRIDGE Reduces Kill Mud Losses in Subsurface Oilfield Workover
Performance Report: OPTITRAK 600 Tracer Delivers Accurate, Real-Time Downhole Water Sampling
Performance Report: Bakken Shale: OPTM-IZER Closed Loop Approach Delivers in Zero Discharge Operation
Performance Report: OPTM-IZER Performance and Reliability Reduces Days on Well
Performance Report: Stuck Pipe Spotting Fluid for Invert Emulsion Fluids PIPE-LAX OB Field Trial
Caso de Estudio: Fluido de Emplazamiento Pipe-Lax OB para Pegadura de Tubería con Fluidos de Emulsión Inversa en Prueba de Campo
Case Study: POLYSWELL Saves Multiple Cement Jobs in the Dammam Formation
Case Study: Continuous Monitoring Software Optimizes Hole Cleaning in 7,926-ft Lateral Offshore Malaysia
Case Study: Norway: Innovative Software Suite Helps Talisman Successfully Monitor ECD in Depleted Sand
Performance Report: PRESSPRO RT Software Secures Success of HTHP Well in the North Sea
Performance Report: North Sea: Basol 2000 BDN, An Environmentally Acceptable Alternative
Case Study: BaSOL 2000 HP Scale Dissolver Increases Oil Production 733%
Performance Report: BRISTLE BACK REDRESSABLE Tool Design Cuts Inventory, Reduces Costs
Performance Report: DS-1607 Prevents Wax Deposition in Deep Water Oil Flow Lines
Performance Report: Downhole Application of EPT-2402 Corrosion Inhibitor in an Onshore Oilfield
Performance Report: Frac Water Reclamation System Solves Operator’s On-Going Disposal Issues
Performance Report: GT-7569 Hydrate Inhibitor Reduces Operational Costs by 50% and Eliminates Methanol Contamination in Amine System
Case Study: GT-7569 Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Saves Operator Over 50% in Operational and Chemical Costs, Canada
Case Study: HR-2635 Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger Reduces HSE Risk and Operating Costs in Eagle Ford Shale
Performance Report: Application of KI-3023 to Mitigate Corrosion in a Sour Onshore Oil Field
Performance Report: Application of KI-3063 to Mitigate Corrosion in a Multiphase Offshore Gas Field in Southeast Asia
Performance Report: Application of KI-3085 to Mitigate Corrosion in an Onshore Oil Field
Performance Report: Application of KI-3108 to Mitigate Corrosion an Onshore Oil Field
Performance Report: Application of KI-3842 to Mitigate Corrosion in an Oil Producing Field in Western Kazakhstan
Case Study: KI-3108 Corrosion Inhibitor Mitigates Sour Corrosion in Onshore Gas Condensate Field, Western Canada
Performance Report: Downhole Batch Application of PI-7306 Solvent
Case Study: PI-7475 Inhibitor Reduces Wax Deposition and Pigging Risks in Eagle Ford Shale Tubing and Flowlines
Case Study: PI-7478 Wax Dispersant Mitigates High-Molecular-Weight Paraffin Buildup in Eagle Ford Shale
Case Study: PI-7595 Inhibitor Removes Asphaltene Deposits from Subsea Fields in the North Sea
Case Study: Eagle Ford Shale: New Product PI-7673 Wax Inhibitor Reduces Wax Buildup in Transmission Lines
Case Study: BaSOL 2000 HP Scale Dissolver Delivers In Situ Decontamination of Radioactive ESPs Onshore Kuwait
Case Study: Kl-3866 Inhibitor Reduces Costs, Controls Corrosion in 15-Year-Old High-Pressure Sour Pipelines
Case Study: Systematic Application of KI-3878 Corrosion Inhibitor Mitigates Corrosion in Flowline and Production String
Case Study: KI-3878 Corrosion Inhibitor Use Expanded to Encompass Fieldwide Operations
Case Study: PI-7302 Paraffin Dissolver Continuously Mitigates Paraffin Buildup in Flowlines and FWKO Interface
Case Study: Innovative Dispersing Agent Mitigates Wax Buildup in Platform Heat Exchanger, Condensate Export Line
Performance Report: Saudi Arabia: FORMIX RDF Extended to 340° F With PTS 200 to Successfully Drill HT Wells
Case Study: Heavy Duty RAZOR BACK Tool Cuts Scraper Trip, Saves $200,000
Performance Report: RHADIANT Drilling Fluid Exceeds Expectations in Gulf of Thailand High-Temperature Well
Performance Report: Thailand: RHADIANT Fluid Helped an Operator to Reach Production Faster with Problem-Free Drilling and Logging Operation on Ultra High-Temperature Well
Performance Report: Thailand: RHADIANT Fluid System Provides Stable Properties in Ultra-HPHT Environment
Case Study: Fit-for-Purpose RISER CLEANING TOOL Saves Rig Time in Challenging Completion
Case Study: SAFE-LUBE Lubricant Helps Drill Record Daily Footage
Case Study: SAFE-LUBE Lubricant Reduces Torque and Drag in Brines on the North Slope
Performance Report: Saudi Arabia: Safe-Scav HS Greatly Reduces H2S Treatment Costs on Coil Tubing Drilling Project
Case Study: SAFE-SURF Y Surfactant Meets Norwegian Pollution Standards in Field Trial
Case Study: SAFE-VIS E Pill Controls Losses While Producing Through Sand in Venezuela
Case Study: SAFETHERM Application is a Success in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: SAFETHERM is Part of the Strategy to Minimize Production Related Problems in Deepwater Environment
Case Study: Operator Uses SCREEN PULSE Separator, Reduces Average
Per-Foot SBM Costs by 30%

Performance Report: SILDRIL as a Corrosion Inhibitor
Performance Report: SILDRIL – Australia’s First Application
Performance Report: IFE Reduces Waste Volume, Drilling Cost and Improves Drilling Performance
Case Study: DRIL-FREE – Maintains Steady Drilling Torque While Building Angle to 90° With the SILDRIL System
Case Study: SILDRIL Gives Top Performance in High-Angle Well
Performance Report: SILDRIL Gives Top Performance in Nile Delta Well
Performance Report: SILDRIL – Solution to Bit Balling in the GLYDRIL System
Performance Report: Offshore Bombay High Area, India - SILDRIL System
Performance Report: North Sea, Norway - SILDRIL System
Performance Report: Nizhnevartovsk Siberia, Russia - SILDRIL K System
Case Study: SILDRIL Used To Successfully Drill Shallow Gas Section
Case Study: SILDRIL Has Found Its Place in Cuulong Basin, Vietnam
Case Study: DURAFLO Screens Last 3.5x Longer Compared with Conventional Screens Offshore Myanmar
Case Study: HISIDE Blender Unit Helps Operator Get the Surface Casing to Depth in an Uncertain Environment
Performance Report: Haynesville Shale, RHE-USE Saves Operator an Estimated $163,282
Performance Report: Haynesville Shale, RHE-USE Cuts Operator’s Mud-Related Costs More Than $300,000
Performance Report: Haynesville Shale, RHE-USE Plays Substantial Role in Record Well
Performance Report: Louisiana, RHE-USE Nets Operator Estimated Savings of $176,558
Case Study: SCREEN PULSE Separator Reduces Water Content in Cuttings and Drilling Waste, Saves USD 13,500 per Well
Case Study: SCREEN PULSE Separator Saves USD 137,000 in Fluid Recovery and USD 47,000 in Waste Disposal Costs
Performance Report: Arkansas: New CT MAGNOSTAR Magnet Recovers Plug Slips in Milling Operations
Case Study: Torrential Unit Increases Filtration Efficiency by 47% and Extends Online Filtration Time More Than 200%
Case Study: STAR-LUBE Lubricant Slashes Friction for Inner-Casing Tubing Run in Norway
Case Study: New Lubricant STAR-LUBE Cuts Friction Factor 46%, Enables Successful Wireline Intervention Operation
Performance Report: Kazahkstan: SwitchBack Mill Operated ‘On Demand,’ Offering Further Versatility to the Specialized Tools Range
Case Study: First-time Use of HAMMERMILL System Exceeds Operator Needs in Kazakhstan
Case Study: Troublesome Formation Offshore Vietnam is No Match for ULTRADRIL Mud System
Case Study: First Successful Application of HPWBM Seals Problematic Shales
Case Study: Successful Application of ULTRADRIL High Performance Water Based Mud (HPWBM) with POROSEAL mitigates problematic Nahr Umr Shale in 8 ½” interval, Offshore Abu Dhabi
Case Study: ULTRAFREE NS ROP Enhancer Delivers Sustained Improvement in ROP
Case Study: UPtime Service Program Optimizes Solids Control Equipment Performance, Saves USD 88,000
Performance Report: M-I SWACO Replacement Screens for NOV Brandt Venom Screens Outperform Competitor Metal Screens
Case Study: VERSAPAC Pill Controls Lost Circulation and Allows Successful Drilling to TD in North Sea Well
Case Study: VERTI – G configuration slashes costs, losses of VERSACLEAN fluid
Case Study: VSAT Team Gains Screen Sales on California Rig
Case Study: WARP Fluid Technology Shows Value as Alternative to High-Density Brines
Case Study: Norway: 40 lb/bbl LCM Strategy Strengthens the Formation and Prevents Losses of High Technology OB WARP in Loss-Prone Formation
Case Study: WARP Advanced Fluid Technology Meets Critical Requirements Offshore Malaysia
Case Study: WARP Fluids Technology Addresses ERD Challenges Offshore Eastern Canada
Case Study: Waste Injection Completed in Argentina under Challenging Operating Conditions and Onset of Rainy Season
Caso de Estudio: Inyección de Desechos Efectuada en Argentina ante Desafiantes Condiciones Operativas e Inicio de Temporada de Lluvias
Case Study: Integrated Sub-Surface Assurance Technology Applied Successfully in Demanding Caspian Injection Project
Case Study: Efficient Injection Exceeds One Million Barrels of Drilling Waste Offshore Sakhalin Island
Case Study: First Full-Scale, Land-Drilling Waste-Injection Project Successfully Initiated in Western Siberia
Performance Report: Fluid Management Facility and Integrated Approach Gives Operator Major Reduction in Drilling Waste Disposal
Case Study: LWD Radioactive Sources Retrieved Through 5” WELL COMMANDER Prevents Major Complications
Case Study: WELL COMMANDER valve controls mud losses, saves Brazil operator $1 million
Case Study: Well Commander successfully activated with flapper valve to stop losses
Case Study: Well Commander enhances hole cleaning in challenging milling/fishing job
Case Study: WELL COMMANDER Tool Provides Effective LCM Contingency for Coring Operations
Case Study: The WELL COMMANDER Drilling Valve Demonstrates Its Effectiveness in Boosting Annular Velocities to Clean Hole During Long Trips Into the Well
Performance Report: WELL COMMISSIONER Makes Drilling Cement, Shoe Tack on Inflow Test Run Routine in Saudi Arabia
Case Study: Gulf of Mexico: WELL SCAVENGER Vacuum Debris Removal Tool Cleans Up on Shelf Milling Job
Case Study: WELL SCAVENGER effectively collects and recovers sand and perforation debris in multi-zone gravel pack recompletion
Case Study: WELL SCAVENGER Tool Once Again Successfully Removes Debris Above Packer Plugs in Four-Zone Recompletion
Case Study: Successes Continue for WELL SCAVENGER Tool as it Removes Debris Above Packer Plugs on Two More Wells
Performance Report: Pakistan: M-I SWACO XR Mesh Technology Outlasts Competition’s Corrugated Screen Under Heavier Loads
Case Study: XR Screens Outlast and Outperform TBC Screens
Case Study: COMPACT VERTI-G Dryer Enables Compliant Overboard Disposal, Saves Operator USD 127,740
Case Study: Subsurface Assurance FEED Study Validates a Centralized CRI Project
Case Study: DURAFLO Composite Replacement Screen Processes 570% More Mud Compared with Conventional Screen
Case Study: FAZEPRO System Enables Drilling and Completion of Long-Reach Injection Laterals in North Slope, Alaska
Case Study: FAZEPRO System Contributes to Offshore Field’s Highest Injectivity Rate, Lowest Injection Pressure
Case Study: Subsurface Assurance FEED Study Validates a Centralized CRI Project in Oso Field, Ecuador
Caso de Estudio: Un Estudio FEED de Aseguramiento del Subsuelo Convalida un Proyecto de Reinyección de Recortes Centralizado en el Campo Oso de Ecuador
Case Study: FLOTHRU System Saves 3 Days and Reduces Fluid Costs 18% in Operator’s First Horizontal Dry Gas Well
Case Study: South Kuwait Operator Cures Losses and Saves 60 Hours of Rig Time Using FORM-A-BLOK Pill
Case Study: Quick-Acting FORM-A-BLOK Pill Slurry Remedies Severe Lost Circulation in Horizontal Wells
Case Study: G-SEAL PLUS Agent Helps Cut Drilling Fluid Costs and Reduce Hole Cleaning Time Offshore Myanmar
Case Study: Optimized Workflow Reduces Filtrate Volume and Rotational Torque in Reactive Interbedded Formation
Case Study: ROD COAT L 1000 Grease Saves Operator 29% in Drilling, Grease Reapplication Costs, Central Mexico
Caso de Estudio: La Grasa para Varillas de Perforación ROD COAT L 1000 Genera un Ahorro del 29% en Costos Asociados con la Reaplicación de Grasa en la Región Central de México
Case Study: HydraGlyde Fluid System Meets Efficiency and Financial Challenges of Argentina Exploration Well
Case Study: HydraGlyde System Relieves BHA Balling, Torque, and Stick/Slip Issues, Colombia
Case Study: HydraGlyde System Reduces Costs from Mud Losses by USD 300,000 per Pad
Case Study: HydraGlyde System Mitigates Wellbore Stability Issues, Oriente Basin
Case Study: HydraGlyde Drilling Fluid System Improves ROP 16% by Reducing Torque in Challenging Wolfcamp Shale
Case Study: El Sistema de Fluido de Perforación HydraGlyde Mejora la ROP en un 21% y Reduce el Torque en un 22% en la Desafiante Lutita Wolfcamp
Case Study: Continental Resources Cuts Mud Costs 40% While Drilling in Reactive, High-Temperature Formation
Case Study: Operator uses HydraGlyde and MPD Systems to Mitigate Swelling and Lost Circulation, Siberia Ridge
Case Study: Operator Uses HydraGlyde Fluid System to Nearly Triple ROP and Reach TD in Record Time
Case Study: impaCT Service Removes 11.5 bbl of Debris and Eliminates 95% of the Circulating Volume
Case Study: Integrated Debris Removal and Casing Cleaning Tools Recover 70.5 lbm of Debris and Eliminate Additional NPT
Case Study: Operator Saves 1.6 Days, Mitigates Sticking with Enhanced Polymer Drilling Fluid Offshore Vietnam
Case Study: Nexen Uses MAGNOGARD and MAGNOSTAR Magnets in North Sea Field, Recovers 44 kg of Debris
Case Study: MD-2 Shale Shakers Achieve Average MOC of 34% by Volume, 12.5% by Weight, Abu Dhabi
Case Study: MD-3 Shale Shakers Save Nabors 7 Days, USD 1,680,000 on Remote North Slope Rig
Case Study: Cuttings Reinjection Using Enhanced Pretreatment Saves USD 6.5 Million in Waste Management Costs
Case Study: MUDGARD Workstring Filter Mitigates BHA Failure in Seven-Well Field Trial, Offshore Argentina
Case Study: ONE-TROL Additive Saves 17.5 Hours of Rig Time in HPHT Logging Operation, Gulf of Thailand
Case Study: OR-13 Oxygen Scavenger Mitigates Severe Corrosion Risk in Seawater Injection System Offshore Denmark
Case Study: M-I SWACO Technologies Free Stuck Drillstring from Swelling Formation in Stock Water Well Project
Case Study: RHE-USE System Economically Reduces Ultrafine, Colloidal LGS Content from Oil-Base Drilling Fluids
Case Study: Haynesville Operator Reduces Low-Gravity Solids by More Than 65%, Saving USD 120,000
Case Study: RHE-USE System Reduces Waste Volume and Saves USD 1 Million in Project Costs, Canada
Performance Report: RISER MAGNO BUCKET Provides Significant Debris Recovery on 2nd Well
Case Study: SAFE-SURF EU Casing Cleaning Agent Reduces Solids in Brine to Less than 0.05%, North Sea
Case Study: SCREEN PULSE Separator Reduces MOC by 28% and Saves 10% on Final Waste Disposal Volume
Case Study: Oklahoma Operator Cuts Drilling Waste by Two-Thirds Using SCREEN PULSE Separator
Case Study: SCREEN PULSE Separator and VERTI-G Dryer Reduce Mud Losses and Waste Volume to Save USD 36,910
Case Study: SCREEN PULSE Separator Reduces Drilling Fluid on Cuttings by 28% and Saves USD 39,950, Argentina
Caso de Estudio: El Separador SCREEN PULSE Reduce el Fluido de Perforación Presente en los Recortes en un 28% y Genera un Ahorro de USD 39 950 en Argentina
Case Study: SILDRIL K Shale Inhibitor Helps Save More Than USD 100,000 per Well in Operating Costs, Canada
Case Study: SWITCHBACK SCRAPER Tool and MAGNOGARD Magnet Save 28 h, USD 408,000 in Azerbaijan Well
Case Study: SWITCHBACK SCRAPER Tool and MAGNOSTAR Magnets Save 30 Hours and USD 525,000, North Sea
Case Study: Integrated Drilling Fluid System Helps Complete 3,000-ft Shale Interval 9 Days Ahead of Plan
Case Study: M-I SWACO Technologies Recover 213.5 lbm of Debris During Cleanup Run
Case Study: WELL SCAVANGER Tool Enables Successful Dual-Zone Recompletion with Gravel Pack
Case Study: Wintershall Drills 13,330-ft Well with 3,281-ft Lateral in 70 Days Using KLA-SHIELD System, Neuquén Basin
Caso de Estudio: Wintershall Perfora un Pozo de 4 063 m en la Cuenca Neuquina, con un Tramo Lateral de 1 000 m en 70 días, Utilizando el Sistema KLA-SHIELD
Case Study: Integrated Completion with ShalePrime Service Raises Oil Production by 70% for Manti Tarka Permian
Case Study: BroadBand Shield Service Prevents Frac Hits, Eliminating Sand Cleanout and Oil Deferral Concerns
Case Study: World’s First Subsea Multiphase Compression System Installed in Norwegian North Sea
Case Study: Subsea Boosting System Estimated to Increase Recovery by 10%–30%, Ultradeepwater Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: Subsea Multiphase Flowmeters Save Deepwater Operator USD 12 Million and Enable Higher Production
Case Study: BHP Billiton Uses Ballistic Delay Fuse to Streamline CT Perforating, Improving Safety and Reliability
Case Study: Innovative BHA Used to Perforate and Condition Well in One Run Saves USD 200,000 and 16 Hours’ Rig Time
Case Study: eFire Technology Enables Multizone Production from an Unconsolidated Reservoir
Case Study: Highly Efficient Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Saves 10 Hours of
Rig Time

Caso de estudio: Las operaciones de disparos TCP altamente eficientes permiten un ahorro de 10 horas de equipo de perforación
Case Study: Conduct Successful Perforating Operations in Old Wells
Caso de estudio: Ejecución de operaciones de disparos (punzados) exitosas en pozos viejos
Case Study: Intervention-Free, Closed-Chamber Completion Performed in a Highly Deviated Well
Case Study: Remote Offshore Well Recompleted from a Small Unmanned Platform
Caso de estudio: Pozo marino remoto recompletado desde una pequeña plataforma automatizada
Case Study: Custom-Designed TCP System Maximizes Productivity of 12 HPHT Development Wells with No Lost Time
Case Study: Perforating System Improves Efficiency and Reduces Risk in Ultrahigh-Pressure Deepwater Well
Caso de Estudio: Un Sistema de Disparos Mejora la Eficiencia y Reduce el Riesgo en un Pozo de Aguas Profundas de Presión Ultra Alta
Case Study: Advanced Testing and Completion Fluid Development Improve Operational Safety and Well Performance
Case study: Optimized Stressed-Rock Penetration Improves Productivity up to 23% in Southern Mexico
Caso de Estudio: La Penetración Optimizada en Rocas Sometidas a Esfuerzos Mejora la Productividad Hasta en un 23% en el Sur de México
Case Study: Perforate in Underbalanced Conditions Without Having to Kill the Well
Caso de estudio: Operación de disparos en condiciones de bajo balance sin tener que matar el pozo
Case Study: Прострелочно-взрывные работы на депрессии без глушения скважины
Maximize Productivity and Minimize Cleanup Time When Perforating Production Wells
Caso de Estudio: Maximización de la productividad y minimización del tiempo de limpieza al disparar pozos de producción
Case Study: Modified Gun String Design Reduces Permanent Packer Axial Load by Half
Case Study: Unique Perforating Solution for Chevron Jack Well
Case Study: ENAP–SIPEC Exceeds Production Estimate by 278% and
Achieves –3.8 Skin, Ecuador

Caso de Estudio: ENAP–SIPEC Supera La Estimación De La Producción En Un 278% Y Logra Un Factor De Daño De –3,8 En Ecuador
Case Study: Petrobras Perforates 6,172-m High-Pressure Reservoir Using 7-in HSD Gun System, Offshore Brazil
Case Study: Multistage Perforation Enables 300% Production Increase in an Ultradeep HPHT Gas Well
Case Study: Extra Deep Penetrating Charge Improves Fracture Treatment in the Woodford Shale
Caso de estudio: Una carga de penetración extra profunda mejora un fracturamiento en la formación Woodford Shale
Case Study: Engineered Perforating System Boosts Productivity Across 6,200 ft in Offshore HPHT Gas Condensate Wells
Case Study: Oil Production Exceeds Estimates After Perforating 1,150 ft in a Live Well with 1,800-psi Underbalance
Case Study: Production Exceeds PetroAmazonas Estimates by 63% After Using Extra Deep Penetrating Shaped Charges
Caso de Estudio: Después de utilizar las cargas huecas de penetración extra profunda, la producción supera las estimaciones de PetroAmazonas en un 63%
Case Study: Efficient Perforating Saving 2+ Days and up to USD 300,000 in Deep Arabian Gulf Reservoirs
Case Study: High-Deviation Gas Well Perforated in a Single Run
Caso de Estudio: Pozo Gasífero Altamente Desviado Disparado en Una Sola Carrera
Case Study: Stimulation Pumping Pressure Reduced by 3,500 psi on OGDCL Sour Well in Fractured Limestone
Caso de Estudio: Presión de Bombeo Reducida en 3 500 psi Durante la Estimulación de un Pozo Sulfuroso de OGDCL Perforado en una Caliza Fracturada
Case Study: PowerJet Omega Charges Greatly Reduce Skin Factor in a Vietnam Appraisal Well for Premier Oil Vietnam
Caso de Estudio: Las Cargas PowerJet Omega Reducen Significativamente el Factor de Daño Mecánico en un Pozo de Evaluación de Premier Oil Vietnam
Case Study: Offshore Well Tests Save Lukoil 4 Days’ Rig Time, USD 1.6 Million
Case Study: Extreme Overbalance Perforating Maximizes Water Injectivity for Pilot Well in Middle East
Case Study: Postperforation Propellent Pulse Doubles Production Rates
Case Study: Presalt Perforating Using XR-Perf System with TuffLINE Cable Saves 30 Hours of Rig Time, Brazil
Case Study: PURE System Eliminates Need for Acid Stimulation in Well Completion, Saves 24 Hours’ Rig Time
Case Study: PURE System Improves Productivity and Saves USD 300,000
Case Study: PURE System Increases Saudi Gas Well’s Injectivity
Case Study: Highly Deviated, Thinly Laminated Deepwater Well Perforated with Precision
Caso de Estudio: Pozo altamente desviado de aguas profundas disparado con precisión en un yacimiento altamente laminado
Case Study: Simultaneous Underbalanced Perforating Enhances Production
Case Study: Dynamic Underbalance Perforating Technique Doubles Productivity Index for Sinopec
Case Study: Recovery Optimized with Dynamic Underbalance Perforating
Case Study: Advanced Perforating Technologies Restore Declining Production
Case Study: PURE Perforating System Doubles Productivity in Offshore Wells
Case Study: Fit-For-Purpose Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Technique Increases Well Production by 250%
Caso de Estudio: Una Singular Técnica Basada en Sistemas de Disparos Bajados con la Tubería de Producción (TCP), Incrementa la Producción de Pozos en un 250%
Case Study: Ballistic Time-Delay Fuse Enables Single-Run Tubing-Conveyed Perforating and Cleanup Operations, Ecuador
Case Study: Un Fusible Balístico de Acción Retardada Posibilita las Operaciones de Limpieza y Disparos con Pistolas Bajadas con la Tubería de Producción en Ecuador
Case Study: Electronic Firing Head Solution Perforates Limestone with Low Applied Pressure and High Accuracy
Case Study: TCP Efficiency Improvement Saves Minimum One Day per Completion
Case Study: Bapetco Streamlines Perforating Operations with Plug-In Tempo Gun System, Western Desert
Case Study: North Sea Operator Efficiently Perforates Total 900-ft Interval in Six Tractored Wireline Runs, UK North Sea
Case Study: Underbalance Surge Technique in Perforated Zones Used to Control Sand Production
Case study: Dynamic Underbalance Perforating System Helps Exceed Injectivity Estimate by 6,000 bbl/d
Case Study: Integrated Perforating Design Shoots 3,000-ft Interval of High-H2S Carbonate Formation in Single Run
Case Study: Wintershall Norway Perforates Interval Using eFire-TCP Firing Head Enabled by Muzic Wireless Telemetry
Case Study: WIReD Release Devices Enable Using Wireline Perforating to Save USD 1.3 Million, North Sea
Case Study: XR-Perf System Deploys Extreme-Length Gun String to Perforate
393-ft Interval in Two Runs

Case Study: Modeling of Regional Aquifer Determines Solution to Abnormal Pressure Behavior in Kuwait Oil Reservoir
Case Study: AGOCO Optimizes Exploration Decisions with Expert Formation Microimaging Data Interpretation
Case Study: 3D Geomechanical Modeling Mitigates NPT Caused by Wellbore Instability While Drilling in Oman
Case Study: Completion Strategy Based on Geomechanics Interpretation Boosts Gas Production to 1,844 m3/d
Case Study: Economic Analysis Identifies Optimal Redevelopment Scenario for Complex Gas Field in Pakistan
Case Study: Petrophysical Evaluation Reduces Uncertainty in Large-Diameter, Washed Out Well
Case Study: Bed Boundary Mapping Improves AGOCO Oil Recovery with
0% Water Cut

Case Study: Petrotechnical Interpretation Delineates Gas/Oil Contact to Optimize Geosteering in Shaly Sand Lateral
Case Study: Expert Interpretation of Reservoir Saturation Data Boosts Reserves Estimation by 460%
Case Study: 3D Geological Model Based on Sequence Stratigraphy Reduces Uncertainty in Deep Carbonate Reservoirs
Case Study: AGOCO Enhances 3D Surface Seismic Resolution for Better Subsurface Illumination
Case Study: Integrated Seismic-to-Simulation Workflow Identifies Highest-Productivity Sweet Spots in Major Shale Gas Play
Case Study: Colorado Midstream Company Uses Apura Membranes to Meet CO2 Requirements
Case Study: Petronas Gas Plant Reduces Costs with Dual-Core Acid Gas Removal Membranes
Case Study: Advanced EPCON Dual Compact Flotation Unit Improves Produced Water Treatment by 27%
Case Study: EPCON CFU Compact Flotation Unit Technology Achieves Successful Oil-in-Water Separation, Oman
Case Study: MYCELX Technology Recovers 98% of Emulsified Heavy Oil from Produced Water, Enabling Reinjection
Case Study: MYCELX Technology Recovers 98% of Oil Content from Heavily Emulsified Produced Water
Case Study: Identify Oil Entry in Complex Horizontal Well with 98% Water Cut, North Sea
Case Study: Flow Scanner System’s Flow Profiling on Tractor Gains 1,300-bbl/d Oil
Caso de Estudio: Un Perfil de Flujo de la Herramienta Flow Scanner Posibilita un Incremento de 1 300 bbl/d de Petróleo
Case Study: Accurate Three-Phase Quantification Using Flow Scanner System in a Horizontal Well
Case Study: Flow Assurance Issues Resolved by Elimination of OBM Effects
Case Study: Devon Energy Minimizes Flowback Completion Damage by Following the Recommended Secure Operating Envelope
Case Study: Maintaining the Secure Operating Envelope During Flowback and Completion Ends High Sand Production
Case Study: AvantGuard Advanced Flowback Services Help Lonestar Determine Optimal Coiled Tubing Operating Conditions
Case Study: Lonestar Confirms Fracture Placement and Scaling Tendency with AvantGuard Flowback Services’ Monitoring
Case Study: Accurate Flow Diagnosis Identifies Water Shutoff Option and Finds Oil Entries
Case Study: ReSOLVE Instrumented Intervention Service Removes Debris and Opens Valve to Save BHP 7 Days of Rig Time
Case Study: Confirm Cement Integrity Without Zonal Isolation Test
Case Study: Isolation Scanner Service Determines Cement Condition to Guide Casing Retrieval
Case Study: Fast Evaluation of 9.5-lbm/galUS Cement in Shallow Wells
Case Study: Tractored One-Run Gyroscope and Production Logging in North Sea Horizontal Sidetrack
Case Study: MaxTRAC Tractor Navigates Restriction for Production Logging a Highly Deviated Well
Case Study: KOC Accurately Tests Wells with Challenging Multiphase Flow Using Diligens Spectra Unit
Case Study: Diligens Mobile Production Testing Streamlines Operations During
120-Well Cleanup Campaign

Caso de Estudio: PDVSA Optimiza las Pruebas de Pozos de Superficie con Unidades de Pruebas de Producción Móviles
Case Study: Rosneft Tests 347 Wells Using Dual-Leg Diligens Spectra Mobile Multiphase Production Testing Unit
Case Study: Dual-Leg Diligens Spectra Unit Enables Successful Mobile Multiphase Testing Across 15-Well Campaign
Case Study: Production Data Management Significantly Increases Performance
Case Study: Angola Water Influx Solution
Case Study: Focused Extraction Confirms Sweep Efficiency in Middle East Field
Case Study: ReSOLVE Wireline Intervention Service Sets Bridge Plugs in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Caso de Estudio: Colocación de Tapones Puente en el Área de Aguas Profundas del Golfo de México Mediante el Servicio de Intervención con Cable ReSOLVE
Case Study: ReSOLVE Service’s Universal Shifting Tool Opens 10 Sliding Sleeves in Two Runs
Case Study: ReSOLVE Instrumented Wireline Intervention Successfully Releases Stuck Deep-Set Bridge Plug
Caso de Estudio: Una Intervención de Pozo con el Servicio ReSOLVE Instrumentado con Cable Libera con Éxito un Tapón Puente Atascado en un Punto Profundo
Case Study: ReSOLVE Service’s Milling Tool Removes 4,650 ft of Barium Sulfate Scale in 81 h
Caso de Estudio: La Herramienta de Fresado ReSOLVE Remueve 1 417 m de una Acumulación de Incrustaciones de Sulfato de Bario en 81 Horas
Case Study: Saturation Evaluation with RSTPro Tool Finds Bypassed Oil and Gas Zones
Caso de Estudio: La Evaluación de la Saturación con la Herramienta RST Permite Detectar Zonas de Petróleo y Gas Pasadas por Alto
Case Study: Solve for Three Fluid Phases to Identify Fluid Entry
Case Study: Identify Gas and Fluid Contacts for Recompletion that Increases Oil Production by 40%
Case Study: Evaluate Gravel-Pack Condition for Sidetrack Potential
Case Study: Identify Water Entry to Control Unwanted Production
Case Study: TuffTRAC Tractor Pushes Stuck Plug to Save USD 300,000 in High-H2S and -CO2 Well
Case Study: TuffTRAC Tractor’s Reverse Tractoring Frees a Stuck Gun String, Offshore Norway
Case Study: Reperforating on TuffTRAC Tractor Increases Injectivity up to 300%
Case Study: Four-Phase Production Logging Determines Sand Production Rate for Setting Sand-Free Flow Rate
Case Study: Autonomous Vehicle Efficiently Harvests and Securely Transmits Subsea Data off West Africa
Case Study: Unmanned Surface Vehicle Delivers Critical Real-Time METOC and Environmental Monitoring Data, Chukchi Sea
Case Study: USV-Deployed METOC Services’ Real-Time Data Reduces Risk for Seismic Operations, Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: Reducing the Risk of Close-Pass Seismic Operations by Providing METOC Data with an Autonomous USV
Case Study: Environmental Baseline Documented by Remotely Piloted USVs Conducting METOC and TURBIDITY Services
Case Study: Chevron’s Automated METOC and TURBIDITY Surveys Confirm Environmental Compliance at Wheatstone Project, Australia
Case Study: Total E&P Reduces Risk and Cost During Seismic Operations in Complex Currents with USV-Acquired Real-Time Data, Uruguay
Case Study: AllFRAC Alternate Path Screens Ensure 100% Gravel Packing in Highly Permeable Zones Offshore Angola
Case Study: Operator Eliminates Sand Production in Complex Reservoir and Saves 5 Days of Rig Time per Well
Case Study: Plugged Sand Screens Averted in Horizontal Well Through 124% Gravel-Pack Efficiency at –51 degF
Case Study: QUANTUM MAX Packer Helps BP Increase Gas Production by 45%
Caso de Estudio: El Empacador QUANTUM MAX Ayuda a BP a Incrementar la Producción de Gas en un 45%
Case study: Surging and Gravel Packing Technique Improves Packing and Well Performance
Case Study: ClearPAC HT Fluid Enables Gravel Pack, and Tools Save USD 450,000 in Offshore Well
Case Study: QUANTUM Gravel-Pack System Sets New Efficiency Record in More Than 800 Completions in Central Africa
Case Study: Endure Screens and ResFlow ICDs Control Variable Permeability and Exceed Expectations in ERD Wells
Case Study: Hornet Gravel-Pack Blender Optimizes Proppant in Highly Deviated Fishhook Well
Case Study: Operator Increases Oil Production, Decreases Time, and Cuts Costs by USD 422,000 Offshore Indonesia
Case Study: MZ-Xpress System Saves More Than 7 Days in Rig Time
Case Study: MZ-Xpress System Saves 6.5 Days of Rig Time by Minimizing Completion Trips Offshore Indonesia
Case Study: OptiPac Alternate System Results in 100% Gravel Pack Efficiency and Longer Well Life
Case Study: Innovative Completion Design and Job Execution Result in 100% Gravel Pack in 136° Fishhook Well
Case Study: Engineered OptiPac Service Saves 48 Hours of Rig Time and Over USD 1 Million, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Case Study: OptiPac Openhole Screens Enable 100% Gravel Packs and Sand-Free Production in 27 Deepwater Wells
Case Study: Record Gravel-Pack Interval Saves USD 60 Million by Reducing Well Count, North Sea
Case Study: Total E&P Angola Saves More Than USD 100 Million and Gains an Estimated 1,000,000 BOE of Incremental Production
Case Study: QUANTUM PERFPAC System Saves Operator More Than USD 1.5 Million in Time and Materials
Caso de Estudio: El Sistema QUANTUM PERFPAC Genera un Ahorro de Más de USD 1,5 Millones en Tiempo y Materiales
Case Study: Combined Completions Technologies Add USD 20 Million in Projected Revenue
Case Study: Introduction of ResFlow ICDs Transitions Wells from 100% Water Production to 70% Oil Production
ResFlow ICDs in Horizontal Openhole Wells Optimize Production in Thin Oil-Rim Reservoir
Case Study: ResFlow Inflow Control Devices and MudSOLV Service Dissolve Mudcake and Restart Flow
Case study: ResFlow Inflow Control Device and Other Schlumberger Solutions Revive Production from Aging Safanyia Oilfield
Case Study: North Caspian Extended-Reach Wells Completed Without Washpipe, Cutting 2 Days and USD 2 Million per Well
Case Study: New ICD Design Eliminates Need for Washpipe, Trims 24 Hours from North Sea Project, and Saves USD 800,000
Case Study: SandAid Technology Treats Unconsolidated Sands to Deliver 3.5-MMcf/d Sand-Free Gas for Total
Case study: Through-Tubing Gravel Pack Revives Sanded Marginal Well in Unconsolidated Formation
Case Study: Optical Fiber Installed in Completed Well Used to Efficiently Collect Missing Seismic Velocity Survey
Case Study: Crosswell Borehole Monitoring of Perforating with Vibration Sensing on a Hybrid Heptacable
Case Study: hDVS Distributed Vibration Sensing System Records VSP Using Optical Fibers Cemented in Well Completions
Case Study: Borehole Seismic Surveys Using Optical Fiber Slash 3 1/2-Hour Acquisition Time to 3 1/2 Minutes
Case Study: Accurately Calibrate Ocean-Bottom Cable Surveys with Borehole Seismic Data
Case Study: Accurate Sidetrack Positioning with Low Rig Costs
Case Study: LIVE Digital Slickline Services Enable Recovery of Lost Tubing Collar
Case Study: LIVE Perf Service Identifies and Adjusts for Error in Well Sketch for Successful Perforation
Case Study: LIVE Digital Slickline Services Enable Gauge Pulling in Highly Deviated Well
Case Study: LIVE Digital Slickline Services Reduce Operating Time by 50% for Plug and Abandonment
Caso de Estudio: Los Servicios De Línea De Acero Digital LIVE Reducen Un 50% El Tiempo Operacional Para Las Operaciones De Taponamiento Y Abandono
Case Study: LIVE Act Services Save Walter Oil & Gas Corporation Time and Lost Production, Gulf of Mexico
Caso de Estudio: Los Servicios LIVE Act Permiten a Walter Oil & Gas Corporation Ahorrar Tiempo y Evitar Pérdidas de Producción en el Golfo de México
Case Study: LIVE Digital Slickline Services Eliminate Need for Potential Workover
Case Study: Reperforating with LIVE Perf Services Returns Shut-In Wells on Mediterranean Platform to 3,700-bbl/d Oil
Case Study: Limited Deck Space and Crane Capacity Managed by Deploying LIVE Digital Slickline Services
Case Study: LIVE Act Services Enable Successful Retrieval of More Than 3,000 ft of E-Line Cable in Two Wells
Case Study: StingBlade Bit Saves ENAP SIPEC 1.5 Days by Drilling Abrasive Formation Interval in One Run
Caso de Estudio: La Barrena StingBlade Genera un Ahorro de 1,5 días para ENAP SIPEC Gracias a la Perforación de un Intervalo de Formación Abrasivo en una Sola Carrera
Case Study: First 30-in Casing Drilling Run with Direct XCD Bit Saves 1.31 Days in a Shallow-Water Exploration Well
Case Study: Smith Bits Advanced Services Engineering (ASE) Group Recommendations Contribute to Savings of USD 50 Million While Drilling Deepwater Well
Case Study: AxeBlade Diamond Element Bit Achieves Record ROP in Hard Limestone Formation
Case Study: AxeBlade Bit Increases ROP 29% and Improves Directional Control in Eagle Ford Shale Interval
Case Study: AxeBlade Bit Helps Kuwait Oil Company Exceed Field ROP While Saving USD 32,600
Case Study: StingBlade and AxeBlade Bits Eliminate Three Runs, Saving 4.1 Drilling Days and USD 45,700, Onshore Russia
Case Study: AxeBlade Bit Helps Operator Save USD 75,000, Volgograd Region of Russia
Case Study: AxeBlade Bit Helps Improve Drilling Efficiency Through Hard Carbonate Formation in Eastern Siberia
Case Study: AxeBlade Bit Helps Shell Set Footage and ROP World Record with a Single Run, Offshore Louisiana
Case Study: ROP Improved 42% Using AxeBlade Ridged Diamond Element Bit in a Single Run, Oman
Case Study: Unit Petroleum Company Boosts ROP 27% in Intermediate Section Targeting the Granite Wash
Case Study: Direct XCD Drillable Alloy Casing Bit Saves Two Colorado Wells and USD 8.6 Million
Case Study: Direct XCD Casing Bit Drills Five Wells to Access Permian Basin Reservoir Below CO2 Injection Zone
Case Study: Successful Casing Drilling and Multistage Cementing Technology Trial, Middle East
Case Study: Pertamina EP Drills Through Lost Circulation Zone and Sets Casing with Direct XCD Bit, Indonesia
Case Study: Gazprom Neft Reduces Well Construction Time by an Average of 10 Days with Direct XCD Bit, Russia
Case Study: LUKOIL Reduces Section Construction Time by 80% with Direct XCD Drillable Alloy Casing Bit
Case Study: Custom Bit Design Overcomes Drilling Mechanics Issues, Significantly Improves Performance
Case Study: IDEAS Optimized Bit Increases ROP 250% in China’s Tuha Basin
Case Study: i-DRILL Modeling Optimizes High-Profile Horizontal Well, Saving 2.6 d and USD 1,300,000, Offshore Brazil
Caso de Estudio: El Modelado i-DRILL Optimiza Pozos Horizontales de Alto Perfil y Ahorra 2,6 Días y 1 300 000 USD en el Área Marina de Brasil
Case Study: Operator Sees ROP Increase 54% in Offshore Malaysian Well
Case Study: Kaldera Bit Drills Geothermal Well Section 25% Farther for Northern California Power Agency
Caso de Estudio: La Barrena Kaldera Perfora un 25% Más de una Sección de un Pozo Geotérmico para Northern California Power Agency
Case Study: Kaldera Roller Cone Increases On-Bottom Drilling Hours by 37% in Italian Geothermal Application
Caso de Estudio: Barrenas de Conos Giratorios Kaldera Incrementan 37% las Horas de Perforación en Pozos Geotérmicos de Italia
Case Study: PEMEX Saves 3 Rig Days with First Neyrfor Turbodrill and Kinetic Bit Run, Offshore Mexico
Caso de Estudio: Pemex Ahorró 3 días de Equipo de Perforación con la Primera Corrida de una Turboperforadora Neyrfor y una Barrena Kinetic, en el Área Marina de México

Case Study: Two PDCs Drill over 10,000 m of Unconsolidated Sand and Heavy Oil in Venezuela’s Orinoco Belt, Save USD 115,000
Caso de Estudio: Dos barrenas de PDC perforan más de 10 000 m de arena no consolidada y petróleo pesado en la Faja del Orinoco de Venezuela y permiten ahorrar USD 115 000
Case Study: PDC Drill Bits with RockStorm Technology Increase ROP by 29% for Canbriam Energy, Canada
Case Study: PDC Bit with RockStorm Technology Improves Average ROP by 23%, Bakken Shale
Case Study: BP Saves More Than USD 1 Million and 24 Days Off of AFE with RockStorm PDC Cutter Technology
Case Study: Customized SHARC PDC and Rock Bit Save Apache 4 Days of Rig Time and USD 142,000
Caso de Estudio: Las Barrenas de PDC para Formaciones Duras SHARC Generan para Apache un Ahorro de 4 Días de Equipo de Perforación y USD 142 000
Case Study: SHARC PDC Bit and PowerDrive Archer RSS Save Operator USD 9.8 Million Offshore Australia
Caso de Estudio: Una Barrena SHARC de PDC y el Sistema Rotativo Direccional PowerDrive Archer Ahorran a un Operador USD 9,8 millones en el Área Marítima de Australia
Case Study: Cairn Energy Sees 47% Improvement in Footage Drilled with SHARC Drill Bit
Caso de Estudio: Cairn Energy Experimenta un Mejoramiento del 47% en el Avance de la Perforación con una Barrena de Perforación SHARC
Case Study: IDEAS Designed PDC Bit Exceeds Target ROP, Saves Operator USD 30,000 per Well
Case Study: SHARC Bits Save Operator 17 Days Drilling Ultrahard Interbedded Formation
Caso de Estudio: La Tecnología SHARC Bits Permite Ahorrar 17 Días de Perforación en una Formación Interestratificada Ultra Dura
Case Study: SHARC PDC Exceeds Qatar’s North Field Single Day Drilling Record by 38%
Caso de Estudio: La Barrena SHARC de PDC Supera en un 38% el Récord de Perforación de un Día en el Campo North de Qatar
Case Study: Starc Limited Saves USD 3.5 Million Using BHA with High-Abrasion-Resistance PDC Drill Bit
Case Study: Spear Bit Sets ROP Record, Saves USD 46,780 Drilling in Eagle Ford Shale
Caso de Estudio: La Barrena Spear Establece una ROP Récord y Permite un Ahorro de USD 46 780 en la Lutita Eagle Ford
Case Study: Next-Generation Spear Bit Drills Lateral in Eagle Ford Shale 22% Faster
Caso de Estudio: Una Barrena Spear de Última Generación Perfora un Tramo Lateral en la Lutita Eagle Ford 22% Más Rápido
Case Study: Spear Drill Bit Saves USD 365,000 in Haynesville Shale Well
Caso de Estudio: La barrena de perforación Spear permite un ahorro de USD 365 000 en un pozo de la lutita Haynesville
Case Study: Next-Generation Spear Bit Drills Haynesville Shale 19% Faster
Caso de Estudio: Una Barrena Spear de Última Generación Perfora la Lutita Haynesville 19% Más Rápido
Case Study: Spear Drill Bit Saves USD 175,000 and 2.7 d of Rig Time in Marcellus Shale Well
Caso de Estudio: La barrena Spear ahorra USD 175 000 y 2,7 días de equipo de perforación en un pozo de la lutita Marcellus
Case Study: Spear Bit Sets ROP Record Drilling for Shale Gas in Argentina
Caso de Estudio: La Barrena Spear Establece una ROP Récord en la Perforación de un Pozo de Gas de Lutitas en la Argentina
Case Study: Spear PDC Bit Technology Increases ROP 37% Drilling Shale Gas Well in Latin America
Caso de Estudio: La Tecnología de Barrenas Spear de PDC Incrementa el 37% la ROP en la Perforación de un Pozo de Gas de Lutitas en América Latina
Case Study: Shell Increases ROP by 8.5%, Saves 15.9 h with Shale-Optimized Drill Bit, Argentina
Caso de Studio: Shell Incrementa la ROP un 8,5% y Ahorra 15,9 Horas en la Argentina con una Barrena de Perforación Optimizada para las Lutitas
Case Study: Specialty Bit Helps BP Exceed ROP Expectations by up to 100 Percent, Oklahoma
Case Study: StingBlade Bits Save More Than 5 Days in the Browse Basin, Offshore Australia
Case Study: Enervest Achieves 23% Higher ROP and Exceeds Build Rates in Interbedded Onshore Formation
Case Study: GMT Exploration Improves Footage and ROP, Saves 2.5 Drilling Days Using StingBlade Bits
Case Study: Mangyshlak Munai Saves 27 Rig Days and Sets Field ROP Record with StingBlade Bits
Case Study: Progress Energy Increases ROP 95%, Saves USD 178,500 Using StingBlade Bit in Montney Play
Case Study: Cimarex Energy Saves One Day While Drilling Curve Section on Consecutive Wells, Permian Basin
Case Study: TAQA Saves 1 Day, USD 635,000 Running StingBlade Bit with PowerDrive X6 RSS
Case Study: Zhaikmunai Saves Drilling Days, Enhances Lithology Identification Using StingBlade Bit
Case Study: StingBlade Bit Saves PEMEX 1.7 Days, Offshore Mexico
Caso de Estudio: La Barrena StingBlade Permite Ahorrar 1,7 Días Para PEMEX en el Área Marina de México
Case Study: Gazprom Neft Increases ROP by 46%, Saves 27 Drilling Days with StingBlade and AxeBlade Bits, Russia
Case Study: StingBlade Bit Saves an Estimated USD 300,000 by Improving ROP 51% in Colombia
Case Study: Innovative Drillbit Design Increases Average On-Bottom ROP by 39% and Saves PDC Energy 7.5 Rig Hours
Case Study: Integrated BHA with StingBlade Bit Drills 24% Faster in Interbedded Formation and Saves 3.5 Days, Kuwait
Case Study: ONGC Increases ROP by 100% Using a StingBlade Bit with RockStorm Technology, Offshore India
Case Study: LUKOIL-Komi Increases ROP 70% in Horizon Previously Undrillable with PDC Bits in One Run
Case Study: Record-Setting StingBlade Bit Run Saves MOL Pakistan More Than USD 100,000 and 12 Rig Hours
Case Study: Petrobras Saves 11 Hours, Reaches Interval TD in One Run with StingBlade Bit Offshore Brazil
Case Study: StingBlock Cutter Block Improved HEWD Performance for Large-Bore Presalt Well, Offshore South America

Case Study: Statoil Improves Lateral Stability in Shale Horizontal Section Using PDC Bit with Central Stinger Element
Case Study: PDC Bit with Stinger Element Drills More Than 9,600 Feet in One Run in Bakken Shale
Case Study: Stinger Element Saves 6 Days in Parque das Baleias Presalt Field Offshore Brazil
Caso de Estudio: El Elemento Stinger Permite un Ahorro de 6 Días en el Campo Presalino Parque das Baleias, Situado en el Área Marina de Brasil
Case Study: Petroamazonas Saves 1.5 Days in Three Wells with Central Stinger Element, Ecuador
Caso de Estudio: Petroamazonas Ahorra 1,5 Días en Tres Pozos de Ecuador con el Elemento Central Stinger
Case Study: SHARC Bit with Stinger Element Increases ROP 46% in North Dakota’s Bakken Field
Case Study: Stinger Element Increases PDC Bit’s ROP 14% in Utah’s Wasatch Formation
Case Study: Viking Bits PDC Bit Increases Meters Drilled 40% and ROP 19% in Western Siberia’s Kogalymskoe Field
Case Study: Consistent Drillbit Performance for Slim Coalbed Methane Wells
Caso de Estudio: Desempeño consistente de las barrenas para pozos de metano en capas de carbón de diámetro reducido
Case Study: Kuwait Oil Company Saves 4 Drilling Days Using Xplorer Bit with Xplorer Helix Configuration
Case Study: Enlarging Borehole for Splitter-Well Technique Offshore the UK
Case Study: Hydra-Jar AP Drilling Jar and Accelerator AP Impact Tool Free Stuck BHA in 15 Minutes
Case Study: Hydra-Jar AP Drilling Jar Frees Stuck Drillstring, Saves USD 430,000
Caso de Estudio: La Tijera de Perforación Hydra-Jar AP Libera una Sarta de Perforación Atascada y Ahorra USD 430,000
Case Study: Hydra-Jar AP Assembly Frees Stuck BHA for Recovery in Oman, Saves Over USD 1.3 Million
Case Study: Petrobras Recovers Stuck Drillstring at 4,540 m, Saves BHA Worth USD 2 Million
Caso de Estudio: Petrobras Recupera una Sarta de Perforación Atascada a 4 540 m y un Conjunto de Fondo de USD 2 Millones
Case Study: Impact System Frees Stuck BHA in 7 Attempts After 6 Days Stuck Downhole
Case Study: Turbodrill and Hybrid Bit Save PEMEX 12 Days During 548-h Run, Remaining in Hole for 27 Days
Caso de Estudio: Una Turboperforadora y una Barrena Híbrida Ahorran 12 Días a PEMEX Durante una Carrera de 548 Horas con una Permanencia en el Pozo de 27 Días
Case Study: Dual-Reamer Rathole-Elimination RSS BHA Saves 1.5 Drilling Days, USD 425,000 for Statoil
Case Study: Rhino XC Underreams High-Inclination Well Below MWD Tool Placement
Case Study: Rhino XC Reamer Enlarges Deepwater GOM Well in One Trip and 62 Hours
Caso de Estudio: El Rectificador Rhino XC Ensancha un Pozo del Área de Aguas Profundas del Golfo de México en un Solo Viaje y en 62 Horas
Case Study: After 300 Circulating Hours, Rhino XC Reamer Completes North Sea Reaming Operation
Case Study: Rhino XC Reamer Records 18 Activation Cycles in North Sea Underreaming Operation
Caso de Estudio: El Rectificador Rhino XC Registra 18 Ciclos de Activación en Una Operación de Rectificación del Mar del Norte
Case Study: Rhino XC Reamer Underreams Tophole Section of SOCAR Gas Storage Well in One Run
Case Study: Rhino XS Underreams First Two-Phase Nitrogen Mud System Well in One Run
Case Study: BHA with Dual Expandable Reamers Enlarges Hole Section in One Run, Saves 3 Days
Case Study: Rhino XS2 Reamer Enlarges Seven Horizontal Sections in Horizontal Deepwater Wells
Caso de Estudio: Un Rectificador Rhino XS2 Ensancha Siete Tramos Laterales De Pozos Horizontales De Aguas Profundas
Case Study: BP Saves 48 Hours of Rig Time in Complex Underreaming Operation, Offshore Azerbaijan
StingBlock Cutter Block Earns Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation at 2018 OTC
Case Study: Major Resource Holder in Kuwait Evaluates New Corporate Information Management Technology
Case Study: ADNOC Improves Data Access and Storage
Case Study: Log Data Management Solution Reduces Interpretation Time
Case Study: Hess Corporation Streamlines Creation of Geographic Metadata
Caso de estudio: Hess Corporation simplifica la creación de metadatos geográficos
Case Study: Rio Tinto Exploration Adds Location-Based Intelligence to Streamline Information Discovery and Document Retrieval Process
Case Study: AGIBA Optimizes Drilling with Real-Time Data
Case Study: CuuLong JOC Optimizes Oilfield Production with Consolidated Database and Automated Workflows
Case Study: PEMEX Optimizes Production System for Large Gas Field in Northern Mexico
Case Study: Managed Services Agreement Improves Efficiency of Field Data Management System for Bayerngas Norge
Case Study: PEMEX Implements Nationwide Pipeline Surveillance System Using Avocet Platform
Case Study: BreitBurn Standardizes Oil and Gas Field Data Capture and Production Methodology
Caso de Estudio: BreitBurn estandariza la metodología de producción y captura de datos de campos de petróleo y gas
Case Study: AMAPETCO Optimizes Subsea Flow Assurance with PIPESIM Modeling
Case Study: Gazprom Dobycha Nadym Responds to the Challenge of World Gas Demands
Caso de Estudio: Gazprom dobycha Nadym responde al desafío de las demandas mundiales de gas
Case Study: PEMEX Uses Integrated Asset Models to Improve Production Forecasting
Caso de Estudio: PEMEX Utiliza Modelos de Activos Integrados para Mejorar los Pronósticos de Producción
Case Study: Barnett Shale Operations Achieve Remote Real-Time Microseismic Interpretation with Private and Dedicated Wireless Networks
Case Study: BG-Group Australia Optimizes Business Process and Regulatory Requirements for Major Assets
Case Study: BP Saves 12 Days of Downtime and 6,000-m3 Diesel Managing Deepwater Pipeline with the OLGA Simulator
Case Study: ConocoPhillips Optimizes Geosteering and Well Placement in the North Sea Using Real-Time Data
Case Study: Corridor Brings High-Frequency Production Data from the Field to the Engineer’s Desktop
Case Study: Dolphin Improves Pipeline Management with OLGA Online System and Managed Services
Case Study: Collaborative Environment Enables DS Servicios Petroleros to Drive Data Management Efficiencies
Caso de Estudio: Un Ambiente de Colaboración Permite que DS Servicios Petroleros Controle las Eficiencias en el Manejo de los Datos
Case Study: Pengrowth Optimizes Well Design and Placement for Maximum Heavy Oil Recovery
Caso de Estudio: Pengrowth optimiza el diseño y la ubicación de los pozos para maximizar la recuperación de petróleo pesado
Case Study: Eni Deploys High-Resolution Reservoir Simulator Across Complex Global Assets
Caso de Estudio: Eni Despliega El Simulador De Yacimientos De Alta Resolución En Sus Activos Globales Complejos
Case Study: Eni Reconstructs Well Interval with Techlog Software
Case Study: RWE Dea Streamlines Asset Data Management with eSearch Software Implementation
Case Study: Streamline Simulation Handles Larger Models, Faster
Case Study: GDF Suez Defines Key Drilling Investments with Collaborative Well Planning
Case Study: CNOOC Increases Exploration & Development Success
Caso de estudio: CNOOC aumenta el índice de éxito de sus operaciones de exploración y desarrollo
Case Study: GSPC Consolidates and Secures E&P Data for Enterprise Use
Case Study: Hurricane Energy Enhances Fracture Modeling with the Petrel E&P Software Platform
Case Study: Hurricane Energy Uses INTERSECT Simulator at Geological Resolution to Forecast Fractured Basement Production
Case Study: Merak Peep Economic Analysis Tool of Choice for Kerr-McGee
Case Study: Marathon Implements SEC Standards for Reporting Reserves Information
Case Study: Medoilgas Italia Maps Majella Mountain with the Petrel Platform 3D Mapping Tool
Case Study: EGAS Increases Economic Forecast Accuracy by 80%
Case Study: NAFTA Efficiently Migrates to the Petrel E&P Software Platform
Case Study: Oil India Identifies Deep Exploration Targets Using Petrel Platform's Integration of Seismic and Well Data
Case Study: ONGC Controls Water Encroachment with History-Matched Streamlines
Case Study: ONGC Maximizes Recovery for Mature Onshore Field
Case Study: Multiwell ELAN Processing Reveals Untapped Reserves for ONGC
Case Study: ONGC Focuses on Basement Exploration Through Petrel Fracture Modeling
Case Study: Merak Peep Economic Evaluations Improve ROI
Case Study: PEMEX E&P Optimizes Economic Value of Large Brownfield
Caso de estudio: PEMEX E&P optimiza el valor económico de un extenso campo marginal
Case Study: PEMEX Achieves Faster, More Detailed Simulations
Caso de Estudio: PEMEX Logra Simulaciones Más Rápidas y Más Detalladas
Case Study: PEMEX Forecasts Revenue Increase for Cantarell Asset with Merak Software Suite
Caso de Estudio: PEMEX Pronostica un Incremento de los Ingresos para el Activo Cantarell con la Serie de Programas Merak
Case Study: PEMEX Optimizes Crude Oil Export Quality with Combined Solution
Caso de Estudio: PEMEX Optimiza la Calidad de las Exportaciones de Petróleo Crudo con una Solución Combinada
Case Study: PEMEX Optimizes Surface Facilities Project Delivery Using Proven PDMP Methodology
Caso de estudio: PEMEX optimiza la entrega de las instalaciones de superficie utilizando la probada metodología PDMP
Case Study: Migration to ProSource System Optimizes Log Data Management for Pemex
Caso de Estudio: La Migración al Software ProSource Logs Optimiza el Manejo de Datos de PEMEX
Caso de estudio: Estimulaciones con U820 elimina el uso de Separadores
Case Study: Petoro AS Improves Simulation Speed for Complex Reservoir Modeling
Case Study: AQP Avoids Deferred Production with Petrel Platform’s Advanced Production Forecasting
Case Study: Sonangol EP Applies Integrated Workflow to Optimize Field Development Plan
Case Study: GDF SUEZ E&P Norge Optimizes Drilling Event Analysis
Case Study: Penn West Exploration Revives Mature Carbonate Field—Original OIP Estimates Increase by 18%
Caso de Estudio: Penn West Exploration Revive un Campo Carbonatado Maduro. Las Estimaciones del Petróleo Original en Sitio (OOIP) se Incrementan en un 18%
Case Study: Petrel Platform Enables High-Resolution, Quantitative Modeling of Complex, Heterogeneous Reservoir
Case Study: PetroMod Software Central to Renewed Komombo Development
Case Study: Petroproduccion Obtains One-Click Secure Remote Access to Shared Applications and Data
Caso de estudio: Petroproducción obtiene acceso remoto seguro a aplicaciones y datos compartidos con un solo clic
Case Study: Collaborative Visualization Environment Enhances Exploration at PetroSA
Case Study: PICO Migrates to Petrel Reservoir Engineering, Significantly Cuts Simulation Time
Case Study: World Natural Gas Leader Improves Data Management with New Workflows
Case Study: KOC Seismic Data Management System Drives Productivity
Case Study: PEMEX National Technical Database Migrated to ProSource Environment
Caso de Estudio: Base de Datos Técnica Nacional de PEMEX Migrada al Entorno ProSource
Case Study: Rashpetco Extends Development Plan by Updating Model in the Petrel Platform, Offshore Egypt
Case Study: Salamander Energy Uses Avocet Platform’s Managed Services Agreement to Bridge Personnel Transition
Case Study: InnerLogix Solution Improves and Automates Data Management at Seneca Resources Corporation
Shell U.K. Limited Enhances Well Planning and Cross-Discipline Collaboration
Case Study: Signal Hill Petroleum Streamlines Data Management with Studio E&P Knowledge Environment
Case Study: Combined Solution Methodology Aids Statoil with Subsea Tieback Design
Case Study: Statoil Integrates Pre- and Poststack Seismic Data
Case Study: Studio E&P Knowledge Environment Helps GSPC Establish Regional Office in Egypt
Case Study: Data from Field Takeover Efficiently Migrated into Wintershall Norge’s Studio Environment
Case Study: Techlog Software Installed at BG Group
Caso de Estudio: El Programa Techlog Fue Instalado en BG Group
Case Study: GUPCO Extends Techlog Wellbore Analysis Workflows with Python AWI
Case Study: GUPCO Improves Production by Streamlining Thin-Bed Characterization in the Techlog Platform
Case Study: Total Simulates Very Large and Heterogeneous SAGD Model in Hours
Case Study: Integrated Data Environment Streamlines Offshore Licensing Round for TPDC
Case Study: Tullow Oil Optimizes Heterogeneous Field Recovery with MRC Workflow
Case Study: VBM Algorithm Defines Complex Structures
Case Study: Gas Condensate Field Uncertainty Analysis Drives Improved Field-Development Planning
Caso de Estudio: Análisis de Incertidumbre Efectuado en un Campo de Gas Condensado Mejora la Planeación del Desarrollo de Campos Petroleros
Case Study: YPF Drives Efficiency with Studio Environment
Caso de Estudio: YPF Logra una Mayor Eficiencia con el Entorno de Trabajo Studio
Case Study: KOC Achieves Fast and Accurate Production Allocation Reporting Using Avocet Platform
Case Study: IOCL Identifies Improvement in Gas Recovery Using Dynamic Modeling in Mamuniyat Reservoir
Case Study: Studio Manager Enables Fast Search and Controlled Delivery of Cataloged Seismic Data in Petrel Platform
Case Study: RWE Transgas Net Optimizes Underground Gas Storage Operations Using Online Performance Management
Case Study: Drillbench Dynamic Well Control Provides Realistic Simulation of Kick Tolerance, Promotes Safer Operations
Case Study: DrillPlan Solution Improves Well Planning Efficiency by More Than 50%, Williston Basin
Case Study: Dana Petroleum Optimizes Well Placement Decisions in Low-Data Environment, Nefertiti Field
Case Study: StatoilHydro Adopts Next-Generation Information Management Software for Global Access to Energy Data
Case Study: While-Drilling Formation Evaluation and Interpretation Guides Geosteering to Target Zones, North Sea
Case Study: RAG uses MEPO Software to Improve Underground Gas Storage Economics
Case Study: Petrel Guru Standardizes and Automates Quality Check and Reporting Procedures for 3D Models
Case Study: Repsol Uses Real-Time Log Data and New Workflow to Accurately Calculate Well Depth
Caso de Estudio: Registros en tiempo real y nuevos flujos de trabajo permiten a Repsol calcular con precisión la profundidad de un pozo
Case Study: GeoViz application reveals key subsurface characteristics for Gulf of Mexico exploration
Case Study: Evaluation of Gulf of Mexico seabed uses seismic attributes and 3D visualization
Case Study: GeoViz Visualization with Voxels Cuts Days Off Interpretation Process
Case Study: E.ON Ruhrgas Combines Technology and Collaboration to Refine Well Placement for Optimal Hydraulic Fracturing
Case Study: Chevron Improves Gulf of Mexico Well Data Quality Through Advanced Automation Techniques
Case Study: Woodside Cuts Complex Simulation Runtime 63% Using INTERSECT Simulator and Petrel Platform
Case Study: KOC Uses New Workflow to Improve Well Performance Analysis and Forecasting
Caso de estudio: KOC utiliza un nuevo flujo de trabajo para mejorar el análisis y el pronóstico del desempeño de los pozos
Case Study: CNPC Optimizes Field Development Planning in Chad
Case Study: PETROM Optimizes Economic Development of Mature Oil Fields, Maximizing Shareholder Returns
Case Study: Merak Peep Software Enhances PetroKazakhstan’s Financial Management
Case Study: Dynamic Portfolio Management and Stochastic Analysis for Value Creation and Asset Optimization
Case Study: Improving Strategic Planning of Hydrocarbon Resources with Merak Software for Kuwait Oil Company
Case Study: Increasing Confidence in Reservoir Management with Merak Software for Kuwait Oil Company
Case Study: Colombia Information Management Goes Global
Case Study: Pigging Optimization with OLGA Simulator Saves more than USD 2 Million, Western Desert, Egypt
Case Study: Reliance Industries Uses New Integrated Geocellular Modeling Approach to Forecast KG Basin Reserves
Case Study: Improve Model Accuracy—Take Control of Development Projects
Case Study: Tullow Oil Resolves Drilling Uncertainty in Compartmentalized North Sea Reservoir
Case Study: Talisman Energy Improves Production Forecasting and Secures Future Production
Case Study: Improve Seismic Interpretation-to-Modeling Workflow Efficiency
Case Study: StatoilHydro Tests Innovative Geobody Rendering Technology Against Benchmark Standard
Case Study: Petrel Reservoir Engineering and ECLIPSE Simulator Improve the Static Model for Production Simulation
Case Study: CNPC Xinjiang Enhances Waterflood Recovery with Automated Pattern Flood Management, Junggar Basin
Case Study: SUCO Confirms New Gas Prospect Based on Seismic Attributes Using the Petrel Platform, Egypt
Case Study: Burapetco Uses FMI Microimager Data to Build High-Resolution 3D Static Reservoir Model, Egypt
Case Study: Petrel Guru Enables Rapid Reservoir Evaluation Through Automated Reporting and Data Extraction
Case Study: Optimize Well Paths to Reduce Rig Time and Drilling Costs
Case Study: Petoro Enhances Seismic Data Management Using Studio Environment, Decreases Duplicate Seismic Cubes by 90%
Case Study: PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources Pushes Production Efficiencies with Integrated Management System
Case Study: Murphy Oil Evaluates Pore Pressure from Petroleum Systems Modeling for Real-Time Drilling Support
Case Study: Premier Oil Evaluates Acquisitions with Merak Software
Case Study: Integrated Solution Safeguards Production for PEMEX
Caso de Estudio: Una Solución Integrada Protege la Producción de PEMEX
Case Study: Cairn India Mitigates Risk and Optimizes Business Performance with Unique Approach to CDMS
Case Study: Database Management Transformed Through Scalable ProSource System Implementation
Case Study: Petroleum Systems Modeling Provides Exploration Insight for Ecopetrol in Tectonically Complex Llanos Basin
Case Study: Operator Saves 32 Days When Drilling High-Pressure Wells Using Petrel and Techlog Platforms
Case Study: Saudi Aramco Develops and Implements Customized Tutorial Package
Caso de Estudio: Saudi Aramco desarrolla e implementa un paquete tutorial personalizado
Case Study: SNPC Integrates Seismic and Well Data Sources for Fast, Secure Access
Caso de estudio: SNPC integra fuentes de datos sísmicos y datos de pozos para un acceso rápido y seguro
Case Study: SNPC Improves Data Delivery with ProSource Front Office
Case Study: Severneftegazprom Reduces Operating Expenses by Using PIPESIM Software
Caso de Estudio: Severneftegazprom reduce los costos operativos con la utilización del software PIPESIM
Case Study: ONGC Improves Field Simulation Runtime by 20 Times Using the INTERSECT High-Resolution Simulator
Case Study: Staatsolie Optimizes Pipeline Network Management with PIPESIM Software
Caso de Estudio: Staatsolie Optimiza el Manejo de la Red de Líneas de Conducción con el Software PIPESIM
Case Study: Studio E&P Knowledge Environment Drives Productivity at TPAO
Caso de Estudio: El Ambiente de Conocimientos del Software Studio E&P Impulsa la Productividad en TPAO
Case Study: Providence Resources Reduces Exploration Risk Using Asset Transaction Advisory Services Offshore Ireland
Case Study: Windsor Energy Pilots a New Hosted PDMS Business Model
Caso de Estudio: Windsor Energy prueba un nuevo modelo de negocios PDMS hospedado
Case Study: Cut Multistage Fracturing Time by 15 Days
Case Study: First Application of AbrasiFRAC Service in Colombia Fractures Multiple Zones in a Single Well Intervention
Caso de Estudio: La Primera Aplicación de AbrasiFRAC en Colombia Fractura Múltiples Zonas en una Sola Intervención
Caso de estudio: La tecnología AbrasiFRAC permite ahorrar US$ 750,000 en costos de completación
Case Study: AbrasiFRAC Technology Saves USD 750,000 in Completion Costs
Case Study: AllSeal Service with Particulate Gel Simplifies Water Shutoff for Kuwait Oil Company
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Service Enables Successful Fracturing of Openhole Section
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Service Reduces Completion Time by 46% for Plug-and-Perf Operations, Eagle Ford
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Service Delivers 21% Increase in Productivity in the Eagle Ford
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Service Increases Productivity Index More Than 600% in Refractured Shale Well
Caso de Estudio: La Técnica BroadBand Sequence Incrementa el Índice de Productividad en Más del 600% de un Pozo Refracturado
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Service Enables Addition of New Gas Reserves in the Burgos Basin, Mexico
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio BroadBand Sequence Posibilita la Incorporación de Nuevas Reservas de Gas en la Cuenca de Burgos en México
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Service Contributes 42% of Total Oil Production in Well for Whiting Petroleum
Case Study: BroadBand Services’ Composite Fracturing Fluid Enables 64% Increase in Oil Production
Case Study: BroadBand Services’ Composite Fracturing Fluid Improves Production 62% from Thick Shale
Case Study: BroadBand Precision Service Saves 10 Days on 20-Zone Completion for Gazpromneft-Yamal
Case Study: BroadBand Precision Service Reduces Stimulation Time by 64% for RITEK-Beloyarskneft
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Service Boosts Production and Efficiency for Apache Corporation in the Anadarko Basin
Case Study: Comstock Uses BroadBand Sequence Service to Increase Gas Rate 700% in Haynesville Shale Well
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Service Temporarily Isolates Natural Fractures for Complete Wellbore Coverage
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Service Stimulates Wells with 50% Less Diverter Material, Bakken Shale
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Service Stimulates Well with Damaged Openhole Completion, Canada
Case Study: Clayton Williams Uses BroadBand Sequence Service to Stimulate 2,500-ft Lateral Despite Casing Leak
Case Study: BroadBand Sequence Fracturing Service Increases Production 42% in Wolfcamp Shale
Case Study: BroadBand Shield Service Improves Production by 12% in Infill Well and 5% in Parent Well
Case Study: Polymer-Free Fracturing Fluid Successful in Tight Gas Sands
Case Study: Time to Sales Reduced by 15 Hours
Case Study: Three-Stage Fracturing Treatments Save up to 12 Operating Days
Caso de estudio: Los tratamientos de fracturamiento de tres etapas ahorran 12 días de operación
Case Study: Maximize Production & Lower Costs in Shallow Gas Wells
Case Study: DeepSTIM Pronto Sand Control Treatment Achieves Zero NPT
Caso de estudio: El control de la producción de arena con el equipo DeepSTIM Pronto reduce el NPT a niveles casi nulos
Case Study: DualSTIM Service Increases Oil Production 300 bbl/d Per Well in Previously Uneconomic Wells
Caso de Estudio: El Servicio DualSTIM Incrementa la Producción de Petróleo en 300 bbl/d por Pozo en Pozos Previamente Antieconómicos
Case Study: Fiber-Based Fracturing Technology Bests Slickwater Treatment
Case Study: Fiber-Based Fracturing Technology Boosts Gas Production
Case Study: Reduce Water Cut, Increase Production with Foam-Based Fracturing Fluid
Caso de Estudio: Reduzca el Corte de Agua, Incremente la Producción con un Fluido de Fracturamiento a Base de Espuma
Case Study: FoamMAT Service Helps Operator Increase Production 440% in Depleted Russian Wells
Case Study: Технология FoamMAT помогает компании-оператору увеличить добычу истощенных скважин на 440%
Case Study: Petroamazonas Triples Oil Production and Reduces Water Cut by 15% Despite Close Proximity of Aquifer
Caso de Estudio: Petroamazonas Triplica La Producción De Petróleo Y Reduce El Corte De Agua En Un 15% A Pesar De La Gran Proximidad De Un Acuífero
Case Study: Oil Production Increased by 230% and Water Cut Controlled by Stimulation Using FracCON Fluid
Caso de Estudio: Incremento de la Producción de Petróleo del 230% y Control del Corte de Agua con un Tratamiento de Estimulación que Utiliza el Fluido FracCON
Case Study: Engineered Hydraulic Stimulation Increases 60-Day Oil Production by More Than 25,000 bbl
Caso de Estudio: Una Estimulación Hidráulica Óptimamente Diseñada Incrementa La Producción De Petróleo Durante 60 Días En Más De 25 000 bbl
Case Study: Produced Water Used in Well Treatment Fluids
Caso de estudio: El agua producida se utiliza en los fluidos de tratamiento de pozos
Case Study: Increasing Average Initial Well Production by 53% in Argentina
Caso de estudio: Incremento de la producción inicial promedio en un 53% en la Argentina
Case Study: Increasing EUR by 47% for YPF, S.A.
Caso de estudio: Incremento de la recuperación final estimada (RFE ) del 47% para YPF S.A.
Case Study: Channel Fracturing Gives Encana 24% More Gas Production
Caso de estudio: La técnica de fracturamiento por canales de flujo entrega a Encana un 24% más de producción de gas
Case Study: Unique Stimulation Combination Increases Long-Term Production 199% in Western Egyptian Desert
Case Study: Channel Fracturing Increases Production by 37% for Petrohawk in the Eagle Ford Shale
Caso de Estudio: El Fracturamiento por Canales de Flujo Incrementa la Producción 37% Para Petrohawk en la Lutita Eagle Ford
Case Study: Haynesville Operator Cuts Proppant Consumption 47%, Horsepower 16%, and Water Usage 26%
Caso de Estudio: Un Operador de la Lutita Haynesville Reduce el Consumo de Apuntalantes un 47%, el de Potencia un 16% y el de Agua un 26%
Case Study: HiWAY Technique Increases Condensate Production by 43% in the Eagle Ford Shale
Caso de Estudio: La Técnica HiWAY Incrementa en un 43% la Producción de Condensado en la Lutita Eagle Ford
Case Study: IHSA Increases Sustained Production up to 132%
Caso de Estudio: IHSA Incrementa la Producción Sostenida Hasta en 132%
Case Study: PEMEX Increases Tight Gas Production 32% While Reducing Operational Footprint
Caso de Estudio: PEMEX Incrementa la Producción de Gas de Yacimientos en Arenas Compactas en un 32% a la Vez que Reduce la Huella Operacional
Case Study: HiWAY Technique Increases Initial Gas Production Rate by 500%, Reduces Water Volumes By 20%
Case Study: Increasing 2-Year Cumulative Gas Production by 29% in Argentina
Caso de estudio: Incremento de la producción acumulada de gas del 29% en la Argentina al cabo de dos años
Case Study: HiWAY Channel Fracturing Exceeds Production Predictions by 44%, Eliminates Screenouts
Case Study: PEMEX Increases Oil Production by 380% During First Application of HiWAY Technique, Mexico
Caso de Estudio: PEMEX Incrementa la Producción de Petróleo en un 380% Durante la Primera Aplicación de la Técnica HiWAY en México
Case Study: Williston Basin Operator Produces 26% More Oil with HiWAY Channel Fracturing Service
Caso de Estudio: Un Operador de la Cuenca Williston Produce 26% Más de Petróleo con la Técnica de Fracturamiento Basada en Canales de Flujo HiWAY
Case Study: Operator Uses HiWAY Technique to Increase Production 36% with Less Water and Proppant
Case Study: HiWAY Technique Increases Production by 38%, Requires 32% Less Water and 37% Less Proppant
Caso de Estudio: La Técnica HiWAY Incrementa un 38% la Producción, Requiere un 32% Menos de Agua y un 37% Menos de Apuntalante
Case Study: HiWAY Technique Brings Record Production of 500 bbl/d in Egypt Well
Case Study: HiWAY Technique Doubles Production and Improves Efficiency in Tight Wells for PPL
Case Study: HiWAY Technique and Rod-Shaped Proppant Increase Fracturing Efficiency 99% in Depleted Formations
Case Study: Integrated Stimulation Strategy Identifies Savings of USD 734,000 per Well in the Wolfbone Play
Case Study: Milling 1,500 ft of Existing Cement Casing Saves USD 340,000 in Intervention Costs
Case Study: Kinetix Shale Stimulation-to-Production Software Increases Production by 40% in Eagle Ford Shale
Case Study: PetroChina Changqing Increases Initial Well Production Three-fold in the Ordos Basin
Case Study: Mangrove Stimulation Design and HiWAY Technique Increase Oil Production by More Than 200 bbl/d
Case Study: Mangrove Stimulation Design Boosts Production to Top 30 Percentile
Case Study: Lateral Well Measurements Increase Average Production by 200–300% Per Stage in the Niobrara
Case Study: PDC Mountaineer Improves Production More Than 50% With Optimized Completion Designs
Caso de Estudio: PDC Mountaineer Mejora la Productividad Más del 50% con Diseños de Terminaciones Optimizadas
Case Study: Engineered Completion Design Increases Reservoir Contact and Productivity in the Wolfcamp Shale
Case Study: Mangrove Design Software Increases Total Stimulated Volume 25% in Marcellus Shale
Caso de Estudio: El Software de Diseño Mangrove Incrementa un 25% el Volumen Estimulado Total en la Lutita Marcellus
Case Study: 3D Structural and Properties Modeling Using Limited Datasets Leads to Optimized Completion Design
Caso de Estudio: El Modelado de las Propiedades y de la Estructura en 3D que Utiliza Conjuntos de Datos Limitados, Conduce a un Diseño Optimizado de Terminación de Pozos
Case Study: Mangrove Engineered Stimulation Design Increases Tight Oil Production Eightfold for PetroChina
Case Study: Mangrove Stimulation Design Defines Geomechanical Characteristics in Unconventional Reservoir
Case Study: MaxCO3 Acid System Helps Nonproductive Well Achieve Sustained Production of 175 m3/d
Caso de Estudio: El Sistema MaxCO3 Acid Ayuda a un Pozo no Productivo a Lograr una Producción Sostenida de 175 m3/d
Case study: Production Increase of 1,010 m3/d with MaxCO3 Acid System and SXE Acid
Caso de estudio: Incremento de la Producción de 1 010 m3/d con los Sistemas de Ácidos MaxCO3 Acid y SXE
Case study: MaxCO3 Acid System Increases Bluell Formation Production by 500%
Caso de estudio: Fracturamiento Hidráulico con MaxCO3 Acid para un Incremento de la Producción del 500%
Case Study: PEMEX Uses MaxCO3 Acid to Increase Sustained Oil Production 700%
Caso de Estudio: PEMEX Utiliza el Sistema MaxCO3 Acid para Incrementar la Producción Sostenida de Petróleo en un 700%
Case study: Matrix Treatment Efficiently and Effectively Stimulates Wells in Qatar's North Field
Caso de estudio: Tratamiento matricial para una estimulación eficiente en el campo Norte de Qatar
Case Study: NARS Treating Fluid Removes Damage from Dolomitic Reservoir to Gain Additional 450 bbl/d
Caso de Estudio: El Fluido de Tratamiento NARS Elimina el Daño de un Yacimiento Dolomítico y Obtiene 450 bbl/d Adicionales
Case Study: Operator in Southern Mexico Triples Well Production Using Chelant-Base NARS Treating Fluid
Caso de Estudio: Un operador del sur de México Triplica la Producción de un Pozo Utilizando el Fluido de Tratamiento NARS a Base de Agentes Quelantes
Case Study: Bolivian Operator Saves Well in High-Water-Cut, Unconsolidated Sandstone Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: Un Operador de Bolivia Salva un Pozo en un Yacimiento de Arenisca no Consolidada con Alto Corte de Agua
Case Study: Significant Increase of Oil Production from Horizontal Openhole Lateral in Ecuador
Caso de Estudio: Incremento Significativo de la Producción de Petróleo en un Tramo Lateral Terminado a Pozo Abierto en Ecuador
Case Study: Complete Zonal Coverage and Less Water Production in Colombia
Caso de Estudio: Cobertura Zonal Completa y Menos Producción de Agua en Colombia
Case Study: Increase Oil Production Without Increasing Water Cut in Ecuador
Caso de Estudio: Incremento de la Producción de Petróleo Sin Incrementar el Corte de Agua en Ecuador
Case Study: OilMAX Diverter Saves Mexican Operator USD 7.4 Million in Operating Costs
Caso de Estudio: El Divergente OilMAX Genera un Ahorro de USD 7,4 Millones en Costos Operativos a un Operador de México
Case Study: Matrix Acidizing in Russian Gas and Condensate Field
Caso de estudio: Tratamiento de Acidificación Matricial en un Campo de Gas y Condensado de Rusia
Case Study: Matrix Stimulation with OilSEEKER Acid Diverter Restores Production in Dead Well with 70% Water Cut
Case Study: Bolivian Operator Uses High-Performance Acid System to Increase Mature Well Production 400%
Caso de Estudio: Un Operador de Bolivia Utiliza un Sistema Ácido de Alto Desempeño para Incrementar la Producción de un Pozo Maduro en un 400%
Case Study: Matrix Acidizing Treatment Helps PEMEX Increase Oil Production 45% and Gain USD 134,000 Per Day
Caso de Estudio: Un Tratamiento de Acidificación Matricial Ayuda a PEMEX a Incrementar la Producción de Petróleo un 45% y a Obtener USD 134 000 por Día
Case Study: Operator Increases Production by More Than 100 bbl/d After Pumping OneSTEP GP Fluid Through ESP
Caso de Estudio: Un Operador Incrementa la Producción En Más De 100 bbl/d Después De Bombear El Fluido OneSTEP GP A Través De Una Bomba Eléctrica Sumergible (ESP)
Case Study: Engineered OpenPath Reach Service Improves Production with 43% Less Acid, Kazakhstan
Case Study: OpenPath Reach Service Improves Acid Efficiency and Increases Oil Production 500%
Case study: OpenPath Services Triple Oil Production from Long, Hot Carbonate Well, Kazakhstan
Case Study: OpenPath Services Manage Permeability Variations in Hot Carbonate to Improve Production up to 300%
Case Study: OpenPath Reach Service Cuts Polymer Gel by 60% to Stimulate Carbonate Production, Kazakhstan
Case Study: OpenPath Stimulation Services Increase Production 250% in Long, Hot Well with Slotted Liner
Case Study: OpenPath Reach Service Saves USD 180,000 on Offshore Acid Stimulation for Middle East Operator
Case Study: OpenPath Sequence Service Raises Disposal Well Injectivity More Than 800% for Lukoil-NVN
Case Study: OpenPath Sequence Service Increases Productivity Index More Than 300% for Kuwait Oil Company
Case Study: OpenPath Sequence Service Delivers More Uniform Scale Control Treatment
Case Study: OpenPath Sequence Service Increases Oil Production by 70% in Mature Deviated Well, Kazakhstan
Case Study: Increasing Production 200% in Mature Field
Caso de estudio: Incremento de la producción del 200% en un campo maduro
Case Study: Multistage Stimulation Treatments Save Costs, Gas-to-Market Time
Caso de estudio: Los tratamientos de estimulación de múltiples etapas permiten ahorrar costos y reducir el tiempo de la puesta de la producción en el mercado
Case Study: Eliminating Composite Plugs Reduces Gas-to-Sales Time
Caso de estudio: La eliminación de tapones compuestos reduce el tiempo para conectar el pozo a producción
Case Study: PerfFRAC Technology Lowers Chevron’s Completion Costs by 10%
Caso de estudio: La tecnología PerfFRAC reduce los costos de completación en pozos de Chevron en un 10%
Case Study: PerfFRAC Technology Saves Completion Time and Money in Hosston Formation
Caso de estudio: La tecnología PerfFRAC permite ahorrar tiempo de completación y dinero en la Formación Hosston
Case Study: Customized produced water treatment gives operator significant savings
Caso de Estudio: Un Particular Tratamiento del Agua Producida Genera Ahorros Significativos para el Operador
Case Study: PROTECTOZONE VP Temporary Zonal Isolation Minimizes Reservoir Damage
Caso de Estudio: El tratamiento de aislamiento zonal temporario PROTECTOZONE VP minimiza el daño de formación
Case Study: Refracturing with BroadBand Sequence Service Increases Oil Production 212% for Slavneft
Case Study: ScaleMAT Inhibitor, Combined with Matrix Stimulation, Increases Stable Oil Production by 60%
Caso de Estudio: El inhibidor ScaleMAT, junto a una estimulación matricial, incrementa la producción estable de petróleo en un 60%
Case Study: StageFRAC Technology Quintuples Offshore Oil Production
Caso de estudio: La tecnología StageFRAC quintuplica la producción marina de petróleo
Case Study: StageFRAC Services Facilitate Completions in Tight Texas Sands
Case Study: StageFRAC Service Saves Rig Time and Costs in Edwards Lime Formation
Caso de estudio: El servicio StageFRAC permite ahorrar tiempo y costos de equipo de completación en la Formación Edwards Lime
Case Study: StageFRAC Service Increases Production by 230% in Offshore West Africa Sandstones
Caso de estudio: StageFRAC incrementa la producción en un 230% en areniscas del área marina de África Occidental
Case Study: Stimulation of a Nonproductive Horizontal Well Boosts Production to More Than 10,000 bbl/d
Caso de estudio: Reactivación de un pozo horizontal no productivo
Case Study: Multistage Fracturing and Completion for Subsea Openhole Sidetrack
Caso de estudio: Fracturamiento y terminación de múltiples etapas para un pozo desviado y terminado en agujero descubierto
Case Study: StageFRAC Service Increases Repsol-YPF Gas Production by 1.2 Million m³/d in Argentina
Case Study: Production Doubled in a Saudi Aramco Carbonate Reservoir
Caso de estudio: Producción duplicada en un reservorio de carbonatos de Saudi Aramco
Case Study: Evaluate Fracture Design & Well Placement
Case Study: Evaluate Fracture Design and Well Placement
Case Study: Gas Production Increases by 35% in Cotton Valley Sand Formation
Case Study: Improve Fracture Placement Using StimMAP Data
Case Study: Improve Production With Optimum Fracture Design in Real Time
Case Study: Talisman Energy Performs Multistage Stimulation in Just One 18-h Operation
Case Study: StimMORE Service Restores Well Productivity for a Major Barnett Shale Operator
Case Study: StimMORE Service Increases EUR in Barnett Shale Well by 0.25 Bcf
Case Study: Increase pH of Flowback Fluids in Dolomite Formation
Case Study: Pemex Increases Oil Production 162% More Than Predicted
Caso de estudio: Pozo de PEMEX Excede las Expectativas en un 162%
ThermaFRAC Shear-Tolerant Fracturing Fluid Increases Production 500% in HPHT Well
Case Study: Using UltraMARINE Fluid with the HiWAY Technique Yields 14-Fold Increase in Productivity Index
Case Study: Improved Production from Tight, Fractured Carbonates
Case Study: Restore Continuous Production
Case Study: Oil Production Increases by 238% in Chevron’s Tengiz Field
Case Study: VDA Acid and Jet Blaster Service Increase Gas Production by 243% in Carbonate Well, Pakistan
Case Study: Viscous Slickwater Replaces Hybrid Gelled Fluid to Improve Production by 35%, Osage Formation
Case Study: Perforating with Water Control Boosts Production 1,470%
Caso de estudio: Control de Agua y Disparos Incrementan la Producción 1,470%
Case Study: WaterSEEKER Water Control System Increases Oil Production 244%, Reduces Water Cut 65%
Caso de Estudio: El Sistema de Control de la Producción de Agua WaterSEEKER Incrementa la Producción de Petróleo un 244% y Reduce el Corte de Agua un 65%
Case Study: WellWatcher Stim Service Identifies Isolation Failure to Improve Stimulation Results, North Sea
Case Study: xWATER Service Eliminates Disposal of 7.4 Million Gallons by Using 100% Produced Water
Case Study: Engineering Analysis Shows Potential OPEX Savings of USD 1 Million on Chemicals per Year, per Flowline
Case Study: Advanced Logging Technology Reveals the Most Productive Zones in Woodford Shale Wells
Caso de estudio: Nueva tecnología de registros revela las zonas más productivas de los pozos de la formación Woodford Shale
Case Study: Barnett Shale Operations Achieve Remote Real-Time Microseismic Interpretation with Private and Dedicated Wireless Networks
Case Study: Reservoir Model Helps Plans for Infill Wells to Avoid Productivity Losses, Eagle Ford Shale
Case Study: Optimizing Stimulation and Reservoir Characterization Using LWD Measurements in the Eagle Ford Shale
Caso de estudio: Optimización de las operaciones de estimulación y de la caracterización de yacimientos en Eagle Ford Shale
Case Study: Mississippian Shale Seismic Reservoir Characterization Improves Gas Production
Case Study: Real-Time Measurements Optimize Marcellus Shale Well Placement
Case Study: Innovative Downhole Tools Used for Reservoir Test in Deviated Well
Caso de estudio: Utilización de innovadoras herramientas de fondo de pozo para una prueba en un pozo desviado
Case Study: Performing Two Well Tests
with High-Integrity Isolation System Saves USD 12M

Case Study: Cobalt Saves 2.6 Days Using the 9 5/8-in CERTIS System for Deepwater Presalt Well Testing
Case Study: CleanPhase Service Confirms Three-Phase Flow Rate Test Results
Case Study: Enable Recovery of Expensive Brine
Case Study: Efficient Reservoir Testing Discharge Treatment Recovers 402 bbl of Effluent
Case Study: Real-Time Reservoir Characterization Answers Optimize Deepwater Well Test in Underbalanced Conditions
Case Study: OMV Optimizes Well Test Design and Improves Reservoir Characterization in Complex Operating Environment
Case study: Commercial Potential of a Heavy Oil Reservoir in Ultradeep Water Revealed
Caso de Estudio: Revelación del Potencial Comercial de un Yacimiento de Petróleo Pesado en Aguas Ultra-Profundas
Case Study: Gauges Deployed in Hostile Downhole Environment Successfully Capture Accurate Bottomhole Data
Case Study: Flare Redesign Enables Continuously Flowing High CO2 Concentrations in Heavy Oil Well Offshore Vietnam
Case Study: PhaseTester Portable Multiphase Well Testing Equipment Conquers Challenges of Arctic Well Testing
Case Study: PhaseTester Equipment with Vx Technology Quantifies Sand Production During Postfracturing Flowback Operation
Case Study: Integrating Perforation Technologies Maximizes Productivity and Saves 23 Hours of Rig Time
Caso de estudio: Las tecnologías de disparos posibilitan una máxima productividad en un tiempo mínimo de equipo
Case Study: Laboratory-Quality PVT Measured On Site
Caso de estudio: Mediciones PVT de calidad de laboratorio obtenidas en sitio
Case Study: Sample Gas and Condensates in a Multiphase Flow Environment
Case Study: Measure Very Low Water Cuts Continuously at the Wellsite
Case Study: Efficient, Accurate Gas Well Cleanup in Unmanned, Environmentally Sensitive Area
Case Study: Jack Well Test Uses Efficient Real-Time Data Analysis
Case Study: Clean Up and Test Gas Wells at 120 MMcf/d
Case Study: Multiphase Flow Meter Captures Single-Phase Surface Samples for Accurate Onsite Analysis
Case Study: Production Accurately Measured for Fields with Varying Water Cuts and GOR
Case Study: Effluents Monitored from the First Opening of a High GVF Well
Caso de estudio: Monitoreo de efluentes desde la apertura de un pozo que produce con altas fracciones de volumen de gas
Case Study: PhaseTester Meter Allows ONGC to Simultaneously Test Five Wells Offshore India in 16 Hours
Caso de Estudio: El Medidor PhaseTester Permitió que ONGC Probara Cinco Pozos del Área Marina de la India Simultáneamente en 16 Horas
Case Study: Measure water cut from multiple wells at a common production station
Caso de estudio: Medición del corte de agua en varios pozos de una estación de producción común
Case Study: Vx Technology Provides Well Testing Efficiency and Rig Time Savings
Case Study: Vx Technology Delivers Flow Rate Measurement Solution for Extraheavy Oil
Case Study: 12,500 bbl of Reusable Condensates Recovered for Resale During GOM Decommissioning
Caso de Estudio: Recuperación de 12 500 bbl de Condensados Reutilizables Para la Reventa Durante una Puesta Fuera de Servicio en el GOM
Case Study: Biodegradable Gel Pig Operation Boosts Production 58%
Case Study: Reservoir Test String Delivers Comprehensive Postfracture Evaluation in Highly Deviated, Ultradeepwater Well
Caso de Estudio: La Sarta De Pruebas De Yacimientos Proporciona Una Evaluación General Post-Fracturamiento En Un Pozo Altamente Desviado Y Perforado En Aguas Ultra-Profundas
Case Study: Operator Saves Rig Time During High-Pressure GOM Perforating Run by Using Remote Dual Valve
Caso de Estudio: Ahorro De Tiempo De Equipo De Perforación Durante Una Carrera De Disparos Efectuada En Condiciones De Alta Presión En El GOM Utilizando Una Válvula Dual Remota
Case Study: Real-Time Wireless Transmission of High-Resolution Well Test Data Helps Petrobras Save Rig Time
Caso de Estudio: La Transmisión Inalámbrica en Tiempo Real de Datos de Pruebas de Pozos de Alta Resolución Ayuda a Petrobras a Ahorrar Tiempo de Equipo de Perforación
Case Study: Comprehensive Reservoir Test in Open-Perforation, Ultradeepwater Presalt Well Saves 10 Rig Hours
Caso de Estudio: Una Prueba Integral en un Pozo Presalino de Aguas Ultraprofundas con Disparos Abiertos Permite Ahorrar 10 Horas de Equipo de Perforación
Case Study: Single-Trip Downhole Reservoir Test Saves Rig Time in Ultradeepwater Presalt Environment
Caso de Estudio: Una Prueba de Fondo de Pozo Efectuada en un Solo Viaje Ahorra Tiempo de Equipo de Perforación en un Ambiente Presalino de Aguas Ultraprofundas
Case Study: Advanced Downhole Testing Combination Saves Client 4 Days of Rig Time
Caso de estudio: Nuevas tecnologías de pruebas de fondo de pozo permiten al cliente ahorrar 4 días de equipo de perforación
Case Study: Subsea Safety Systems Enable Rapid Disconnection from Well Following Unexpected Rig Power Outage
Case Study: Continuous Real-Time Data Support and Interpretation Enhances Caspian Offshore Well Test with No NPT
Case Study: High-Resolution, Real-Time Data Helps Venineft Complete Testing of
3 Zones 2 Days Sooner than Planned

Case Study: Chevron Completes Well Test Using Wireless Telemetry During Noisy Downhole Jet Pump Operation
Case Study: Eni Australia Achieves Reservoir Fluid Sampling and Analysis Objectives in 347-degF Well
Case Study: Wireless Telemetry with Real-Time Data Transmission Optimizes Reservoir Testing
Caso de Estudio: La Telemetría Inalámbrica con Transmisión de Datos en Tiempo Real Optimiza las Pruebas de Pozos
Case Study: Chevron Jack Well Subsea Test Tree Challenge
Case Study: High-Resolution Pressure Measurements in Extreme Environment Help Confirm Reservoir’s Viability
Caso de Estudio: Las presiones de alta resolución, medidas en condiciones extremas, confirman la viabilidad del yacimiento
Case Study: Accurate HPHT Measurements at 364 degF Enable Efficient Reservoir Interpretation
Caso de Estudio: Mediciones HPHT a 364ºF Precisas Permiten una Eficiente Interpretación de Yacimientos
Case Study: Highly Accurate Measurements Throughout 15-Day Well Test Enable Appraisal of Offshore HPHT Reservoir
Caso de Estudio: Mediciones de Alta Precisión a lo Largo de una Prueba de Pozo de 15 Días Permiten la Evaluación de un Yacimiento Marino HPHT
Case Study: High-Resolution, Real-Time Pressure Data Enhances Exploration Well Test Offshore Indonesia
Caso de Estudio: La Transmisión de Datos de Presión de Alta Resolución en Tiempo Real Mejora las Pruebas de un Pozo de Exploración en el Área Marina de Indonesia
Case Study: Robust Gauges Enable Evaluation of Downhole Data After Acid Wash
Case Study: Test, Sample, and Analyze in Extremely Harsh H2S and CO2 Environments
Case Study: Real-Time Testing Support from a Global Support Center
Case Study: Optimizing Plug Drillout Operations with Real-Time Flowmeter and CT Data, Eagle Ford Shale
Case Study: Vx Spectra Flowmeter Quantifies Proppant Flowback in Real Time During Postfracturing Plug Drillout
Case Study: Vx Spectra Flowmeter Enables Real-Time Sand Quantification During Drillout in the Eagle Ford Shale
Case Study: EverGreen Burner Minimizes Environmental Impact in Heavy Oil Development
Case Study: Multiphase Measurement Technology and Sampling Increase Auto Gas Lift Well Production by 40%
Case Study: Repsol Sinopec Uses Wireless Telemetry to Communicate with Gauges Installed Below the Packer
Case Study: Real-Time Wireless Data Acquisition Enhances Exploration Well Test in Harsh Conditions Onshore Iraq
Case Study: Muzic Wireless Telemetry Determines Potential of a Zone, Without Mechanical Intervention—Saving Rig Time
Case Study: Signature Gauges Enabled by Muzic Wireless Telemetry Obtain Real-Time Data from Lower Completion
Case Study: Results Proved Underground Storage Capacity with a Volume of Four Billion Imperial Gallons
Case Study: Beneficial Use of Produced Water from Coal Seam Gas Development Using Managed Aquifer Recharge
Case Study: Identifying Aquifers with Major Water Supply Potential in Region of Low Precipitation, Brazil
Case Study: Water Supply Secured for Major Oil and Gas Asset in Indian Desert
Case Study: 42,000 km2 Region Assessed for Water Resource Impacts from Potential Coal and Gas Developments
Caso de Estudio: Evaluación de una Región de 42.000 km2 para Determinar los Impactos de los Desarrollos Potenciales de Carbón y Gas en los Recursos Hídricos
Case Study: Coastal Fresh Groundwater Resources Protected From the Impacts of Climate Change
Case Study: DISCover Technique Records Data Below Normal Seismic Bandwidth
Case Study: Sichuan Geophysical Company Achieves Record Explosives Production in China Seismic Survey
Case Study: Integrated Seismic Solution Delivers Unparalleled Imaging of Complex Strata for Crescent Petroleum
Case Study: Improved Seismic Data Enhances Lateral Completion Design Quality in Texas