Technical Papers - List

Technical Papers
Technical Paper: Auto, Natural or In-Situ Gas Lift Systems Explained
Technical Paper: Application of Real-time ESP Data Processing and Interpretation in Permian Basin "Brownfield" Operation
Technical Paper: Pushing the Boundaries of Artificial Lift Applications: SAGD ESP Installations in Canada
Technical Paper: ESP Operation, Optimization and Performance Review: ConocoPhillips China Inc. Bohai Bay Project
Technical Paper: The Quest to Understand ESP Performance and Reliability at 220°C Ambient and Beyond
Technical Paper: First Successful Offshore ESP Project in Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: Production Monitoring and Surveillance of ESP Wells: Maximizing Production and Recovery in a Volatile Economic Environment
Technical Paper: Getting Smarter and Hotter With ESPs for SAGD
Technical Paper: How 24/7 Real-Time Surveillance Increases ESP Run Life and Uptime
Technical Paper: Production Forecasting in Heterogeneous Reservoirs without Reservoir Simulation
Technical Paper: Poseidon Gas Handling Technology: A Case Study of Three ESP Wells in the Congo
Technical Paper: Successful Offshore Deployment of the First Bottom Discharge ESP in Saudi Aramco
Technical Paper: Obtaining Real-Time Flow Rate, Water Cut, and Reservoir Diagnostics from ESP Gauge Data
Technical Paper: Laslau Mare Field, a Successful Case of Production Optimization in Brownfield Rehabilitation
Technical Paper: ESP Retrievable Technology: A Solution to Enhance ESP Production While Minimizing Costs
Technical Paper: Alternative Deployment of an ESP System in South America
Technical Paper: Using Dynamic Simulation to Assess Effectiveness of Downhole Pump for Gas Well Deliquification
Technical Paper: Successful First Offshore Fully Retrievable ESP System Installation in Congo
Technical Paper: Tandem-ESP-Packer Dumpflood Completion – A Successful Alternative to Conventional Encapsulated ESP systems – Field Case Study
Technical Paper: Converting ESP Real-Time Data to Flow Rate and Reservoir Information for a Remote Oil Well
Technical Paper: Providing Accurate ESP Flow Rate Measurement in the Absence of a Test Separator
Technical Paper: Candidate Selection and Operation of Commingled Production with a Dual ESP System in a Green Field Development
Technical Paper: Testing the Untestable… Delivering Flowrate Measurements with High Accuracy on a Remote ESP Well
Technical Paper: Breaking the 800 Psi ESP PIP Barrier: How A Proven Flow-Conditioning Technology can Dramatically Improve ESP Performance in Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Increasing Production With High-Frequency and High-Resolution Flow Rate Measurements from ESPs
Technical Paper: First Successful Experience of Hardened Stages for Sandy Wells at Northern Llanos Field, Case History
Technical Paper: Case Studies of Optimizing the Artificial Lift Strategy for Reactivating Abandoned Wells in a Mature Field
Technical Paper: A New, Slickline Accessible Artificial Lift Technology to Optimize the Production Strategy in the Permian Basin
Technical Paper: Extensive Application of ESP with Permanent Magnet Motor: Continuous Improvement for Energy Saving and Cost Reduction
Technical Paper: ESP Water Injector Well with Injection Pressure Available for Real-Time Monitoring Recovered 30% of Production in Low-Producer Wells: Case Study
Technical Paper: Successful Field Trial Deployment of ESP Rigless Technology in the Middle East: A Step Forward to Reduce Well Intervention Expenditure
Technical Paper: Data Management for Appropriate ESP Selection, Procedures, and Operation Results in a Significant Reduction of Early Failures
Technical Paper: Asphaltene Alley: Improving ESP Run Life In A Co2 Flood
Technical Paper: Benefits from Installing the Advanced Gas Handler in Conjunction with ESPs in Maxus SES Fields
Technical Paper: Streamline Operation of ESP Systems in the Ecuadorian Jungle
Technical Paper: Electrical Submersible Pumps for Geothermal Applications
Technical Paper: Use of Failure Analysis Techniques to Improve Reliability by Material Selection in SAGD Applications
Technical Paper: ESP Real-Time Data Enables Well Testing with High Frequency, High Resolution, and High Repeatability in an Unconventional Well
Technical Paper: Multiphase Flow Simulation of Horizontal Well Artificial Lift and Life-of-Well Field Case Histories: HEAL System Modeled in PipeFractionalFlow
Technical Paper: Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage with Electric Submersible Pumping Systems
Technical Paper: ESP Design Changes for High GLR and High Sand Production; Apache Stag Project
Technical Paper: The Challenge of Federation of Information for Automated Surveillance of ESPs: Field Examples
Technical Paper: Artificial Lift ESP Solutions for the Unconventional Plays in Eagle Ford Shale
Technical Paper: Development of Jubarte Field: From Project Basis to Operational Challenges and Solutions
Technical Paper: A Novel Approach to Retrofitting ESPs into Existing Subsea Wells
Technical Paper: ESP System Configurations with Flexibility to Manage Unconventional Wells in the Mississippi Lime Formation
Technical Paper: Pioneering Completion and Production Techniques for Unconventional Plays in the Permian Basin
Technical Paper: Managing Unsteady Multiphase Flow from Horizontal Wells with ESP Systems
Technical Paper: Experimental Investigation of Two-Phase Flow Performance with Electrical Submersible Pump and Helico-Axial Pump
Technical Paper: Jubarte—An Approach to the Operation of Deepwater ESPs
Technical Paper: Case History of Successfully Controlled Shutdown and Startup of ESP in Llanos Norte Field
Technical Paper: Improved Dehydration and Desalting of Mature Crude Oil Fields
Technical Paper: Electrostatic Dehydration of Heavy Oil from Polymer Flood with Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide
Technical Paper: Effective Dehydration of Canadian Heavy Crude Oil and Dilbit
Technical Paper: Jackup Drilling on Conventional Subsea Wellheads
Technical Paper: Improved Desalting of Challenging Crude Slates
Technical Paper: Successful Installation of Multistage Choke Valve Technology in Water Flowlines to Reduce High Pressure Drop Across Choke Valves
Technical Paper: Developing Reliability in Hydraulic Stimulation Operations
Technical Paper: Corrosion Rate Measurement of a Downhole Tubular Steel at Different CO2 Partial Pressures and Temperatures and Calculation of the Activation Energy of the Corrosion Process
Technical Paper: Stress Corrosion Cracking Evolution of Low-Alloy Downhole Tubular Steel in CO2 Containing Environment at 175 degC
Technical Paper: Compact Electrostatic Treaters for Floating Offshore Production Facilities
Technical Paper: Compact and Lightweight Equipment for Floating Production Systems
Technical Paper: 2-Prong Approach for Improved Operating Range of Electrostatic Crude Oil Treaters
Technical Paper: Brownfield HAZOP/PHA Application for Residual Risk Removal Creating a Safer Future from Current Studies
Technical Paper: Design Method Combining API and ASME Codes for Subsea Equipment for HPHT Conditions up to 25,000-psi Pressure and 400-degF Temperature
Technical Paper: An Innovative Solution to Accurately Address Water Detection in Subsea Wet Gas Conditions and Provide Accurate Condensate Gas Ratio (CGR)
Technical Paper: Representative Subsea Sampling—A Key Enabler for Flow Assurance and Better Metering Uncertainty
Technical Paper: Subsea Business: Fiscal Allocation, a New Endeavour for a Better Wet Gas and Multiphase Measurement
Technical Paper: Wet Gas Performance of a Low Energy Gamma Ray Multiphase Meter
Technical Paper: Subsea High Boost Multiphase Pump System Development and Applications
Technical Paper: A New Environmental Lubricant Supports Key Subsea Boosting and Compression Technology
Technical Paper: How to Increase Recovery of Hydrocarbons Utilizing Subsea Processing Technology
Technical Paper: The Future of Electric Controls—Trees and Subsea Processing
Technical Paper: Innovative Liquid Detection Sensors for Wet Gas Subsea Business to Improve Gas-Condensate Flow Rate Measurement and Flow Assurance Issue
Technical Paper: Offshore Tandem Loading of LNG—from Idea to System Approval
Technical Paper: Advances in Power Feedthrough Connector Technology for HP ESP Applications
Technical Paper: Operation of Subsea Electrical Power Systems
Technical Paper: Design Method and LRFD for HPHT Subsea Equipment for Extreme and Survival Load Conditions
Technical Paper: Benchmarking and Dynamic Simulation of Direct Electrical Heating (DEH) Operations in a Subsea Flowline
Technical Paper: Dynamic Simulation of Integrated Pipeline and Process Models to Investigate Slug Flow Impact on Subsea Compact Separation
Technical Paper: Using a Unified Controls System for Subsea Production and Pump Controls
Technical Paper: Field Development Optimization: A SURF/SPS Alliance Experience and Perspective
Technical Paper: Multi Functional Pipeline Systems
Technical Paper: Scale Deposition Control and Management in Subsea Fields
Technical Paper: Wellhead Design for Fatigue Optimization
Technical Paper: Subsea Smart Crossing—An Innovative Solution to Simplify Field Architecture and Enable Cost Effective Installations of Subsea Pipelines for Long-Tie Backs, Scarp and Canyon Crossings, and Ultra-Deepwater Applications
Technical Paper: An Innovative Damper for Subsea Pipeline and Jumper Vibration Controls
Technical Paper: Qualification and Development of the World's First High Pressure Subsea Boosting System for the Jack and St. Malo Field Development
Technical Paper: Cost-Effective HPHT Design Methods Using External and Seawater Depth Pressures
Technical Paper: CO2 Injection in a Saline Formation: How Do Additional Data Change Uncertainties in Our Reservoir Simulation Predictions?
Technical Paper: High-Impact-Resistant Cement Allows Challenging Sidetrack in Abu Dhabi
Technical Paper: An Innovative Inert Material to Cure the Losses in the Brent Depleted Reservoirs—North Sea Case Histories
Technical Paper: Engineered Cement Set Control Additive—Solution for a Long Standing Cementing Challenge
Technical Paper: Successful innovative water-shutoff operations in low-permeability gas wells
Technical Paper: Self-Healing Cement-Novel Technology to Achieve Leak-Free Wells
Technical Paper: Solution for a Long-Standing Cementing Challenge—Engineered Cement Set Control Additive
Technical Paper: Cementing a Production Formation with Low-Fracture-Pressure Gradient in Wafra Field, Kuwait
Technical Paper: Successful Application of Novel Cementing Technology in Hassi-Messaoud, Algeria
Technical Paper: Innovative Computer Model Increases Success Rate When Placing Deep Kickoff Plugs in Southern Mexico
Technical Paper: Self-Healing Cement System—A Step Forward in Reducing Long-Term Environmental Impact
Technical Paper: Cementing in HPHT Gas Environment Using a Novel Flexible And Expandable Cement Technology To Withstand Pressure And Temperature Cycles
Technical Paper: Flexible, Expanding Cement System Successfully Provides Zonal Isolation Across Marcellus Shale Trends
Technical Paper: Fiber Technology Simply and Effectively Cures Total Losses in Southern Mexico Without Knowing Size of Fractures
Technical Paper: New Thermally Responsive Cement for Heavy Oil Wells
Technical Paper: Qualification of Specialized Cement To Inflate Bridge Plug for Water Shutoff Application in Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Foam Cement Job Simulations: Learning from Field Measurements
Technical Paper: Successful Implementation of Engineered Fiber Based Loss Circulation Control Solution to Effectively Cure Losses While Drilling, Cementing and Work Over Operations in Oman
Technical Paper: Successful Cementing Based on New Design Methodology for Displacement of Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluid
Technical Paper: Don’t Get Stung Setting Balanced Cement Plugs: A Look at Current Industry Practices for Placing Cement Plugs in a Wellbore Using a Stinger or Tail-Pipe
Technical Paper: Degradable Fiber Pill for Lost Circulation in Fractured Reservoir Sections
Technical Paper: Application of Real-Time Process Control and Engineering Software Simulation in Foam Cementing
Technical Paper: Engineered Fiber-Based Loss Circulation Control Pills To Successfully Combat Severe Loss Circulation Challenges During Drilling and Casing Cementing in Northern Pakistan
Technical Paper: Overcoming Losses in Tophole Sections in Deepwater Namibia
Technical Paper: ECD Management Solves Lost Circulation Issues in Cementing Narrow Pressure Window: A Case Study
Technical Paper: A Statistical Evaluation of Cement Placement Techniques By Use of Cement Bond Index
Technical Paper: Proactive Novel Approach and Design Strategies to Zonal Isolation in a Highly Challenging Deep Water Environment
Technical Paper: How Knowledge Management Has Played a Key Role in Deepwater Cementing: A Service Company's Perspective
Technical Paper: Beating the Odds with Channeling in ERD Well Cementing: Solution to Persistent Channeling Problems
Technical Paper: Maintaining Well Integrity in Underground Gas Storage Wells in China Using a Novel Cementing Technology
Technical Paper: Successful Cementing of Ultra HTHP Wells under Managed Pressure Drilling Technique
Technical Paper: Implementation of a Fit-for-Purpose Cementing Technology for the First Gas Hydrate Production in Japan
Technical Paper: Implementation of an Engineered, Fiber-Based Spacer Solution for Improved Mud Removal - Thailand Case History
Technical Paper: Fiber Technology Improves Cement Bonding and Eliminates Sustained Casing Pressure
Technical Paper: Effective Zonal Isolation in Horizontal Wells: Mitigating Negative Impact of Mud Channels
Technical Paper: Successful High-Density Cement Plugs in an HP/HT Presalt Deepwater Well in Brazil’s Santos Basin
Technical Paper: Successful Cement Plug In HPHT Pre-Salt Offshore Well in Brazil
Technical Paper: A Case Study, Long Cement Plugs in Ultradeepwater Environment in French Guiana—Challenges and Solutions
Technical Paper: Overcoming Lost Circulation While Cementing Riserless Tophole in Deepwater
Technical Paper: Riserless Plug and Abandonment of Pilot Holes in Ultradeep Water
Technical Paper: Plug and Abandonment Using Reverse Cement Placement Technique in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Low-Temperature Dispersant Improves Cement Slurry Properties in Deepwater Operations
Technical Paper: A Practical Approach to Multiwell Decommissioning
Technical Paper: Real-Time Monitoring and Diagnoses on Deepwater Cement Barrier Placement: Case Studies from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Canada
Technical Paper: Use of Surfactant in Cement Slurry to Mitigate Incompatibility with Synthetic-Based Drilling Fluids
Technical Paper: Mitigation Strategies for the Risk of CO2 Migration Through Wellbores
Technical Paper: Engineered Solid Package Enables Lifting Cement in the Permian Basin
Technical Paper: Cost Effective Field Applications Utilizing Coiled Tubing Inflatable Packer System in South Mexico
Technical Paper: Stimulation With Innovative Fluid-Placement Methodology and World First Production Logging With Fiber Optic Enabled Coiled Tubing (CT)
Technical Paper: Effect of Real Time Measurements and Analysis on Carbonate Stimulation in Horizontal Open Hole Producers - Lessons Learned at Eocene Field in the Partitioned Zone
Technical Paper: Inversion of Distributed-Temperature-Sensing Logs to Measure Zonal Coverage During and After Wellbore Treatments with Coiled Tubing
Technical Paper: Redefinition of Well Interventions in Naturally-Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs through Real-Time Coiled Tubing-Deployed, Fiber Optic Monitoring
Trabajo Técnico: Redefinición de las intervenciones de pozos en yacimientos carbonatados naturalmente fracturados mediante el monitoreo en tiempo real con fibra óptica desplegada con tubería flexible
Technical Paper: Fiber-Optic Technology Allows Real-Time Production Logging Well Campaign To Continue Where Traditional Logging Tools Fell Short
Technical Paper: Successful Cementing Through Coiled Tubing E-Line: An Economical Solution for Coiled Tubing Drilling Applications
Technical Paper: Case History: Pilot Project With Coiled Tubing Drilling in Offshore South China Sea
Technical Paper: A New Methodology for Stimulation of a High-Water-Cut Horizontal Oil Well through the Combination of a Smart Chemical System with Real-Time Temperature Sensing: A Case Study of South Umm Gudair Field, PZ Kuwait
Technical Paper: Drilling Performance Optimization on Malaysia's First Coiled Tubing Drilling Pilot Project: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Peninsular Malaysia Coiled Tubing Drilling Case Study: Atypical Approach to An Unconventional Drilling Technique
Technical Paper: Case Study: Completion Design and Operation in High Dogleg Coiled Tubing Drilling Wells
Technical Paper: Coil Tubing Furan Resin Sand Consolidation Treatment on Multi Layered Formation in Peninsular Malaysia
Technical Paper: Achieving Optimum Placement of Stimulating Fluids in Multilayered Carbonate Reservoirs: A Novel Approach
Technical Paper: Case History: Sand Handling and Hydrocarbon Containment During a Coiled Tubing Cleanout of a Live Deepwater Well
Technical Paper: A Safe and Efficient Approach to 3 5/8" Coiled Tubing Reentry Drilling in Deep Gas Applications in Saudi Arabia; Successful Introduction of a New Wired CTD System
Technical Paper: Evolution of Coiled Tubing Industry in Offshore Mexico over the Last Decade
Technical Paper: First Offshore Coiled Tubing Intervention Using a Catenary System in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Improving Coiled Tubing Operational Capabilities to Overcome New HPHT Challenges in Mexico Offshore
Technical Paper: Coiled Tubing Operations on a Multi-Service Vessel for Deep Water Well Interventions in the Gulf of Mexico: A Decade of Experience
Technical Paper: An Innovative Integrated Methodology to Deliquify Gas Well Using In-Well Live Performance Coiled Tubing for Velocity String Selection and Deployment: A Case Study in Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: Steel Coiled Tubing Defect Evaluation Using Magnetic Flux Leakage Signals
Technical Paper: Modeling and Validating Pressure Transient Effects on Inflatable Bridge Plugs during Coiled Tubing Conveyed Perforating
Technical Paper: Successful Application of Fiber-Optic-Enabled Coiled Tubing and Inflatable Packer Used for Testing the Formation's Upper Zone
Technical Paper: 2 3/8- and 2 7/8-in OD Coiled Tubing Operations in Gulf of Mexico Shelf: A Safe, Reliable, and Efficient Way to Prepare for Re-Entry of Wells to Conform to New BSEE Regulations
Technical Paper: Managing Risk and Reaping Reward in a High Temperature, High H2S, Extended Reach Environment: A Case Study of a Coiled Tubing Stimulation Campaign in the UAE
Technical Paper: Isolation of Water Producing Interval in a Horizontal Well Completed with Multistage Fracturing System Using Two CT Inflatable Bridge Plugs
Technical Paper: Journey of a Coiled Tubing Catenary Operation: Best Practice at South China Sea
Technical Paper: A Systematic Approach to Horizontal Well Perforating With Coiled Tubing in the South China Sea, Malaysia
Technical Paper: Adaptability of Coiled Tubing Technology Enables Complex Well Abandonment in Gulf of Mexico Inland Waters
Technical Paper: Optimizing Pipe Management with a New Approach of Coiled Tubing Integrity Monitoring
Technical Paper: Extending Coiled Tubing Frontiers to Ultradeep, High-Pressure Well Interventions in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: A Technical Feasibility Study
Technical Paper: Recent Developments in Mechanical Descaling Operations: A Case Study from Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: A Novel Fatigue Assessment of CT with Defects Based on Magnetic Flux Leakage
Technical Paper: Surpassing the Challenges of CT Interventions in a Trilateral Extended Reach Well in the Arabian Gulf
Technical Paper: Successful Offshore Coiled Tubing Well Intervention in Mega-Reach Wells in the Russian Caspian: A 4-Well Case Study
Technical Paper: Coiled Tubing Completes Unique High-Pressure Well Abandonments in Remote Alaska Field
Technical Paper: Gas Shutoff Treatment in Mega Rich Horizontal Well With Coiled Tubing Inflatable Packer for North Caspian
Technical Paper: Turbodrill Bottomhole Assembly and Real-Time Data Improve Through-Tubing Coiled-Tubing Drilling Operations in Sour Gas Well
Technical Paper: Reviving Oil Production in a Mature Offshore Field Through a Downhole Coiled Tubing Completion
Technical Paper: Optimization of Underbalanced Coiled Tubing Drilling in Hard Sandstones
Technical Paper: Cost-Effective Approach in Stimulating Openhole Water Injectors Using Real-Time Flow Measurement A Case Study
Technical Paper: First Coiled Tubing Operation in Alaska Requiring 15,000-psi-Rated Well Control Equipment: A Case History
Technical Paper: Successful Coiled Tubing Based Selective Stimulation of a Remote Well in Challenging Offshore Environment: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Saudi Arabia's Manifa Giant Offshore Field Development: The Role of Technology
Technical Paper: Benefits Evaluation of Deepwater Intelligent Completion on Three Isolated Productive Zones Offshore Nigeria
Technical Paper: Intelligent Completions and Horizontal Wells Increase Production and Reduce Free-Gas and Water in Mature Fields
Technical Paper: Implementation of Next Generation Intelligent Downhole Production Control in Multiple-Dipping Sandstone Reservoirs, Offshore East Malaysia
Technical Paper: Pioneer Application of a Hydraulic Line Wet Mate Connect System in Combination with a Pod ESP in a Dual Lateral Intelligent Completion Well
Technical Paper: Powering Through a Lateral Junction for ERC Wells—Is It Really a Step Too Far?
Technical Paper: New Generation Intelligent Completion System Integrates Downhole Control with Monitoring in Multilateral Wells
Technical Paper: Prototype Test of an All-Electric Intelligent Completion System for Extreme Reservoir Contact Wells
Technical Paper: Intelligent Field Infrastructure: Distributed Intelligence and Retention Based System
Technical Paper: Compact Intelligent Completion: A Game Change for Shushufindi Field
Technical Paper: Polymer Field Trial: Deployment of Intelligent Technologies for Horizontal Wells and Real-Time Approach for Surveillance
Technical Paper: Achieving Operation Efficiency and Enhancing Production in a Brownfield With Multizone Gravel-Packed Intelligent Completions: Two Case Studies From Malaysia
Technical Paper: Successful Application of Intelligent Completions in Al Khalij Field
Technical Paper: A Full-Scale Two-Phase Flow Loop Test of Downhole Permanent Multiphase Flowmeter
Technical Paper: The Value of Transient Temperature Responses in Testing Operations
Technical Paper: Interpretation of Non-Isothermal Testing Data Based on the Numerical Simulation
Technical Paper: Real-Time Production Optimization of an Intelligent Well Offshore, Caspian Sea
Technical Paper: Advanced Intelligent Completion Solution for Extended-Reach Wells
Technical Paper: Case Studies of Hydraulic Wet Connect System for Pod ESP and Intelligent Completion Applications in Multilateral Wells
Technical Paper: Case History: A Decade of Experience Using Intelligent Completions for Production Optimization and Water Shut-Off in Multilateral Wells in the World's Largest Oilfield
Technical Paper: Real-Time Surveillance and Optimization of Wells with Intelligent Completions in Ecuador
Technical Paper: Drilling for the Next Generation of Multilateral Completion Systems
Technical Paper: Surface-controlled Formation Isolation Valves and Their Application as a Barrier for Temporary Well Suspension
Technical Paper: Advanced Drillable Aluminum Plug Technology Solves Operational Concerns: Pinedale Wyoming
Technical Paper: An Efficient Horizontal Cased Hole Multistage Stimulation Well: China Case Story
Technical Paper: Has the Economic Stage Count Been Reached in the Bakken Shale?
Technical Paper: Sleeve Activation in Open-hole Fracturing Systems: A Ball Selection Study
Technical Paper: Streamlined Completions Process: An Eagle Ford Shale Case History
Technical Paper: Application and Benefits of Dissolvable Technology in Open Hole Fracturing
Technical Paper: Degradable Alternative to Risky Millout Operations in Plug and Perf
Technical Paper: Infinite Plug and Perf - The Value of a Full Bore Degradable System
Technical Paper: Case History of the First TAML Level 5 Junction on a Rod Pump Well
Technical Paper: TAML-5 Intelligent ERD Offshore Well: A Case Story of Successful Application in the North Caspian
Technical Paper: First Intelligent Multilateral TAML5 Wells on Filanovskogo Field
Technical Paper: Determination of Load Effects on a Sealbore Packer with Floating Seal Assemblies During a Dynamic Underbalanced Perforation
Technical Paper: Openhole Mechanical Packer with Eccentric Shunt-Tube Gravel Pack Assembly Reduces Capex and Accelerates Production in Kaombo Deepwater Development, Angola
Technical Paper: Completion Design for Sandface Monitoring of Subsea Wells
Technical Paper: Using DTS Flow Measurements Below Electrical Submersible Pumps to Optimize Production from Depleted Reservoirs by Changing Injection Support Around the Well
Technical Paper: Monitoring Flow and Completion Integrity of a North Sea Subsea HPHT Appraisal Well During an Extended Well Test Using Permanently Installed Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensors
Technical Paper: Highest Reliability Provides World Class Benchmark for Permanent Downhole Monitoring Installation and Data Delivery in Malaysia
Technical Paper: Characterizing Reservoir Thermofacies by Using Distributed Temperature Sensing Measurements
Technical Paper: First Subsea Deployments of Permanent Electrical Distributed Temperature Array Enable OOZI Monitoring in Perdido
Technical Paper: Reducing Intervention in Subsea Wells with Fiber-Optic Technology
Technical Paper: Highest Reliability Provides World-Class Benchmark For Permanent Downhole Monitoring Installation And Data Delivery In Malaysia
Technical Paper: In-Situ Temperature Measurement of Gas Hydrate Dissociation During the World-First Offshore
Production Test

Technical Paper: Numerical Simulation on the Impact of Temperature Behavior for Cement Hydration for the World's First Offshore Methane Hydrate Production Test
Technical Paper: A Deepwater Sandface Monitoring System for Offshore Gas Hydrate Production
Technical Paper: Strategic Waterflood Optimization with Innovative Active Injection Control Devices in Tight Oil Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Enhanced Waterflooding in Multistage Fractured Horizontal Wells—An Integrated Design Workflow and Unique Application of Active Injection Control Devices
Technical Paper: The Importance of Asphaltene Deposition Measurements in the Design and Operation of Subsea Pipelines
Technical Paper: Hydraulic-Fracture Propagation in a Naturally Fractured Reservoir
Technical Paper: A Systematic Workflow Process for Heavy Oil Characterization: Experimental Techniques and Challenges
Technical Paper: Imaging Texture and Porosity in Mudstones and Shales: Comparison of Secondary and Ion-Milled Backscatter SEM Methods
Technical Paper: Hydraulic Fracture Crossing Natural Fracture at Non-orthogonal Angles, A Criterion, Its Validation and Applications
Technical Paper: Mechanically Induced Fracture Face Skin - Insights From Laboratory Testing And Numerical Modelling
Technical Paper: Improving Horizontal Completions on Heterogeneous Tight Shales
Technical Paper: Improved Petrophysical Core Measurements on Tight Shale Reservoirs Using Retort and Crushed Samples
Technical Paper: Challenges of Heavy Oil Fluid Sampling and Characterization
Technical Paper: Reconciling Retort Versus Dean Stark Measurements on Tight Shales
Technical Paper: Novel Method of Production Back-Allocation Using Geochemical Fingerprinting
Technical Paper: Understanding Permeability Measurements in Tight Shales Promotes Enhanced Determination of Reservoir Quality
Technical Paper: Novel Measurement of Asphaltene Content in Oil Using Microfluidic Technology
Technical Paper: Isolated-Cell Pressure-Decay Testing for Fast Characterization of Ultralow Rock Permeability and Gas Slippage Effects
Technical Paper: Clay Typing, Mineralogy, Kerogen Content and Kerogen Characterization from DRIFTS Analysis of Cuttings or Core
Technical Paper: Advanced Core Analysis Methodologies Quantify and Characterize Prolific Liquid Hydrocarbon Quantities in the Vaca Muerta Shale
Technical Paper: The Effect of Laminated Heterogeneity in Wellbore Stability and Completion of Tight Gas Shale Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Asphaltene Deposition Measurement and Modeling for Flow Assurance of Subsea Tubings and Pipelines
Technical Papers: Variation of the Asphaltene Onset Pressure due to Reservoir Fluid Disequilibrium
Technical Paper: Live Oils Novel Organic Solid Deposition and Control Device
Technical Paper: Direct Hydrodynamic Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Porous Rock
Technical Paper: Skin Calculation and Other Applications with New Sonic Measurement in the Gulf of Thailand
Technical Paper: Modelling of Depletion-Induced Microseismic Events by Coupled Reservoir Simulation: Application to Valhall Field
Technical Paper: Improved Petrology & Petrophysics Characterization of Complex Siliciclastic Reservoirs through Integrated Logs Analysis- Case Study in South China Sea
Technical Paper: 3D Coupled Reservoir Geomechanics Study for Pressure, Water Production, and Oil Production Simulation: Application in Umm-Gudair Field, West Kuwait
Technical Paper: Title Dual-Permeability Models for Coupled Reservoir Geomechanical Modeling: Application to Field Production Data
Technical Paper: Wellbore Alteration - It's Implications on Measurement of Formation Properties
Technical Paper: An Integrated Reservoir Simulation-Geomechanical Study on Feasibility of CO2 Storage in M4 Carbonate Reservoir, Malaysia
Technical Paper: Review of Methods for Uniaxial Compressive Rock Strength Estimation in Deepwater Formation With Uncertainty Quantification in Wellbore Stability Analysis in Absence of Core Measurements
Technical Paper: Foam-Assisted WAG, Snorre Revisit with New Foam Screening Model
Technical Paper: Understanding Shale Heterogeneity - Key to Minimizing Drilling Problems in Horn River Basin
Technical Paper: Prediction of Injection Induced Formation Shear
Technical Paper: Evaluating Horizontal Well Completion Effectiveness in a Field Development Program
Technical Paper: Geomechanics Characterization of the Clastics and Carbonates Formation of Southern Fields of Mexico (2005 - 2009)
Technical Paper: Real-Time Drilling Geomechanics—Successful Application in an Inclined Well in Ultradeep Water off East Coast of India
Technical Paper: Numerical Simulation of Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Middle Bakken and Upper Three Forks Tight Oil Reservoirs of the Williston Basin
Technical Paper: Pre-Drill WBS Evaluation: Plane of Weakness and Well Design—A Case Study in the South of Mexico
Technical Paper: Examination of Hydraulic Fracture Production Modeling Techniques
Technical Paper: Caprock Integrity Case Study for Nonthermal Polymer Flooding Project Using 4D Reservoir Coupled Geomechanical Simulation
Technical Paper: Systematic Evaluation of Unconventional Resource Plays Using a New Play-Based Exploration Methodology
Technical Paper: 3D Geomechanical Modeling and Wellbore Stability Analysis in Abu Butabul Field
Technical Paper: Multidisciplinary and Integrated Methodology for Deepwater Thinly Bedded Reservoirs Characterization
Technical Paper: Drilling Adjacent to Salt Bodies: Definition of Mud Weight Window and Pore Pressure Using Numerical Models and Fast Well Planning Tool
Technical Paper: 3D Modeling of Multistage Hydraulic Fractures and Two-Way Coupling Geomechanics: Fluid Flow Simulation of a Horizontal Well in the Nikanassin Tight Gas Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
Technical Paper: Production Decline Analysis of Horizontal Wells Intersecting Multiple Transverse Vertical Hydraulic Fractures in Low-Permeability Shale Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Reservoir Geomechanics Study for Deepwater Field Identifies Ways to Maximize Reservoir Performance While Reducing Geomechanics Risks
Technical Paper: Advanced 3D Geomechanics For Well Design In North Africa
Technical Paper: Innovative Wireline Logging Acquisition Coupled With Advanced Data Processing and Integration Allows Accurate Identification of Pay and Formation Fluids in Complex Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Effects of Economic Analysis on Re-Development of a Gas Field - Lessons Learned From a Reservoir Simulation Study
Technical Paper: Integrated Operations (IO) Design and Model for Samarang Field Conceptual Study
Technical Paper: Asset Development Drivers in the Bakken and Three Forks
Technical Paper: Utilization of Microseismic Event Source Parameters for the Calibration of Complex Hydraulic Fracture Models
Technical Paper: Evaluating the Impact of Mineralogy, Natural Fractures and In Situ Stresses on Hydraulically Induced Fracture System Geometry in Horizontal Shale Wells
Technical Paper: The First Successful StimMAP Job in the Middle East, Deep Tight Gas Exploration Well in Oman
Technical Paper: Logging While Drilling Resistivity Images For Geosteering
Technical Paper: Marcellus Shale Gas Asset Optimization Driven by Technology Integration
Technical Paper: Advanced Reservoir Evaluation Using Downhole Fluid Analysis and Asphaltene Flory-Huggins-Zuo EoS
Technical Paper: Dielectric Measurement Improves Formation Water Saturation Evaluation in Variable Water Salinity Conditions, Upper Bahariya Formation, Egypt
Technical Paper: Guiding Drilling by Look Ahead Using Seismic and LWD Data
Technical Paper: Evaluation of Scale Mitigation Options for a Mature Gas Field
Technical Paper: Analytical Reservoir Simulation and Its Applications to Conventional and Unconventional Resources
Technical Paper:Joint Inversion of Time-Lapse Crosswell Seismic and Production Data for Reservoir Monitoring and Characterization
Technical Paper: Integration of Geological & Coupled 3D Geomechanical Modeling to Evaluate Gas Injection Risk—A Due-Diligence Study Prior to iWAG Injection Development for the Bokor Field, Offshore Malaysia
Technical Paper: Application of Digital Rock Technology for Chemical EOR Screening
Technical Paper: Making EOR an Integral Part of the Redevelopment Strategy of a Matured Offshore Oilfield
Technical Paper: EOR: Challenges of Translating Fine Scale Displacement into Full Field Models -Part 2
Technical Paper: Quantifying the Effect of Drilling Azimuth in Shale Gas Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Seismic Guided Drilling: Near Real Time 3D Updating of Subsurface Images and Pore Pressure Model
Technical Paper: Reducing Target Uncertainties and Guiding Drilling Using Seismic While Drilling Technology, a Novel Approach in Andaman Sea Deepwater
Technical Paper: Integrated Workflow Towards Characterizing Hydraulic Fractures in Tight Gas Reservoirs-Modeling, Uncertainty Analysis, History Matching & Production Forecasting
Technical Paper: Meeting the Challenge of Reservoir Simulation in the World's Largest Clastic Oil Field - The Greater Burgan Field Complex, Kuwait
Technical Paper: sCore: A Mineralogy Based Classification Scheme for Organic Mudstones
Technical Paper: Paleogeomorphology Analysis and its Application in Exploration and Production of Karstic Ordovician Carbonate
Technical Paper: Advanced Reservoir and Tar Mat Evaluation Using Downhole Fluid Analysis and Asphaltene Flory-Huggins-Zuo EoS
Technical Paper: Best Practices and Application of Integrated Fit for Purpose Technologies to Revitalise High Water Cut Mature Fields—A Case History from Offshore South China
Technical Paper: Real Time Velocity and Pore Pressure Model Calibration in Exploration Drilling
Technical Paper: Unlocking the Potential of Complex Marginal Reservoir in Highly Mature Oil Field, XiJiang24 South China Sea
Technical Paper: Development Optimisation of a Marginal Oil Field in Bohai Bay China - Integrated Solutions to Overcome Challenges in Offshore Horizontal Well Construction
Technical Paper: Wellbore Stability Optimization in Shale Gas Wells by Integrating Geomechanics and Drilling Practices
Technical Paper: New Technologies Application To Solve Practical Challenges in Exploration and Development of HC in the Russian Sector of Caspian Sea
Technical Paper: Simulation of Chemical Interaction of Injected CO2 and Carbonic Acid Based on Laboratory Tests in 3D Coupled Geomechanical Modeling
Technical Paper: Calibrated Mechanical Earth Models Answer Questions on Hydraulic Fracture Containment and Wellbore Stability in Some of the CSG Wells in the Bowen Basin
Technical Paper: Innovative Method for Exploring Potential Reservoirs in Areas with Limited Data - Case Study from Deepwater South China Sea
Technical Paper: A Proactive Approach Towards Optimising Drainhole Placement Using "DTB" Technology in an Area Under EOR - A Success Story from Western Onshore Field, India
Technical Paper: Assessing E&P and Drilling Risks With Seismic Uncertainty Analysis
Technical Paper: Characterization of Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir with Advanced LWD Technology: Case Study of LHX-1 Oilfield, South China Sea
Technical Paper: New Approach to Geomechanics Solves Serious Horizontal Drilling Problems in Troublesome Unconventional Plays
Technical Paper: 3D Reservoir Geomechanics Workflow and Its Application to a Tight Gas Reservoir in Western China
Technical Paper: The Utilization of High-Definition Borehole Images to Determine Fracture Properties and Their Relative Age for Fractured Basement Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Production Forecasting and Analysis for Unconventional Resources
Technical Paper: Feasibility Study of Gas Reinjection in Giant Carbonate Reservoir in the Middle East—EOR Application in a Green Field (Case Study)
Technical Paper: Integrated Modeling for 3D Geomechanics and Coupled Simulation of Fractured Carbonate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Seismic—Deep Reading Electromagnetics Integration Takes on Deep Water Risk
Technical Paper: VSP Survey Assists in the Reservoir Characterization of Deep-Water Turbiditic Reservoir Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Joint Estimation of Reservoir Saturation and Porosity from Seismic Inversion Using Stochastic Rock Physics Simulation and Bayesian Inversion
Technical Paper: Geological mapping of the near seabed section on central Campos Basin through elastic attributes extracted from 3D reflection seismic data
Technical Paper: Reducing Pitfall Risk Using Seismic Inversion and Rock Physics Analysis
Technical Paper: Extraction of Geotechnical Attributes from Seismic Data: Towards a Quantitative Approach
Technical Paper: Wide-Angle AVO Waveform Inversion with WKBJ Modeling
Technical Paper: Scattering-Based Decomposition of Sensitivity Kernels for Full-Waveform Inversion
Technical Paper: Using Borehole Geophysics Measurements to Assist Drilling, a Case Study From Presalt Brazil
Technical Paper: Workaround to Build Robust Facies Model with Limited Input Data; a Case Study from North West Kuwait
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Inversion of Multicomponent Data in the Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Stimulation of Horizontal Passive Flow-Control Completions Improve Production and Recovery in Naturally-Fractured-Carbonate Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Improving Seismic Calibration and Geomechanical Models through Characterization of Anisotropy Using Single and Multi Well Data
Technical Paper: Multi-Well Walkaway-VSP
to Resolve Structural Uncertainty in the Haynesville Shale Play

Technical Paper: Borehole Acoustic Reflection Survey (BARS) From Modern, Dipole Acoustic Logs For High-Resolution Seismic-Based Fracture Illumination And Imaging
Technical Paper: A New Workflow For Petrophysical And Textural Evaluation of Carbonate Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Geomechanics and Pore Pressure Considerations for Successful Deepwater Exploration Drilling
Technical Paper: A Comprehensive Approach to Well-Collision Avoidance
Technical Paper: Rotary Steerable System Technology Case Studies in the Canadian Foothills: A Challenging Drilling Environment
Technical Paper: Rotary Steerable Technology Creates Value in Western Canadian Drilling Environment
Technical Paper: Well Optimization with Rotary Steerable Systems for Well Designs
Technical Paper: Remote Drilling Optimization Center Adopted to Reduce Drilling Risk Mitigation and Improve Drilling Efficiency
Technical Paper: KPI Benchmarking — A Systematic Approach
Technical Paper: The Evolution of Hole Opening While Drilling Practices to Enlarge Salt and Subsalt Sections in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: An Integrated Regional Model in the Gulf of Mexico: A Versatile Tool for Rapid Pre-Drill Assessments, While-Drilling Updates, and Prospect Grading
Technical Paper: Drilling Performance Improvements in Pinedale Antincline: A Case Study of the Applications of Rotary Steerable Systems
Technical Paper: Development and Testing of High Dogleg Rotary Steerable System
Technical Paper: Implementation of a Shock and Vibration Mitigation Process: Achieving Real-Time Solutions and Savings
Technical Paper: Remote Operations, the Future of Drilling: Directional Drilling Remote Control
Technical Paper: The Evolution of Rotary Steerable Practices To Drill Faster and Safer Deepwater Salt Sections in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Minimizing Risks, Maximizing On-Bottom Drilling Time: Turbodrilling with Impregnated Bits Improves Efficiency and Circumvents Trouble Time, Southern Oklahoma
Technical Paper: Experimental Study of MSE of a Single PDC Cutter Under Simulated Pressurized Conditions
Technical Paper: A Fit for Purpose Combination of Positive Displacement Motor and Rotary Steerable Systems Delivers a Step Change in Drilling Optimization in Tomoporo Field: A West Venezuela Case Study
Technical Paper: High Angle Directional Drilling with With 9 5/8-in. Casing in Offshore Qatar
Technical Paper: Drilling Automation: Technologies, Terminology, and Parallels With Other Industries
Technical Paper: First Application in Mexico and New World Depth Record for MPD Concentric Nitrogen Injection to To Drill Horizontal Wells in Low- Pressure Reservoirs at Samaria Field
Technical Paper: A Novel Strategy for Reducing Well Cost in the Piceance Basin by Using ECD Measurements and Air Injection Through a Parasite Aerating String
Technical Paper: Evolution of Multi-Mineral Formation Evaluation Using LWD Data in Complex Carbonates Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Successful Application of New LWD Platform Provides Integrated Real-Time Formation Evaluation in the Mediterranean Reservoirs
Case History Summary: Horizontal Drilling Performance Improvement Due to Torque Rocking on 800 Horizontal Land Wells Drilled for Unconventional Gas Resources
Technical Paper: High Dogleg Rotary Steerable System: A Step Change in Drilling Process
Technical Paper: From Issues to Solutions — Introducing the Multi Function Logging While Drilling Tool for Reservoir Characterization in the Greater Burgan Field of Kuwait Oil Company
Technical Paper: Geomagnetic Referencing Service - A Viable Alternative for Accurate Wellbore Surveying
Technical Paper: Sonic While Drilling: Multipole Acoustic Tools for Multiple Answers
Technical Paper: Characterization of Sampling While Drilling Operations
Technical Paper: High-resolution Images and Formation Evaluation in Slim Holes from a New Logging-While-Drilling Azimuthal Laterolog Device
Technical Paper: Shale Gas Reservoir Characterization Using LWD in Real Time
Technical Paper: Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Recover Reserves in the Bakken Formation
Technical Paper: High Performance Wellbore Departure and Drilling System for Accessing New Target
Technical Paper: Unlocking the Shale Mystery: How Lateral Measurements and Well Placement Impact Completions and Resultant Production
Technical Paper: The Significance of Accurate Well Placement in the Shale Gas Plays
Technical Paper: Unlocking the Secrets for Viable and Sustainable Shale Gas Development
Technical Paper: Approaching the Technical Limit: Mature Basin Benefits from Influx of Advanced Drilling Rigs/Tool Technology
Technical Paper: Drilling Fluid Design Enlarges the Hydraulic Operating Windows of Managed Pressure Drilling Operations
Technical Paper: Using Geomagnetic Referencing Technology for Precise Wellbore Placement
Technical Paper: Results of July 15, 2010 IADC Stick-Slip Mitigation Workshop
Technical Paper: A Comparison of Collision Avoidance Calculations
Technical Paper: Application Of Tandem Rotary Steerable-Positive Displacement Motor Bottom Hole Assembly In Drilling Horizontal Wells: Case Study Of Three Eastern Siberia Wells
Technical Paper: Effective BHA Design and Vibration Modeling for Improving the Quality of Sonic Measurements
Technical Paper: Testing the Combination of High Frequency Surface and Downhole Drilling Mechanics and Dynamics Data Under a Variety of Drilling Conditions
Technical Paper: Improved Drilling Economics and Enhanced Target Acquisition Through the Application of Effective Geomagnetic Referencing
Technical Paper: Compensated Neutron-Gamma Density for Formation Evaluation, Continuing Field Tests Demonstrate Improvements and New Features
Technical Paper: New Approach for Successful Sidetracking of a Cement Plug in Salt and Sub-Salt Wells at High Inclinations Using Rotary Steerable Tools and Reamers
Technical Paper: Advanced LWD Imaging Technology in the Niobrara – Case Study
Technical Paper: Drilling Automation: An Automatic Trajectory Control System
Technical Paper: Sourceless LWD Service Provides Unique Petrophysical Measurements for the First Time in Offshore Environment: A Case Study from Libya
Technical Paper: Geomagnetic Referencing in the Arctic Environment
Technical Paper: Real World Remote Operations: A Spectrum
Technical Paper: Real-Time Drilling Engineering: Hydraulics and T&D Modeling for Predictive Interpretation While Drilling
Technical Paper: Successful Application of Geomagnetic Referencing for Accurate Wellbore Positioning in Deepwater Project Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Collaborating on Real-Time Geomechanics Across Organizational Boundaries
Technical Paper: Directional Drilling Tests in Concrete Blocks Yield Precise Measurements of Borehole Position and Quality
Technical Paper: High-Confidence Vertical Positioning for Extended Reach Wells
Technical Paper: Automated Closed-Loop Drilling with ROP Optimization Algorithm Significantly Reduces Drilling Time and Improves Downhole Tool Reliability
Technical Paper: Integrating Casing Drilling and Conductor Sharing Technology To Optimize Brownfield Redevelopment Plans
Technical Paper: Solving Slow Drilling/Hole Deviation Issues: Modeling Effort Increases ROP by 250%, Saving Operator 14-Days Rig Time, Tuha Region China
Technical Paper: De-Risking Horizontal Well Through Application of New Deep Directional Resistivity Tool to Equate Seismic Data with Borehole Data
Technical Paper: The Value of Implementing Survey Management Technique on Existing Crowded Platform to Safely Drill Future Wells
Technical Paper: Geosteering the Impossible Well: A Success Story from the North Sea
Technical Paper: Sampling While Drilling: An Emerging Technology
Technical Paper: Sourceless LWD Porosity Determination: A Fit For Purpose Formation Evaluation With Significant HS&E Benefits
Technical Paper: Improving Well Placement and Reservoir Characterization with Deep Directional Resistivity Measurements
Technical Paper: Logging-While-Drilling Cement Evaluation, A Case Study from the North Slope Alaska
Technical Paper: New Generation Magnetic Resonance While Drilling
Technical Paper: Uncovering the Potential of Thin, Tight Gas Reservoirs in Sichuan Basin, China—New Development Campaign Using New LWD Imaging Technology and Innovative Interpretation Workflows
Technical Paper: Addressing Wellbore Position Challenges in Ultra-Extended-Reach Drilling in Russia
Technical Paper: Maximizing BHA Durability/Reliability: Turbodrill/Impregnated Bit Significantly Reduces Drilling Time in Granite Wash Laterals
Technical Paper: Innovative Managed-Pressure-Cementing Operations in Deepwater and Deep Well Conditions
Technical Paper: LWD Sonic Cement Logging: Benefits, Applicability, And Novel Uses For Assessing Well Integrity
Technical Paper: Design, Development and Field Testing of a High Dogleg Slim-Hole Rotary Steerable System
Technical Paper: Utilizing Wired Drill Pipe Technology During Managed Pressure Drilling Operations to Maintain Direction Control, Constant Bottom-hole Pressures, and Wellbore Integrity in a Deep, Ultra-depleted Reservoir
Technical Paper: Drilling Optimization in Deep Tight Gas Field
Technical Paper: Fit-for-Purpose BHA Design for Drilling Complex Wells Offshore Brunei Leads to New Industry Benchmark
Technical Paper: High Quality Images While Drilling
Technical Paper: An Innovative Survey Method Using Rotating Sensors Significantly Improves the Continuous Azimuth and Inclination Measurement Near Vertical and Offers Improved Kickoff Capabilities
Technical Paper: Workflow to Image Unconformities with Deep Electromagnetic LWD Measurements Enables Well Placement in Complex Scenarios
Technical Paper: Downhole Steering Automation and New Survey Measurement Method Significantly Improves High-Dogleg Rotary Steerable System Performance
Technical Paper: Casing While Drilling Utilizing Rotary Steerable Technology In The Stag Field-Offshore Australia
Technical Paper: Feasibility and Challenge of Quantitative Cement Evaluation With LWD Sonic
Technical Paper: Deepwater Wells Top Hole Cement Volume Evaluation using Innovative Hole Size Inversion from LWD Propagation Resistivity Measurements
Technical Paper: First Successful 6 1/8-in Long Horizontal Hole (9,000 ft) Steering into a 2-ft Thick, High-Temperature Reservoir and Completed with 4 1/2-in X 3 1/2-in Slotted Liner in the UAE
Technical Paper: Integrated BHA Improves ROP by 62% in ERD Operation Saving 29 Days Rig-Time, Sets Russian Lateral Length Record
Technical Paper: Unified Team Approach: Leveraging Real-Time Capabilities Reduces NPT While Enhancing HSE Effectiveness
Technical Paper: On the Benefits of Automation in Improving the Drilling Efficiency in Offshore Activities
Technical Paper: Combining MWD Ranging Technology and Gyro While Drilling (GWD) in High Inclination Wellbores Deliver Reduced Drilling Costs and Complexity Without Compromising Safety
Technical Paper: Avoid Pilot Holes, Land Wells and Optimize Well Placement and Production with Deep Directional Resistivity Logging-While-Drilling
Technical Paper: Efficiently Delivering Difficult Tortous Well Profile Deepwater Brazil Ream-on-Demand System Saves Operator Trip for Tool Change-Out
Technical Paper: Systems Modeling and Design of Automated Directional Drilling Systems
Technical Paper: Continuous High-Frequency Measurements of the Drilling Process Provide New Insights Into Drilling System Response and Transitions Between Vibration Modes
Technical Paper: Attenuation-Based Quantitative Cement Bond Index With LWD Sonic: A Novel Approach Applicable to all Casing and Cement Cases
Technical Paper: Fit-For-Purpose Acoustic Cement Evaluation Using Logging While Drilling in Deepwater
Technical Paper: Evaluating Formation Fluid Properties During Sampling-While-Drilling Operations
Technical Paper: Geo-Stopping Using Deep Directional Resistivity LWD
Technical Paper: Innovative Drilling Technologies Contribute in Implementing New Gas Lift in Well Design on Statfjord Field, North Sea
Technical Paper: A Horizontal Drilling Breakthrough in Developing 1.5 m Thick Tight Gas Reservoir—Case Study in Risk Uncertainty Management, Ordos Basin, North China
Technical Paper: Facies Analysis and Permeability Estimation In Late Cretaceous Giant Carbonate Reservoir Using LWD Technology, A Case Study in Sabriyah Field, North Kuwait
Technical Paper: Integrated Dual-Reamer RSS BHA Contributed to Completion Optimization, Statfjord Field, North Sean
Technical Paper: Performance Step Change: Optimized PDC Design for Directional Drilling Application Increases ROP by 39% Drilling Difficult Hard/Interbedded Formations in Northern Kuwait
Technical Paper: Reducing Risk and Improving Efficiency of Extended Reach Drilling Through Use of Sampling While Drilling Technology
Technical Paper: Drillbit Optimization System: Real-Time Approach to Enhance Rate of Penetration and Bit Wear Monitoring
Technical Paper: Improvements In Reservoir Fracture Network Characterization Using High Resolution Logging While Drilling Resistivity Images In Extended Reach Wells Under High Stick Slip Conditions
Technical Paper: New techniques Aimed at Facilitating Application of Directional Casing Drilling in Ecuador
Technical Paper: CwD Technology Improves Economics in Tight Gas Exploration Project in the Sultanate of Oman
Technical Paper: Directional Casing While Drilling (CwD) Reestablished as Viable Technology in Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: Innovative Rolling Cutter Technology Significantly Improved Footage and ROP in Lateral and Vertical Gas Applications in Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: Downhole Drilling Dynamics of Innovative Rathole Elimination BHA in Hole-Enlargement-While-Drilling Operations
Technical Paper: Quantifying Asphaltene Content from Downhole Optical Spectral Data during Sampling While-Drilling Operations
Technical Paper: Operating a Sampling While Drilling Tool in Low Permeability Carbonates and Lessons Learned on Hydrocarbon Breakthrough
Technical Paper: Well Productivity Analysis Integrating Ultra-High Resolution LWD Images and PLT: A Data Integration Case Study
Technical Paper: Unique Approach to Bit Design Coupled with Innovative Rolling PDC Cutter Sets New Performance Benchmark Drilling Extremely Abrasive Sandstone Formations, Usinsk Region Russia
Technical Paper: Integrated and Longest Directional Casing While Drilling Mitigates Hole Problems and Improves Drilling Performance While Saving Drilling Time
Technical Paper: Full-Range Quantitative Cement Bond Evaluation with LWD Sonic: The Right Way of Approach Using a Hybrid of Amplitude and Attenuation
Technical Paper: First Successful Logging Jobs Worldwide with a High-Resolution Logging-While-Drilling Imaging Tool for 8.5-in. Boreholes
Technical Paper: Invisible Lost Time Reduction and Drilling Risk Management Optimization in United Arab Emirates Onshore Field
Technical Paper: Robust Design of Rotary Steerable System RSS and Revised Drilling Procedure Deliver Superior Performance in a UAE Onshore Field
Technical Paper: New Positive Displacement Motor Technology Significantly Improves the Drilling Performance through Challenging and Abrasive Strata in Northern Kuwait
Technical Paper: The Role of Big Data in Operational Excellence and Real Time Fleet Performance Management—The Key to Deepwater Thriving in a Low-Cost Oil Environment
Technical Paper: Next Generation LWD Sonic Tool
Technical Paper: Petrophysical and Geochemical Evaluation of an Avalon Shale Horizontal Well in the Delaware Basin
Technical Paper: Planning and Placing First Waimea Horizontal Production Well - A Case History - Campos Basin, Brazil
Technical Paper: Drilling Performance Initiative in Campos Basin Block C-M-592
Technical Paper: Integrated Petrophysics and Geosteering Reservoir Characterization in the Initial Development Phase of a Carbonate Reservoir - Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Advanced Design and Execution Techniques for Delivering High Data Rate MWD Telemetry for Ultradeep Wells
Technical Paper: Drilling Evolution of the Ultra Deepwater Drilling Campaign in Mexico, Perdido Fold Belt
Technical Paper: LWD Sonic Data Analysis and Applicability in South China Sea
Technical Paper: Marine Magnetic Surveying and Disturbance Field Monitoring by Autonomous Marine Vehicles
Technical Paper: Efficient Drilling of Ultra-HPHT Wells in the Gulf of Thailand
Technical Paper: Influence of a Pipe Tool on Borehole Modes
Technical Paper: LWD Sonic Tool Design for High-Quality Logs
Technical Paper: Shear Slowness Estimation by Inversion of LWD Borehole Quadrupole Mode
Technical Paper: Drilling a Deep-Water Well in a Subsalt Structure in Mexico
Technical Paper: New LWD Slimhole Imaging Technology Applications for Completion System Optimization in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs in Mexico
Technical Paper: Minimizing Drilling Risks for Exploration Well in Deep Water Using Seismic While Drilling Technology
Technical Paper: BC-10: Meeting Drilling Challenges in Shallow Extended Reach Wells
Technical Paper: An Integrated Solution in Drilling First Successful Horizontal Well in a Deep Carbonate Reservoir of North Kuwait
Technical Paper: New Technology Delivers Results in Unconventional Shale Play
Technical Paper: World's First High Curvature Rotary Steerable System
Technical Paper: New Logging-While-Drilling Azimuthal Resistivity and High Resolution Imaging in Slim Holes
Technical Paper: Well Placement Using Borehole Images and Bed Boundary Mapping in an Underground Gas Storage Project in Italy
Technical Paper: Semblance Criterion Modification to Incorporate Signal Energy Threshold
Technical Paper: Estimation of the Formation Shear and Borehole Fluid Slownesses Using Sonic Dispersion Data in the Presence of a Drill Collar
Technical Paper: Geosteering and/or Reservoir Characterization the Prowess of New-Generation LWD Tools
Technical Paper: Slow Formation Shear from an LWD Tool: Quadrupole inversion with a Gulf of Mexico Example
Technical Paper: New Technological Developments And Methods For Improving Well Placement In The Vincent Field, Australia
Technical Paper: A New Standard in Real-Time LWD Sonic Capability: Improving Confidence in Critical Wellbore Stability and Formation Evaluation Decisions
Technical Paper: A Discovery in the LWD Resistivity Tool Response in a High-Angle Well — A Case Study of Spiraled Borehole Response
Technical Paper: The Introduction of an At-Bit Natural Gamma Ray Imaging Tool Reduces Risk Associated with Real-Time Geosteering Decisions in Coalbed Methane Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Advances in Formation Evaluation Independent of Conveyance Method: State of the Art Logging While Drilling & Wireline Petrophysical Analysis in a Carbonate Reservoir Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: New Azimuthal Resistivity and High-Resolution Imager Facilitates Formation Evaluation and Well Placement of Horizontal Slim Boreholes
Technical Paper: Neutron-Gamma Density (NGD): Principles, Field Test results and Log Quality Control of a Radioisotope-Free Bulk Density Measurement
Technical Paper: Reliability Indication of Quantitative Cement Evaluation With LWD Sonic
Technical Paper: Fracture, Texture and Saturation Analysis from High Resolution LWD Images and Resistivity
Technical Paper: Well Integrity Evaluation with LWD – Quantitative Full Range Cement Bond Index
Technical Paper: A Systematic Approach for Wellbore Drilling and Placement of SAGD Well Pairs and Infill Wells
Technical Paper: Quantification of Carbon Dioxide Using Downhole Wireline Formation Tester Measurements
Technical Paper: Methods for Real-Time and High-Resolution Formation Evaluation and Formation Testing of Thinly Bedded Reservoirs in Exploration Wells
Technical Paper: Identification and Characterization of Transition Zones in Tight Carbonates by Downhole Fluid Analysis
Technical Paper: Asphaltene Gravitational Gradient in a Deepwater Reservoir as Determined by Downhole Fluid Analysis
Technical Paper: New Downhole Fluid Analyzer Tool for Improved Reservoir Characterization
Technical Paper: In-Situ Density and Viscosity of Reservoir Fluids measured by Wireline Formation Testers
Technical Paper: Radial Profiling for Completion Effectiveness With New Sonic Measurement in the Gulf of Thailand
Technical Paper: Dipole Radial Profiling and Geomechanics for Near Wellbore Alteration Detection to Improve Productivity in a Matured Field
Technical Paper: Discussion on Formation Fluid Density Measurements and Their Applications
Technical Paper: EOS Based Downhole Fluid Characterization
Technical Paper: Dielectric Dispersion: A New Wireline Petrophysical Measurement
Technical Paper: First Field Application of Downhole CO2 Measurement in Asia Pacific
Technical Paper: Downhole Fluid Characterization Integrating Insitu Density and Viscosity Measurements - Field Test from Oman Sandstone Formation
Technical Paper: Tracking Interwell Water Saturation in Pattern Flood Pilots in a Giant Gulf Oil Field
Technical Paper: Identification and Qualification of Shale Annular Barriers Using Wireline Logs During Plug and Abandonment Operations
Technical Paper: Increased Certainty in the Determination of Zonal Isolation Through the Integration of Annulus Geometry Imaging and Improved Solid-Fluid Discrimination
Technical Paper: Real Time Integration of Reservoir Modeling and Formation Testing
Technical Paper: Investigation of Formation Connectivity Using Asphaltene Gradient Log Predictions Coupled with Downhole Fluid Analysis
Technical Paper: Formation Testing, Completion Integrity Evaluation and Geomechanical Applications using a Wireline Cased-Hole Formation Tester
Technical Paper: Combining Selective Stimulation with Tailored Perforating Improves Injection Profile in A Carbonate Reservoir: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Integrated Approach: Perforation System Optimization for Sand Prevention
Technical Paper: A Methodology Aid in Production Enhancement by Segmented Completion Using Sonic and Micro-Resistivity Imaging Data in Horizontal Drain-holes
Technical Paper: Interpretation of DFA Color Gradients in Oil Columns Using the Flory-Huggins Solubility Model
Technical Paper: Effective Perforating Design for Matrix Acidizing in Pre-salt Carbonates
Technical Paper: Applying Laboratory Validated EOS-Based Downhole Fluid Characterization to Delump Downhole Fluid Analysis Compositions
Technical Paper: Low Resistivity Pay Evaluation Using Triaxial Induction in Offshore South China
Technical Paper: Downhole Fluid Density for Water-Base Mud Formation-Water Sampling with Wireline Formation Tester
Technical Paper: Success Story of Downhole Fluid Sampling in a Very Challenging Environment in the Gulf of Thailand
Technical Paper: In-Situ Heavy-Oil Fluid Density and Viscosity Determination Using Wireline Formation Testers in Carbonates Drilled With Water-Based Mud
The Continuous Improvement of Formation Evaluation Data Assurance. A Case Study from Off-Shore Qatar
Technical Paper: Novel Perforation Job Design Leads To Successful TCP Shoot In A 3000 Foot Horizontal Carbonate Producer
Technical Paper: Casing Integrity Evaluation in Deep Well with Extreme Heavy Mud in Tarim Basin
Technical Paper: Quantification of Remaining Oil Saturation Using a New Wireline Dielectric Dispersion Measurement - A Case Study from Dukhan Field Arab Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Rapid Producibility Evaluation of Thin, Sand-shale Laminated Reservoir - A Case Study in South China Sea
Technical Paper: Enhanced Geomechanical Modeling with Advanced Sonic Processing to Delineate and Evaluate Tight Gas Reservoirs
Technical Paper: A New Method of Acquiring Open Hole Logs In Unconventional Wells
Technical Paper: Evaluation of Production Log Data from Horizontal Wells Drilled in Organic Shales
Technical Paper: Innovative In-situ Reservoir Stress Test Helped to Manage and Optimize Water Disposal under Fracturing Conditions in South Oman
Technical Paper: Reservoir Surveillance and Successful Infill Well Delivery in a Mature Asset
Technical Paper: Applications of Accurate In-Situ Fluid Analysis in the North Sea
Technical Paper: Reservoir Characterization for Fracture Distribution Prediction and New Well Target Identification
Technical Paper: Walkaway VSP Aid in Well Location Selection in Mumbai High South India, A Case Study
Technical Paper: The Natural Fracture Evaluation in the Unconventional Tight Oligocene Reservoirs - Case Studies from CuuLong Basin, Southern Offshore Vietnam
Technical Paper: Accurate Porosity Measurement in Gas Bearing Formations
Technical Paper: Application of Wireline Stress Testing for SAGD Caprock Integrity
Technical Paper: Integration of Mineral Model with Carbon-Oxygen Log Interpretation to Reduce Uncertainty in Hydrocarbon Saturation
Technical Paper: An Integrated Case Study of Improved Oil Pay Evaluation in Shaly, Laminated, Low Mobility Reservoirs Using Wireline Cased Hole Dual Packer and Production Test
Technical Paper: Reservoir Evaluation and Completion Optimization in Heavy Oil Sands With Dielectric and Diffusion Measurements
Technical Paper: Mini-DST to Characterize Formation Deliverability in the Bakken
Technical Paper: Oil-Water Delineation With a New Formation Tester Module in an Exploration Well
Technical Paper: New Wireline Formation Tester Development Makes Sampling and Pressure Testing Possible in Extra-Heavy Oils in Mexico
Technical Paper: Integration of Dielectric Dispersion and 3D NMR Characterizes the Texture and Wettability of a Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Carbonate Reservoir Characterization at Different Scales: Proving the Value of Integration
Technical Paper: Polymer-Locked, Crush-Free Wireline Composite Cables Reduce Tool Sticking and HSE Risk in Emerging Deepwater Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Combining Pressure Falloff and Buildup Testing Using Wireline Formation Tester in Coal Bed Methane Environment
Technical Paper: Reservoir Permeability from Wireline Formation Testers
Technical Paper: Fluid Saturation Monitoring by Cased Hole Logging for CO2 Huff-n-Puff Test in a Vietnam Offshore Field
Technical Paper: A New Method for OBM Decontamination in Downhole Fluid Analysis
Technical Paper: The Dynamics of Fluids in Reservoirs
Technical Paper: A Novel Approach for Efficiently Evaluating Extended Intervals in Coal Bed Methane Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Fluid Profiling for Reservoir Evaluation—Two Norwegian Case Studies
Technical Paper: Quantification of Low Levels of Mercury in Gas Reservoirs Using Advanced Sampling and Analysis Techniques
Technical Paper: Eagle Ford Completion Optimization Using Horizontal Log Data
Technical Paper: Asphaltene Nanoscience and Reservoir Fluid Gradients, Tar Mat Formation, and the Oil-Water Interface
Technical Paper: Hydrocarbon Saturation from Total Organic Carbon Logs Derived from Inelastic and Capture Nuclear Spectroscopy
Technical Paper: A Heavy Oil Mobility Quicklook Using Dielectric Measurements at Four Depths of Investigation
Technical Paper: Integration of Downhole Fluid Analysis and the Flory-Huggins-Zuo EOS for Asphaltene Gradients and Formation Evaluation
Technical Paper: Seismic Anisotropy Characterization in Heterogeneous Formations Using Borehole Sonic Data
Technical Paper: Estimation of Fluid Composition from Downhole Optical Spectrometry
Technical Paper: Integrated Solution for Emulsion Diagnosis in Horizontal
Production Logs

Technical Paper: Understanding Reservoir Quality Indicators in Marginal Marine Environment: Integrating the Advanced Wireline Measurements in Niger Delta
Technical Paper: Logging Solutions for Completion Optimization in Unconventional Resource Plays
Technical Paper: High Tension Electrically Controlled Release Device Improves Reliability of Stuck Tool Release in The Gulf Of Thailand
Technical Paper: Eagle Ford Completion Optimization Strategies Using Horizontal Logging Data
Technical Paper: Cement Evaluation of Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Casing for EOR Observation
Technical Paper: Applications of Advance Downhole Fluid Analysis and Interval Pressure Transient Test for Improving Oil Reservoir Characterization: A Case Study from the East Cost of Trinidad
Technical Paper: Openhole Tractor and High-Tension Conveyance Package Reduces HSE Risk and Saves 3 Days of Rig Time for Formation Fluid Sampling in a Highly Deviated Well
Technical Paper: New Method for Determining Mineralogy and Matrix Properties from Elemental Chemistry Measured by Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Logging Tools
Technical Paper: Mapping and Modeling Large Viscosity and Asphaltene Variations in a Reservoir Undergoing Active Biodegradation
Technical Paper: Natural Fractures in the Unconventional Shale Reservoirs in US and Their Roles in Well Completion Design and Improving Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulation Efficiency
Technical Paper: Flow Modeling and Comparative Analysis for a New Generation of Wireline Formation Tester Modules
Technical Paper: Assessment of Casing and Annular Material in Heavy Mud Weight Systems and Thick Pipes—Case Study
Technical Paper: Improvements of Sampling and Pressure Measurements with a New Wireline Formation Tester Module in Carbonate Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Formation Fluid Sampling with Drilling Fluids Tracers, and Downhole Monitoring—New Processes
Technical Paper: New Wireline Extreme Pull Systems Reduce Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Fishing Incidents Saving Operators 12 Days of Deepwater Rig Time and USD 9 Million
Technical Paper: State-of-the-Art Open Hole Tractor Enables Accurate Pressure Measurement in Horizontal Wells, Resulting in Significant Rig Time Saving
Technical Paper: New-Generation Ultrasonic Measurements for Quantitative Cement Evaluation in Heavy Muds and Thick-Wall Casings
Technical Paper: Leading Edge Developments in Ultrasonic Logging Improves Cement Evaluation Quality in Extreme Conditions
Technical Paper: Field Applications of the New Multidetector Slim Pulsed Neutron Logging Tool: Oman Case Studies
Technical Paper: Making Sense of Why Sometimes Logs Do Not See Cement in the Annulus
Technical Paper: Field Test Results in Malaysia Wells of a New-Generation Slim Pulsed Neutron Logging Tool
Technical Paper: Improved Determination of Hydrocarbon Saturation in an Unconsolidated Heavy Oil Sand Undergoing Cyclic Steam Stimulation with an Advanced Slim Pulsed Neutron Logging Technology: A Case Study from Kuwait
Technical Paper: Saving Rig Time by the Use of New Generation Ultrasonic Transducers to Evaluate Cement in Outer Casing through Section Milled Window of the Inner Casing
Technical Paper: Next-Generation Release Device: Strong, Safer, Efficient, and Rigorously Qualified
Technical Paper: Application of a New Array Dielectric Tool to the Characterization of Orinoco Belt Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Multichannel Oil-Base Mud Contamination Monitoring Using Downhole Optical Spectrometer
Technical Paper: Permeability Determination from Stoneley Waves in Gas Saturated Sands, India: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Reservoir Fluid Characterization With a New-Generation Downhole Fluid Analysis Tool
Technical Paper: Real-Time Integration Or Reservoir Modeling And Formation Testing
Technical Paper: Dielectric Dispersion Logging in Heavy Oil: A Case Study from The Orinoco Belt
Technical Paper: Wireline Dielectric Measurements Makes a Comeback: Applications in Oman for a New Generation Dielectric Log Measurement
Technical Paper: Dielectric Dispersion Measurements in California Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Trabajo Técnico: Evaluación de Formaciones en Campos Maduros: Resultados de la Prueba de una Nueva Herramienta de Dispersión Dieléctrica en la Cuenca del Golfo San Jorge
Trabajo Técnico: Operaciones de Logging a Cable, Especialmente con Herramientas de Resonancia Magnética, en Pozos Altamente Desviados en el Bloque de Aguada Pichana, Neuquén. Planeamiento, Construcción y Evaluación.
Trabajo Técnico: Imágenes Sísmicas por Debajo de Intrusivos Mediante el Uso de Walk-Away, en el Área Resero
Technical Paper: A New Capture and Inelastic Spectroscopy Tool Takes Geochemical Logging to The Next Level
Technical Paper: WAG‐CO2 EOR Horizontal Wells Pilot Surveillance at a Giant Abu Dhabi Oil Field: First‐of‐a‐Kind 3D Monitoring Plan Using DeepLook Electromagnetics (DLEM)
Technical Paper: Determination of Formation Organic Carbon Content Using A New Neutron-Induced Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Service That Directly Measures Carbon
Technical Paper: Better Exploitation of Granitic Reservoirs: Understanding the Role of Stress Regime and Fractures
Technical Paper: WBM Contamination Monitoring While Sampling Formation Water with Formation Testers: A Novel Approach
Technical Paper: DFA Connectivity Advisor: A New Workflow to Use Measured and Modeled Fluid Gradients for Analysis of Reservoir Connectivity
Technical Paper: New Generation of Ultrasonic Technology for Cement Evaluation in Complex Environments
Technical Paper: Field Test Results of a New Dielectric Dispersion Tool: Improving Production Prediction in the San Jorge Basin
Technical Paper: The Evaluation of Specialized Cements
Technical Paper: Real-Time Downhole pH Measurement Using Optical Spectroscopy
Technical Paper: Downhole pH Measurement for WBM Contamination Monitoring and Transition Zone Characterization
Technical Paper: Wireline Evaluation Technology in HPHT Wells
Technical Paper: An Innovative New System for Obtaining Open Hole Logs in Difficult Wells
Technical Paper: An Innovative Dielectric Dispersion Measurement for Better Evaluation of Thin Layered Reservoirs Applied in a South Italy Well
Technical Paper: Petrophysical Evaluation of Unconventional Najmah Formation of Kuwait
Technical Paper: Understanding the Interplay of Fractures, Stresses and Facies in Unconventional Reservoirs - Case Study from Chad Granites
Technical Paper: Reservoir Characterization by Crosswell Seismic in Dom João Field, Brazil
Technical Paper: Advanced Downhole Fluid Analysis
Technical Paper: Fluid-Front Tracking in a Mature Jurassic Carbonate Reservoir Using Innovative Pulsed Neutron Solutions for the First Time Offshore Abu Dhabi
Technical Paper: Joint Inversion of Borehole Electromagnetic and Sonic Measurements
Technical Paper: Sonic-Derived TI Anisotropy as a Guide for Seismic Velocity Model Building
Technical Paper: A Modular Wireline Sonic Tool for Measurements of 3D (Azimuthal, Radial, and Axial) Formation Acoustic Properties
Technical Paper: Slowness-Frequency Projection Logs: A New QC Method For Accurate Sonic Slowness Evaluation
Technical Paper: Acoustic Characterization Of An Extremely Slow Formation In California
Technical Paper: Engineering the Next-Generation Downhole Fluid Analysis Tool
Technical Paper: Downhole Fluid Analysis Coupled with Novel Asphaltene Science for Reservoir Evaluation
Technical Paper: Case Studies in Evaluation of Cement with Wireline Logs in a Deep Water Environment
Technical Paper: Applications of Dielectric Dispersion Logging to Oil Shale Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Field Test Results Of A New-Genaration Large-Bore Rotary Coring Tool
Technical Paper: Carbonate Petrophysics in Wells Drilled With Oil-Base Mud
Technical Paper: Overburden Characterization For Geomechanics And Geophysical Applications In The Eldfisk Field: A North Seas Case Study
Technical Paper: Continuous Statistical Indicator Of Stress-Induced Dipole Flexural Wave Anisotropy
Technical Paper: New Wireline Dielectric Dispersion Logging Tool Result in Fluvio-Delatic Sands Drilled with Oil-Based Mud
Technical Paper: The Dynamics of Reservoir Fluids and Their Substantial Systematic Variations
Technical Paper: Reducing OOIP Uncertainty in HPHT Environments with Improved-Accuracy Formation Pressure Measurements
Technical Paper: Inversion-Based Workflow for Quantitative Interpretation of the New-Generation Oil-Based Mud Resistivity Imager
Technical Paper: Design and Field Testing of a New High-Definition Microresistivity Imaging Tool Engineered for Oil-Based Mud
Technical Paper: A New Approach to Obtain In-Situ Live Fluid Compressibility in Formation Testing
Technical Paper: Downhole Viscosity Measurement: Revealing Reservoir Fluid Complexities and Architecture
Technical Paper: Advanced Formation Logging: A Case Study of Revealing the True Potential of a Gas Reservoir
Technical Paper: Integrated Stress and Anisotropy Analysis Using Multi-Well Borehole Sonic and Image Data in the Kinabalu Field, Malaysia
Technical Paper: An Innovative Slim Pulsed Neutron Logging Tool
Technical Paper: Fast Neutron Cross-Section Measurement Physics and Applications
Technical Paper: State of the Art Pulsed Neutron Service Unlocks "Stranded Oil" in CO2 EOR Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Solving for Reservoir Saturations Using Multiple Formation Property Measurements From a Single Pulsed Neutron Logging Tool
Technical Paper: Mineral Model Improvement Using High Resolution Cased Hole Spectroscopy Measurements, Applied for Jurassic Carbonate Reservoirs, Offshore Abu Dhabi
Technical Paper: Ultrasonic Cement Logging—Expanding the Operating Envelope and Efficiency
Technical Paper: Horizontal Cased Hole Evaluation Using a New Pulsed Neutron Spectroscopy Tool and Dipole Sonic
Technical Paper: Innovative Approach to Characterizing a Heavy Oil North Sea Reservoir Drilled with OBM, using Multi-Depth of Investigation NMR, Dielectric Dispersion and Sonic Anisotropy
Technical Paper: Increasing Reliability of Cutting/Pulling Casing in a Single Trip
Technical Paper: New Tools and Procedures Increase Reliability of Openhole Sidetrack Operations
Technical Paper: Innovative Whipstock Technology/Procedures Successfully Complete Challenging Low-Side, Uncemented Casing Exits: UK North Sea
Technical Paper: Innovative Drilling System with a Built-In Kick-Off Ramp Allows Dependable Curve Building in Granite Wash Formation
Technical Paper: Selection of an Interval for Massive Hydraulic Stimulation in Well DP 23-1, Desert Peak East Egs Project, Nevada
Technical Paper: Managing Geothermal Resource Risk - Experience From The United States
Technical Paper: Numerical Simulation and Performance Evaluation of the Uenotai Geothermal Field, Akita Prefecture
Technical Paper: Numerical Reservoir-Wellbore-Pipeline Simulation Model of The Geysers Geothermal Field, California, USA
Technical Paper: Conceptual Modeling and Tracer Testing at Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal
Technical Paper: Fifty Years of Power Generation at the Geysers Geothermal Field, California - The Lesson Learned
Technical Paper: Advances in Multiple-Legged Well Completion Methodology at the Geysers Geothermal Field, California
Technical Paper: Pico Alto, Terceira - A New Geothermal Field in the Azores
Technical Paper: Borehole Image Analysis and Geological Interpretation of Selected Features in Well DP 27-15 at Desert Peak, Nevada: Pre-Stimulation Evaluation of an Enhanced Geothermal System
Technical Paper: Lithologies, Hydrothermal Alteration, and Rock Mechanical Properties in Wells 15-12 and BCH-3, Bradys Hot Springs Geothermal Field, Nevada
Technical Paper: Rock Mechanical Testing and Petrologic Analysis in Support of Well Stimulation Activities at the Desert Peak Geothermal Field, Nevada
Technical Paper: Numerical Reservoir-Modeling of Forty Years of Injectate Recovery at The Geysers Geothermal Field, California, USA
Technical Paper: Numerical Modeling for Resource Management at Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Azores, Portugal
Technical Paper: Production-Injection Optimization Using Numerical Modeling at Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Azores
Technical Paper: An Alternative and Modular Approach to Enhanced Geothermal Systems
Technical Paper: An Analysis of Power Generation Prospects from Enhanced Geothermal Systems
Technical Paper: Booking Geothermal Energy Reserves
Technical Paper: Is EGS Commercially Feasible?
Technical Paper: Well Productivity Enhancement by Drilling Multi-Legged Wells: A Quantitative Assessment
Technical Paper: Cost of Electric Power from Enhanced Geothermal Systems - Its Sensitivity and Optimization
Technical Paper: Quantification of Geothermal Resource Risk - A Practical Perspective
Technical Paper: Geothermal Resource Risks in Indonesia - A Statistical Inquiry
Technical Paper: An Investigation of Drilling Success in Geothermal Exploration, Development and Operation
Technical Paper: Success and the Learning Curve Effect in Geothermal Well Drilling - A worldwide Survey
Technical Paper: Assessing the Rye Patch Geothermal Field, a Classic Basin-and-Range Resource
Technical Paper: Classification of Geothermal Systems – A Possible Scheme
Technical Paper: Ensuring Resource Adequacy for a Commercial Geothermal Project
Technical Paper: Future of Geothermal Energy
Technical Paper: Injection Testing for an Enhanced Geothermal System Project at Desert Peak, Nevada
Technical Paper: On Minimizing the Levelized Cost of Electric Power from Enhanced Geothermal Systems
Technical Paper: One Discipline, Two Arenas - Reservoir Engineering in Geothermal and Petroleum Industries
Technical Paper: Power Generation Potential in Chingshui Geothermal Field, Taiwan
Technical Paper: National Content in Brazil—An Ongoing Initiative with Cost-Effective Results
Technical Paper: An Oilfield Services Malaria Prevention Program in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Strategy for Sustained Effectiveness
Technical Paper: Strengthening a Company's Fight Against Malaria Among Semi-immunes: Spouses on the Frontline
Technical Paper: Enhanced Environmental Management for Land Based Seismic Acquisition using a Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System
Technical Paper: An Innovative Approach to Malaria Prevention Based on a QHSE Management System: Experience and Case Study from West and Southern Africa
Technical Paper: Building a Global Driving Program that Delivers Superior Results
Technical Paper: A New Aviation Management System for Managing Air Transport
Technical Paper: Measuring Environmental Performance in Oilfield Services: Developing Meaningful Indicators
Technical Paper: Sharing the Benefits of Corporate Driving Training with the Community
Technical Paper: Global Environmental Performance Indicators in an E&P Service Company
Technical Paper: Delivering Environmental Assurance in a Global Organization
Technical Paper: Operational Challenges and Lessons Learned From Drilling an Ultradeepwater Wildcat Well in a Logistically Challenging Frontier Environment Offshore French Guiana
Technical Paper: Case History: Casing Collapse During Concentric Drilling Operation Leads to New Casing Design Approach for HP/HT Wells with Low Reservoir Pressure and/or N2 Injection
Technical Paper: Identifying and Surviving a 1,500 ft Long Keyseat at 18,000 ft—A Case History and Lessons Learned
Technical Paper: Completion Optimization Using Both Vertical and Horizontal Measurements, an Eagle Ford Shale Case Study
Technical Paper: Automation of Well Construction Fluids Domain
Technical Paper: Development of an Automated System for the Rapid Detection of Drilling Anomalies Using Standpipe and Discharge Pressure
Technical Paper: ECD Management and Pore Pressure Determination with MPD Improves Efficiency in GOM Well
Technical Paper: A Significant MWD Tool Signal Strength Improvement: Another Advantage of Using a Treated Micronized Barite Drilling Fluid System
Technical Paper: Anatomy Of MPD Well Failures: Lessons Learned from a Series of Difficult Wells
Technical Paper: Case Study - ECD Management Strategy Solves Lost Circulation Issues on Complex Salt Diapirs/Paleocene Reservoir
Technical Paper: Drilling Systems Automation: Current State, Initiatives and Potential Impact
Technical Paper: HP/HT Exploration Well in Offshore Malaysia Pushed Automated MPD System to Maximum Utilization, Identifying Safest Drilling Operating Window
Technical Paper: Effective Hydraulic Modeling and Field Data for Deepwater Horizontal Well With Low Drilling Margins in Unconsolidated Formation
Technical Paper: Alternative Drilling Fluid Weighting Agents: A Comprehensive Study on Ilmenite and Hematite
Technical Paper: A Comprehensive Experimental Study on Wellbore Strengthening
Technical Paper: Drill Cuttings Re-Injection Well Design and Completion: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
Technical Paper: Automated MPD and an Engineered Solution: Case Histories from Western Canada
Technical Paper: Shale-Fluid Interactions and Drilling Fluids Designs
Technical Paper: Feed to Execution: First Successful Hydraulic Fracture Cuttings Re-Injection Process Offshore Abu Dhabi
Technical Paper: The Revolution in Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluids
Technical Paper: Taming of the Shoe
Technical Paper: Fundamentals of Mechanical Debris Management
Technical Paper: A New Generation of Well Surveillance for Early Detection of Gains and Losses When Drilling Very High Profile Ultradeepwater Wells, Improving Safety, and Optimizing Operating Procedures
Technical Paper: Proposed Refracturing Methodology in the Haynesville Shale
Technical Paper: Production Performance of Infill Horizontal Wells vs. Pre-Existing Wells in the Major US Unconventional Basins
Technical Paper: First Laboratory Perforating Tests in Coal Show Lower-Than-Expected Penetration
Technical Paper: Productivity Increase Using the Combination of Formation Isolation Valve and Dynamic Underbalanced Perforation
Technical Paper: Minimize Risk and Improve Efficiency Associated With Electric Coiled Tubing Perforating Operations
Technical Paper: A Survey of Industry Models for Perforator Performance
Technical Paper: Solids-Free Viscoelastic Fluid Loss Pills and Dynamic Underbalance Improve Productivity from Newly Perforated Wells
Technical Paper: Perforating High-Pressure Deepwater Wells in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Stressed Rock Penetration Depth Correlation
Technical Paper: Ultrastrong Formations: Perforating Challenges, Limits, and Optimization
Technical Paper: Expanding the Reach of Wireline Perforating
Technical Paper: New Initiation System Delivers Improved Perforating Safety and Reliability While Maximizing Efficiency
Technical Paper: Efficient Perforation Of High-Pressure Deepwater Wells
Technical Paper: Perforation Damage Removal by Underbalance Surge Flow
Technical Paper: Prediction and Verification of TCP and Wireline Perforating Gunshock Loads
Technical Paper: Iterative 3D Geomechanical Modeling to Determine Distribution and Impact of Stresses in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Subsalt and Near-Salt Environments
Technical Paper: Horizontal Well Development in Unconventional Resource Play Using an Integrated Completion & Production Workflow: Delaware Basin Case Study
Technical Paper: Strategic Well Test Planning Using Random Forest
Technical Paper: Overcoming Constraints with a Visualisation Environment;
How Such a Facility Has Begun to Change the Way We Work

Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO): Well Performance Workflows Enable Continuous Well Status and Performance Monitoring
Technical Paper: A New WITSML/PRODML Data Object to Handle Completions and Well Services Over the Life of a Well
Technical Paper: Remote Operations for Drilling Services in Deepwater Environments: An Industry Breakthrough
Technical Paper: Permanent Downhole
Flow Metering Improves Reservoir Management in Subsea Environment: A North Sea Case Study

Technical Paper: Integrating Technology for Improving Recovery and Field Redevelopment in a Highly Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Gas Injection Enhanced Oil Recovery Application in a Mature Naturally-Fractured-Carbonate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Geoengineering Data Integration at Petrobras Production Engineering
Technical Paper: A Case Study of Integrated Asset Modeling To Support Reservoir Management Strategies For Four Dry Gas Fields Sharing Production Facilities
Technical Paper: Dynamic Water-Cut Limit For Subsea Multiphase Oil Production Wells
Technical Paper: Innovative Integration of Seismic and Reservoir Simulation Modeling with Drilling and LWD Measurements to Manage Development Risk in Complex Channel Reservoirs - Opening Opportunities to Redevelop Mature Field in Bohai Bay, China
Technical Paper: Innovative Unconventional Formation Evaluation Approach in a Tight Oil Reservoir, Xinjiang Oilfield, NorthWest China
Technical Paper: Talent Evaluation Paradigms
Technical Paper: Fracture Aperture Calculations From Wireline and Logging While Drilling Imaging Tools
Technical Paper: Production Performance Evaluation of Wells Completed in Unconventional Reservoirs Using Capillary Pressure Data and Relative Permeability Effects
Technical Paper: Understanding Mechanisms for Liquid Dropout from Horizontal Shale Gas Condensate Wells
Technical Paper: Dipole Shear Imaging Behind Casing: Extending the Borehole Acoustic Imaging Envelope to Brown-Fields
Technical Paper: Geomodeling Unconventional Plays: Improved Selection of Uncertainty Cases
Technical Paper: 3-D Integrated Workflow for Understanding the Fracture Interference and Its Impact into the Gas Production of the Woodford Shale
Technical Paper: Regional Modelling of the Late Devonian Duvernay Formation, Western Alberta, Canada
Technical Paper: Modeling Gas Transport in Shale Reservoir - Conservation Laws Revisited
Technical Paper: An Exploration Workflow to Improve Success Rate in Prospecting in Unconventional Emerging Plays
Technical Paper: A Simulation Approach for Optimization of Gas Lift Performance and Multi-Well Networking in an Egyptian Oil Field
Technical Paper: High-Resolution Seismic Imaging From a Single Borehole to Detect a Nearby Well
Technical Paper: Wave Equation Receiver Deghosting: A Provocative Example
Technical Paper: Production Logging Case Studies: What Can We Say About the Well, in Addition to the Downhole Flow Profile?
Technical Paper: A Review of Screen Selection for Standalone Applications and a New Methodology
Technical Paper: Design, Execution and Results of the Longest Multizone Cased-Hole Gravel Pack Completion in Malaysia
Technical Paper: Successful installation of Straddle With Inflow Control Device To Restrict Gas Influx, A Case History From The Heidrun Field
Technical Paper: Horizontal Well Optimization with Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) Application in Heterogeneous and Dipping Gas-Capped Oil Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Numerical Simulations of Sand-Screen Performance in Standalone Applications
Technical Paper: First Application of Alternate Path Technology and Concentric Sandface Completion Improved Operational Efficiency and Saved Significant Rig Time
Technical Paper: Well Production Enhancement Results with Inflow Control Device (ICD) Completions in Horizontal Wells in Ecuador
Technical Paper: New Analytical and Statistical Approach for Estimating and Analyzing Sand Production Through Wire-Wrap Screens During a Sand-Retention Test
Technical Paper: A New Technique to Control Fines Migration in Poorly Consolidated Sandstones: Laboratory Development and Case Histories
Technical Paper: How to Constantly Deliver 100% Packing Efficiency in Openhole Gravel Packs: A Field Study in Colombia
Technical Paper: Integration of Dynamic Modeling of ICD Completion Design and Well Placement Technology: A Case Study of GOM Shelf Reservoir
Technical Paper: A New Method for the Design and Selection of Premium/Woven Sand Screens
Technical Paper: Evaluation and Improvement of Gravel Pack Treatments Using Advanced Downhole Pressure Analysis
Technical Paper: Openhole Gravel Packing of Fishhook Wells with Zonal Isolation-Uphill Heel to Toe Packing
Technical Paper: Innovative Well-Completion Strategy for Challenging Heavy-Oil Wells within Mature Fields Requiring Sand Control in Colombia
Technical Paper: New Analytical and Statistical Approach for Estimating and Analyzing Sand Production Through Plain Square-Mesh Screens During a Sand-Retention Test
Technical Paper: The Impact of Annular Flows on High Rate Completions
Technical Paper: The Evolution of Completion Designs Using Alternate Path (Shunt Tubes) Technology
Technical Paper: Combination of Dual String Single Trip Multizone Completion Systems and High Rate Formation Pack as a Proven Completion Methodology for an Unconsolidated Reservoir: Case Study Tunu Field
Technical Paper: Design, Qualification, and Installation of Openhole Gravel Packs: Mari B Field, Offshore Israel
Technical Paper: Unraveling the Myths Associated With Selecting Standalone Screens and a New Methodology for Sand-Control Applications
Technical Paper: Application of a Newly Developed Workflow to Design and Optimize MRC and Smart Well Completions
Technical Paper: Inflow Profiling in Challenging Complex Deep Gas Environment
Technical Paper: A 20/80 Oil/Water Ratio Non Aqueous Screen Running System Successfully Employed In Equatorial Guinea
Technical Paper: Control of Reservoir Heterogeneity in SAGD Bitumen Processes
Technical Paper: ICD Completions Optimization for an Offshore Abu Dhabi Well Using Dynamic Modeling
Technical Paper: Optimization of Smart Well Completion Design in the Presence of Uncertainty
Technical Paper: Optimized Modeling Workflows for Designing Passive Flow Control Devices in Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Utilizing Production Logging Measurement Model Matching to Improve Inflow Control Device (ICD) Completion Design in Offshore Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Offshore Field Completion Evolution Overcomes Field Challenges and Optimizes Multilateral Wells Production
Technical Paper: Case Study—Sand Management Evolution in a Brownfield
Technical Paper: Particle Size Distribution Measurement Techniques and Their Relevance or Irrelevance to Sand Control Design
Technical Paper: An Innovative Approach for Sand Management with Downhole Validation
Technical Paper: Qualification of Gravel Packing in HPHT Wells
Technical Paper: High Water-Cut Production Remedy by Inflow Control Solution in Challenging Intermittent Channeled Sands Oil Recovery in Gulf of Thailand Offshore
Technical Paper: A Systematic Approach for Inflow Control Devices Testing in Mackay River SAGD Wells
Technical Paper: Russkoe High Viscous Oil Field - Production and Performance Optimization
Technical Paper: Wellbore Modeling and Design of Nozzle-Based Inflow Control Device (ICD) for SAGD Wells
Technical Paper: A New Methodology of Selecting Sand Control Technique in Open Hole Completions
Technical Paper: Multizone Horizontal Openhole Gravel Pack with External Zonal Isolation and Inflow Control Devices Allows for Production of Left-Behind Reserves in Sand-Prone Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Characterizing, Designing, and Selecting Metal Mesh Screens for Standalone Screen Applications
Technical Paper: How Malfunctioning Completion Accessories Affect Well Performance in Offshore Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: Design, Execution, and Results of the First Multizone Cased Hole Gravel-Pack Completion in West Malaysia
Technical Paper: Redevelopment of a Previously Uneconomic Reservoir from a Mature Oil Field, Offshore South China
Technical Paper: A New Technical Standard Procedure To Measure Stimulation and Gravel-Pack Fluid Leakoff Under Dynamic Conditions
Technical Paper: Field Implementation of an Oil Based Carrier Fluid Improves Gravel Pack Efficiency
Technical Paper: A Novel Viscoelastic Surfactant Fluid System Incorporating Nanochemistry for High-Temperature Gravel Packing Applications
Technical Paper: Cyclone-Type Autonomous Inflow Control Device for Water and Gas Control: Simulation-Driven Design
Technical Paper: Liwan Gas Project: First South China Sea Deepwater Completion Campaign
Technical Paper: Combining Contemporary and Tested Technologies to Achieve Successful Deepwater Extended Reach Completions
Technical Paper: First Design of Inflow Control Devices Completion in Offshore Khafji Field Sandstone Reservoir—Challenges and Application
Technical Paper: A Case Study, Utilizing of Inflow Control Device to Control Oil Wells from Water Production and Regulate Waterfront Encroachment
Technical Paper: Minimizing Scale Deposition Through Surface Enhancement in Downhole Tools
Technical Paper: A Critical Review of Chirag Field Completions Performance—Offshore Azerbaijan
Technical Paper: Optimization of Subcool in SAGD Bitumen Processes
Technical Paper: Force Generated by a Swelling Elastomer Subject to Constraint
Technical Paper: Pressure Transient Analysis of Partially Penetrating Wells in a Naturally Fractured Reservoir
Technical Paper: Geomechanics Enables the Success of Horizontal Well
Technical Paper: Progress in Integrated Operations Centers
Technical Paper: WITSML Changing the Face of Real-Time
Technical Paper: Are Current Casing Centralization Calculations Really Conservative?
Technical Paper: Optimum Economic Development of Mature Eastern European Oil Fields – Case Study
Technical Paper: Improved Method for Underbalanced Perforating With Coiled Tubing in the South China Sea
Technical Paper: One-to-One Learning: Using Digital Technology to Endow Children in Nigeria with Knowledge for a Sustainable Future
Technical Paper: HSE for Youth: How Sharing HSE Expertise Externally Reinforces the Principles Internally
Technical Paper: Spontaneous Imbibition in Nanopores of Different Roughness and Wettability
Technical Paper: Low-Field NMR Method for Bitumen Sands Characterization: A New Approach
Technical Paper: Application of Multilateral Wells in Solution Gas-Drive Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Recipe for Success in Ultradeep Water
Technical Paper: Results of Thermal Horizontal Completions with Sand Control in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela: Case Histories of Horizontal Gravel Packs in Bachaquero-01 Reservoir
Technical Paper: Horizontal Wells in Thermal Applications for Displacement and Gravity Drainage
Technical Paper: Evolution of Drilling Technology in Mature Reservoirs of Lake Maracaibo: Short-Radius Reentries, Horizontal Wells, and Highly Deviated Wells
Technical Paper: Automated Microseismic Event Detection and Location by Continuous Spatial Mapping
Technical Paper: Black Oil Delumping Techniques Based on Compositional Information from Depletion Processes
Technical Paper: Rheology of Heavy Oil Emulsions
Technical Paper: Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Subsurface Workflows
Technical Paper: Optimizing the Use of Gradient Measurements in Wavefield Reconstruction—A Bayesian Noise Tracking Approach
Technical Paper: Multimodel Adaptive Subtraction and Its Application to Multimeasurement Data Acquired in Shallow-Water Surveys
Technical Paper: Analysis of Multi Measurement Broadband Data—A Case Study from the North Sea
Technical Paper: Increasing Acquisition Efficiency by Acquisition of Data During Turns, Using a Multi-Measurement Streamer
Technical Paper: Case Study of Broadband Multimeasurement Streamer and Multilevel Source Seismic Data from the North Sea
Technical Paper: A MEMS Accelerometer for Multicomponent Streamers
Technical Paper: Multi-Offset Seismic Acquisition Using Optical Fiber Behind Tubing
Technical Paper: Optical Vertical Seismic Profile on Wireline Cable
Technical Paper: Using Stochastic Seismic Inversion as Input for 3D Geomechanical Models
Technical Paper: Integrating FWI with Surface-Wave Inversion to Enhance Near-Surface Modeling in a Shallow-Water Setting at Eldfisk
Technical Paper: North Sea Case Study for Enhanced Imaging Using a New Multimeasurement Towed Streamer
Technical Paper: Enhanced 4D Imaging in West Africa Using High-Resolution Tomography and Q-Imaging
Technical Paper: Integration of Surface Seismic and Well Information to Improve Drilling Success for Onshore Carbonate Caves
Technical Paper: A Study of Different Greedy Algorithms for Crossline Wavefield Reconstruction Using Multimeasurement Towed Marine Data
Technical Paper: How to Teach a Neural Network to Identify Seismic Interference
Technical Paper: Efficient Land Seismic Acquisition Sampling Using Rotational Data
Technical Paper: Quantification of Wavefield Reconstruction Quality from Multisensor Streamer Data Using a Witness Streamer Experiment
Technical Paper: Joint Crossline Reconstruction and 3D Deghosting of Shallow Seismic Events from Multimeasurement Streamer Data
Technical Paper: Time- and Frequency-Domain Metrics for the Evaluation of Full-Aperture, Time-lapse Data from Multi-Sensor Streamers
Technical Paper: Exploring the Extent to which Streamer Separation Can Be Relaxed when Using a Multimeasurement Streamer
Technical Paper: Mapping of Sand Injectites from Colour-Processed Multimeasurement Seismic Data
Technical Paper: Near-Surface Modelling in Shallow Marine Environments Using Surface and Guided Waves
Technical Paper: Multiparameter Full-Waveform Inversion for Acoustic VTI Medium with Surface Seismic Data
Technical Paper: Improved Reservoir Characterisation by Multisensor Towed Streamer Seismic Data at the Mariner Field
Technical Paper: Broadband - The Interpreter's Friend?
Technical Paper: Evaluating Ocean-Bottom Seismic Acquisition in the North Sea—A Phased Survey Design Case Study
Technical Paper: Depth Domain Inversion Case Study in Complex Subsalt Area
Technical Paper: Tilted Orthorhombic Model Building with Geomechanics: Theory and Observations
Technical Paper: Q-Compensation Through Depth Domain Inversion
Technical Paper: Deghosting Through Depth Domain Inversion
Technical Paper: Optimal Deghosting Robust to Nonstationary Noise from Multimeasurement Streamer Data
Technical Paper: Bayesian Deghosting Approach for Multimeasurement Streamer Data
Technical Paper: Seismo-Acoustic Characterization of a Seismic Vibrator
Technical Paper: Deepwater OBN—Exploiting Data-Processing Possibilities
Technical Paper: Signal-Protected Noise Attenuation for Multimeasurement Towed-Streamer Data
Technical Paper: Multimeasurement Streamer Acquisition for Reservoir Development - A Case Study from Offshore West Africa
Technical Paper: Finite Difference Modeling to Evaluate the Improvements Associated with a Multicomponent Towed Streamer Measurement in Espirito Santo Basin Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Overcoming the Challenges of Designing Optimized Broadband Vibroseis Sweeps
Technical Paper: A Comparison Between Time Domain and Depth Domain Inversion to Acoustic Impedance
Technical Paper: Monitoring Inflow Distribution in Multizone, Velocity String Gas Wells Using Slickline Deployed Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Measurements
Technical Paper: Risk Reduction and Efficiency Gains in Well Intervention Operations Through the Application of Real-Time Digital Slickline Services
Technical Paper: Real Time Slickline: Unlocking Additional Production With Reduced Uncertainties in Limited Space Platforms
Technical Paper: Beyond Logging: Slickline Operations Can Now Provide a More Efficient and Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Intervention Operations
Technical Paper: Monitoring Acid Stimulation Treatments in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs with Slickline Distributed Temperature Sensing
Technical Paper: Impact of Digital Slickline Capability on Slickline Conveyance Phases of Plug and Abandonment Operations
Trabalho Técnico: Seleção de Broca PDC para a Perfuração dos Carbonatos Heterogêneos do Pré-Sal Brasileiro
Technical Paper: A New Approach to Drilling Hard Chert Contaminated Carbonate Formations In Kazakhstan
Technical Paper: A New Approach to Drilling Hard Chert Contaminated Carbonate Formations In Kazakhstan (Russian)
Technical Paper: Solving Deep, Hard/Abrasive 16-in Application Challenges with New PDC Technology Saves Operator 13 Days Rig Time, Kuwait
Technical Paper: Holistic Optimization Approach Improves Economic Viability of Bakken Shale Play
Technical Paper: Real-Time Drilling Parameter Optimization System Increases ROP by Predicting/Managing Bit Wear
Technical Paper: Application-Specific Steel Body PDC Bit Technology Reduces Drilling Costs in Unconventional North American Shale Plays
Technical Paper: Improvements in Cutter Technology Lead to Faster Drilling in Hard Abrasive Formations, East Texas Basin
Technical Paper: Performance Step Change: New 16-in TCI Design Solves Multiple Middle East Carbonate Drilling Challenges
Technical Paper: Two Years of Progress: Field Driven Roller Cone Design Iterations Cut Conglomerate Formation Drilling Costs by 40% in Oman
Technical Paper: Efficiently Developing Fayetteville Shale Gas Reserves: Percussion Drilling Solves Application Challenges/
Reduces Drilling Costs

Technical Paper: FEA Modelled MSE/UCS Values Optimise PDC Design for Entire Hole Section
Technical Paper: Mechanical Efficiency Algorithm Solves Drilling Challenges in Areas of Limited/Inaccurate Offset Data
Technical Paper: Artificial Neural Network Drilling Parameter Optimization System Improves ROP by Predicting/Managing Bit Wear
Technical Paper: Sophisticated Software Analysis System and Use of Torque/Drag Modeling for Complex Well Operations Increases Operational Efficiency
Technical Paper: New HTHP Technology for Geothermal Application Significantly Increases On-Bottom Drilling Hours
Technical Paper: Identifying the Root Cause of Drilling Vibration and Stick-Slip Enables Fit-for-Purpose Solutions
Technical Paper: The Best Driller in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Solving Multiple Carbonate Challenges: TCI Delivers Performance Step Change Drilling Deep 28-in Hole Section
Technical Paper: Deepwater Drilling in Both Hard and Abrasive Formations: The Continuing Challenge of Bit Optimization
Technical Paper: Solving Deep 22-in Carbonate Drilling Challenges in Northern Kuwait
Technical Paper: Multidisciplinary Approach and Engineered Solution Sets New North Sea Performance Benchmarks
Technical Paper: Refinements to Cutter Technology and PDC Bit Hydraulics Lead to Faster Drilling in Hard/Abrasive Formations, East Texas
Technical Paper: Solving Stick-Slip Dilemma: Dynamic Modeling System Significantly Reduces Vibration, Increases ROP by 54%
Technical Paper: Prejob Modeling, Resulting Integrated BHA System Solution Sets Multiple ROP Records, North Field Qatar
Technical Paper: Innovative Hybrid Bit Mitigates Geological Uncertainties, Improves Drilling Performance in Brazilian Pre-Salt Formations
Technical Paper: Innovative Rolling PDC Cutter Increases Drilling Efficiency, Improving Bit Performance in Challenging Applications
Technical Paper: Establishing Higher Oil Production Capabilities: Engineered Approach Achieves Longest Lateral Hole Section in Kuwait
Trabalho Técnico: Modelagem para a Seleção de Broca e Parâmetros em Perfuração Horizontal nos Carbonatos da Formação Macaé Resulta em Ótimo Desempenho
Technical Paper: Fully Rotating PDC Cutter Gaining Momentum: Conquering Frictional Heat in Hard/Abrasive Formations Improves Drilling Efficiency
Technical Paper: Solving Hard/Abrasive Sedimentary and Igneous Formation Challenge: New PDC Bit Design Reduces 6-in Section Drilling Time by 47%
Technical Paper: Advanced TCI Technology Replacing PDC in Hard Dolomitic Application, Offshore Middle East
Technical Paper: Middle East Hard/Abrasive Formation Challenge: Reducing PDC Cutter Volume at Bit Center Increases ROP/Drilling Efficiency
Technical Paper: First Application of Turbodrill and Hybrid Bit to Optimize Drilling Times in Cretaceous Formations with High Chert Content in Mexico South Region
Technical Paper: São Francisco Basin Tight Reservoir Play: Defining Benefits of Hammer Bit/Percussion Drilling, Onshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Constructing Difficult Colony Wash Lateral With Innovative Rolling Cutter Technology Improves Drilling Performance
Technical Paper: Innovative Use of Hybrid Bits to Improve Drilling Performances in the Brazilian Pre-Salt
Technical Paper: Offshore Exploration Program Benefits From Rolling PDC Cutter Technology, Timor Sea Australia
Technical Paper: New HTHP Cutter Technology Coupled with FEA-Based Bit Selection System Improves ROP by 60% in Abrasive Zubair Formation
Technical Paper: Conical Diamond Element Bit Sets New Performance Benchmarks Drilling Extremely Hard Carbonate/Chert Formations/ Perm Region Russia
Technical Paper: New Erosion Resistance PDC Bit Coating Eliminates Balling in Water-Based Drilling Fluids, Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: 12.25 in. Hard Rock Drilling in Oman Performance Drilling
Technical Paper: Innovative Conical Diamond Element Bits Drill Back-to-Back Tight Curves in One Run, Improving Economics While Reducing Risk in Avalon Shale Play, New Mexico
Technical Paper: The Challenge of the Obayied Field: Novel PDC Design Sets New Performance Benchmarks in Egypt's Difficult Deep Western Desert Lithology Column
Technical Paper: Innovative PDC Bit Design Increases Drilling Efficiency in Egypt’s Notoriously Difficult Western Desert Deep Lithology Column
Technical Paper: Solving Swelling Clay Issues in Egypt's Western Desert: Combination of Fluid Engineering and Steel-Body PDC Bit Displaces Roller Cone in Large Hole Section
Technical Paper: Conical Diamond Element Bit Sets New Performance Benchmarks Drilling Hard and Abrasive Formations, Offshore Netherlands
Technical Paper: Conical Diamond Element Bit on High-Torque RSS Mitigates Vibration Maximizing ROP in Hard Carbonates Saving 90 Hours of Rig Time, Offshore Mexico
Technical Paper: Durable Yet Aggressive Conical Diamond Element Bit Increases ROB by 34% Drilling Difficult Lower Chert/Conglomerate Section, Ecuador
Technical Paper: Advanced Drilling and Logging Technologies Give New Life to Aging Fields in Ecuador by Enabling Reentry Drilling
Technical Paper: Conical Diamond Element Enables PDC Bit Efficiently Drill Chert Interval at High ROP Replacing Turbine/Impregnated BHA
Technical Paper: Innovative Conical Diamond Element Bit Significantly Reduces Drilling Cost of Williston Basin Three Forks First Bench Laterals
Technical Paper: Innovative Conical Diamond Element Bit Significantly Reduces Drilling Cost of Laterals
Technical Paper: Conical Diamond Element Technology Delivers Step Change in Directional Drilling Performance
Technical Paper: Drill Bit Evolution During Execution of Long-Term Offshore ERD Project
Technical Paper: Conical Diamond Element on PDC Bits Sets New Drilling Performance Benchmark in Northern Kuwait Field
Technical Paper: Innovative PDC Cutter with Elongated Ridge Combines Shear and Crush Action to Improve PDC Bit Performance
Technical Paper: Changing the Chalk Drilling Paradigm in the Netherlands
Technical Paper: Conical Diamond Element Technology Delivers Step Change in Drilling Performance: Wassana Field, Gulf of Thailand
Technical Paper: Revolutionary Drilling Performance in Challenging HPHT and Basaltic Environment of Kutch & Saurashtra Exploration Field
Technical Paper: Increasing Drilling Efficiency in Saudi Arabia Gas Development Project: Consistent Incremental Gains Significantly Improve Project Economics
Technical Paper: Establishing New Directional Casing While Drilling Benchmarks Reduces Top Hole Well Construction Costs, Offshore Malaysia
Technical Paper: Innovative Conical Diamond Element Bits Deliver Superior Performance Drilling a Geothermal Well in the Philippines
Technical Paper: New Roller Cone Bit Technology for Geothermal Application Significantly Increases On-Bottom Drilling Hours
Technical Paper: Single PDC Cutter Studies of Fluid Heat Transfer and Cutter Thermal Mortality in Drilling Fluid
Technical Paper: Pointing Towards Improved PDC Bit Performance: Innovative Conical Shaped Polycrystalline Diamond Element Achieves Higher ROP and Total Footage
Technical Paper: Application of Advanced Dynamics Modeling Significantly Improves the Stability of Rotary Steerable Drilling with Roller Reamers, Mexico
Technical Paper: Dual Eccentric Reamer BHA Solves Hole Opening Challenges and Conductor Sharing Pass through Constraints
Technical Paper: Development of a New Advanced Multiple Activation System for Concentric Underreamers
Technical Paper: Focused Approach to Solving Deepwater Reaming Problems
Technical Paper: Modeling System Improves Salt Drilling Technique with Concentric Reamer/RSS, Deepwater GoM
Technical Paper: Solving Swelling Clay Issues: Modeling Effort/Concentric Reamer Saves Operator Over Seven Days Rig Time vs. Plan, UK North Sea
Technical Paper: Planning for Successful Jarring Operations - Effective Use of Drilling Impact Systems Helps Release Stuck Pipe
Technical Paper: Industry’s First Hydro-Mechanical Surface Controlled System for Multiple Reamer Activation/Deactivation Increases Drilling Efficiency
Technical Paper: Ream-On-Demand System Eliminates Dedicated Trip to Enlarge Rathole in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Operation
Technical Paper: Solving Deepwater GoM Pore Pressure Puzzle: Multiple Activation Reamer Eliminates Trip Prior to Running Coring Bottomhole Assembly
Technical Paper: Integrated BHA System Drills Curve/Lateral in One Run at Record ROP Saving Seven Days Rig Time
Technical Paper: Advanced FEA Modeling Produces First Directional Tandem Reamer BHA: Eliminates Trip on Deepwater Exploration Well
Technical Paper: First 30-in Casing Exit Enables Slot Recovery in Gulf of Suez’s East Zeit Field
Technical Paper: Innovative Drilling Systems for Kick-off, Curve Building, and Landing a Lateral Without Requiring Cement Plug
Technical Paper: Solving Dual Trip Zonal Isolation Issue: Single Trip Plug and Abandonment System Save Operator Six Days Rig Time, UK North Sea
Technical Paper: Integration of Time-Based Dynamics Simulation with Milling and Underreaming System to Implement Reliable Single Trip Solution in Plug and Abandonment Operation
Technical Paper: Successful Hole Enlargement While Drilling: Deepwater Brazil
Technical Paper: Proxy Modeling in Production Optimization
Technical Paper: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Gas Storage Management
Technical Paper: Automated Liquid Unloading in Low-Pressure Gas Wells Using Intermittent and Distributed Heating of Wellbore Fluid
Technical Paper: Dynamic Production Optimization in Khafji Offshore Field
Technical Paper: Reservoir Management of West Salym Oil Field
Technical Paper: Development of an Integrated Solution for Perforation, Production and Reservoir Evaluation
Technical Paper: Production Performance Monitoring Workflow
Technical Paper: New Life for a Mature Oil Province via a Massive Infill Drilling Program
Technical Paper: Online Integrated Asset Models With Map-Based Visualization
Technical Paper: Integration of Production and Process Facility Models in a Single Simulation Tool
Technical Paper: Developing a Holistic Global Approach to Asset Management
Technical Paper: Automatic Surveillance System for Large Gas Fields With Multifrequency Measurements
Technical Paper: Improved Production and Process Optimization Through People, Technology, and Process
Technical Paper: Progress in Integrated Operations Centers
Technical Paper: Measuring Development and Adoption of New Oilfield Systems Using Technologies With Real-Time Capability
Technical Paper: A Standard Solution for Upstream Oil and Gas Surveillance
Technical Paper: GeDIg Carapeba—A Journey from Integrated Intelligent Field Operation to Asset Value Chain Optimization
Technical Paper: Lessons Learned: Design and Use of Schlumberger's Newest Energy Center
Technical Paper: Human Factor Principles in Remote Operation Centers
Technical Paper: From Data Monitoring to Performance Monitoring
Technical Paper: Breaking the Barriers - The Integrated Asset Model
Technical Paper: Production Data Standards: The PRODML Business Case and Evolution
Technical Paper: The Integrated Approach to Formation Water Management: From Reservoir Management to Protection of the Environment
Technical Paper: Employing Flow Assurance in an Offshore FEED Study
Technical Paper: Bridging the Gap Between Real-Time Optimization and Information-Based Technologies
Technical Paper: An Integrated, Innovative Solution to Optimize Hydrocarbon Production Through the use of a Workflow Oriented Approach
Technical Paper: Where is the Gap? Is it in More Reservoir Engineers or in Leveraging New Skills and Workflows?
Technical Paper: Effective Use of Productive Surveillance Tool in Forcasting Future Production
Technical Paper: Production Enhancement for Khafji Field using Advanced Optimization Techniques
Technical Paper: Energy Balance in Steam Injection Projects: Integrating Surface-Reservoir Systems
Technical Paper: CO2 Injection and Storage: A New Approach Using Integrated Asset Modeling
Technical Paper: Selection of Infill Drilling Locations Using Customized Type Curves
Technical Paper: On the Importance and Application of Integrated Asset Modeling of a Giant Offshore Oil Field
Technical Paper: A Case Study: Production Management Solution "Back Allocation and Advance Well Monitoring" - Litoral de Tabasco Asset
Technical Paper: Intelligent Field Centers (IFCs): Integrating People, Processes and Technologies to Optimally Manage Giant Fields
Technical Paper: Integrating Data Mining and Expert Knowledge for an Artificial Lift Advisory System
Technical Paper: Benefits Quantification and Change Management in Petrobras Corporate Program for Digital Integrated Field Management (GeDIg)
Technical Paper: Production Processes Integration for Large Gas Basin—Burgos Asset
Technical Paper: Closing the Loop—Integrating Predictive Surveillance with Remote Control Operations
Technical Paper: State-of-Art Digital Oilfield Implementation in Petrobras Campos Basin
Technical Paper: Flow Instability in Deepwater Flowlines and Risers - A Case Study of Subsea Oil Production from Chinguetti Field, Mauritania
Technical Paper: Real Time Production Surveillance and Optimization Solution Implementation in an Offshore Brownfield in Malaysia
Technical Paper: Streamlined Production Workflows and Integrated Data Management: A Leap Forward in Managing CSG Assets
Technical Paper: Building on PRMS To Quantify Risk and Uncertainty in Resource Reconciliations
Technical Paper: A Fully Compositional Integrated Asset Model for a Gas - Condensate Field
Technical Paper: Multilateral-Complex Well Optimization
Technical Paper: A Dynamic Model for Simulation of Integrated Reservoir, Well and Pipeline System
Technical Paper: Gas Field Production System Optimization Using Coupled Reservoir - Network Simulator and Optimization Framework
Technical Paper: Production Forecasting for Shale Gas Exploration Prospects Based on Statistical Analysis and Reservoir Simulation
Technical Paper: Using Dynamic Simulations to Optimize the Start-up Procedure of a Lazy Horizontal Oil Well
Technical Paper: Gas Coning and Channeling Management in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs With Applications to the Akal-Cantarell Field
Technical Paper: An Approach For Spreadsheet-Independent Reserves Management Tracking, Archiving, And Reporting
Technical Paper: Initial Characterization of an Extra Heavy Oil Carbonate Exploratory Field
Technical Paper: Integrated Production Operation Solution Applied in Brown Oil Fields - AIATG Asset PEMEX
Technical Paper: An Innovative Integrated Asset Modeling for an Offshore-Onshore Field Development. Tomoporo Field Case
Technical Paper: The Use of a Transient Multiphase Simulator to Predict and Suppress Flow Instabilities in a Horizontal Shale Oil Well
Technical Paper: Simulation of Multiphase Fluid-Hammer Effects During Well StartUp and Shut-In
Technical Paper: Exploration Assets Evaluation: A Practical Way of Conforming Deterministic to Stochastic Mindsets
Technical Paper: Digital Oil Field Experience: An Overview and a Case Study
Technical Paper: Correlation of Porosity Uncertainty to Productive Reservoir Volume
Technical Paper: Production and Injection Monitoring and Surveillance
Technical Paper: Improved Petrophysical Analysis in Horizontal Wells: From Log Modeling Through Formation Evaluation to Reducing Model Uncertainty—A Case Study
Technical Paper: Integrated Reservoir Management Utilising a Portfolio Approach to Beat the Impact of Delayed Water Injection Projects - Opportunistic Strategic Alignment in North Kuwait
Technical Paper: The Impact of Well Trajectory on Horn River Shale Gas Production in a Multi-Well Pad: A New Approach Using Steady State and Transient Simulation
Technical Paper: Heterogeneity Index And Fast Screening Processes Used In A Large Mature Field Designed For Quick Production Gains
Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO) - Enabling Real Time Monitoring and Operation of Remote and Mature Asset
Technical Paper: A Real Case Study: "Well Monitoring System and Integration Data for Loss Production Management" Consorcio Shushufindi
Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO) - Begin To Deliver Value
Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO): Well Performance Workflows Enable Continuous Well Status and Performance Monitoring
Technical Paper: Getting More Value of Your Production Data by Using Datamart
Technical Paper: Improving Drilling Operations Efficiency on an Ultranarrow Margin HP/HT MPD Well With Use of a Mud Cap
Technical Paper: Online Transient Simulation To Support Production Operations Planning in Wet Crude-Oil-Gathering System
Technical Paper: New Work Flows for Well Interventions Using Production Data Center Solutions
Technical Paper: Impact of Geological and Facility Uncertainties on Strategic Drilling and Facility Decisions
Technical Paper: Ultra-Deepwater Blowout Well Control Analysis under Worst Case Blowout Scenario
Technical Paper: Using a Multiphase Transient Simulator to Predict the Onset of Corrosion in Wellbore
Technical Paper: An Innovative Approach to Reverse Production Decline in Brown Fields
Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO): Real Time Integration of Wells and Field for Gas Lift Surveillance and Optimization Using Analytical Integrated Modelling Approach
Technical Paper: Production Forecasting in Unconventional Resources using Data Mining and Time Series Analysis
Technical Paper: Production Forecasting in Shales: A Comparative Field Data Study Using Large Well Counts
Technical Paper: A Novel Technique to Utilise Surface Data for Transient Analysis in Wet Gas Producers
Technical Paper: Modeling from Reservoir to Export: A Compositional Approach for Integrated Asset Model of Different Gas Fields in North Kuwait Jurassic Carbonate Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Controlled and Phased Deployment of DOF System Brings Early Benefits and Provides the Experience to Manage Effective Technology Deployment
Technical Paper: Online Asset Optimization Initiatives in Pemex Midstream
Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO) – Achieving Well Performance Monitoring, Surveillance & Optimization Through Data and Model Driven Workflows Automation
Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO) - Tri-Node Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) Integrating People, Technology and Process
Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO) - Reusability and Repeatability Process for Scaling up to Multiple Assets Implementation
Technical Paper: Application of an Integrated Subsurface Surface Coupled Model to Optimize the Performance of the Artificial Lift Methods in Matured Oil Fields
Technical Paper: Using Dynamic Simulations to Optimize the Start-Up of Horizontal Wells and Evaluate Plunger Lift Capability: Horn River Shale Gas Trajectory-Based Case Study
Technical Paper: Dynamic Simulation to Predict Self-Restart Potential of Acid Stimulated Wells by Bullhead Treatment in Deepwater Environment
Technical Paper: Automated Workflow for Real-Time Management in a Large Carbonate Field
Technical Paper: Improve Production Allocation by Linking the Well Model to the Live Well Data in the North Kuwait Jurassic Fields
Technical Paper: Kuwait Digital Integrated Field - Enabling Virtualization Technology for a Step Change
Technical Paper: Modelling Pipeline and Choke Optimization for Improved Gas Field Production using an Integrated Asset Model: A Case Study
Technical Paper: The Production Data Management Platform for Reservoir Management and Optimization: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO): Integrated Asset Modeling - An Innovative Approach For Long Term Production Planning Focused On Enhance Oil Recovery
Technical Paper: A Simulating Application of Well Production Allocation to Optimize Wax Formation and Pigging Frequency in Subsea Pipeline for a Gas-Condensate Field
Technical Paper: Digital Oilfield Down Under: Implementation of an Integrated Production Monitoring and Management System for the Maari Field, Taranaki, New Zealand
Technical Paper: Samarang Integrated Operations (IO) – Dynamic Production Management - A Hybrid Approach from Steady State to Transient Modeling
Technical Paper: Assessment of Production Engineering Workflows for Saudi Aramco Production Operations Surveillance Hub (POSH)
Technical Paper: Integrated Methodology for Production and Facilities Analysis to Optimize Barnett Shale Gas Production - A Case Study
Technical Paper: Production Management System to Enhance Collaboration and Production Surveillance, Garraf Oil Field
Technical Paper: Shale Gas Production Decline Trend Comparison Over Time and Basins—Revisited
Technical Paper: Dynamic Online Planning Operations System for Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline Network
Technical Paper: An Alert-Based Monitoring System to Evaluate a Water Injection Pilot in the Shushufindi Field, Ecuador
Technical Paper: Challenges and Solutions of History Matching a Giant Reservoir Model: An Example from the Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait
Technical Paper: Proxy Modeling in Production Optimization
Technical Paper: Non-Operator Partners: Improve Analysis Time to Make More Accurate Decisions
Technical Paper: Leveraging the Power of Public Data to Solve Multiple Challenges in Unconventional Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Toward Successful Petroleum Production from Unconventional and Conventional Reservoirs in the Central Alaska North Slope
Technical Paper: Well Performance Workflow Automation: An Integrated Operations (IO) Approach to Unlock the Field Potential for Samarang Asset
Technical Paper: Proxy Modeling in Production Optimization
Technical Paper: Decoding Positives or Negatives of Fracture-Hits: A Geomechanical Investigation of Fracture-Hits and Its Implications for Well Productivity and Integrity
Technical Paper: Characterizing Well Spacing, Well Stacking, and Well Completion Optimization in the Permian Basin: An Improved and Efficient Workflow Using Cloud-Based Computing
Technical Paper: Visualization of Geological Features Using Seismic Volume Rendering, RGB Blending and Geobody Extraction
Technical Paper: Quick Analysis of Steamflood, Brener Free, Midway Sunset Field, California, Using Production Enhancement Technologies (PET)
Technical Paper: Improving Production Monitoring And Surveillance By Using An Integrated Production Data Management
Technical Paper: Application of Large Thermal Sector Models in a Field Performance Optimization Study of a Mature, Heavy Oil Field
Technical Paper: Coupling of a Surface Network with Reservoir Simulation
Technical Paper: Drift-Flux Modeling of Two-Phase Flow in Wellbores
Technical Paper: Monitoring Horizontal Producers and Injectors During Cleanup and Production Using Fiber-Optic-Distributed Temperature Measurements
Technical Paper: From Real Time Data to Production Optimization
Technical Paper: Optimising Brown Field Redevelopment Options Using a Decision Risk Assessment: Case Study—Bokor Field, Malaysia
Technical Paper: New Approach to Log Simulation in a Horizontal Drain-Tambora Geosteering Project-Balikpapan, Indonesia
Technical Paper: Coupled Stress and Fluid Flow Using a Finite Element Method in a Commercial Reservoir Simulator
Technical Paper: Drift-Flux Parameters for Three-Phase Steady-State Flow in Wellbores
Technical Paper: Geomechanics-Based Automatic Well-Planning Software Provides Drilling Decision Support to Asset Teams
Technical Paper: Utilizing the Value of Continuously Measured Data
Technical Paper: Production Analysis of Coalbed Wells Using Analytical Transient Solutions
Technical Paper: The Challenges of Numerical Simulation of a Complex Fractured Carbonate Reservoir with Available Disparate Data Sets
Technical Paper: Understanding Torque and Drag: Best Practices and Lessons Learnt from the Captain Field's Extended Reach Wells
Technical Paper: Field Planning Using Integrated Surface/Subsurface Modeling
Technical Paper: Finite Volume Methods for Coupled Stress/Fluid Flow in a Commercial Reservoir Simulator
Technical Paper: Treating Uncertainties in Reservoir Performance Prediction with Neural Networks
Technical Paper: Beating the Marginal Well Performance in a Mature Field: San Francisco Field in Colombia
Technical Paper: Value Creation With a Novel, Multiphase Flow Additive
Technical Paper: Automated Production Surveillance
Technical Paper: Feasibility Study on Application of Multiphase Pumping Towards Zero Gas Flaring in Nigeria
Technical Paper: EPINET in ONGC India: Transforming E&P Information into Energy Intelligence
Technical Paper: From Reservoir Through Process, From Today to Tomorrow—The Integrated Asset Model
Technical Paper: Towards a Framework for Better Decision Making Under Subsurface Uncertainty
Technical Paper: Intelligent Integrated Dynamic Surveillance Tool Improves Field—Management Practices
Technical Paper: Innovative Approach to Assist History Matching Using Artificial Intelligence
Technical Paper: Validation of a Physically-Based Model for Slug Initiation and Evolution in Hydrodynamic Slug Flow
Technical Paper: Validation of OLGA HD Against Transient and Pseudotransient Experiments from the SINTEF Large Diameter High Pressure Flow-Loop
Technical Paper: Accounting for Flow Model Uncertainties in Gas-Condensate Field Design Using the OLGA High Definition Stratified Flow Model
Technical Paper: Volume Based Modeling - Automated Construction of Complex Structural Models
Technical Paper: Rock Fabric Characterization Using 3D Reflection Seismic Integrated with Microseismic
Technical Paper: Handling Seismic Anomalies in Multiple Segment Prospects - Explicit Modeling of Anomaly Indicator Correlation
Technical Paper: Natural Fracture Prediction for Discrete Fracture Modelling
Technical Paper: Assessment Performance Tracking of Multiple Target Prospects - A Statistical Approach
Technical Paper: Geomechanical Velocity Model Building
Technical Paper: Online Transient Simulation in Deepwater Operations: Practical Experiences
Technical Paper: Monitoring and Optimizing a Brown Offshore Oilfield with an Integrated Asset Modeling Study
Technical Paper: A Novel Workflow for Modeling Complex Compartmentalized Structures Leads to Enhanced Field Development Strategy
Technical Paper: Comprehensive Experiments and Modelling Reduces Uncertainties in Liquid Management for the Tanzania Gas Project
Technical Paper: Measuring Completion Quality and Natural Fracture Indicators in Horizontal Wells Using a New Slim Dipole Sonic Memory Tool Conveyed Through the Drillstring and Bit
Technical Paper: Deepwater Well Control Contingency Planning
Technical Paper: Rapid and Practical Characterization of Near-Wellbore Layer Structure and Properties in High-Angle and Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Integrated Stress and Anisotropy Analysis Using Using Multi-Well Borehole Sonic and Image Data in the Kinabalu Field, Malaysia
Technical Paper: Multiple Reservoir Simulations Integration: An Alternative to Full Field Simulation in the North Kuwait Jurassic Complex
Technical Paper: Casabe Mature Field Revitalization Through an Alliance: A Case Study of Multicompany and Multidiscipline Integration
Technical Paper: IPI Method: A Subsurface Approach to Understand and Manage Unfavorable Mobility Waterfloods
Technical Paper: Perceived Value and Popularity of Decision Analysis Tools in Upstream Asset Valuations
Technical Paper: Bokor Field Redevelopment - A Brown Field Integrated Modeling Workflow Case Study
Technical Paper: Novel CO2-Emulsified Viscoelastic Surfactant Fracturing Fluid System Enables Commercial Production From Bypassed Pay in the Olmos Formation of South Texas
Technical Paper: A New Hydraulic Fracturing Package Fit for Arctic Conditions Improves Operational Efficiency & Fracture Conductivity and Enhances Production in Western Siberia
Technical Paper: Benefits of the Novel Fiber-Laden Low-Viscosity Fluid System in Fracturing Low-Permeability Tight Gas Formations
Technical Paper: Using Induced Microseismicity To Monitor Hydraulic Fracture Treatment: A Tool To Improve Completion Techniques and Reservoir Management
Technical Paper: Combining Acid and Hydraulic Fracturing Technologies is the Key to Successful Stimulating the Orito Formation
Technical Paper: Effective Matrix Acidizing in Carbonate Reservoir—Does Perforating Matter?
Technical Paper: A Novel Stimulation Technique for Horizontal Openhole Wells in Carbonate Reservoir: A Case Study in Kuwait
Technical Paper: Preventive treatment for enhancing water removal from gas reservoir by wettability alteration
Technical Paper: Fracturing Previously Bypassed Highly Laminated Tight Gas Sands: A Production Optimization Case Study in South Texas
Technical Paper: Horizontal Fracture Stimulation Success in the Alpine Formation, North Slope, Alaska
Technical Paper: Sandstone Matrix Stimulation Can Improve Brownfield Oil Production When the Chemistry and Procedures are Correct
Technical Paper: Chemical Diversion Techniques Used for Carbonate Matrix Acidizing: An Overview and Case Histories
Technical Paper: Case study from 12 successful years of High Temperature fracturing in Bach Ho field offshore Vietnam
Technical Paper: Successful Application of High Temperature Viscoelastic Surfactant Fracturing Fluids Under Extreme Conditions in Patagonian Wells, San Jorge Basin
Technical Paper: Screenless completions as a viable through-tubing sand control completion
Technical Paper: A novel approach to fracturing height control enlarges the candidate pool in the Ryabchyk formation of west Siberia's mature oil fields
Technical Paper: Recent Acid-Fracturing Practices on Strawn Formation in Terrel County, Texas
Technical Paper: Fiber-laden fracturing fluid improves production in the Bakken shale multilateral play
Technical Paper: Optimization of a scale treatment in the Uinta basin - a case history
Technical Paper: Horizontal well completion and stimulation techniques: a review with emphasis on low-permeability carbonates
Technical Paper: Optimal practices to remediate and control fines migration in inland-water wells in Maracaibo basin, west Venezuela
Technical Paper: Risk-Based Candidate Selection Workflow Improve Acid Stimulation Success Ratio in Mature Field
Technical Paper: Complex Fracture Geometry Investigations Conducted on Western Siberian Oil Fields at Rosneft Company
Technical Paper: An Alternative Solution to Sandstone Acidizing Using a Nonacid Based Fluid System with Fines-Migration Control
Technical Paper: Optimizing the Completion of a Multilayer Cotton Valley Sand Using Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring and Integrated Engineering
Technical Paper: Contacting More of the Barnett Shale Through an Integration of Real-Time Microseismic Monitoring, Petrophysics, and Hydraulic Fracture Design
Technical Paper: Application of a Highly Efficient Multistage Stimulation Technique for Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Continuous Pumping Multistage, Hydraulic Fracturing in Kitina Field, Offshore Congo, West Africa
Technical Paper: Angsi K-Sand Production Performance: A Case History of Hydraulically Fractured Retrograde Gas Condensate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Multiple Transverse Fracturing in Horizontal Open Hole Allows Development of a Low-Permeability Reservoir in the Foukanda Field, Offshore Congo
Technical Paper: Increasing Reservoir Contact by Combining Mechanical Diversion and Unique Stimulation Chemistry
Technical Paper: Matrix Acid Systems for Formations With High Clay Content
Technical Paper: Combining Stimulation and Water Control in High-Water-Cut Wells
Trabajo Técnico: Combinación de tratamientos de estimulación y control de agua en pozos con alto corte de agua
Technical Paper: Evaluating Hydraulic Fracture Effectiveness in a Coal Seam Gas Reservoir From Surface Tiltmeter and Microseismic Monitoring
Technical Paper: Well Treatment Fluids Prepared with Oilfield Produced Water: Part II
Technical Paper: Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring to Reservoir Simulation: Maximizing Value
Technical Paper: Understanding Diversion with a Novel Fiber-Laden Acid System for Matrix Acidizing of Carbonate Formations
Technical Paper: Volumetric Fracture Modeling Approach (VFMA): Incorporating Microseismic Data in the Simulation of Shale Gas Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Using Microseismic Source Parameters To Evaluate the Influence of Faults on Fracture Treatments: A Geophysical Approach to Interpretation
Technical Paper: A New Approach to Generating Fracture Conductivity
Technical Paper: Changing the Shape of Fracturing: New Proppant Improves Fracture Conductivity
Technical Paper: Abrasive Jet Perforating and Fiber-Enhanced Proppant Plug Isolation Improve Efficiencies in Multistage Horizontal Completions
Technical Paper: Fracture Network Development and Proppant Placement During Slickwater Fracturing Treatment of Barnett Shale Laterals
Technical Paper: Channel Fracturing – A Paradigm Shift in Tight Gas Stimulation
Technical Paper: Laboratory Evaluation of Organic Water Shut-off Gelling System for Carbonate Formations
Technical Paper: Channel Fracturing in Horizontal Wellbores: The New Edge of Stimulation Techniques in the Eagle Ford Formation
Technical Paper: Completion Evaluation of the Eagle Ford Formation with Heterogeneous Proppant Placement
Technical Paper: Channel Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Applicability in the Marcellus Shale
Technical Paper: Innovative Coiled Tubing Water Shutoff Techniques in Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Cased Hole Formation Resistivity Evaluation Results in Successful Identification and Isolation of Watered out Zones in Nubia Formation
Technical Paper: Modeling of Interaction of Hydraulic Fractures in Complex Fracture Networks
Technical Paper: Field Development Study: Channel Fracturing Increases Gas Production and Improves Polymer Recovery in Burgos Basin, Mexico North
Technical Paper: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Workover Interventions With Coiled Tubing and Real-Time Downhole Measurements
Technical Paper: Stimulation in Wells with Electric Submersible Pumps Increases Production and Save Costs without Damaging Pumps
Technical Paper: Production Forecast after Hydraulic Fracturing in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Coupling a Complex Fracturing Simulator and a Semi-Analytical Production Model
Technical Paper: An Innovative Solution to Optimizing Production in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs in Southern Mexico
Technical Paper: New Methods to Predict Inflow Performance of Multiply Fractured Horizontal Wells Under Two-Phase Condition and Optimize Number of Fracture Stages
Technical Paper: A Workflow for Modeling and Simulation of Hydraulic Fractures in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
Technical Paper: A Thorough Diagnostics-Solution Approach To Increase the Recovery Factor from Horizontal Wells in Complex Dolomites
Technical Paper: Understanding the Impact of Channel Fracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale Through Reservoir Simulation
Technical Paper: Pinpointing Water Entries in Dead Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Engineered Perforation Design Improves Fracture Placement and Productivity in Horizontal Shale Gas Wells
Technical Paper: Designing Completions in Horizontal Shale Gas Wells: Perforation Strategies
Technical Paper: Field Development Study: Channel Hydraulic Fracturing Achieves Both Operational and Productivity Goals in the Barnett Shale
Technical Paper: Semi-Analytical Production Simulation of Complex Hydraulic Fracture Network
Technical Paper: Advanced Completion and Fracturing Techniques in Tight Oil Reservoirs in Ordos Basin: A Workflow to Maximize Well Potential
Technical Paper: First Channel Fracturing Applied in Mature Wells Increases Production from Talinskoe Oilfield in Western Siberia
Technical Paper: Improving Production in the Marcellus Shale Using an Engineered Completion Design: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Evaluating an Engineered Completion Design in the Marcellus Shale Using Microseismic Monitoring
Technical Paper: The First Implementation of Elongated Proppant for Hydraulic Fracturing in Russia
Technical Paper: Channel Fracturing in the Remote Taylakovskoe Oil Field: Reliable Stimulation Treatments for Significant Production Increase
Technical Paper: Success & Scope of Infinite Conductivity Fracturing Channels in Cambay Basin of India
Technical Paper: On the Mechanisms of Channel Fracturing
Technical Paper: Rod-Shaped Proppant Provides Superior Proppant Flowback Control in the Egyptian Eastern Desert
Technical Paper: Novel Technique to Increase Production from Tight Reservoirs Using HiWAY Fracturing Technique for the First Time at Middle East and North Africa
Technical Paper: Production Enhancement in the Egyptian Western Desert Using the Channel-Fracturing Hi-Way Technique—A Field Case Study
Technical Paper: Field Development Study: Channel Fracturing Technique Combined with Rod-shaped Proppant Improves Production, Eliminates Proppant Flowback Issues and Screen-outs in the Western Desert, Egypt
Technical Paper: New Stimulation Technologies in a Major Gas Field in the Middle East
Technical Paper: Novel Combination of Channel Fracturing with Rod-Shapped Proppant Increases Production in the Egyptian Western Desert
Technical Paper: Modeling Microseismic Hydraulic Fracture Deformation
Technical Paper: Geomechanics of Hydraulic Fracturing Inferred from Composite Radiation Patterns of Microseismicity
Technical Paper: First Steps of Channel Fracturing in Russia Set New Directions for Production Increase of the Oil Fields
Technical Paper: Horizontal Well Development in Unconventional Resource Play Using an Integrated Completion and Production Workflow: Delaware Basin Case Study
Technical Paper: Development of an Optimized Completion Strategy in the Vaca Muerta Shale With an Anisotropic Geomechanical Model
Technical Paper: Engineered Approach to Isolate Intervals Invaded by Water or Gas in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Formations
Technical Paper: An Integrated Approach for Optimizing Vertical Wolfbone Wells in the Delaware Basin
Technical Paper: A Novel Completion Method for Sequenced Fracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale
Technical Paper: Unlocking the True Potential of the Vaca Muerta Shale via an Integrated Completion Optimization Approach
Technical Paper: Development of a Stranded Tight Gas Field in the UK Southern North Sea Using Hydraulic Fracturing Within a Subsea Horizontal Well: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Novel Dynamic Diversion Applied in Stimulation of Shale Plays in North Mexico
Technical Paper: Geomechanical Characterization of an Unconventional Reservoir with Microseismic Fracture Monitoring Data and Unconventional Fracture Modeling
Technical Paper: Sequenced Fracture Treatment Diversion Enhances Horizontal Well Completions in the Eagle Ford Shale
Technical Paper: Back to the Future: Shale 2.0 - Returning Back to Engineering and Modelling Hydraulic Fractures in Unconventionals With New Seismic to Stimulation Workflows
Technical Paper: Unlock HTHP Unconventional Play in West China by Integrating Cross Domain Expertise
Technical Paper: $40 Billion Learning Curve: Leveraging Lessons Learned to Minimize the Overall Investment in Unconventional Plays
Technical Paper: Overcoming Obstacles for Produced Water in Bakken Well Stimulations
Technical Paper: Coiled Tubing Deployed Gas and Water Shutoffs in Alaska Utilizing a Polymer Gel and Microfine Cement
Technical Paper: Channel Fracturing Enhanced by Unconventional Proppant Increases Effectiveness of Hydraulic Fracturing in Devonian Formations of Russia's Oilfields
Technical Paper: A Parametric Study on Completion Design in Shale Reservoirs Based on Fracturing-to-Production Simulations
Technical Paper: Overcoming a Cementing Failure: Sequenced Fracturing Technique for Remedial Application
Technical Paper: An Application of Diversion Technique in Uncemented Section of a Horizontal Well in the Williston Basin
Technical Paper: Innovative Approach to Effectively Stimulate Openhole Sections of Horizontal Laterals
Technical Paper: To Treat or Not To Treat? Optimized Water Decisions Throughout the Produced-Water Management Cycle
Technical Paper: Water-Flexible Fracturing Systems
Technical Paper: Increased Reservoir Contact in Cemented Multistage Completions In the Williston Basin, Using Engineered Diversion Workflow
Technical Paper: Stimulation Optimization Using Engineered Diversion Workflow to Increase Wellbore Contact in Cemented Completions
Technical Paper: Real-Time Interpretation of Leak Isolation with Degradable Diverter Using High Frequency Pressure Monitoring
Technical Paper: Reaching New Heights of Efficiency in Offshore Gas Conformance Operations
Technical Paper: Sequenced Fracturing Technique Improves Production from an Underperforming Lateral: An Interpretation Based on High Frequency Pressure Monitoring
Technical Paper: Engineering an Effective Completion and Stimulation Strategy for In-Fill Wells
Technical Paper: Sequenced Fracturing Technique with High-Frequency Pressure Monitoring Improves Horizontal Injection Well Performance on the North Slope of Alaska
Technical Paper: Precise Fracturing: Increasing Number of Stages and Reducing Treatments Size in Oil Rims of Novoportovskoe Oil Field
Technical Paper: Coiled Tubing Boosts Efficiency of Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Technique in Novoportovskoe Field
Technical Paper: First Implementation of Diversion Stimulation Service with Multimodal Particles in Caspian Offshore Oilfield
Technical Paper: Qualifying Diversion in Multi Clusters Horizontal Well Hydraulic Fracturing in Haynesville Shale Using Water Hammer Analysis, Step-Down Test and Microseismic Data
Technical Paper: Measurements While Fracturing: Nonintrusive Method of Hydraulic Fracturing Monitoring
Technical Paper: Utilization of Real Time Microseismic Monitoring and Hydraulic Fracture Diversion Technology in the Completion of Barnett Shale Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Use of Geomechanics for Optimizing Reservoir Completion and Stimulation Strategies for Carbonates in the Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Challenging Horizontal Open Hole Completion in Carbonates: A Case History on Mechanical Isolation and Selective Stimulation in Campos Basin, Brazil
Technical Paper: Fundamental Investigation of the Chemical and Mechanical Properties of High-Temperature-Cured Oilwell Cements
Technical Paper: First Successful Multistage Hydraulic Fracture Monitoring for a Horizontal Well in Mexico
Technical Paper: Interferometric Microseism Localization for Multistage Fracture Monitoring
Technical Paper: Optimization of Infill Well Development Using a Novel Far-Field Diversion Technique in the Eagle Ford Shale
Technical Paper: Refracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale: One Operator's Quest to Identify and Rank Candidates, Minimize Well Interference, and Understand Variability of Results
Technical Paper: A New Effective Stimulation Treatment for Long Horizontal Wells Drilled in Carbonate Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Optimized Stimulation Solutions for a Mature Field in Kazakhstan
Technical Paper: Openhole Gravel Packing With Oil-Based Fluids: Implementation of the Lessons Learned From Past Experiences Leads to the Best Producer in Okpoho Field, Nigeria
Technical Paper: Use of Novel Acid System Improves Zonal Coverage of Stimulation Treatments in Tengiz Field
Technical Paper: Microseismic Source Inversion in Anisotropic Media
Technical Paper: Global Cross Application of Shale Gas Development Workflows Revealed
Technical Paper: Raw Seawater Injection Technology; Enhance Production and Improve the Environment Impact - Columba E' Worlds First
Technical Paper: Advances in Subsea Wet Gas Compression Technologies
Technical Paper: Subsea Boosting of the Brenda Field Through Utilization of a Multipurpose Field Development Solution
Technical Paper: Analysis of Subsea Sampling Applications and Drivers for Subsea Field Developments in Deep and Ultra-Deep Water
Technical Paper: Subsea Multiphase Boosting - Maturing technology Applied for Santos Ltd's Mutineer and Exeter field
Technical Paper: Download Terms and Conditions
Technical Paper: A Quantitative Model for the Effect of Wettability on the Conductivity of Porous Rocks
Technical Paper: Integrated Formation Resistivity Forward Modeling; A Case Study Of A Carbonate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Modeling Naturally Fractured Tight Carbonate Reservoirs - A Case Study
Technical Paper: Single-Well In-Situ Measure of Oil Saturation Remaining in Carbonate After an EOR Chemical Flood
Technical Paper: A Unique Stimulation Approach to Enhance Production Efficiency of Horizontal Wells in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Enables Injectivity Visualization To Enhance Stimulation Efficiency
Technical Paper: Successful Application of Novel Fiber Laden Self-Diverting Acid System During Fracturing Operations of Naturally Fractured Carbonates in Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: While Drilling Mobility and Distributed Temperature Profiles Applied to Matrix Stimulation of a Giant Carbonate Oil Field: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Revolutionary Matrix Stimulation Process in Offshore Mexico Using Coiled Tubing Equipped with Optical Fibers (CT-EOF) and Distributed Temperature Survey (DTS)
Technical Paper: A Novel Stimulation Approach for Scale Control in Marrat Carbonate Reservoir - Case Studies from Joint Operations, PZ Kuwait
Technical Paper: Stimulation Solutions for the High-Pressure, High-Temperature Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs in Mexico
Technical Paper: Advanced Spectrometry and NMR Based Porosity Partitioning Integrated Technique in Evaluating Cretaceous Pinda Formation, Offshore Angola
Technical Paper: Reservoir Surveillance - Fluid Contact Monitoring in Fractured Carbonate TA-GOGD Project
Technical Paper: First Dual Target Horizontal Appraisal Geosteering in Thin Siliciclastic Reservoir of Mauddud Formation, Sabriyah Oil Field, North Kuwait
Technical Paper: First Successful Multilateral Well Logging in Saudi Aramco: Innovative Approach toward Logging an Open Hole Multilateral Oil Producer
Technical Paper: Raman Spectroscopy Yields New Discovery of Reaction of Acetic Acid with Calcite
Technical Paper: Successful Geosteering in Low Resistivity Contrast Reservoirs of the Permian Basin
Technical Paper: Successful Application of a Novel Mobility Geosteering Technique in a Stratified Low-Permeability Carbonate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Experience of Carbonate Acidizing in the Challenging Environment of the Volga-Urals Region of Russia
Technical Paper: Utility of Multiphase Production Logs in Optimizing Performance of Horizontal Wells Exhibiting Crossflow
Technical Paper: Selectively Shutting Off Gas in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Old Problems, New Challenges: Evaluating a Horizontal Well in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Capturing Regional Geomechanical Knowledge for Heavy Oil Carbonate Offshore Fields in Campeche Oriente-Mexico
Technical Paper: New Structural Evolution Model for the North Kuwait Carbonate Fields and its Implication for Fracture Characterisation and Modelling
Technical Paper: Connectivity Theory – A New Approach to Modeling Non-Archie Rocks
Technical Paper: Challenges and Solutions of Stimulating Carbonate Reservoirs in Timano-Pechora, Russia
Technical Paper: Sub-salt Velocity Prediction With a Look-Ahead AVO Walkaway
Technical Paper: Enabling Subsea Surveillance: Embracing ‘True Production Control’ With An Open Architecture Subsea Monitoring And Control System
Technical Paper: Coarse- and Ultra-Fine Scale Compartmentalization by Downhole Fluid Analysis
Technical Paper: Compositional Modeling of Oil-Based Mud-Filtrate Cleanup During Wireline Formation Tester Sampling
Technical Paper: Enhancing Formation Testing and Sampling Operations Through the Use of Log-Derived High-Resolution Mineral-Based Lithofacies Mapping
Technical Paper: Combining Continuous Fluid Typing, Wireline Formation Testers, and Geochemical Measurements for an Improved Understanding of Reservoir Architecture
Technical Paper: Using High Resolution Lithofacies From Spectroscopy Logs and Microresistivity Images to Optimize Formation Pressure, Sampling, and Interference Testing Operations
Technical Paper: Focused Sampling of Reservoir Fluids Achieves Undetectable Levels of Contamination
Technical Paper: Innovative Technology/Best Practices Maximizes ROP, Saving the Operator $U.S.1.5 Million in Chicontepec Project, Mexico
Technical Paper: A 200°C 35,000-psi HP/HT MWD Tool: Development Program, Architecture, Mission Profile, and Prototype Testing Results to Date
Technical Paper: Neural Network and 3D Seismic Techniques Improve the Prediction of Facies Distribution Within a Submarine Channel Complex: Neuquén Basin, Argentina
Technical Paper: Downhole Fluid Analysis and Sampling Establishing Compositional Gradient in a Deep Water Gas Condensate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Optimizing Drilling Performance by Wellbore Stability and Pore-Pressure Evaluation in Deepwater Exploration
Technical Paper: Integration of Geochemical, Mud-Gas, and Downhole-Fluid Analyses for the Assessment of Compositional Grading—Case Studies
Technical Paper: Applications of NMR Logs and Borehole Images to the Evaluation of Laminated Deepwater Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Evaluation of Low-Resistivity-Pay Deepwater Turbidites Using Constrained Thin-Bed Petrophysical Analysis
Technical Paper: Modeling the Mechanical and Phase Change Stability of Wellbores Drilled in Gas Hydrates by the Joint Industry Participation Program (JIP) Gas Hydrates Project, Phase II
Technical Paper: Surveillance and Diagnostics of Permanent Bottomhole Gauge Data Coupled with Geomechanical Modeling to Identify Sources of Formation Damage
Technical Paper: Sand Control Completions for the Development of Albacora Leste Field
Technical Paper: Material-Loss Estimation For Pipes
Technical Paper: A New Method for Gas Well Deliverability Potential Estimation Using MinDST and Single Well Modeling: Theory and Examples
Technical Paper: Optimizing Wireline Gun System Design and Perforating Performance for Very Late Changes in a Gulf of Mexico HPHT Deepwater Well
Technical Paper: Analysis of Reservoir Performance of the Messoyakha Gas Hydrate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Predicting Downhole Fluid Analysis Logs to Investigate Reservoir Connectivity
Technical Paper: Numerical Investigation of Gravitational Compositional Grading in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Using Centrifuge Data
Technical Paper: Applying Well Remediation Techniques to Subsea Flowlines in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Gravel Packing Long Openhole Intervals With Viscous Fluids Utilizing High Gravel Concentrations: Toe-to-Heel Packing Without the Need for Alternate Flow Paths
Technical Paper: Deepwater Completion Designs: A Review of Current Best Practices
Technical Paper: Reconstructing Sedimentary Depositional Environment With Borehole Imaging and Core: A Case Study From Eastern Offshore India
Technical Paper: Permanent Downhole Gauge: A Need or A Luxury?
Technical Paper: Taking Advantage of Injectivity Decline for Sweep Enhancing during Waterflood with Horizontal Injectors
Technical Paper: An Alternative Method of Dealing With Pressure: Friction Reducer for Water Packing of Long Horizontal Open Holes in Low-Fracturing-Gradient Environments
Technical Paper: Advanced Methods to Design and Interpret Exploration Well Tests: Two Case Studies
Technical Paper: Determination of Rock Strength Using Advanced Sonic Log Interpretation Techniques
Technical Paper: Investigation of Formation Connectivity Using Asphaltene Gradient Log Predictions Coupled with Downhole Fluid Analysis
Technical Paper: Reservoir Architecture Characterization from Integration of Fluid Property Distributions with Other Logs
Technical Paper: Extending the Limit: Interval Pressure Transient Testing in Low-Permeability Reservoirs in the North Sea
Technical Paper: Subsea Deployment of Instrumented Sand Screens in High-Rate Gas Wells
Technical Paper: The Evolution of Sand Control Completions Practices for the Enfield Deepwater Development
Technical Paper: A Novel Technique for Achieving High-Rate Water Injection at Matrix Rates in Openhole Sand-Control Completions: A Case History from Akpo Field, Nigeria
Technical Paper: Single-Trip Perforate and Frac-Pack Completion with High-Efficiency Frac Gel in Bonga Phase 2
Technical Paper: Drilling Deep in Deep Water: What It Takes to Drill Past 30,000 ft
Technical Paper: Overcoming a Difficult Salt Drilling Environment in the Gulf of Mexico: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Effect of Bicenter Bit BHA Design on BHA Behavior
Technical Paper: Self-Healing Cement System: A Step Forward in Reducing Long-Term Environmental Impact
Technical Paper: Managed Pressure Drilling Brings Added Value to Production Casings Cementing Operations Increasing Success Rates and Quality in HPHT Fractured Narrow Window Wells
Technical Paper: Combining Wireline and LWD Borehole Seismic Data for Drilling HPHT Well: A Novel Approach
Technical Paper: Samarang Field: Seismic To Simulation Redevelopment Evaluation Brings New Life to an Old Oilfield, Offshore Sabah, Malaysia
Technical Paper: Waxy-Crude Production Management in a Deepwater Subsea Environment
Technical Paper: Water Injection Fall-Off Tests in Deepwater Reservoir: What Do We Actually See Into Formation?
Technical Paper: Advanced Formation Testing and PVT Sampling in Deep Gas Condensate Reservoir: Case Study from Malaysia
Technical Paper: Live Fiber-Optic Telemetry Downhole Measurements on Coiled-Tubing-Enabled High-Efficiency Sand Cleanout in a Subhydrostatic Well for the First Time in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Hurricane Contingency for Stuck Coiled Tubing: Preparing for platform evacuation and allowing a safe recovery
Technical Paper: New Approach for Successful Sidetracking of a Cement Plug in Salt and Sub-Salt Wells at High Inclinations Using Rotary Steerable Tools and Reamers
Technical Paper: The Use of Seismic Attributes for Depth Conversion and Property Distributions, E-M Field, Offshore South Africa
Technical Paper: Implementation of Customized Algorithms Extends Downhole Flowmeter Application in Two-Phase Oil/Gas Flow: A Subsea North Sea Case Study
Technical Paper: Reduction of Perforating Gunshock Loads
Technical Paper: Deepwater Geohazard Prediction Using Prestack Inversion of Large Offset P-Wave Data and Rock Model
Technical Paper: Shallow Water Flow Prediction Using Prestack Waveform Inversion of Conventional 3D Seismic Data and Rock Modeling
Technical Paper: Predrill Pore-Pressure Prediction Using Seismic Data
Technical Paper: Continuous Improvement and Oversight for Deepwater Cement Programs
Technical Paper: Success in Production Estimation in High Profile Deepwater Well Using Dynamic Formation Testers
Technical Paper: Detection and Estimation of Gas Hydrates Using Rock Physics and Seismic Inversion: Examples from the Northern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Combining Rock Physics Analysis, Full Waveform Prestack Inversion and High-resolution Seismic Interpretation to map Lithology Units in Deepwater: A Gulf of Mexico Case Study
Technical Paper: Seismic Measurements While Drilling Reduce Uncertainty in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Imaging the Perdido Fold Belt: A case study
Technical Paper: Applications of a New Magnetic Resonance Logging-While-Drilling Tool in a GOM Deepwater Development Project
Technical Paper: Advanced Borehole Image Applications in Turbidite Reservoirs Drilled with Oil Based Mud a Case Study from Deep Offshore Angola
Technical Paper: Core and Log NMR Measurements Indicate Reservoir Rock is Altered by OBM Filtrate
Technical Paper: Hydrocarbon compositional analysis in-situ in openhole wireline logging
Technical Paper: Rock Strength Parameters from Annular Pressure While Drilling and Dipole Sonic Dispersion Analysis
Technical Paper: Field-study of integrated formation evaluation in thinly laminated reservoirs
Technical Paper: Field example of enhanced hydrocarbon estimation in thinly laminated formation with a triaxial array indication tool: a laminated sand shale analysis with anisotropic shale
Technical Paper: New Formation Tester Probe Design for Low Contamination Sampling
Technical Paper: Campos Basin Anisotropic Turbidities Formation Evaluation: Challenges And Proposed Solutions
Technical Paper: Enhanced Reservoir Characterization In A Deep Water Turbidite System Using Borehole Images And Spectroscopy Logs
Technical Paper: Spoolable Compliant Guide: A Solution for Well Intervention
Technical Paper: Fiber-Optic Distributed Vibration Sensing Provides Technique for Detecting Sand Production
Technical Paper: Development of a Deepwater Subsea Well Intervention Package Control System
Technical Paper: The Impact of Reservoir Fluid Compositional Variation and its Origin on Flow Assurance Evaluation
Technical Paper: Parque das Conchas (BC10): Subsurface Challenges in Developing a Deepwater Shallow Geologically Complex Field
Technical Paper: Case Study of Push-the-Bit Vertical Drilling in Shallow Sediments of the Nankai-Trough Seismogenic Zone
Technical Paper: Directional Casing While Drilling Heralds a Step Change in Drilling Efficiency from a Producing Platform
Technical Paper: Subsalt Imaging Using Wide Azimuth Data
Technical Paper: Flexible Pipe Integrity Monitoring: A New System to Assess the Flexible Pipe Annulus Condition
Technical Paper: Subsea Sensors for Nonintrusive Monitoring of Temperature, Pressure and Asset Integrity
Technical Paper: Acquisition Experiments for Improved Subsalt Imaging in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Regional Trends in Undercompaction and Overpressure in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Application of Multipoint Geostatistics to Honor Multiple Attribute Constraints Applied to a Deepwater Outcrop Analog, Tanqua Karoo Basin, South Africa
Technical Paper: Seismic Properties of Unconsolidated Sands: Tangential Stiffness, Vp/Vs Ratios and Diagenesis
Technical Paper: Offshore Brazil 2005—Regional Update and Future Exploration
Technical Paper: Using Tomographic Seismic Velocities to Understand Subsalt Overpressure Drilling Risks in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Efficient Perforation of High-Pressure Deepwater Wells
Trabajo Técnico: Operaciones de Disparos Eficientes en Pozos de Alta Presión de Aguas Profundas
Technical Paper: Trend-Kriged Seismic Velocities to Predict Pore Pressure and to Model Effective Stress for Reservoir Characterization in a Deepwater Basin
Technical Paper: First Borehole Acoustic Reflection Survey mapping a deepwater turbidite sand
Technical Paper: Diving-Wave Refraction Tomography and Reflection Tomography for Velocity Model Building
Technical Paper: Velocity Profile Prediction Using Walkaway VSP Data
Technical Paper: A wide-azimuth streamer acquisition pilot project in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: From Pore-Pressure Prediction to Reservoir Characterization: A Combined Geomechanics-Seismic Inversion Workflow Using Trend-Kriging Techniques in a Deepwater Basin
Technical Paper: Some Aspects of Survey Design for Wide-Azimuth Towed-Streamer Acquisition
Technical Paper: Rock physics modeling of unconsolidated sands: Accounting for nonuniform contacts and heterogeneous stress fields in the effective media approximation with applications to hydrocarbon exploration
Technical Paper: Acoustic Waves in Sand-Screened Deepwater Completions: Comparison of Experiments and Modeling
Technical Paper: 2D Traveltime Inversion for Gas Hydrates in Kerala-Konkan Basin, Western Offshore India
Technical Paper: 3D VSP acquisition and 3C processing on a deep subsalt prospect in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Deepwater Improvements Using Real-Time Formation Evaluation
Technical Paper: Unique Crosslinking Pill in Tandem With Fracture Prediction Model Cures Circulation Losses in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Some Aspects of 4-D Seismics for Reservoir Monitoring
Technical Paper: Gas Hydrates as a Resource and a Mechanism for Transmission
Technical Paper: Ceiba Completion Optimization: A Fast-Track Approach to Success
Technical Paper: Determining Reservoir Stratigraphic Continuity Via Well Testing in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, Fuji Prospect
Technical Paper: Asphaltenes Characterization: A Key to Deepwater Developments
Technical Paper: 3D Generalised Inversion (AVO, AI) as Direct Input to The Reservoir Model. Deepwater Exploration Offshore North West Borneo, Malaysia - A Case Study
Technical Paper: A New Age in Well Perforating History - Evolving from Roman to Gothic?
Technical Paper: Accidental Geomechanics - Capturing In-situ Stress from Mud Losses Encountered while Drilling
Technical Paper: Drilling the First Ultra Deepwater Wells Offshore Malaysia
Technical Paper: Application of Real-Time Resistivity and Annular Pressure Data in Reducing Lost-Circulation Events
Technical Paper: Asphaltene Precipitation From Reservoir Fluids: Asphaltene Solubility and Particle Size vs. Pressure
Technical Paper: Geosteering Horizontal Wells using Resistivity Anisotropy Obtained in an Offset Vertical Well
Technical Paper: Optimization of Frac/Pack Completions Based on Field Experience
Technical Paper: Using Multiple Reservoir Measurements to Improve Subsurface Description in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: King Field
Technical Paper: Completion Architecture: A Methodology for Integrated Well Planning
Technical Paper: Design, Installation, and Results from the World's Longest Deep-Water Openhole, Shunt-Tube Gravel-Pack West of Shetlands
Technical Paper: Alternate Path Completions: A Critical Review and Lessons Learned From Case Histories With Recommended Practices for Deepwater Applications
Technical Paper: Cementing Deepwater, Low-Temperature Gulf of Mexico Formations Prone to Shallow Flows
Technical Paper: Overcoming Deepwater Cementing Challenges in South China Sea, East Malaysia
Technical Paper: Gravel Packing Wells Drilled With Oil-Based Fluids: A Critical Review of Current Practices and Recommendations for Future Applications
Technical Paper: Seismic Pore-pressure Imaging in Deepwater Offshore West Africa
Technical Paper: Integrating Diverse Measurements to Predict Pore Pressure With Uncertainties While Drilling
Technical Paper: Deepwater Core Comparison With Answers From a Real-Time Petrophysical Evaluation
Technical Paper: Improved Pore-Pressure Prediction and Mechanical Earth Model Estimation Through Binary Decomposition of Seismic Inversion Data in Subresolution Clastic Sequences
Technical Paper: Insitu Characterization of Formation Fluid Samples - Case Studies
Technical Paper: Optimization of Riser Design and Drill Centers With a Coupled Reservoir and Facility Network Model for Deepwater Agbami
Technical Paper: Deepwater Batchset Operations Through the Magnolia Shallow Water Flow Sand
Technical Paper: Reducing Risk and Cost in Diverse Well Construction Applications: Eccentric Device Drills Concentric Hole and Offers a Viable Alternative to Underreamers
Technical Paper: The Power of Real-Time Monitoring and Interpretation in Wireline Formation Testing—Case Studies
Technical Paper: The Missing Link—Identification of Reservoir Compartmentalization Through Downhole Fluid Analysis
Technical Paper: Successful Application of a New and Unique Low Friction Frac-Pack Fluid in the Gulf of Mexico Deep Wells
Technical Paper: Estimation of Formation Stresses using Borehole Sonic Data
Technical Paper: New Solutions To Extend the Application Window of Horizontal Openhole Gravel Packing
Technical Paper: Field Test Results of the New Combinable Magnetic Resonance Autotune Logging Tool
Technical Paper: Lessons Learned From Combined Whipstock Operation: Set Whipstock/Mill Out/Cement Squeeze/Drill Out in One Trip
Technical Paper: Risk-Based Reliability Engineering Enables Improved Rotary-Steerable-System Performance and Defines New Industry Performance Metrics
Technical Paper: Innovative Cement Bulk Blending Solution Significantly Reduces Dust Emission and Provides a Safer Working Environment
Technical Paper: Wide Azimuth 3D 4C OBCA Key Breakthrough to Lead to the Development of Hild Field
Technical Paper: Field Test of a Flexible Pipe Integrity Monitoring System
Technical Paper: Fluid Characterization using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging
Technical Paper: Compartment Identification by Downhole Fluid Analysis
Technical Paper: Improved Fluid Typing with NMR: Better Field Development Planning in Deepwater Nigeria
Technical Paper: Quebrache--A Natural CO2 Reservoir: A New Source for EOR Projects in Mexico
Technical Paper: CO2 EOR From a North Michigan Silurian Reef
Technical Paper: EOR Potential of the Michigan Silurian Reefs Using CO2
Technical Paper: Current Status of Enhanced Recovery Techniques in the Fields of Russia
Technical Paper: Main Trends in the Development of Enhanced Reservoir Coverage by Stimulation in Russia
Technical Paper: Improving Recovery from Thin Oil Rim by Simultaneous Downdip Gas and Updip Water Injection -Samarang Field, Offshore Malaysia
Technical Paper: Single-Well In-Situ Measurement of Residual Oil Saturation After an EOR Chemical Flood
Technical Paper: Fully Stochastic Screening and Ranking on Entire Reservoir Portfolios - A Case Study for Candidate Recognition for Waterflood Implementation
Technical Paper: Analysis and Flow Modeling of Single Well MicroPilot to Evaluate the Performance of Chemical EOR Agents
Technical Paper: Pulsed Neutron Monitoring of the First CO2 EOR Pilot in the Middle East
Technical Paper: Heavy Oil Characteristic Assessment for Field Facilities Selection Steam EOR: Case Study in Oman
Technical Paper: EOR: Challenges of Translating Fine Scale Displacement into Full Field Models
Technical Paper: Smart EOR Screening, Breaching the Gap between Analytical and Numerical Evaluations
Technical Paper: Impact of Fluvial Geological Characteristics on EOR Screening of a Large Heavy Oil Field
Technical Paper: A Systematic Approach to Evaluate Asphaltene Precipitation During CO2 Injection
Technical Paper: Opportunities/Lessons Learnt and New Technologies for Redevelopment of a Mature Field
Technical Paper: Development of a Full-Field Dynamic Model to Support Pressure Maintenance Projects in the World's Largest Clastic Oil Field, The Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait
Technical Paper: EOR Advisor System: A Comprehensive Approach to EOR Selection
Technical Paper: Introducing the MicroPilot: Moving Rock Flooding Experiments Downhole
Technical Paper: An Optimal Approach to Shale Gas and Oil Exploration Beyond North America
Technical Paper: Feasibility of using Electrical Downhole Heaters in Faja Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Horizontal Alternating Steam Drive Process for the Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt in Eastern Venezuela
Technical Paper: Flexible Cement Improves Wellbore Integrity for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Wells
Technical Paper: Practical and Robust Isenthalpic/Isothermal Flashes for Thermal Fluids
Technical Paper: Flexible Cement Improves Wellbore Integrity in SAGD Wells
Technical Paper: Core Flood Investigation Into Asphaltene Deposition Tendencies in the Marrat Reservoir, South East Kuwait
Technical Paper: Using Deep Azimuthal Electromagnetic Resistivity Technology and Rotary Steerable System for Geosteering Complex Sands of Bare Field in the Faja Petrolifera Del Orinoco, Venezuela
Technical Paper: Reservoir Pathway Identification in a Fractured Carbonate Heavy Oil Reservoir
Technical Paper: Coupled Reservoir Geomechanical Modeling of a Thermal Gas-Oil-Gravity-Drainage Project
Technical Paper: Dynamic and Static Thermal Well Flow Control Simulation
Technical Paper: Innovative Cementing Solution for Long-term Steam Injection Well Integrity
Technical Paper: Simulating the Permeability Reduction due to Asphaltene Deposition in Porous Media
Technical Paper: Improved Technique for Wireline Oil Sampling of a Tight Carbonate Reservoir in the Partitioned Neutral Zone (Kuwait/Saudi Arabia): A Case Study
Technical Paper: Horizontal Well Placement Optimization for Heavy Oil Production in Girasol Field
Technical Paper: Numerical Investigation of Potential Injection Strategies To Reduce Shale Barrier Impacts on SAGD Process
Technical Paper: Maximizing the Oil Recovery through Immiscible Water Alternating Gas (IWAG) in Mature Offshore field
Technical Paper: DFA Profiling of Oil Columns with Asphaltene Grading
Technical Paper: Impact of Uncertainty of Heavy Oil Fluid Property Measurements
Technical Paper: Case Studies on Simulation of Wax Deposition in Pipelines
Technical Paper: The Potential Applications in Heavy Oil EOR With the Nanoparticle and Surfactant Stabilized Solvent-Based Emulsion
Technical Paper: A Unified Wellbore Model for Reservoir Simulation
Technical Paper: Modeling CHOPS Using a Coupled Flow-Geomechanics Simulator With Nonequilibrium Foamy-Oil Reactions: A Multiwell History Matching Study
Technical Paper: Well Integrity in Heavy Oil Wells: Challenges and Solutions
Technical Paper: Three-Phase Equilibrium Study for Heavy-Oil/Solvent/Steam System at High Temperatures
Technical Paper: Thermal Properties of Formations From Core Analysis: Evolution in Measurement Methods, Equipment, and Experimental Data in Relation to Thermal EOR
Technical Paper: Evaluation of Specialized Cement System for Long-Term Steam Injection Well Integrity
Technical Paper: Dynamic SAGD Well Flow Control Simulation
Technical Paper: Enhancing Efficiency of Steam-Thermal Treatment of Formations with High-Viscosity Oil
Technical Paper: Heavy Oil Sampling with Wireline Formation Testers - A Global Perspective
Technical Paper: A Unique Sand Control Screen That Enhances Productivity
Technical Paper: Influence of Non-parallel SAGD Well Pairs and Permeability Heterogeneities on Recovery Factors from Warm Heavy Oil Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Modeling Multi-tubing Wells in Reservoir Simulation
Technical Paper: Long-Term Injectivity Test in a Field Characterized by a Tar Mat Zone Strives to Unlock Higher Reservoir Potential
Technical Paper: New Steam Resilient Cement: Evaluation of Long-term Properties Under Extreme Conditions
Technical Paper: A Unified Thermal Wellbore Model for Flexible Simulation of Multiple Tubing Strings
Technical Paper: While Drilling Mobility and Distributed Temperature Profiles Applied to Matrix Stimulation of a Giant Carbonate Oil Field: A Case Study
Technical Paper: Study of Asphaltene Precipitation and Deposition Phenomenon during WAG Application
Technical Paper: Specially Formulated Delayed-Breaker Systems for Water-Sensitive Formations
Technical Paper: Viscosity Reduction EOR with CO2 & Enriched CO2 to Improve Recovery of Alaska North Slope Viscous Oils
Technical Paper: Mechanics of Heavy Oil and Bitumen Recovery by Hot Solvent Injection
Technical Paper: Multi-Million Cell SAGD Models - Opportunity For Detailed Field Analysis
Technical Paper: Fluid Composition Equilibrium; a Proxy for Reservoir Connectivity
Technical Paper: Methodologies, Solutions, and Lessons Learned from Heavy Oil Well Testing with an ESP, Offshore UK in the Bentley Field, Block 9/3b
Technical Paper: Understanding Heavy Oil Fluid Sensitivity for Seismic Reservoir Characterization in Middle East Carbonates
Technical Paper: Practical Control of SAGD Wells With Dual Tubing Strings
Technical Paper: Improved Methods for Estimating the Viscosity of Heavy Oils from Magnetic Resonance Data
Technical Paper: Comprehensive Workflow for Wireline Fluid Sampling in an Unconsolidated Formations Utilizing New Large Volume Sampling Equipment
Technical Paper: SAGD Optimization Under Uncertainty
Technical Paper: SAGD Real-Time Well Production Measurements Using a Nucleonic Multiphase FlowMeter: Successful Field Trial at Suncor Firebag
Technical Paper: Correlation of Fluid Properties and Geochemical Parameters with Heavy Oil Viscosity and Density on Trans-Regional Scale
Technical Paper: Multimillion-Cell SAGD Models: Opportunity for Detailed Field Analysis
Technical Paper: Integrated Use of NMR Logs, Petrel and Modflow in the Modeling of SAGD Produced Water Re-Injection
Technical Paper: Glass Transition and Heavy Oil Dynamics at Low Temperature
Technical Paper: Caprock Integrity Analysis of Thermal Operations: An Integrated Geomechanics Approach
Technical Paper: Understanding Heavy Oil Molecular Functionality and Relations to Fluid Properties
Technical Paper: Optimization of Stimulation Treatments in Naturally Fractured Carbonate Formations Through Effective Diversion and Real-Time Analysis
Technical Paper: First Installation of Five ESPs Offshore Romania: A Case Study and Lessons Learned
Technical Paper: Remote Real Time Well Testing—Experience in the Grove Gas Field in the North Sea
Technical Paper: Collaborative Environment Infrastructure in Al-Khafji Joint Operations
Technical Paper: An Integrated Framework for SAGD Real-Time Optimization
Technical Paper: Remote Optimization Improves Drilling Performance in US Land
Technical Paper: Wireline Formation Testing—Networking a Globally Distributed Team for Optimal Reservoir Characterization
Technical Paper: Improved Performance in Real-Time Operational Support Processes via Application Process Workflow Optimization Techniques in Russia
Technical Paper: Production Monitoring Using Artificial Intelligence
Technical Paper: Enhancing Production, Reservoir Monitoring, and Joint Venture Development Decisions with a Production Data Center Solution
Technical Paper: Digital Oilfield Implementation in High Pressure High Temperature Sour Gas Environment: Kuwait Oil Company Challenges & Guidelines
Technical Paper: Integrating WITSML, PRODML, and RESQML Standards for Cross-Domain Workflows
Technical Paper: Innovative Intelligent Technologies Used for Production Optimization and Infrastructure Integrity Surveillance
Technical Paper: Permanent Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) Technology Applied in Mature Fields - A Forties Field Case Study
Technical Paper: Efficient Use Of High Frequency Data Through Production Data Management System Implementation
Technical Paper: A WITSML Enabled Workflow for Integrating Offset Well Drilling Risks and Events Into Well Planning and Execution
Technical Paper: The Development and Successful Application of an Automated Real-Time Drilling Fluids Measurement System
Technical Paper: Real Time Factory Drilling in Mexico: A New Approach to Well Construction in Mature Fields
Technical Paper: Use of Horizontal Well Image Tools to Optimize Barnett Shale Reservoir Exploitation
Technical Paper: A Field Study in Optimizing Completion Strategies for Fracture Initiation in Barnett Shale Horizontal Wells
Technical Paper: Effect of Layered Heterogeneity on Fracture Initiation in Tight Gas Shales
Technical Paper: Coalbed- and Shale-Gas Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Real-Time Microseismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracture Treatment: A Tool To Improve Completion and Reservoir Management
Technical Paper: Application of a Viscoelastic Surfactant-Based CO2 Compatible Fracturing Fluid in the Frontier Formation, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
Technical Paper: Optimizing Horizontal Completions in the Cleveland Tight Gas Sand
Technical Paper: A Field Study of Coiled-Tubing Material Loss and Ovality
Technical Paper: Anisotropic Stress Models Improve Completion Design in the Baxter Shale
Technical Paper: Efficient Multifractured Horizontal Completions Change the Economic Equation in Latin America Through Improved Reservoir Contact and Well Productivity
Trabajo Técnico: Las terminaciones eficientes de pozos horizontales multifracturados modifican la rentabilidad de América Latina a través del mejoramiento del contacto con los yacimientos y de la productividad de los pozos
Technical Papers: Quantifying Proppant Transport for Complex Fractures in Unconventional Formations
Technical Paper: Are You Buying Too Much Friction Reducer Because of Your Biocide?
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Hydraulic Fracturing of Adjacent Horizontal Wells in the Woodford Shale
Technical Paper: Barnett Shale Refracture Stimulations Using a Novel Diversion Technique
Technical Paper: Successful Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments Using a Seawater-Based Polymer-Free Fluid System Executed From a Supply Vessel; Lebada Vest Field, Black Sea Offshore Romania
Technical Paper: A Workflow for Integrated Barnett Shale Gas Reservoir Modeling and Simulation
Technical Paper: Characterization of Hydraulically-Induced Fracture Network Using Treatment and Microseismic Data in a Tight-Gas Formation: A Geomechanical Approach
Technical Paper: Optimizing Fracturing Fluids from Flowback Water
Technical Paper: Overview of Tight Gas Field Development in the Middle East and North Africa Region
Technical Paper: Modeling Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Fracture Networks in Shale Gas Reservoirs as a Dual Porosity System
Technical Paper: A Multifaceted Approach for Controlling Complex Deposits in Oil and Gas Production
Technical Paper: Utilizing Current Technologies to Understand Permeability, Stress Azimuths and Magnitudes and their Impact on Hydraulic Fracturing Success in a Coal Seam Gas Reservoir
Technical Paper: Field Data Validation of a General Model for High-Performance Fractures in Deviated High-Rate Wells
Technical Paper: Shale Gas Production Decline Trend Comparison Over Time and Basins
Technical Paper: Successful Hydrofracturing Leads to Opening of New Frontiers in Shale Gas Production in the Cambay Basin in Gujarat, India
Technical Paper: Understanding Gas Production Mechanism and Effectiveness of Well Stimulation in the Haynesville Shale Through Reservoir Simulation
Technical Paper: Technical Limits of Tight Gas Fracturing in Oman An Innovative Exploration Approach that Incorporates Global Practices
Technical Paper: Tight Gas Reservoirs: Geological Evaluation of the Building Blocks
Technical Paper: Optimizing Fracture Geometry and Productivity in High Permeability Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Understanding Production from Eagle Ford-Austin Chalk System
Technical Paper: Generalization of Dual-Porosity-System Representation and Reservoir Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing-Stimulated Shale Gas Reservoirs
Technical Paper: The Effect of Mechanical Properties Anisotropy in the Generation of Hydraulic Fractures in Organic Shales
Technical Paper: Decreasing Water Invasion into Atoka Shale Using Non-Modified Silica Nanoparticles
Technical Paper: Crosswell Electromagnetic Tomography in Unconventional Well Geometries
Technical Paper: Understanding and Predicting Fayetteville Shale Gas Production Through Integrated Seismic-to-Simulation Reservoir Characterization Workflow
Technical Paper: An Integrated Approach for Understanding Oil and Gas Reserves Potential in Eagle Ford Shale Formation
Technical Paper: Efficiently Developing Fayetteville Shale Gas Reserves: Percussion Drilling Solves Application Challenges/Reduces Drilling Costs
Technical Paper: Successful Drilling and Deployment of an Open Hole Multistage Fracturing System in a Deep and Hostile Sandstone Gas Reservoir
Technical Paper: Success Criteria for Multistage Fracturing of Tight Gas in Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: Application of Novel Technologies Helps Unlocking Deep Omani Gas
Technical Paper: Optimizing Borehole Imaging for Tight Gas Exploration: Evolving a Go - No Go Decision Tree in Tight Gas Reservoirs of the Sultanate of Oman
Technical Papers: An Effective Approach to Unconventional Resource Exploration in the Middle East
Technical Paper: Design, Application, and Implementation of Well Intervention Services within a Deep HPHT Tight Gas Exploration and Appraisal Project
Technical Paper: Wireline Formation Tester Complemented by Integrated Petrophysical Evaluation Characterizes an Unconventional Reservoir: A Case Study from Western Onshore India
Technical Paper: Recent Advances in the Characterization of Unconventional Reservoirs with Wide-Azimuth Seismic Data
Technical Paper: Application of Reservoir-Centric Stimulation Design Tool in Completion Optimization for Eagle Ford Shale
Technical Paper: Seismic-Based Heterogeneous Earth Model Improves Mapping Reservoir Quality and Completion Quality in Tight Shales
Technical Paper: Unconventional Reservoir Development in Mexico: Lessons Learned From the First Exploratory Wells
Technical Paper: NMR T2 Distributions in the Eagle Ford Shale: Reflections on Pore Size
Technical Paper: Advanced Imaging and Inversion for Oil Production Estimates in Unconventional Resource Plays
Technical Paper: Advanced Modeling of Interwell Fracturing Interference: an Eagle Ford Shale Oil Study
Technical Paper: Improving Hydrocarbon Recovery of Horizontal Shale Wells Through Refracturing
Technical Paper: What Does US LNG Export Mean for Future Shale Gas Development: How Many Shale Gas Wells Are Needed to Fuel a LNG Train?
Technical Paper: Understanding the Applicability and Economic Viability of Refracturing Horizontal Wells in Unconventional Plays
Technical Paper: Advanced Modeling of Interwell Fracturing Interference: An Eagle Ford Shale Oil Study - Refracturing
Technical Paper: Parent Well Refracturing: Economic Safety Nets in an Uneconomic Market
Technical Paper: Operational Overview of the First Offshore Production Test of Methane Hydrates in the Eastern Nankai Trough
Technical Paper: Thin Laminated Gas Bearing Sequences, Gas Finder a New Approach of Petrophysical Evaluation in Mexico
Technical Paper: Microseismic Imaging of Hydraulic Fracture Complexity in the Barnett Shale
Technical Paper: Comparing Production Responses from Devonian Shale and Berea Wells Stimulated with Nitrogen Foam and Proppant Versus Nitrogen-Only, Pike Co., Kentucky
Technical Paper: A Comprehensive Reservoir Evaluation of a Shale Reservoir—The New Albany Shale
Technical Paper: The Pressure-Dependence Ratio: A Bottomhole Treating Pressure Diagnostic Tool for Hydraulic Fracturing in Tight, Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
Technical Papers: Application of Innovative Technologies to Fractured Devonian Shale Reservoir Exploration and Development Activities
Technical Papers: An Update of Recent Production Responses Obtained from Devonian Shale and Berea Wells Stimulated with Nitrogen Foam (with Proppant) Versus Nitrogen-Only, Pike Co., KY
Technical Paper: Tractor-Conveyed Sensors and Chemical Packer are Utilized to Remediate an Extended-Reach Horizontal Uncemented Slotted Liner Completion in a Siliceous Shale Reservoir, Kern County, California, USA.
Technical Paper: Evaluating Barnett Shale Production Performance Using an Integrated Approach
Technical Paper: Application of Viscoelastic Fracturing Fluids in Appalachian Basin Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Downhole Leak Determination Using Fiber-Optic Distributed-Temperature Surveys at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
Technical Paper: Anadarko Independence Project Completion Campaign: Executing the Plan
Technical Paper: Real Time Well Diagnostic Using Slick Line Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Sensors: West Venezuela Applications
Technical Paper: Radius of Investigation for Reserve Estimation from Pressure Transient Well Tests
Technical Paper: Effective Perforating and Gravel Placement: Key to Low Skin, Sand-Free Production in Gravel Packs
Technical Paper: A New Pressure/Rate Deconvolution Algorithm to Analyze Wireline Formation Tester and Well-Test Data
Technical Paper: New Predictive Model of Penetration Depth for Oilwell-Perforating Shaped Charges
Technical Paper: A New Pressure-Rate Deconvolution Technique Based on Pressure Derivatives for Pressure Transient Test Interpretation
Technical Paper: Quantifying the Value of a Future Well Test with Reservoir and Measurement Uncertainty
Technical Paper: Moving the Immovable: Practical Offshore Appraisal Testing of Heavy and Sour Oil
Technical Paper: Reservoir Test Optimization in Real Time with New Wireless Telemetry System
Technical Paper: Successful Testing of Extreme HPHT Well in Pakistan: Case History of Qadirpur Deep-1
Technical Paper: Multiphase Metering in Siberian Gas and Condensate Wells –Lessons Learnt in Multiphase Well Testing Operations Since 2006
Technical Paper: Successful Implementation of InterACT (Real Time Data Transmission) in Testing Services To Allow Remote Witnessing of Testing Operations and Multipoint Collaboration (Latif Gas Field - A Success Story)
Technical Paper: Grid-Based Inversion Methods for Spatial Feature Identification and Parameter Estimation from Pressure Transient Tests
Technical Paper: A Combination of Perforating Technologies to Maximize Well Productivity and Minimize Rig Time
Technical Paper: Multizone Well Testing with Downhole Tools in Extreme Sour-Gas Conditions
Technical Paper: Innovative Work Scheme: Real Time Analysis During Well Test Operations
Technical Paper: Integrated Interpretation for Pressure Transient Tests in Discretely Fractured Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Case Study of HS Dispersion at Exploratory Well Test using CFD Tools
Technical Paper: Design and Analysis of Interference Tests: Application to a Seven-Spot Inverted-Pattern Waterflood Pilot in the Wara Formation of the Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait
Technical Paper: Issues of a Combination of Ultrasonic Doppler Velocity Measurement with a Venturi for Multiphase Flow Metering
Technical Paper: Well-head Pressure Transient Analysis
Technical Paper: Global Sensitivity Analysis for Natural Fracture Geological Modeling Parameters from Pressure Transient Tests
Technical Paper: High Pressure Data and Modeling Results for Phase Behavior and Asphaltene Onsets of GOM Oil Mixed with Nitrogen
Technical Paper: Pressure Transient Tests and Flow Regimes in Fractured Reservoirs
Technical Paper: Defining Three Regions of Hydraulic Fracture Connectivity, in Unconventional Reservoirs, Help Designing Completions with Improved Long-Term Productivity
Technical Paper: A Step Change in Deepwater Test Operations with Downhole Wireless Telemetry
Technical Paper: Monitoring Chemical EOR Processes
Technical Paper: Enhancements in Fraction Measurements and Flow Modeling for Multiphase Flowmeters
Technical Paper: Optimizing Reservoir Testing Operations With Downhole Wireless Telemetry System
Technical Paper: Operational Decision Making Reaching New Frontiers with Real-Time Downhole Telemetry in the Russia's Arctic
Technical Paper: Efficient Deepwater Well Testing
Technical Paper: Real Time Well Testing: A Game Changer – Experience and Lessons Learned Over 100 Well Tests Performed In the North Sea
Technical Paper: Securing Long-Term Well Productivity of Horizontal Wells Through Optimization of Postfracturing Operations
Technical Paper: A Study on the Use of Multiphase Flow Meters for Complex Condensate Production Testing in Pakistan
Technical Paper: Metering Technology Improves Ecological Impact of Well Test in Deepwater Well Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Design of Objective Function for Interference Well Testing
Technical Paper: Innovative Positioning of Downhole Pressure Gauges Close to Perforations in HPHT Slim Well During a Drillstem Test
Technical Paper: Slickline with Fiber-Optic Distributed Temperature Monitoring for Water-Injection and Gas Lift Systems Optimization in Mexico
Technical Paper: Challenges In The Completion Of Ultradeepwater, High-Pressure Gulf Of Mexico Fields Using An Electrohydraulic Operated Landing String
Technical Paper: First Ever Complete Evaluation of a Multiphase Flow Meter in SAGD and Demonstration of the Performance Against Conventional Equipment
Technical Paper: Interrogating Flowback Chemistry for Damage Markers in the Eagle Ford
Technical Paper: Stress and Seismic Anisotropy Near Salt Bodies – Numerical Modeling and Observation from Wide-Azimuth Marine Data
Technical Paper: S-zero Stack, a Robust Way to Extract Density Information from Converted Waves
Technical Paper: R We There Yet?
Technical Paper: Bandwidth Optimization for Compact Fourier Interpolation
Technical Paper: Statics in Magnetotelluric - Shift or Model?
Technical Paper: Deriving 3D Q Models from Surface Seismic Data Using Attenuated Traveltime Tomography
Technical Paper: Advancing Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetics in the Santos Basin, Brazil
Technical Paper: Inversion of CSEM Data with Model-based Inversion Algorithm
Technical Paper: Tomographic Velocity Model Building Using Iterative Eigendecomposition (Poster)
Technical Paper: Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetics (mCSEM) 3D Test over a Known Target
Technical Paper: A New Pseudo-acoustic Wave Equation for VTI Media
Technical Paper: General Surface Multiple Prediction (GSMP) A Flexible 3D SRME Algorithm
Technical Paper: 3D CSEM Inversion Strategy - An Example Offshore West of Greenland
Technical Paper: 3D Prestack Time Domain Full Waveform Inversion
Technical Paper: A 3D Wide-Azimuth Field Test with Simultaneous Marine Sources
Technical Paper: Well-constrained Anisotropic Tomography
Technical Paper: A Method for Efficient Broadband Marine Acquisition and Processing
Technical Paper: Quantifying Structural Uncertainty in Anisotropic Depth Imaging - Gulf of Mexico Case Study
Technical Paper: The Use of CSEM Within an Integrated Exploration Project
Technical Paper: Elastic Gaussian Beam Imaging of Walk-Away VSP Data
Technical Paper: Two Approaches for Q-Estimation and its Application to Seismic Inversion
Technical Paper: Full Deghosting of OBC Data with Over/Under Source Acquisition
Technical Paper: Anisotropic PP and PSv Prestack Depth Migration of 4C Seismic Data: Pamberi, Trinidad
Technical Paper: Anisotropic Velocity Changes in Seismic Time-Lapse Data
Technical Paper: Quality Control and Bandwidth Optimization of Compact Fourier Interpolation Operators
Technical Paper: A Global Acoustic Impedance Inversion for Porosity and Lithology Prediction in Northern Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Where is the Center of a Multi-Depth Marine Source Array?
Technical Paper: 1D, 2D and 3D Modeling and Inversion of 3D CSEM Data Offshore West Africa
Technical Paper: Seismic Resolution: Thinner Than First Believed
Technical Paper: Vertical and Horizontal Resolution Considerations for a Joint 3D CSEM and MT Inversion
Technical Paper: Can We Distinguish TTI and VTI Media?
Technical Paper: 3D Surface Related Multiple Elimination in the Presence of a Complex Water Bottom Geometry – A Case Study from offshore Nigeria
Technical Paper: Application of 3D Anisotropic CSEM Inversion Offshore West of Greenland
Technical Paper: Anisotropic Model Building with Uncertainty Analysis
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Joint Inversion of MT and CSEM Data Using a Multiplicative Cost Function
Technical Paper: Advances in Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic: The Santos Basin Project - Brazil
Technical Paper: Application of Steering Filters to Localized Anisotropic Tomography with Well Data
Technical Paper: Instrument Test in a Point-Receiver Land Seismic System
Technical Paper: 3D Full Waveform Inversion on a Gulf of Mexico WAZ Data Set
Technical Paper: Well-To-Seismic Mistie: A Valuable Indicator of Seismic Anisotropy for Subsalt Velocity Model Update. A Case Study in a Deviated Subsalt Well in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Joint Inversion of Refracted and Surface Waves
Technical Paper: Stress Induced Seismic Velocity Anisotropy Study
Technical Paper: Gradients for Wave-Equation Migration Velocity Analysis
Technical Paper: Crossline Wavefield Reconstruction from Multi-Component Streamer Data: Multichannel Interpolation by Matching Pursuit
Technical Paper: 3D Inversion of Total Field mCSEM Data: The Santos Basin Case Study
Technical Paper: First Broadband, Full Azimuth Marine Seismic Survey in Malaysia: Deployment of Two Cutting Edge Acquisition Techniques
Technical Paper: Limitations of 2D Deghosting and Redatuming in Time-Lapse Processing of Towed-Streamer Data
Technical Paper: Dual Coil - Long Offset, Full Azimuth Marine Towed Streamer Acquisition
Technical Paper: New Marine Towed-Streamer Acquisition Technology
Technical Paper: Depth Uncertainty Estimation for a Subsalt Development in the Lower Tertiary, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: How New Data Acquisition Technique can Complement Full Waveform Inversion and Lead to Improved Subsalt Imaging
Technical Paper: Reducing Exploration Cycle Time in the Campos Basin: Integrating Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing
Technical Paper: Large-scale TTI Imaging in Areas of Limited to No Well Control
Technical Paper: Building Anisotropic Models for Depth Imaging: Comparing Different Approaches
Technical Paper: High-Resolution Multiazimuth Towed-Streamer Seismic Acquisition and Processing – A Case Study from the Campos Basin Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Integration of Seismic Data and While-Drilling Logs to Reduce Drilling Uncertainty
Technical Paper: Pre-Stack Full Waveform Inversion for Velocity Model Building
Technical Paper: Multi-Property Earth Model Building Through Integration of Seismic, EM and Potential Field Data with Other G&G Data: Case Studies from Complex Exploration Areas
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Sources: The Inaugural Full-Field, Marine Seismic Case History from Australia
Technical Paper: Matching Pursuit Methods Applied to Multicomponent Marine Seismic Acquisition – The Issue of Crossline Aliasing
Technical Paper: Joint Laterally Constrained Inversion of CSEM and MT Data
Technical Paper: Enhancing the Resolution of mCSEM Using a Hybrid-based Inversion Workflow
Technical Paper: Anisotropy Sensitivity Analysis with 2.5D CSEM Inversion of Broadside Data
Technical Paper: Building Anisotropic Models for Large Scale TTI Imaging in Areas with Limited Well Control - Kwanza Basin Case Study
Technical Paper: Optimum Use of Seismic Data to Reduce Drilling Risk and Improve Well Placement
Technical Paper: Ray-based Tomography for Q Estimation and Q Compensation in Complex Media
Technical Paper: Quantifying Structural Uncertainty in Anisotropic Model Building and Depth Imaging: Hild Case Study
Technical Paper: Methods for Computing Angle Gathers Using RTM
Technical Paper: Source Direction Angle Gathers
Technical Paper: Scattered Ground-roll Attenuation for 2D Land Data Using Seismic Interferometry
Technical Paper: Subsalt Imaging Challenges - A Deepwater Imaging Analysis
Technical Paper: On the Impact of Incorrect Top-salt Interpretations on RTM
Technical Paper: Evaluating the Benefit of Pressure-plus-gradient Reconstruction of Time-lapse Seismic Wavefields
Technical Paper: Random Sampling for Seismic Acquisition
Technical Paper: A 3D Simultaneous Source Field Test Processed by Active Separation
Technical Paper: Application of Intra-array Statics Correction, Case Study from Kuwait
Technical Paper: Mixed-modes - A Source for Improved Imaging and Coherent Noise
Technical Paper: Limited-aperture Acquisition Compensation for Shot Profile Imaging
Technical Paper: Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Inversion Using Truncated Wavelet Representations
Technical Paper: Wavepath-Consistent Effective Q Estimation for Q-Compensated Reverse-Time Migration
Technical Paper: Orthorhombic Reverse-Time Migration
Technical Paper: Generalized Pseudospectral Methods for Modeling and Reverse-Time Migration in Orthorhombic Media
Technical Paper: Model Dip-Guided Imaging Condition for Reverse-Time Migration in VSP Scenario
Technical Paper: Combination of Multi-Component Streamer Pressure and Vertical Particle Velocity - Theory and Application to Data
Technical Paper: Combination of Multi-Component Streamer Pressure and Vertical Particle Velocity - Theory and Application to Data
Technical Paper: Simultaneous-Source Acquisition in the North Sea – Prospect Evaluation
Technical Paper: On the Role of Priors in Generalized Matching Pursuit to Reconstruct Wavefields from Multicomponent Streamer Data
Technical Paper: Advanced Imaging and Inversion for Unconventional Resource Plays
Technical Paper: Improving Subsalt Imaging by Incorporating MT Data in a 3D Earth Model Building Workflow - A Case Study in Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Reconstruction of the Subsurface Reflected Wavefield on a Dense Grid from Multicomponent Streamer Data
Technical Paper: Statistical Evaluation for Comparative Microseismic Interpretation
Technical Paper: Thin Bed Reservoirs Formation Evaluation Without Bimodal Sand-Shale Assumption
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Time-lapse Binning and Regularization of 4D Data
Technical Paper: Evaluating Fidelity and Repeatability of Wavefields Reconstructed from Multicomponent Streamer Data
Technical Paper: Seismic Solutions for Drilling - Real-Time Pore-Pressure Estimation Ahead of the Bit
Technical Paper: Seismic Full-Waveform Inversion of Salt Geometry Using a Level Set Approach
Technical Paper: Digital Noise Attenuation of Particle Motion Data in a Multicomponent 4C Towed Streamer
Technical Paper: How Multicomponent Data Enable Effective Seismic Interference Elimination from Marine Acquisitions
Technical Paper: Model-Based Attenuation for Scattered Dispersive Waves
Technical Paper: Case Study - Residual Scattered Noise Attenuation for 3D Land Seismic Data
Technical Paper: Full Waveform Inversion for Detailed Velocity Model Building
Technical Paper: Improved Pre-Salt Imaging in Kwanza Basin by TTI Model Building with Geological Constraints
Technical Paper: Faults and Fracture Detection based on Seismic Surface Orthogonal Decomposition
Technical Paper: Multivessel Coil Surveys in the Gulf of Mexico - Current State of the Art and Future Directions
Technical Paper: Complementary Data-Driven Methods for Interbed Demultiple of Land Data
Technical Paper: Broadband Seismic Methods for Towed-Streamer Acquisition
Technical Paper: Signal Fidelity of Multicomponent (4C) Towed Streamer
Technical Paper: Characterization of Noise Modes in Multicomponent (4C) Towed-Streamer
Technical Paper: Reducing the Size of the Seismic Source with a 4C Towed-Marine Streamer
Technical Paper: A Survey Design Case History Using Complimentary Raytracing and Wavefield Extrapolation Techniques
Technical Paper: Q Estimation from Surface Waves
Technical Paper: Use of Simultaneous Joint Inversion as a Maximum Concordance Solver for Statics
Technical Paper: Guided Waves—Inversion and Attenuation
Technical Paper: Tomography with Geological Constraints - An Alternative Solution for Resolving of Carbonates
Technical Paper: 3D Interpolation and Extrapolation of Sparse Well Data Using Rock Physics Principles - Applications to Anisotropic VMB
Technical Paper: Amplitude Inversion of Depth-Imaged Seismic Data from Areas with Complex Geology
Technical Paper: Salt Exit Velocity Retrieval Using Full-Waveform Inversion
Technical Paper: Simultaneous-Source Acquisition and Environmental Noise - Good or Bad?
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Shooting for Marine Acquisition - Could We Catch Up with Land?
Technical Paper: Crossline Wavefield Reconstruction from Multimeasurement, Towed Marine Seismic Data and Its Implications for Imaging
Technical Paper: Towards Improved Time-lapse Seismic Repetition Accuracy by Use of Multimeasurement Streamer Reconstruction
Technical Paper: A Field Trial of a Multi-Sensor Broadband Seismic Streamer at the Oseberg Field
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Anisotropic Tomography with Rock Physics Constraints - Gulf of Mexico Example
Technical Paper: Crossline Reconstruction Using Aliased 3D Deghosted Up- and Down-Going Wavefields
Technical Paper: Impact of Streamer Spacing on the Reconstruction Using Multimeasurement Seismic Data - Study Before and After Imaging
Technical Paper: Quantifying Uncertainty in Final Seismic Depth Image Using Structural Uncertainty Analysis - Case Study Offshore Nigeria
Technical Paper: Integrated 3D Seismic Interpretation and Depth Imaging Reveals Carbonate and Evaporite Stratigraphy in the Kwanza Basin
Technical Paper: Slanted-Streamer Acquisition - Broadband Case Studies in Europe / Africa
Technical Paper: Land Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Surveying for Viscous Oil Characterization in Kuwait
Technical Paper: Survey Design and Modeling Framework for Towed Multimeasurement Seismic Streamer Data
Technical Paper: Challenges in Shale-Reservoir Characterization by Means of AVA and AVAZ
Technical Paper: Improved Salt Body Delineation Using a New Structure Extraction Workflow
Technical Paper: Sorting the Hardrock Needle from the Seismic Haystack - the Calibrated Seismic Inversion Way
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Joint Inversion of Electromagnetic and Seismic Full-waveform Data - A Sensitivity Analysis to Biot Parameter
Technical Paper: Long-Offset-Aided Full-Waveform Inversion
Technical Paper: Full Waveform Inversion Around the World
Technical Paper: Illumination Analysis from Coil Survey Design and Acquisition to Coil Processing Solution
Technical Paper: Inversion QC - Integrating Seismic Inversion and Seismic Data Processing
Technical Paper: Multidomain Noise Attenuation for Multimeasurement Towed Streamer Data
Technical Paper: A Multi-Measurement Integration Case Study from West Loppa Area in the Barents Sea
Technical Paper: A New Method for Geomorphologically Ranking Stochastic Seismic Inversion Results
Technical Paper: Quantifying E&P Value of Geophysical Information using Seismic Uncertainty Analysis
Technical Paper: Interbed Multiple Attenuation in Kuwait - A Minagish Case Study Revisited
Technical Paper: Surface Multiple Attenuation Developments in the Clair Field
Technical Paper: Internal Multiple Attenuation on Radial Gathers with Inverse-Scattering Series Prediction
Technical Paper: Breakthrough of Internal Multiple Attenuation with XIMP Technology in Tarim Basin
Technical Paper: Shallow-Water Free-Surface Multiple Attenuation on Multimeasurement Data - A Case Study from the North Sea
Technical Paper: Looking Beyond Surface Multiple Predictions - A Demultiple Workflow for the Culzean High Density OBC Survey
Technical Paper: Seismic Re-Processing and Q-FWI Model Building to Optimise AVO and Resolution in the Shallow Wisting Discovery
Technical Paper: Survey Design for High Density, High Productivity Broadband Vibroseis Point Source and Receiver Acquisition – A Case Study from the UAE Thrustbelt
Technical Paper: Large Scale Seismic Modelling of the Pre-Carbonate Geology, Offshore Malaysia, a Multidisciplinary Approach—Running the Seismic Method Backwards
Technical Paper: Broadband Acquisition–Imaging Below the Shallow Gas
Technical Paper: Inversion of Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetic Data Using a “Structure”-Based Approach
Technical Paper: The Effects of Receiver Motion on Seismic Data and Velocity Analysis
Technical Paper: A Wide-azimuth TTI Model-building and Imaging Case Study from the Central Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: The Contribution of Wide-Azimuth Point-Receiver Acquisition to the Success of Full-Wave Inversion
Technical Paper: On the Separation of Simultaneous-Source Data by Inversion
Technical Paper: A Novel Marine Mammal Monitoring system using the Seismic Streamer Spread
Technical Paper: Mitigation of Streamer Noise Impact in Multicomponent Streamer Wavefield Reconstruction
Technical Paper: Designing, Acquiring and Processing a Multivessel Coil Survey in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: From Quantifying Seismic Uncertainty to Assessing E&P Risks and the Value of Information
Technical Paper: Biwavenumber Transmission Function: A Powerful Tool for Characterizing Spectral Leakage and Aliasing in Nonuniform Sampling
Technical Paper: Time-Varying Boundary Conditions in Simulation of Seismic Wave Propagation
Technical Paper: Multiple Attenuation Challenges for a Multivessel Coil Survey
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Joint Inversion for Susceptibility and Velocity
Technical Paper: Seismic Reservoir Characterization in Marcellus Shale
Technical Paper: Anisotropic Velocity Model Building using Rock Physics: Comparison of Compaction Trends and Check-Shot-Derived Anisotropy in the Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Seismic Source Comparison for Shallow Targets in North Kuwait Field
Technical Paper: Incorporating Well, Rock Physics, and Geological Information into Anisotropy Estimates Enables a “True Earth Model”
Technical Paper: Attenuation of High Energy Marine Towed-Streamer Noise
Technical Paper: Seismic Interference Noise Elimination – A Multidomain 3D Filtering Approach
Technical Paper: Mechanical Compaction in Heterogeneous Clastic Formations from Plastic-Poroelastic Deformation Principles: Theory and Modeling Results
Technical Paper: Efficient RTM Angle Gathers Using Source Directions
Technical Paper: Depth Imaging Coil Data: Multi Azimuthal Tomography Earth Model Building and Depth Imaging the Full Azimuth Tulip Coil Project
Technical Paper: Full-Waveform Inversion Application in Different Geological Settings
Technical Paper: Sub-Basalt Imaging with Broadband Magnetotellurics in NW Saudi Arabia
Technical Paper: Acquisition Geometries for Model-Driven Interferometric Ground-Roll Removal
Technical Paper: Building a Seismic-Driven 3D Geomechanical Model in a Deep Carbonate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Flexible Surface Multiple Attenuation Using the Curvelet Transform
Technical Paper: Joint Inversion of Marine CSEM and MT Data Using a “Structure”-Based Approach
Technical Paper: Anisotropic Model Building in Complex Media: Comparing Three Successful Strategies in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Modeling and Reverse Time Migration of Orthorhombic Pseudo-Acoustic P-Waves
Technical Paper: Marine Full-Azimuth Field Trial at Heidrun Revisited
Technical Paper: Advances in Interbed Multiples Prediction and Attenuation: Case Study from Onshore Kuwait
Technical Paper: Model-Based Coherent Noise Attenuation for Complex Dispersive Waves
Technical Paper: Monitoring CO2 Injection into a Fluvial Brine-Filled Sandstone Formation at the Snøhvit Field, Barents Sea
Technical Paper: Robust Internal Multiple Prediction Algorithm
Technical Paper: Normalization Strategies for Reverse-Time Migration
Technical Paper: Is There Always Extra Bandwidth in Non-Uniform Spatial Sampling?
Technical Paper: Ray-Based Tomography for Q Estimation and Q Compensation in Complex Media
Technical Paper: Leveraging Anisotropic Workflows in Changing Times: Two Case Studies from the Eastern Gulf of Mexico
Technical Paper: Maximizing the Value of Single-Sensor Measurements, Kuwait Experience
Technical Paper: Integrated Workflow for Exploration in Frontier Areas
Technical Paper: Benefits of Constraints for Velocity Modeling a Fault Shadow - A Case Study
Technical Paper: Full-Azimuth Towed-Streamer Seismic: An Exploration Tool for Presalt Hydrocarbon Exploration Offshore Brazil
Technical Paper: Optimized 3D VSP Processing for Improved Structural Definition - Kuwait Case Study
Technical Paper: Pore-Pressure Estimation Ahead of the Bit While Drilling by Seismic and Well Data Integration
Technical Paper: Effective Seismic Interference Elimination Enabled by Multi-Component Data from Marine
Technical Paper: Multicomponent (4C) Towed-Streamer Design for High Signal Fidelity Recording
Technical Paper: Three-Dimensional Joint Petrophysical Inversion of Electromagnetic and Seismic Data
Technical Paper: Finite Difference Wave-Equation Illumination: A Deep-Water Case Study
Technical Paper: Sparse, Accurate Seismic-Tomographic Residual-Covariance Matrices Using Orthogonal Wavelets
Technical Paper: Multivessel Coil Shooting Acquisition with Simultaneous Sources
Technical Paper: Schemes for Improving Efficiency of Pixel-Based Inversion Algorithms for Electromagnetic Logging-While-Drilling-Measurements
Technical Paper: An Extra 10% - Improving the Productivity of Vibroseis Surveys Through Advanced Fleet Management
Technical Paper: Establishing the Limits of Vibrator Performance - Experiments with Pseudorandom Sweeps
Technical Paper: A Brute-Strength Approach to Improving the Quality of Seismoelectric Data
Technical Paper: 3D Full-Waveform Inversion at Mariner – A Shallow North Sea Reservoir
Technical Paper: Imaging Below Shallow Gas with Full Azimuth Acquisition: A Case Study
Technical Paper: A New Simultaneous Source Separation Algorithm Using Frequency-Diverse Filtering
Technical Paper: A Direct Comparison of Signal Quality Between Dense Point-Receiver and Simulated Conventional 2D Line Data Over the Bakken Formation
Technical Paper: Frequency-Domain EM Modeling of 3D Anisotropic Magnetic Permeability and Analytical Analysis
Technical Paper: Adaptive Multiple Separation Based on Information Maximization
Technical Paper: Improved Presalt Imaging in Kwanza Basin by TTI Model Building with Geological Constraints
Technical Paper: Improved Imaging and Resolution of Overburden Heterogeneity by Combining Amplitude Inversion with Tomography
Technical Paper: Theoretical Estimate of Tube-Wave Modulus in Arbitrarily Anisotropic Media: Comparisons Between Semi-Analytical, FEM, and Approximate Solutions
Technical Paper: Inversion After Depth Imaging
Technical Paper: Seismic Full-Waveform Inversion Using Truncated Wavelet Representations
Technical Paper: Imaging Elastic Media by Corrections to Acoustic Propagation
Technical Paper: Structural Mapping With Spectral Attributes
Technical Paper: A Broadband Full Azimuth Land Seismic Case Study From Saudi Arabia Using a 100,000 Channel Recording System at Terabytes Per Day
Technical Paper: Survey Design for High-Density, High-Productivity, Broadband Vibroseis Point-Source and Receiver Acquisition – A Case Study
Technical Paper: Full-Wavefield, Towed-Marine Seismic Acquisition and Applications
Technical Paper: Baseline Processing of a Dual-Well 3D VSP - A Case Study From Monitoring Steam-Assisted
Technical Paper: Elastic Full-Waveform Inversion Using 4C Data Acquisition
Technical Paper: Using an HSV Color Map to Visualize Spectral Phase and Magnitude Information for an Incised Valley System
Technical Paper: Optimal Survey Design for Marine Borehole Seismics
Technical Paper: Seismic DNA: A Novel Visually Guided Search Method Using Nonlocal Search and Multiattribute Data Sets
Technical Paper: Seismic Surface Extraction Using Iterative Seismic DNA Detection
Technical Paper: Sensitivity Analysis of 3D Surface-Borehole CSEM for a Saudi Arabian Carbonate Reservoir
Technical Paper: Resolution and Stability Analysis of Offset VSP Acquisition Scenarios with Applications to Fullwaveform Inversion
Technical Paper: Directional Guided Seismic Attributes and Their Use in Assisting Structural, Stratigraphic, and Lithological Interpretation
Technical Paper: Generalized Pseudospectral Methods for Orthorhombic Modeling and Reverse-Time Migration
Technical Paper: Ray-Based Prestack Depth Migration for Orthorhombic Media
Technical Paper: A Level Set Approach to Salt Geometry Inversion in Full-Waveform Inversion
Technical Paper: Robust One-Step (Deconvolution + Integration) Seismic Inversion in the Frequency Domain
Technical Paper: Elastic Migration for Improving Salt and Subsalt Imaging and Inversion
Technical Paper: Multiscale Noise Attenuation of Multicomponent (4C) Towed-Streamer Data
Technical Paper: Efficient Estimation of Polynomial Chaos Proxies Using Generalized Sparse Quadrature
Technical Paper: Simultaneous Sources: The Inaugural Full-Field, Marine Seismic Case History
Technical Paper: Application of Full-Waveform Inversion for Salt Sediment Inclusion Inversion
Technical Paper: Large-Scale Gauss-Newton Inversion of Transient Controlled-Source Electromagnetic Data Using the Model Reduction Approach
Technical Paper: The Fidelity of 3D Wavefield Reconstruction From a Four-Component Marine Streamer and its Implications for Time-Lapse Seismic Measurements
Technical Paper: A Broadband Full-Azimuth Land Seismic Case Study from Saudi Arabia: Interpretation and Inversion Lessons Learned
Technical Paper: Q-Compensation in Complex Media – Ray-Based and Wavefield Extrapolation Approaches
Technical Paper: Building a Near-Surface Velocity Model in the South Ghadames Basin: Surface-Wave Inversion to Solve Complex Statics
Technical Paper: Velocity Model Building with Long-Offset and Full-Azimuth Data: A Case History for Fullwaveform Inversion
Technical Paper: Dirty Salt Velocity Model Building with Constrained Iterative Tomography: Methodology and Application
Technical Paper: Advanced Imaging and Inversion for Oil Production Estimates in Unconventional Resource Plays
Technical Paper: Predrill Pore-Pressure Prediction Directly from Seismically Derived Acoustic Impedance
Technical Paper: Joint PP/PS Tomography with Floating Event Constraints
Technical Paper: Rotation Parameters for Model Building and Stable Parameter Inversion in Orthorhombic Media
Technical Paper: Reverse Time Migration of Prism Waves for Salt Flank Delineation
Technical Paper: Tomography with Geological Constraints: An Alternative Solution for Resolving of Carbonates
Technical Paper: Extended Imaging and Illumination in Wave Migrations
Technical Paper: New Aspects in Seismic Survey Design
Technical Paper: Improved Subsalt Imaging and Salt Interpretation by RTM Scenario Testing and Image Partitioning
Technical Paper: On the Use of Frequency-Dependent Repeatability Metrics for Evaluating Wavefield Reconstruction: A Time-Lapse Perspective
Technical Paper: Improving Subsurface Imaging with Simultaneous Joint Inversion of Land Seismic and Airborne Gravity Gradiometry Data
Technical Paper: Complex Depth Imaging using Reverse Time Migration for an Integrated High-Density Pointsource and Receiver Survey Onshore U.A.E. – A Case Study
Technical Paper: Near-Surface Characterization, Challenges, and Solutions for High-Density, High-Productivity, Broadband Vibroseis Point-Source and Receiver Survey – A Case Study
Technical Paper: Delineation of Karsts, a New Approach using Seismic Attributes – Case Study from Kuwait
Technical Paper: Time-Lapse Seismic Data-Calibrated Geomechanical Model Reveals Hydraulic Fracture Re-Orientation
Technical Paper: Matching Pursuit Fourier Interpolation Using Priors Derived from a Second Data Set
Technical Paper: Imaging Black Pond – First Broadband Circular Shooting Survey in Malaysia with Simultaneous Deployment of two Advanced Acquisition Techniques
Technical Paper: Attenuated High-Frequency Emission From a New Design of Air-Gun
Technical Paper: Cascaded Internal Multiple Attenuation with Inverse Scattering Series: Western Canada Case Study
Technical Paper: Controlling Air-Gun Output to Optimize Seismic Content While Reducing Unnecessary High Frequency Emissions
Technical Paper: High-Resolution Model Building and Imaging Workflow Using Multimeasurement Towed Streamer Data: North Sea Case Study
Technical Paper: Attenuation of Water-Layer-Related Multiples
Technical Paper: Dip or Strike? – Complementing Geophysical Sampling Requirements and Acquisition Efficiency
Technical Paper: Seismic Data Conditioning for AVOAz Analysis: Case Study from a North Kuwait Unconventional Reservoir
Technical Paper: On the Anatomy of the Air-Gun Signature
Technical Paper: OBN Multiple Attenuation Using OBN and Towed-Streamer Data: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Case Study, Thunder Horse Field
Technical Paper: Coil Demultiple Improvement Through Reduction of Input Location Error
Technical Paper: Modern Sub-Basalt Seismic Imaging - Deepwater Realm Offshore Southwest India