MSDS or SDS Sheets

Third-party repository requests for MSDS or SDS sheets

Schlumberger policy is to release our safety data sheets (SDSs) to only current or potential customers. We do not provide our SDSs to a third-party repository. However, we know that some of our customers use these repositories. Therefore, we agree to provide the requested SDSs once we receive the required information:

  1. A letter from our mutual customer with the following information:

    • Confirmation that the mutual customer is using your services

    • A list of the requested SDSs

    • Current contact information

  2. An affidavit confirming that our SDSs will be tagged as proprietary and not shared with your other subscribers or customers.

To submit an SDS request to M-I SWACO, please e-mail your documents to For all other requests, please e-mail

Existing customers can request SDS using this form

MSDS Request for Customers