Offshore Completion Technologies

Schlumberger completion technologies provide the enhanced control and long-term reliability critical to offshore and deepwater operations.

Even in the most challenging environments, these technologies integrate seamlessly into your completion, helping you reduce operational costs, optimize recovery and reservoir drainage, and improve well productivity.

COLOSSUS liner hanger systems

More than 25,000 COLOSSUS liner hanger systems have been installed worldwide by our experienced personnel. Our team provides pre- and postjob planning along with 24/7 personalized support to ensure every COLOSSUS system installation is a success and optimizes performance for the life of the well.

Manara production and reservoir management system

Unlimited zones and compartments, full production information, and infinite control in each enables unprecedented production and reservoir management in heterogeneous (e.g., carbonate) or multilayered reservoirs, extended-reach developments, and extreme reservoir contact (ERC) wells.

FORTRESS premium isolation valve

Superior debris tolerance and qualification to bubble-tight conditions make the FORTRESS valve the isolation valve of choice for offshore operations around the world. With its new trigger and actuation design, a debris-filled FORTRESS valve requires only 15% more actuation force than a clean valve, ensuring first-time actuation every time.