Oilfield Review July 1989

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Indonesia’s Jene Field: A Reservoir Simulation Case Study

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Jene field

When the reservoir pressure in Indonesia’s Jene Field plummeted just after production started in 1986, reservoir modelers were immediately called in to stimulate the effects of various water injection scenarios.

Corrosion Inhibitors for Acid Jobs

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Acid jobs

Now, through a series of elaborate surface-chemistry experiments, researchers are beginning to unravel the complex protection process. Their discoveries have already lead to a new class of inhibitors that offer better protection, particularly in hot wells.

Advances in Log Interpretation in Oil-base Mud

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Oil base

Here we review the basics of oil-base mud—What is it? How does it invade the formation? How does it influence pertophysical measurements?—and introduce interpretation basics used in this environment.

Drilling Mud: Monitoring and Managing It

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Dilling mud

In a new structuring of responsibility for mud management, the Sedco-Forex drilling company has achieved dramatic cost savings for mud, up to 70 percent, with an improved reporting scheme that ensures compliance of environmental regulation.

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