Oilfield Review October 1989

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The Coiled Tubing Revolution

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Coiled tubing

Pushing small-diameter tubing down a well’s production string to facilitate workover operations was first tried in the late 1960s.

Real-Time Overpressure Detection

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Overpressured shales are a driller’s nightmare: insufficient mud weight invites a blowout, excess mud weight slows drilling and can damage the formation.

Strategies for Thin-Bed Formation Evaluation

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Better methods for detecting and evaluating thin beds have turned marginal reservoirs into attractive prospects and revealed previously undetected pay.

Archie III: Electrical Conduction in Shaly Sands

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Archie III

At last, their research is producing relationships usable by log interpreters. We trace the whole story, from Archie to the present day.

3-D Seismic Surveys

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3-D Seismic

Three-dimensional (3-D) seismic surveys take the lion’s share of the world seismics market, thanks to recent improvements in acquisition efficiency.

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