Oilfield Review April 1990

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CAT-Scanning the Subsurface

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CAT Scan

Reservoir engineers get a dose of medical technology. Combined with traditional subsurface imaging from surface seismics and log data, subsurface tomography promises engineers the clearest picture yet of the reservoir.

A Three-Way Look at Data Integration

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This article reviews three recent multidisciplinary field studies of formations in the North Sea, China and the United Arab Emirates. The case studies show how pooling information from geophysical, petrophysical, geological and reservoir engineering studies has improved the understanding of both large- and small- scale heterogeneities.

Exploring the Role of Reservoir Simulation

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Reservoir simulation is the tool reservoir engineers use to hedge their bets on the best strategy for exploration and production. Everyone agrees simulation can be useful, but when and how it should be used is fuel for debate. We convene a group of reservoir engineers to talk about their current stratifies in simulation modeling and their hopes for the future.

The MAXIS System: Imaging for Reservoir Characterization

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The future of formation evaluation lies in data-intensive array measurements that can be converted to images of the properties measured. The demands of these new downhole tools require a new log acquisition, processing and interpretation system- called MAXIS components now being introduced and those under developed.

Workstations: Tools for Reservoir Characterization

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Faster, easier to use and more flexible-these features of desktop workstations give them the edge over venerable mainframe computers, making workstations the emerging interpretation tool for formation evaluation. Here we highlight Schlumberger-GECO workstations now in use and introduce workstations technologies and techniques under developed.

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