Oilfield Review January 1990

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The MDS System: Computers Transform Drilling

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Computers came to the aid of the well loggers 15 years ago and life was never the same-logging became dramatically faster and better. Now computers are revolutionizing drilling. Sedco Forex’s Drilling Management (MDS) computerized system, installed so far on five rigs, helps the driller make crucial decisions and effects safety and efficiency.

Formation Anisotropy: Reckoning With its Effects

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Anisotropy is a grown-up word indicating that things appear different depending on how you look at them- straight on, from the side, from the top, etc.

Better Prospect Evaluation With Organic Geochemistry, Biostratigraphy and Seismics

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Organic geochemistry's emergence in the late 1960s gave a scientific foundation to the organized guesswork about hydrocarbon generation, maturation and migration.

Improvements for Kick Detection

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The traditional method of detecting kicks by monitoring the drilling mud balance in the well is cumbersome and inaccurate.

Integrating Formation MicroScanner Images and Cores

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Here we discuss how one log interpretation center performs this integration, concentrating on electrical borehole images made with the Formation MicroScanner tool.

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