Oilfield Review April 1991

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Looking at Cement Hydration

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How cement hydrates and sets is being unraveled in research centers around the world. The 200-year old mystery of how cement hydrates and sets is yielding to investigations performed in several research centers that are dedicated to making cement one of the best, rather than worst, understood of the major commodities.

Tender Moments in the North Sea

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Tender assisted drilling is making a North Sea field more cost effective. One of the most significant trends over the past five years has been the dramatic reduction in offshore field development costs.

Cement Mixing: Better Understanding and New Hardware

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The best laid plans in cementing can be wrecked by poor mixing. Maintaining a constant –density well-mixed slurry at high pump rates remains the ultimate challenge for the cementer. Good mixing takes knowledge and the right equipment. We review advances in both areas that have provided dramatic improvements in cements mixing.

Log Interpretation Strategies in Gas Wells

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Calibration of log data to core data remains the standard for state-of-the-art log interpretation in gas wells. But how are log interpreters today handling the age-old effects of invasion, lithology and environmental conditions? We convene six experts to discuss how they cope with common problems in gas well log interpretation.

Putting a Stop to Gas Channeling

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Channeling of gas through the cement sheath has long been recognized as a source of problems. This article reviews the mechanisms by which gas enters the wellbore and how cement slurry characteristics can be modified to oppose it. Four oil company experts explain how they see the problem and possible solutions.

Mud Removal: Research Improves Traditional Cementing Guidelines

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Guidelines have significantly improved the quality of primary cementing, but there are still problems. This article examines recent developments in understanding what is happening in the annulus and how to optimize mud displacement.

Modernizing Well Cementing Design and Evaluation

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The art of well cementing is gaining a firmer footing with the development of computer modeling for cement design and job evaluation. We review how this modeling is reducing the guesswork in selecting variables that affect the quality of a cement job, and helping to gauge the success of a job.

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