Oilfield Review January 1991

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Finding Oil Next to Salt Domes

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Salt domes

Improved computer technology has resurrected the ULSEL technique for locating salt domes. Increased demand for oil amidst dwindling supplies, coupled with advances in computer modeling, has resurrected a technique for locating traps on the flanks of salt domes.

In-Situ Mining with Oilfield Technology

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The emergence of in-situ mineral extraction- dissolving or melting of ore underground and pumping it in liquid form to the surface- has drawn oilfield logging methods into the mining industry. The cornerstone of the logging methods are geochemical techniques for ore body assays and conventional porosity logs for determining the behavior of injection solutions and the liquefied ore.

Taking the Breaks Off Proppant-Pack Conductivity

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Fracturing stimulation treatments often fail to achieve the improvements in production rates predicted by pre-job simulations. A key reason for this shortfall is lower than expected conductivity within newly created fractures. We follow recent laboratory experimentation that identified the problem and led to a novel solution.

Learning to Produce Coalbed Methane

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Producing methane from coalbeds has required a rethink of many traditional oilfield principles. This story examines the differences between coalbed and conventional reservoirs and focuses on how stimulation and log interpretation techniques are being developed to meet the coalbed methane challenge.

3D Marine Seismic Data Processing

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3D marine seismic surveys typically produce over 100 billion data samples. In a painstaking sequence of computations, data processors reduce these to around one billion, which is enough to accurately describe the surveyed subsurface volume. We show how this data-intensive operation unfolds.

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