Oilfield Review July 1991

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Bubbles for Marine Seismics

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A new generation of bubbles electronic packages placed in marine seismic streamers digitizes signals before transmission to improve signal-to-noise ratio and survey accuracy.

Middle East Reserves

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Terry Adams, general manager of the Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Operations (ADCO), maps out the current distribution of hydrocarbon reserves and predicts a future still dominated by the Middle East.

Invasion Revisited

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Invasion, the flow of mud filtration into downhole formations, jeopardizes every logging measurement yet promises a glimpse into a formation’s ability to produce hydrocarbon. We review new understandings about what controls invasion rate, how invasion affects resistivity logs, and how gravity causes invading filtrate to migrate vertically.

Vertical Resolution of Well Logs: Recent Developments

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Finding pay in the beds requires logs with excellent vertical resolution. Through sophisticated data processing and innovative too design, even deep-reading resistivity logging tools now achieve a resolution of 2 feet or better. We review the state of the art in resolution enhancement.

Single-Well Data Integration

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Two new graphics displays combine petrophysical, geological and seismic data for single wells. The integrated displays cut across disciplines, provide a succinct log summary for exploration and production managers, and create new possibilities in interpretation through data integration.

Integrating Borehole and Seismic Data

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Maximizing the value of seismic and wireline data requires finding ways to combine them so the whole exceeds the sum of its parts. Our panel of experts discusses techniques they use to merge wireline, surface seismic data, including recent developments in lithology and hydrocarbon mapping.

Slimhole Drilling: The Story So Far

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Drilling smaller diameter wellbores offers many benefits including cost reductions up to 60 percent. Yet while industry interest in slimhole drilling is increasing, significant challenger must be met before the technique can be applied universally, particularly offshore and for drilling deep, high-pressure wells.

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