Oilfield Review October 1991

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The Dolomite Transform Enigma

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Dolomite Enigma

Neutron logging, the measurement of capture gamma rays or neutrons to determine porosity, has a 45-year history checkered with unexpected effects. One that persisted until recently was a problem with the dolomite porosity transform of the compensated neutron tool, which uses two detectors to reduce borehole effects and increase depth of investigation.

State of the Business: Western Canada

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The high cost of finding and producing hydrocarbons in Western Canada has stimulated a long-standing interest in leading edge technology. We profile a region where survival depends on ingenuity.

Causes, Detection and Prevention

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Two to five hundred million dollars – what the industry spends annually on freeing stuck pipe and, if necessary, sidetracking. No wonder the emphasis is on prevention. This requires understanding the cause of stuck pipe and detecting the telltale signs of its onset. We review how the industry is wrestling with the ultimate plumping nightmare.

Techniques for Breaking Free

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Breaking Free

What is the most effective way to free stuck pipe? That depends not only on the sticking mechanism, but on the recourses available and the experience of the people doing the work. The tools and techniques for unsticking pipe are the same, from Cairo to Calgary. But there are sometimes surprising differences in how those tools and techniques are applied.

Oil Company Perspectives

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How big a problem is stuck pipe and what are the main causes? How has new technology impacted its prevention? What can be done to make the most of onsite personnel and build an effective team? Six industry experts give their views on these and other questions.

Backoff Basics

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Backoff Basics

With the drillpipe suck and unresponsive to drilling jars and other freeing measures, the next task is to pare the string as near to the stuck point as possible. This article reviews the development of free-point indication, backoff and severing techniques.

Jars, Jarring and Jar Placement

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Jar Placement

Jars are impact devices installed in the drillstring to deliver a blow that forces stuck pipe free, jars have long been considered low-tech devices, but the past few years have seen a growing sophistication. Advances in jar design have improved jar performance, and insights have been gained in jarring physics, resulting in better jar use and placement.

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