Oilfield Review January 1992

Henri-Georges Doll: 1902-1991

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Heri GeorgeDoll

Henri Doll, who died recently in Paris, guided logging technology from its birth in 1927 through its postwar success. We review his life and his technical achievements.

Trends in Reservoir Management

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Trends Map

Thanks to 3D seismic surveys, a discipline called geostatistics, ever more powerful computers and, above all, heightened economic incentive, reservoir management is being rejuvenated. Several key challenges in the field are described in companion articles. Here we paint the broad picture, outlining new directions being forged by an industry challenged to produce more for less.

Reservoir Characterization Using Expert Knowledge, Data and Statistics

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Reservoir Characterization

Key petrophysical properties like permeability exhibit heterogeneity at every scale, significantly affecting a field's producibility. However, field planning and exploitation demand a detailed characterization of this heterogeneity. Until recently, reservoir characterization has been hampered by a lack of interwell data. Today, this shortfall is being partially met through statistical techniques that create detailed, yet plausible, representations of interwell structure and stratigraphy.

Taming the Geoscience Data Dragon

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GeoScience DataDragon

The rise of the workstation, the demands for cross-disciplinary problem-solving, and the need for cost control—these are some of the forces contributing to the rapid evolution of oilfield data management. We examine the changing shape of data management in the exploration and production environment, the search for database and software standards, and review how the industry copes with the whirlwind world of computer science.

A Niche for Enhanced Oil Recovery in the 1990s

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Enchanced Oil Recovery

Aging oil fields and shrinking reserves are making new demands for enhanced oil recovery. New understanding of reservoir dynamics is enhancing the efficiency of the three main EOR methods: thermal, miscibile and chemical. We summarize the latest advances in thermal, miscible and chemical recovery methods, describing which situations favor the techniques and which rule them out.

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