Oilfield Review October 1992

Cracking Rock: Progress in Fracture Treatment Design

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Cracking Rock

The goal of fracture treatment design is to generate the longest, most conductive and durable fracture for the least amount of money. The art of achieving this lies in effective fracture treatment design, a discipline undergoing rapid evolution.

Rewriting the Rules for High-Permeability Stimulation

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High Perm Stimulation

Until recently, fracturing treatments were reserved for low-permeability reservoirs. Now the technique is being used for high-permeability formations, as an alternative to matrix acidizing. This article looks at the evolution of the technique and how it is used.

Trends in Matrix Acidizing

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Matrix Acidizing

The preferred technique for removing near-wellbore damage and stimulating high-permeability formations, matrix acidizing is going through another renaissance, thanks to computer-aided systems helping job design, job execution and post job analysis. We review matrix acidizing from A to Z, passing through chemistry, horizontal well applications and what the computer-aided techniques can offer.

Sand Control: Why and How?

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Sand Control

This article looks at techniques available for sand control focusing on gravel packing,the most popular choice. There is no such thing as a typical gravel pack; designing a treatment involves a complex series of decisions from choice of carrier fluid and gravel to the method of placement and type of hardware. The article looks at how gravel packs are designed, pumped into place and then assessed.

Choosing a Perforation Strategy

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Perforating Strategy

You are 1) going for a simple completion with perforated casing, 2) stimulating the well with hydraulic fracturing, or 3) gravel packing. You must decide whether to perforate under balance or not, whether to use wireline- or tubing-conveyed guns. You must pick a charge, choose shot density, shot phasing and numerous other design parameters. This article leads you through the choices and introduces the latest technology now making perforation safer and more efficient.

Talking Satellites

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Talking Satellites

From executing seismic surveys to positioning rigs, the industry is increasingly relying on a worldwide satellite navigation system developed by the US Department of Defense.

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