Oilfield Review July 1994

Questioning the Way We Drill

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A team of engineers from drilling contractor Sedco Forex is developing an efficient drilling rig with a minimal environmental impact that may be operated by fewer, more skilled people.

Beating the Exploration Schedule With Integrated Data Interpretation: Cam Oil's Experience

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Intergrated Data Interpretation

Powerful workstations and fast communication links already allow scientists to work as teams on projects across the globe. A remaining hurdle for multidisciplinary teamwork among geoscientists, however, has been the lack of suitable application software. Not any more.

Geophysical Interpretation: From Bits and Bytes to the Big Picture

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Geophysical Interpretation

Seismic interpretation workstations help geophysicists mold massive volumes of seismic data into reservoir models that can guide recovery decisions. Fast, new visualization tools that let the interpreter enter the realm of the subsurface make seismic interpretation as interactive as a video game. Tasks that used to require weeks or months of manual keyboard clicks are now accomplished in hours. This article tracks the process from data loading through interpretation and visualization to final output.

Managing Oilfield Data Management

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Oilfield Data Management

Low oil prices and a shrinking pool of internal talent are compelling oil companies to rethink how they manage exploration and production data. The idea of a single data store is yielding to a three-level model of data storage—the master, project and application levels. In-house, proprietary software is giving way to third-party packages based on maturing industry standards. Limited access to data is shifting toward free access to any geoscientist. Here is a report and two case studies on how these trends affect geoscientists.

Integrated Reservoir Interpretation

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intergrated reservoir interpretation

Improved reservoir management often relies on linking a variety of application software that helps geoscientists handle, visualize and interpret massive amounts of diverse data. The goal is to attain the best possible reservoir model so its behavior can be understood and optimized. We describe a new reservoir management package that covers all required functionalities and encourages the geologist, geophysicist, petrophysicist and reservoir engineer to embrace the integrated approach. The article features three case studies.

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