Oilfield Review Summer 1995

The Spectrum of New Business Relationships

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New Business Relationship

The past few years have seen a dramatic change in the relationships between oil company and contractor. Producers are outsourcing non-core activities and converging to fewer service suppliers. Operators are joining forces with contractors through alliances and integrated services packages. Service companies are organizing to provide a wider range of services, from placing engineers in oil company offices to managing well engineering projects. A group of drilling, completion and production managers shares views and experiences from this spectrum of new business relationships.

Integrated Services 

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Integrated Services

Integrated services is the name given to several services grouped together under a single contract. For oil companies, integration means smoother, more efficient operations by bringing service companies on board as part of the team. For the service industry, it means a radical change in the way business is conducted, taking on more responsibility in return for greater incentives. This article reviews the need for change and the approach Schlumberger has adopted to meet this challenge.

Alliances in the Oil Field

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Oilfield Alliances

Oilfield operators and contractors agree on their common objective—reduce the cost of producing oil and gas. To this end, a new technology sprouting up in North America is showing promise, simultaneously cutting operator costs and increasing well productivity. This technology is neither high-tech nor hard science, but rather a new way of doing business. Called alliances, these new business relationships incite a break with practices of the past and require trust and close cooperation to select fit-for-purpose solutions. Through a series of case studies, we look at how alliances are forged and how they benefit the partners.

The DESC Engineer Redefines Work

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Desc Engineer

A new breed of Dowell engineer, posted full-time in the operating company office, forms the backbone of DESC Design and Evaluation Services for Clients. Working shoulder to shoulder with clients, the DESC engineer develops a deep understanding of client needs and helps implement techniques to reduce the cost of well treatments and increase well productivity. Here is a look inside the program to see how it works.

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