Oilfield Review Autumn 1996

Reentry Drilling Gives New Life to Aging Fields

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Reentry Drilling

A recent burst of technical creativity has produced an abundance of new ways to revitalize old fields and tap bypassed pockets of oil and gas. However, identifying the best solutions requires a team of experts with a broad range of skills that cross the traditional boundaries of petroleum engineering disciplines.

Quo Vadis, Extreme Overbalance?

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Quo Vadis

Perforating and surging techniques using very high wellbore pressures promise dramatic, cost-effective improvement in initial well productivity under the right conditions. But what are those conditions, and how do the procedures work? Leading investigators look at the basics of these new completion methods, and examine lessons learned to date from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and the North American midcontinent.

Multipurpose Service Vessels: Versatile Toolkits for Well Intervention

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Multipurpose Service Vessels

The oil industry's push toward greater efficiency and more integrated services is profoundly impacting marine support activities. New concepts and designs that offer an expanded range of capabilities from a single vessel rather than multiple boats and barges are rapidly transforming the face of well workover and remediation operations. This article describes how innovative approaches are solving logistics and performance problems that have challenged offshore operators and service providers for decades.

Environmental Applications of Oilfield Technology

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Environmental Application

Investigation of subsurface sites before and after disposal of hazardous waste is a new and growing field for oilfield technology. Whether the problem is identifying and monitoring contaminated layers in the subsurface or characterizing a potential waste repository, techniques designed for hydrocarbon exploration and production are finding applications in a new environment.

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