Oilfield Review Spring 1996

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Resistivity While Drilling: Images from the String

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Resistivity While Drilling

Resistivity measurements made while drilling have evolved from the simple short normal devices of the early 1980s to sophisticated multitransmitter and multielectrode devices of the 1990s. This article looks at the latest logging-while-drilling resistivity tools—the ARC5 Array Resistivity Compensated tool and RAB Resistivity-at-the-Bit tool—with applications ranging from invasion profiling to image and dip analysis.

Quality in Drilling Operations 

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Quality in drilling

Driven by cost and profitability pressures, quality has taken on new meaning and importance in the oil field during the past decade. In drilling operations, new initiatives have led to cooperative team efforts between operators and drilling contractors to enhance quality. Here are examples of how one drilling contractor, by adopting a quality culture, is reaping major benefits for its clients as well as its employees.

Getting to the Root of Gas Migration

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Gas Migration

The complex phenomenon of gas migration has long been recognized as one of the most troublesome problems in the oil industry. The challenge is to prevent formation gas influx and achieve a long-term annular cement seal. We review the causes and consequences of gas entry during cementing operations and summarize new methods to predict and solve gas migration problems.

Exploring the Subsalt 

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Exploring Subsalt

Focusing the seismic picture of subsalt reservoirs is one of the latest challenges facing oil and gas exploration. To meet this challenge, geophysicists have developed a technique that interleaves processing and interpretation, and delivers a clear image of subsalt strata. Examples from the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea demonstrate the power of this technique.

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