Oilfield Review Winter 1996

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Linking Solutions to Problems

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Linking Solutions

The oil industry's continuing drive for greater efficiency and productivity is based on developing customized solutions to meet operator needs. Success depends on finding the most effective means of connecting problem-identifiers and problem-solvers to recommend and apply best-in-class technology. The ClientLink initiative is a unique approach to problem solving, using the latest state-of-the-art communications, information technology and database tools to link experts around the world.

Cutting Risk, Boosting Cash Flow and Developing Marginal Fields

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Cutting Risk

To minimize financial risk and accelerate return on investment, oil companies are using low-cost, reusable production systems. This article illustrates the scope of these development options by looking at three offshore case studies that range from extended well test to marginal field development. In each case, production systems technology has been deployed to provide superior data, early oil or both—thus reducing economic uncertainty and delivering accelerated cash flow.

Seismic Snapshots for Reservoir Monitoring

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Seismic Snapshots

Adding a fourth dimension—time—to 3D seismic surveys is fast showing promise as a field-scale reservoir surveillance tool. Seismic surveys acquired at different stages of production can now be compared to track the time-lapse motion of reservoir fluids, revealing bypassed oil, early intrusion of water or barriers to flow. Detection of these features allows for more informed decisions on where to drill and how to plan production strategy.

Revitalizing Production Logging 

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Production Logging

Over the past ten years, drilling has increasingly involved more high-angle and horizontal boreholes for cost reduction and efficient field development. This has resulted in wellbores with different fluid flow characteristics than traditional vertical wells and many mature fields with complex well production problems. We discuss recently developed logging technologies to diagnose these problems.

Fluid Flow Fundamentals 

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Fluid Flow

Proper application of new developments in production logging technology requires a thorough understanding of complex fluid dynamics. This article reviews the basics of fluid flow in pipe.

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