Oilfield Review Summer 1997

Real-Time Answers to Well Drilling and Design Questions

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Realtime Answers

Seismic while drilling and sonic while drilling are accurate look-ahead techniques for predicting the depth to a target or overpressured zone. Case studies from a variety of environments demonstrate how these technologies supply real-time solutions to the time-depth problems associated with locating drilling targets, anticipating hazards and selecting mud weights or casing points.

Production Logging for Reservoir Testing

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Reservoir Testing

Downhole transient tests performed using production logging tools can measure reservoir properties with minimal interference from wellbore storage effects. This method also has a niche in the testing of multilayered formations where flow rate and hence reservoir properties are obtained for individual zones or layers.

Changing the Shape of E&P Data Management

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Data Management

In the quest for higher productivity, operating companies are pursuing new ways to administer their most valuable asset‹data. One option is to outsource the managing of this information to service companies. Here is a look at how three companies handle this approach along with observations on some of the lessons they ¹ve learned so far.

How to Use Borehole Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

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Second generation pulse-echo tools with improved design and signal processing provide more information about formation fluids. New tools measure the fast-decaying component of bound water and slower free-water components for a total porosity evaluation. We review total porosity and bound-fluid applications, and NMR use with conventional logs.

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