Oilfield Review Winter 1997

Let's Get the Most Out of Existing Wells

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Existing Wells

Oil and gas output in many existing fields is being improved through focused engineering reviews. Service company production enhancement teams with a wide range of expertise, working closely with the operator, can identify wells or properties that have additional potential. The appropriate remedial interventions and value-priced services are then recommended and applied to close gaps between current well performance and optimum productivity.

Interactive Exploration 

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Interactive Exploration

Today's electronic connectivity and security make interactive exploration using Internet-based tools possible. During seismic data acquisition, operators can access information previously available only on survey vessels or in the field. Real-time capabilities allow oil companies to evaluate and select survey parameters quickly, and even monitor and direct projects, including the data-processing stage, from their offices.

Extended-Reach Drilling: Breaking the 10-km Barrier

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Extended Drilling

At Wytch Farm in southern England, BP Exploration Operating pushed drilling technology to new limits in the latest record-breaking well. The keys to drilling a horizontal departure that exceeded 10 km, or 6.2 miles, included geosteering, torque reduction techniques and casing flotation. This article explains some of the major challenges on the project along with solutions that were developed by the Wytch Farm team.

Exploring for Stratigraphic Traps

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Stratographic Traps

Stratigraphic hydrocarbon traps are notoriously difficult to find in conventional seismic data, but the search for these subtle geologic features is being facilitated by recent technological advances. We review high-resolution and multicomponent seafloor data acquisitions, new processing techniques, and leading-edge attribute analysis and interpretation methods that are now able to reveal these elusive subsurface targets.

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