Oilfield Review Autumn 1998

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Seismic Integration to Reduce Risk

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Seismic Intergration

Combining a vertical seismic profile (VSP) with surface seismic data is proving to be a reliable means of reducing exploration, development and production uncertainty. This evolving technology is used to convert seismic sections from time to depth, to fill gaps where surface seismic data are not available, and to generate higher quality, quantitative and calibrated images. As a result, drilling for small targets like reefs is more accurate.

The Giant Karachaganak Field, Unlocking Its Potential

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Karachaganak Field

A complex fluid composition and remote location require an innovative approach to realize maximum recovery from this giant gas condensate reservoir - one of the world's largest. By collaborating closely with the Karachaganak Integrated Organization, Schlumberger is providing advanced stimulation and production optimization systems for this field, which is expected to produce for at least 70 years.

Innovations in Wireline Fluid Sampling

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Wirefluid Sampling

Formation fluid analysis, which depended on surface evaluations in the past, can now be performed downhole using optical absorption spectroscopy and polarized light reflection techniques to determine in-situ properties. Along with flow modeling studies, these measurements help reduce mud filtrate contamination and sampling time. New monophase chambers allow samples to be maintained under original conditions.

The Evolution of Oilfield Batteries

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Oilfield Batteries

The need for power source products in well logging, directional drilling, MWD, LWD and seismic data acquisition led to the formation of a group within Schlumberger that develops custom batteries. This effort, which began in the early 1980s to meet short-term wireline needs, has grown into a specialized team that designs and produces fuel cells, primary and rechargeable batteries for downhole tools or other service applications.

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