Oilfield Review Winter 1999

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Subsea SolutionsĀ 

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Subsea Solutions

The number of well completions on the seafloor is projected to double in the next five years. This article describes the move to a subsea environment and reviews the task of choosing subsea development. Accessing these wells for the purposes of testing, completion or intervention requires customized equipment to control wells and ensure fast, reliable disconnect under harsh conditions. Through case studies we show how these tools work in every phase of well life, from discovery through abandonment.

Downhole Monitoring: The Story So Far

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Downhole Monitoring

Reservoir monitoring requires dependable downhole data-acquisition systems. Products based on sound reliability engineering and failure testing, essential to building durable permanent monitoring systems, are responsible for an impressive track record for permanent gauge installations worldwide. Gauges supply data useful for both short-term troubleshooting and for long-term development planning.

In-Time Data Delivery

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In-Time Data Delivery

Obtaining essential and timely information to make critical decisions is a significant problem facing oil and gas producers. The rapid, secure and far-reaching transfer of data through public and private communications networks is changing how explorers and producers think and work. Remote real-time data acquisition and interaction is a reality for a range of oilfield operations. We review a global framework for delivering electronic data to end-user desktops, and show examples of how effective data delivery helps provide the right data to the right place at the right time.

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