Oilfield Review Winter 2001

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A Clear Picture in Oil-Base Muds

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Oilfield Review Winter 2001

Acquiring usable borehole images in oil-base and synthetic-base mud systems has been virtually impossible, forcing many operating companies to go without critical geologic data. Today, a new wireline tool overcomes the obstacles of imaging formations in nonconductive fluids. Examination of formation bedding can now be accomplished for both structural and stratigraphic purposes, along with the identification of faults and fractures, helping operators discover important information about their reservoirs. Case studies demonstrate the tool's usefulness and how it successfully fills a gap in borehole-imaging technology.

The Beginning of the End: A Review of Abandonment and Decommissioning Practices

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Oilfield Review Winter 2001

As operators abandon aging wells and fields, they must balance both environmental and financial objectives. Many operators are strengthening wellbore plugging and abandonment (P&A) procedures to ensure that abandoned reservoirs are permanently sealed. In this article, we review P&A and decommissioning practices and the technologies that bring new meaning to the "permanent" aspects of P&A operations.

Lifelong Asset Management Using the Web

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Oilfield Review Winter 2001

The Internet is revolutionizing work practices in the E&P industry. Using Web-based tools, reservoir and production performance can be optimized rapidly. Collaboration with anyone, anywhere, reduces cycle time and cost. Knowledge is captured, managed and shared easily. Web-based solutions are propelling asset management - from acquisition, through exploration, development and production, to divestiture - into a new era of efficiency.

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