Oilfield Review Autumn 2003

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A Dynamic Global Gas Market

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 A Dynamic Global Gas Market

Is the world entering a new golden age of natural gas? To answer that question we present new data on the status of the emerging global gas market.

Producing Natural Gas from Coal

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Producing Natural Gas from Coal

After nearly two decades, there is renewed interest in drilling coalbed methane wells. As gas markets evolve and technologies advance, new areas of activity have emerged around the world. Coalbed reservoirs are unusual; their properties and behavior vary significantly on both regional and local scales. In this article, we examine what makes these reservoirs so different from other gas reservoirs and evaluate the methods used by operators and service providers to better understand and exploit this unconventional resource.

Turning Natural Gas to Liquid

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Turning Natural Gas to Liquid

Chemical conversion of natural gas to liquid hydrocarbon products has great potential for bringing to market untapped and stranded gas reserves. Learn more about the challenges and potential rewards of gas-to-liquid technology.

Refracturing Works

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Refracturing Works

Fracture restimulation enhances well productivity and improves reserve recovery. This article discusses some of the reasons for refracturing success, including reorientation of new hydraulic fractures due to changing stress conditions after an initial treatment and a period of production. We present conclusions from a two-year restimulation study and results of subsequent field trials. Case histories from the USA and Canada demonstrate candidate selection, treatment implementation and improved well productivity.

Analyzing Hydrocarbons in the Borehole

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Analyzing Hydrocarbons in the Borehole

Rapid, accurate fluid analysis reduces the unpredictability of field development. This article reviews advances in downhole oil and gas analysis, highlighting field examples from the Middle East and the North Sea.

From Mud to Cement—Building Gas Wells

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Building Gas Wells

The entire process of gas-well drilling—from mud selection through cementing—can be difficult. A high percentage of wells in the US, Canada and other locations around the world show signs of gas leakage long after completion. This article shows how integrating well-construction processes can minimize the potential for annular gas leaks.

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