Oilfield Review Summer 2003

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Evaluating and Monitoring Reservoirs Behind Casing

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Evaluating and Monitoring Reservoirs Behind Casing

Advanced formation-evaluation services accurately determine porosity, lithology, shale content, fluid saturations and pressure, and recover formation-fluid samples in cased holes. Innovative tool designs and processing software make formation evaluation behind casing a viable option to evaluate bypassed zones, intervals that must be cased before openhole logs are run, and the effects of time on producing zones. This article examines how exploration and production companies cost-effectively deploy novel cased hole services in difficult operating environments.

Promoting Environmental Responsibility in Seismic Operations

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Promoting Environmental Responsibility

Land seismic operations can promote stewardship of the environment and respect for local culture. An environmentally responsible process instituted by WesternGeco starts in the planning stage, runs through survey acquisition, and includes postproject analysis to help plan future work. This article describes the new approach to acquiring seismic data with examples from North and South America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Watching Rocks Changeā€”Mechanical Earth Modeling

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Watching Rocks Change

The state of stress in the Earth affects many aspects of hydrocarbon exploitation. Information about rock stresses around a borehole or in a field is usually incomplete and must be obtained by inference from a wide variety of sources. A consistent mechanical earth model that can be updated with real-time information is becoming essential in many difficult drilling and development projects around the world.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging While Drilling

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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Nuclear magnetic resonance logs can now be obtained while drilling. Realtime identification of pay and predictions of producibility can be used to place the borehole for optimal productivity. This article introduces developments in nuclear magnetic resonance logging while drilling and discusses how operators are using this technology to place wellbores and evaluate formations in real time.

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