Oilfield Review Winter 2003

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Unlocking the Value of Real Options

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Unlocking the Value of Real Options

Real-options analysis captures the effects of uncertainty and change inherent in many projects. Unlike discounted cash flow analysis, it recognizes active project management that takes advantage of project enhancements related to improved technology or market changes. This article describes a way to determine the real-options value of projects.

A Safety Net for Controlling Lost Circulation  

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Controlling Lost Circulation

In extreme cases, lost circulation during cementing operations jeopardizes wellbores. Commonly accepted solutions, such as reducing slurry density, limiting friction pressure while pumping, or performing stage-cementing operations, do not always work. Recent cementing operations that incorporate advanced, chemically inert fibers demonstrate that mitigating lost-circulation problems need not compromise cementing operations or the quality of the slurry or set cement.

Positive Reactions in Carbonate Reservoir Stimulation

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Carbonate Reservoir Stimulation

An innovative, nondamaging viscoelastic surfactant acid system overcomes many challenges in carbonate-reservoir stimulation. This solids-free fluid is self-diverting and compatible with common additives. It can be bullheaded or delivered through coiled tubing as a single fluid and remains effective at high temperatures. Case studies demonstrate successful treatments in both matrix- and acid-fracturing stimulation treatments.

Well Construction and Field Development in Mexico

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Well Construction

Mexico’s oil and gas industry is achieving great gains in efficiency and production by changing its way of doing business. The new model expands the scope of projects from single services in isolated wells to full field-development projects. This article describes successful integrated-services projects in two areas of Mexico—Burgos basin and Chicontepec paleochannel.

The New Dynamics of Underbalanced Perforating

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Underbalanced Perforating

Most wells with cemented casing rely on a static pressure differential to mitigate perforating damage. However, recent research indicates that the primary damage-removal mechanism is actually a rapid drop in transient pressure, or dynamic underbalance, immediately after gun detonation. This article discusses completion designs based on this innovative concept. Field results demonstrate substantial improvement in both production and injection performance.

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