Oilfield Review Spring 2004

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Better Turns for Rotary Steerable Drilling

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Rotary steerable drilling

Substantial advances in the reliability and steerability of rotary steerable drilling systems allow engineers to plan and drill complicated well trajectories in extremely demanding environments. Case histories demonstrate how advanced rotary steerable systems improve well placement and hydrocarbon recovery.

Practical Approaches to Sand Management

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In weak and unconsolidated reservoirs, the production of sand obstructs flow, erodes downhole and surface hardware, and costs operating companies billions of dollars annually. Reservoir experts who seek to manage this problem effectively must focus on production optimization. This article discusses sand prediction, prevention, monitoring and remediation, and presents examples in which proper sand management has had a significant impact on project success.

Perforations on Target

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Perforation misalignment is a significant problem that often leads to excessive sand production and poor well performance. New tool designs, linked with interdependent technologies, place perforations on target.

Coiled Tubing: The Next Generation

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Coiled tubing

Advanced surface equipment and new downhole tools have enhanced the fundamental advantages of well interventions with coiled tubing. This article reviews the latest developments and newest techniques designed to improve wellsite safety and efficiency, wellbore and reservoir remediation, drilling and well completions. Case histories from around the world highlight the versatility of this innovative technology in terms of operational effectiveness and cost savings.

Virtual Testing: The Key to a Stimulating Process

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Sandstone minerals and clays

A new matrix acidizing simulator predicts the effectiveness of acid treatments. This software enables a new process for optimizing a stimulation treatment in a cost-effective and timely manner.

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