Oilfield Review Summer 2005

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Integrated Wellbore Cleanout Systems: Improving Efficiency and Reducing Risk

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Integrated Wellbore Cleanout Systems

Accumulation of sand and other materials in a wellbore may have catastrophic effects on oil flow. By integrating process, chemistry and downhole tool technology, engineers now safely and efficiently remove this debris from wells. Case histories from North America, the North Sea and Malaysia demonstrate how careful planning and process integration save time, reduce cost and risk, and help operators return wells to production more quickly.

Spectroscopy: The Key to Rapid, Reliable Petrophysical Answers

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A new log interpretation technique obtains rock properties from elemental concentrations with nearly automatic processing of data from modern spectroscopy and conventional logging tools. The method provides fast, objective and reliable interpretations to make completion decisions. Case studies from Egypt, Venezuela and the North Sea illustrate the technique.

New Fibers for Hydraulic Fracturing

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New Fibers for Hydraulic Fracturing

An innovative fracturing fluid incorporates special fibers to improve proppant transport. This new technology significantly reduces the fluid viscosity required for effective proppant transport. This article reviews fiber-assisted transport and presents case histories that illustrate how fibers help engineers design optimal fracturing treatments and improve stimulation results.

Using Casing to Drill Directional Wells

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Using Casing to Drill Directional Wells

During the past five years, more than 350 vertical intervals and about a dozen inclined sections have been drilled with casing. Among oil and gas companies, however, there is interest in applying this technique to drill in problematic offshore fields where high-angle wells are common. We review the use of larger tubulars for drilling operations and present results from work in south Texas, including a multiwell comparison of casing directional drilling with both downhole motors and rotary steerable systems.

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