Oilfield Review Winter 2005

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Acting in Time to Make the Most of Hydrocarbon Resources

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Acting in Time

A prerequisite to efficiently meeting increased demand for oil and gas is to acquire and act on well and reservoir data in time to influence decisions. Timely interaction with wells and equipment—and ultimately with the reservoir—improves efficiency, accelerates production and maximizes ultimate recovery. In this article, we examine the gains achievable when companies adopt real-time technology.

Understanding Gas-Condensate Reservoirs

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Understanding Gas-Condensate Reservoirs

Liquid separates from the gas phase when pressure in a gas-condensate field drops below its dewpoint, leaving valuable liquid components trapped in the reservoir and reducing well productivity. This article describes how these mechanisms impact reservoir management, illustrated by case studies from Russia, the USA and the North Sea.

Coiled Tubing: Innovative Rigless Interventions

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Innovative Rigless Interventions

From reentry drilling and reservoir stimulation to wellbore recompletions, recent developments in coiled tubing technology have further advanced through-tubing, or concentric, workover capabilities and efficiency. This article presents four specialized applications that use new systems or unique combinations of tools and techniques to reduce the overall cost, timing and risk of remedial operations.

The Source for Hydraulic Fracture Characterization

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Hydraulic Fracture Characterization

Microseismic methods provide crucial information about hydraulic fractures. Fracture geometry and propagation behavior can be monitored to help engineers improve reservoir stimulation, increase production and enhance field-development strategies. This article describes hydraulic fracture monitoring and presents case studies that demonstrate its use in the USA and Japan.

Testing Oilfield Technologies for Wellsite Operations

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Testing Oilfield Technologies

Minimizing tool problems and failures is a top priority for operators and service companies alike. To that end, innovative oilfield technologies are subjected to full-scale testing under actual wellsite conditions before reaching the field. The knowledge gained by this rigorous assessment helps build tools that perform as designed, even under the most demanding conditions.

A Sound Approach to Drilling

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A Sound Approach to Drilling

New-generation sonic logging-while-drilling (LWD) tools are providing data that help reduce uncertainty and allow engineers to make effective, sound and timely drilling decisions. Sonic LWD tools provide accurate acoustic data that, in turn, are being processed to accurately determine pore pressure. When combined with seismic and other while-drilling data, this information helps geoscientists look ahead of the bit to the next geologic horizon and beyond.

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