Oilfield Review Spring 2006

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A Closer Look at Pore Geometry

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Pore geometry

Geoscientists are applying advanced medical technology to image internal structures of rock and core samples at high resolution. X-ray computed tomography provides a digital alternative to conventional core analysis. With the help of innovative visualization technology, digital core volumes can be virtually sliced, manipulated and viewed from any angle, revealing highly detailed information about porosity, permeability and rock composition.

Sonic Investigations In and Around the Borehole

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Sonic investigations in and around the borehole

Advances in sonic tool design and data quality are improving our ability to characterize mechanical and fluid properties around the borehole and deep into the formation. This article highlights sonic-logging applications including measurements in ultraslow formations, radial profiling to identify near-wellbore damage, anisotropy analysis for designing completion operations, enhanced permeability estimation and high-resolution imaging far from the borehole.

Borehole Acoustic Waves

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Borehole Acoustic Waves

This article describes simple and complex acoustic waves in the borehole. We examine propagation of compressional, shear, Stoneley and flexural waves in isotropic, anisotropic and inhomogeneous formations from monopole and dipole sources.

From Inner Earth to Outer Space

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From inner earth to outer space

Sensitive oilfield detectors are helping scientists investigate the fundamental nature and origin of objects in outer space. In 1996, the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous spacecraft, or NEAR, equipped with oilfield sensors, left Earth for the asteroid 433 Eros, some 160 million miles away. In this article, we discuss the NEAR mission along with other examples that show how oilfield technologies are being used in the quest for knowledge and understanding of outer space.

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