Oilfield Review Summer 2006

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The Nature of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

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Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Natural fractures can help transform rock with low matrix permeability into a productive reservoir, but can also complicate hydrocarbon recovery in high-permeability reservoirs. This article discusses naturally fractured reservoirs and explains how the oil and gas industry manages challenges in fracture detection, characterization and modeling, and in reservoir simulation.

Oilfield Technologies for Earthquake Science

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Oilfield Technologies for Earthquake Science

Geoscientists in California, USA, are constructing an underground observatory in the San Andreas Fault to closely monitor earthquakes in the "near field" of seismic-wave propagation. Oilfield technology plays a significant role in construction and instrumentation of this observatory.

Highlighting Heavy Oil

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Heavy oil

With the decline in production of conventional oils and the need to replenish reserves, oil companies are increasingly interested in heavy oil. This article reviews fluid properties of heavy oil and potential production scenarios, from mining to in-situ combustion. Case studies demonstrate techniques for characterizing heavy-oil reservoirs, determining the best recovery method, constructing and completing wells and monitoring production.

The Evolving Dimensions of National Data Centers

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The ancient library of Celsius in Turkey

In today's increasingly competitive world, resource holders are using their E&P assets to attract and facilitate investment. National data centers help countries realize the maximum value of existing natural resources and offer expanded services that promote investment in petroleum and other industries.

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