Oilfield Review Winter 2006

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Focusing on Downhole Fluid Sampling and Analysis

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Downhole Fluid Sampling and Analysis

A new focused-sampling device allows acquisition of downhole fluid samples of unprecedented purity, and in a fraction of the time needed with conventional sampling technology. The method also gives superior results for downhole measurements of formation-fluid properties.

Improving Well Placement with Modeling While Drilling

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Improving Well Placement with Modeling While Drilling

Increased computing power, the growing capabilities of modeling and simulation software, and human ingenuity across multiple disciplines are ushering in a new era in reservoir management. The ability to update reservoir models in real time will lead to exciting advances in wellbore placement, helping engineers and geoscientists improve field development.

Evolving Technologies: Electrical Submersible Pumps

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Assembly in controlled environment

Innovations in electrical submersible pump technology are paying off for oil companies, providing greater reliability, performance and endurance in harsh environments. From manufacturing to monitoring, advanced pump systems are helping oil companies optimize production while protecting their investments in downhole lifting technology.

The Pressure's On: Innovations in Gas Lift

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Bokor field

Low-cost gas lift systems have traditionally been the preferred method of artificial lift in offshore production environments. Innovations in high-performance and high reliability gas lift systems have increased the capabilities for enhanced production and safety in modern high-pressure deepwater and subsea installations.

The Cutting Edge in Drilling-Waste Management

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The Cutting Edge in Drilling-Waste Management

As borehole complexity increases, operators struggle to comply with stringent wastedischarge guidelines while meeting drilling-performance demands. Today, advances in drilling fluids and cuttings-management techniques are allowing operators to use the most efficient drilling-fluid systems while effectively removing drilling waste from the environment.

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