Oilfield Review Summer 2007

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Regaining Sand Control 

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Regaining Sand Control

Many wells in sand-prone reservoirs have lasted long beyond their planned lifetimes. To keep these wells on production, operators must find cost-effective methods to repair failed sand-control systems; they must also add new ones as produced sand becomes a problem in wells originally completed without sand control. Through-tubing gravel packs, screen patches and cleanouts, expandable sand screens, and placement of new screens inside failed ones are some of the remediation options that ensure the steady flow of oil and gas. This article describes several successful approaches used in wells offshore Brazil, in the Adriatic Sea and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Refining Review—A Look Behind the Fence

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Refining Review: A Look Behind the Fence

The E&P sector pumps crude oil into a refinery, and gasoline and many other key products emerge. In this article, we provide an overview of the complex processes that take place inside the refinery fence. As in the upstream sector, the downstream business utilizes state-of-the art technology under extreme conditions.

Asphaltenes—Problematic but Rich in Potential

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Asphaltenes: Problematic but Rich in Potential

When reservoir fluids undergo pressure, temperature and composition changes, asphaltenes can precipitate and deposit, obstructing pumps, tubulars, surface facilities and subsurface formations. In this article, we explain what asphaltenes are and how they behave in upstream production environments. Through examples from South America, the Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East, we review laboratory, modeling and fieldintervention techniques that help oil companies prevent and treat asphaltene deposition. We also discuss the use of downhole fluid analysis of asphaltene concentration to better understand reservoir connectivity.

Fundamentals of Wettability 

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Fundamentals of Wettability

Formation wettability affects saturation distribution and fluid deliverability. These quantities influence many aspects of reservoir behavior. This article provides a foundation for understanding wettability and describes its importance to reservoir management.

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