Oilfield Review Winter 2009

Oilfield Review Winter 2009
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Mining Heat

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Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is clean and plentiful. However, bringing this resource economically to population centers where the key elements of water and heat do not exist simultaneously will require substantial technological advances. Case histories from the USA and Indonesia illustrate the innovations being explored in an effort to harness this alternative energy source.

High-Impact Reservoirs

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High-impact reservoirs

Asteroid impact can affect local and regional geology, influencing the location and quality of hydrocarbon reservoirs. In some cases, the impact crater may become an isolated basin that develops its own petroleum system. Examples show how asteroid impact has created unusual petroleum reservoirs and why it is important to consider impact events when prospecting for oil and gas.

Inflow Control Devices: Raising Profiles

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Inflow control devices

Uneven flow of fluid through the reservoir to a long horizontal wellbore can accelerate water and gas coning that may cut short well life and leave reserves behind. Inflow control devices address this problem by slowing the flow of reservoir fluids through high-permeability streaks or at the heel of the well where annular pressure drops and inflow rates are typically higher than elsewhere along extended-length laterals.

Downhole Fluids Laboratory

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Downhole fluids laboratory

Operators often discover fluid complexity and reservoir heterogeneity, manifested by disappointing production results, only after expending considerable development costs. Reservoir engineers now have access to a downhole fluids laboratory to help them make more-informed decisions about reservoir connectivity and fluid properties. Using this technology, they are able to optimize production and avoid costly mistakes during development.

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