Oilfield Review Spring 2010

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Casabe: New Tricks for an Old Field

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Casabe: New Tricks for an Old Field

After twenty years of waterflooding, oil production in the Casabe field had declined significantly, and a new operator–service company alliance took up the challenge of revitalization. The resulting multidisciplinary field-redevelopment plan helped reverse a steady production-rate decline of nearly 8% per year and more than doubled the daily oil production.

Developments in Gas Hydrates

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Developments in Gas Hydrates

Gas hydrates are ice-like substances that form when water and natural gas combine at high pressures and low temperatures. Resource estimates vary widely, but the world’s hydrate accumulations are thought to contain vast amounts of natural gas. This article reviews techniques for evaluating gas hydrate deposits and recent successes in exploration and production of natural gas from gas hydrate accumulations.

Permanent Monitoring: Taking It to the Reservoir

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Permanent Monitoring: Taking It to the Reservoir

Innovation and a growing reputation for reliability are leading to increased operator interest in the use of permanent downhole sensors for even the most complex wells. To maximize the value of data supplied by these systems, operators analyze and use the information in a timely fashion.

Scanning for Downhole Corrosion

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Downhole Scanner

Downhole corrosion can be detected and monitored using electromagnetic induction tools. This article describes the physics of pipe thickness measurement using a new electromagnetic tool with several sets of coil sensors. One set of coils determines the characteristics of the pipe metal; others measure average thickness of the pipe wall. A set of 18 sensors on arms pressed against the inside wall maps pipe damage with two-dimensional images.

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