Oilfield Review Summer 2010

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Integrating Exploration Tools to Reduce Risk

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Integrating Exploration Tools to Reduce Risk

The offshore Potiguar and Ceará basins of Brazil are largely unexplored beyond the shallow continental shelf. A multiclient study of these basins was conducted using seismic data to define horizons for a basin and petroleum system model. WesternGeco acquired five controlled source electromagnetic surveys and integrated them with other methodologies specifically to mitigate exploration risk in the study area.

Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality

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Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality

Following deposition, sediments are shaped by a variety of physical and chemical processes that significantly influence rock properties. This article focuses on these diagenetic processes and their impacts on reservoir quality.

Land Seismic Techniques for High-Quality Data

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Land Seismic Techniques for High-Quality Data

Advances in land seismic acquisition and processing are improving characterization of both hallow anomalies and deep geologic targets. Among these are techniques for greater bandwidth, faster acquisition and enhanced subsurface imaging in regions that have previously yielded poor results. Examples from Canada, Australia and the Middle East show the improvements achieved with these new methods.

Resolving Carbonate Complexity

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Resolving Carbonate Complexity

Petrophysicists working with carbonates face daunting interpretation challenges, but newly available methodologies and tool capabilities are helping them to better understand these complex reservoirs. A case study from the Middle East illustrates an integrated software solution developed to address characteristics unique to carbonates. Other case studies examine LWD carbonate solutions and a workflow that uses surface seismic data to map fracture clusters.

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