Oilfield Review Winter 2010

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Coaxing Oil from Shale

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Coaxing Oil from Shale

Oil shale contains copious amounts of immature organic material. Heating the rock accelerates the normal maturation process to generate oil and gas. Historically, oil shales were mined, crushed and heated at the surface, but companies are finding it may be more efficient to access these formations through boreholes, heat the subsurface and bring the oil to the surface.

Has the Time Come for EOR?

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Has the Time Come for EOR?

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods are designed to produce additional oil beyond what is obtainable through traditional methods of pressure depletion and simple pressure maintenance. EOR techniques include miscible gasflooding, chemical flooding and thermal recovery. This article describes the basics of these methods; field examples illustrate their application.

Petroleum Potential of the Arctic: Challenges and Solutions

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Petroleum Potential of the Arctic: Challenges and Solutions

Although constituting only about 6% of the Earth’s surface, the Arctic potentially contains a significant portion of the world’s undiscovered petroleum resources and, thus, is attracting the growing attention of oil and gas companies. However, this region poses numerous challenges, including a harsh climate, short operational season, complex surface and shallow-subsurface conditions and increasing environmental restrictions. Operators and service companies are improving existing technologies and developing new ones to address the unique challenges of this remote region.

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