Oilfield Review Autumn 2012

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Testing the Limits in Extreme Well Conditions

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Testing the Limits

High-temperature wells pose challenges for design engineers who develop pressure and sampling tools. In addition to pressure and sampling tools, downhole pressure gauges used in long duration tests must be designed to operate for extended periods with few options to protect sensitive electronics from heat.

When Rocks Get Hot: Thermal Properties of Reservoir Rocks

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When Rocks Get Hot

More than half of the oil produced worldwide by enhanced recovery methods is a result of thermal stimulation. Decisions on project economics may hinge on long-term forecasts of the amount of additional oil that can be liberated from the reservoir by injected heat. Although accurate forecasts usually require accurate knowledge of the thermal properties of the reservoir fluids and rocks, these properties of reservoir rocks are rarely measured.

Basin to Basin: Plate Tectonics in Exploration

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Basin to Basin

Exploration companies have recently made several large discoveries in rifted and transform margin systems. The plays they proved on one continent have been applied across the Atlantic Ocean—from South America to Africa—and back. This article explains how geoscientists are using plate tectonics to uncover plays in rifted and transform margin systems.

Defining Porosity: How Porosity Is Measured
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