Oilfield Review Spring 2012

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Sonic Logging While Drilling

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Sonic LWD

Modern sonic tools, which measure acoustic properties of rocks, provide compressional and shear wave data that engineers use to compute in situ mechanical properties. These properties are useful for determining optimal drilling parameters and identifying rocks with better completion characteristics.

Working Out of a Tight Spot

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Tight Spot

Stuck pipe costs operators hundreds of millions of dollars per year as a result of nonproductive time during drilling operations. For this reason, for decades, drillers have included drilling jars in their toolstring as the first response to drillpipe that cannot be moved up or down or be rotated.

The Expanding Role of Mud Logging

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Mud Logging

Among its many important functions, drilling mud transports formation cuttings and formation fluids from the bit to the surface. For decades, analysis of these samples by mud loggers provided operating companies with some of the earliest indicators of reservoir potential.

Offshore Permanent Well Abandonment

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Well Abandonment

As deepwater fields become depleted, the offshore industry is tasked with permanently abandoning thousands of subsea wells and hundreds of platforms. Government directives are speeding the pace of decommissioning activity, which has added to operators’ burdens.

Defining Perforating: Detonation for Delivery
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