Oilfield Review Winter 2012

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Specialized Tools for Wellbore Debris Recovery

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Wellbore completion operations often generate downhole debris, including sand, perforating gun residue and metal particulates. In addition, drillers frequently discover assorted nuts, bolts, tools and other materials that have been accidentally dropped in the wellbore. Unless these materials are removed, optimal well productivity may be compromised. This article describes new tools and techniques for efficient wellbore debris recovery.

Revealing Reservoir Secrets Through Asphaltene Science

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By combining downhole fluid analysis with advances in asphaltene science, oil companies are gaining a better understanding of reservoir architecture. Downhole analysis of asphaltenes—the heaviest components of petroleum—can help geoscientists determine asphaltene concentration gradients, which in turn, can help operators ascertain the presence of sealing barriers and assess the communication and equilibrium of fluids in complex reservoirs.

Landing the Big One—The Art of Fishing

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Art of fishing

Second only to blowouts, one of the worst situations a driller may encounter is the loss of equipment downhole. Fishing—the art of recovering lost, damaged or stuck objects from the borehole—draws on the experience, imagination and innovation of the fishing expert. This article describes tools and strategies developed for dealing with items lost in the wellbore.

CO2 Sequestration—One Response to Emissions

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One response to concerns that human activity is influencing climate has been to remove the CO2 from emissions created when carbon-based fuels are burned and sequester it deep underground. Upstream oil industry experts are uniquely qualified to manage the selection, construction and monitoring of these complex injection projects.

Defining Testing: Well Testing Fundamentals
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