Oilfield Review Autumn 2013

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Stimulating Naturally Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs

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Stimulation of naturally fractured carbonate reservoirs has improved significantly with the application of innovative acidizing fluids that contain degradable fibers. The fibers congregate and form barriers that impede fluid movement into fractures, redirecting the acid to lower permeability regions.

Casing Corrosion Measurement to Extend Asset Life

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Corrosion in downhole tubulars may shorten a well’s productive life and contribute to costly damages for operators. Downhole corrosion monitoring serves as the first line of defense against casing corrosion.

Geomagnetic Referencing—The Real-Time Compass for Directional Drillers

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In recent years, demand for accurate wellbore placement has driven technology developments that have advanced the science of wellbore guidance. This article examines magnetic surveying methods that improve real-time measurement accuracy and allow drillers to reach their targets efficiently and cost-effectively.

Blowing in the Solar Wind: Sun Spots, Solar Cycles and Life on Earth

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Space weather can affect terrestrial systems that are crucial for modern society. This article describes solar events that contribute to space weather and are the source of electromagnetic pulses that have the potential to disrupt and damage electronic, power, communication, transportation and other infrastructure technologies on Earth and in space.

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