Oilfield Review Spring 2013

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Defining Drilling Fluids, Drilling Fluid Basics
The Defining Series—concise, authoritative 2-page summaries of E&P fundamentals.

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Bridging the Talent Gap

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Bridging the Talent Gap

To remain current with developments in the rapidly changing oil and gas industry, petrotechnical professionals must have effective training. One approach to petrotechnical training uses competency management and a blended learning-by-doing approach to accelerate learning and proficiency.

Structural Steering—A Path to Productivity

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Structural Steering

The technologies that enable horizontal drilling continue to improve, changing the way operators plan and drill oil and gas wells. Structural steering, which integrates data from deep-reading resistivity tools and high-resolution imaging LWD devices, is helping operators better understand structurally complex reservoirs and proactively optimize well placement.

New Dimensions in Wireline Formation Testing

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New Dimensions

Operators face many challenges obtaining pressure measurements and samples with conventional wireline formation testers. This is especially problematic in fractured reservoirs, low-permeability rocks and unconsolidated formations. Engineers have recently developed a tool that reliably obtains formation tests in these challenging environments and is also effective sampling from heavy-oil reservoirs.

Developments in Full Azimuth Marine Seismic Imaging

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Developments in Full Azimuth

Traditional marine seismic data are acquired by a seismic vessel sailing in a series of straight lines over a target. However, shooting in continuously linked circles delivers richer datasets with reflection contributions from all azimuths and the added benefit of little or no nonproductive time. Case studies from Indonesia, Brazil, Angola and the Gulf of Mexico demonstrate the benefits of circular shooting for imaging challenging environments such as subsalt and other complex geologic settings.

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